WWL>Topics>>5-10 11:10am Don talks to in studio guest about fresh water diversion

5-10 11:10am Don talks to in studio guest about fresh water diversion

May 10, 2013|

Don talks to in studio guest Capt. George Ricks (Pres. The Save Louisiana Coalition), Mitch Jurasich (Oysterman's Task Force), Clint Guidry (Pres. La. Shrimpers Assoc.), George Barasich (Pres. La. Commercial Fisherman's Assoc.) about will The Coastal Ma

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As Don Don did you -- you on Friday's for the think tank very interesting topic you know we're gonna carry this over into this are getting a ton of -- -- getting a lot of participation and up ready opinion poll question -- got a panel of some very knowledgeable folks here. Would love to hear from you either by text or by telephone on the topic we're talking about the coastal master plans. Projected diversion some thirteen of them. To where we had not seen the river flow into the marshes and along Nichols ever since the living of the river. On some folks this group now that is newly formed the save Louisiana coalition a group of people who were concerned. About its impacts of the fish and seafood industries. Are saying weightless must rethink this thing let's look at -- consider some alternatives. There is evidence out there provided by some very reputable scientists who say that. An area of can arm and which again is not a sediment diversion project it was a fresh water diversion project but where has created. Fresh marsh in a saltwater habitat. Is not hardy enough to withstand storm surges as a matter of fact is one of the highest rates of land loss all along the coast. Not to say that each and every habitat type every estuary along the coast is not different may -- it's not a one size fits well. But there are some folks now that are calling to -- Let's take a deep breath let's go back to this master plan before it's put -- we do the wrong thing and spend a lot of money needlessly. To take yet another look at who would love to -- your comments. Right now we're right down the middle and this doesn't happen very often. 50% saying if that's necessary they're willing to sacrifice deficiency food industries to restore the coast and another 50% of equal amount saying no they are not ready to give it up. Got a panel of experts in George Bassett would you like Louisiana united. Commercial fishermen's association -- -- with Louisiana shrimpers association. A George -- a professional fishing guide. He's also the president to save Louisiana coalition and Mitch your message with the oyster and if you've got a comment -- question with any regard to any of those industries -- got someone here to address your comments please give us a call 260187. -- -- 668890878. Text board is 87870. Please text responsibly. That's go to captain Kerry in -- dale Forrest he's on line one they carry. Thanks for -- Go ahead -- on. Yes your -- you got a particular. Comment you want is direct to one of these people just let us know who it is office just in general. I do I'm just gonna bring up and up in general and actually heard mentioned yet. The industry and you know sacrifice yet. You know. We general public are they willing to actually sacrifice in destroy the existing -- -- that we and you that you suspect based on what -- -- our party proven. It is -- proven to decimate the area in there and common implement structures hurting one in. It. -- resonates. You know in Louisiana from saint Tammany all the way across the -- really need to be. Scared -- Egypt who if this all areas and be detonated you to be -- -- Well Kerry is what they would say and I don't wanna speak for them that they point to wax lake each outline basin where the river comes down there. And then has been a lot of land that has been created in built up there. Why would not now work in some of their even though I gotta agree with looked at the statistics on -- Albany knew exactly right. That is not -- successes -- preventing erosion it's actually at NASA. And -- it could joke there were. Actually west day. Capitalize on that version. And actually -- ruse. To -- it's -- different ball game well again it's like you taken. -- water -- out and taken. Ohio's. The velocity -- sentiment from Los. Let's move on to Johnny in Algiers on line to. -- good morning thanks took on the -- Or am okay with them. Well it's fair article police and telling him you know in new low I watch them on this point 2008. And used the land. I understand I understand the fear and I understand that. What's gonna happen but it shrimpers and oyster fishing and been relocated actually goes in -- -- But we have to pull out there. We can. Figured that's coast to reverse itself and we can play and get about it. If it actually create -- and what we hear why this book growing. Its status and disappear. And you know you can go back and forth about what happened back and although you know. Personally you know my opinion it was more because we have so many major hurricanes analysts -- Outlook that was happening that they it was in the west bank and counseling and created in in educational and used to be. And Alfred and roll across what would vegetation you know because fresh -- it. I just think that. You know these guys. Appreciate. -- -- this -- appreciate financial happens. Still think that it's worse. To loot the population and seafood this info on the way that -- on the way to recreate itself. And yes it's gonna change or. It's gonna change the treatment small but it does include slow erosion and stop the reverse and keep finding old. -- -- -- -- -- -- Defendants as opposed. And send them -- somewhere now. You know we have an opportunity here it's a trillion hours. According to sort of first problem alliance between personal and that evil Uncle -- yeah. You know -- just last year at the bit about this and keeps saying no don't don't don't -- did not. I'm -- -- a lot of people that a texting that agreeing with you on that we're gonna take a break you got. -- -- -- Apparently it probably would look different process outwardly more elaborate a -- without just the -- this solution that would. I am -- action. I Georgia -- to -- to keep track of who's talking to -- it was saying it on the give you to Florida all right he's the Michael we come back we got to take a quick break you were talking -- George Bassett. The Louisiana united commercial fishermen's association please -- -- -- in a shrimpers. Also with a -- in his amidst your assistant captain George Riggs who's now the president. But the say Louisiana coalition argue in favor of these freshwater diversion. That being getting ready to be implemented according to the master plan and if necessary or are you willing to sacrifice efficiency food. To do that to restore the -- 51% saying they are 49%. Sand. What say you can get on line and cast your vote. At WW well dot com we'll be right. The restore Louisiana's all land loss and also. What part of this are you willing to sacrifice to restore medical's right now 52% and it willingly given up 48% saying no then not. I've got some interesting text before I get to the phone calls and George unlikely George -- and like -- you -- address this. Ones directing me to get some I need to get some engineers on the show not fisherman this is a life and death situation. Right human population. I have been dealing with the engineers and scientists and I can get them on and I will get them on but there's also a negative side the man right George. Yes as of her negatives that we have engineers. And and scientists. We are what -- -- -- -- that that's really been helping us out. And recently he's come under fire but anybody affiliated real issue -- it with the state of Louisiana. They -- photo -- but it livelihoods fruitful. Retaliation. You know we we can get too technical information from the -- -- don't wanna come out publicly. Because of grant money did you get stripped stripped. -- Graham says the party line in their own opinions and I found that dealing with arcane protection levees in a lot of other issues let's go to Jesse and Harvey. On line five Jesse thanks for call on the think. -- -- -- -- The big guy yeah. -- Well there's absolutely. Correct. That bird is basically. One day. It's creating Shiloh. Water and machine so war now. In other day and you'd. You'd should consider using these -- in real book. That it's been proven to work properly. One of the bigger concern that we use that. Is by having so -- you're now. This ball on the other shoe in. But eventually in the height it and -- Berkeley is. A category -- coming up that area. Stay with absolutely destroy everything the well some slide. Including. -- -- -- Don't want albeit -- -- Now. What I am trying to say in the it is -- and built what I'm -- and what you'd think we can do with our allies. And all this creating this adult putting it on Mars and OLE. Oxygen away -- it you probably wind up Roy. 0:1. AM new. It. At JJ that we had a country that -- George. And I suggest what you are engineered your life and what. Is the role. Of do that board. Constructed in our. Equipment in the -- It's been. People in. The city. That had been in and -- it was absolutely. It -- me yeah people or engineers -- -- -- -- -- The public -- It. Urged that yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Oh. It. Well before you go Jesse way Jesse alone before you go. You made some very good points. And you stated some facts if you would do you have an alternative to offer to what's being proposed in terms of these diversions. View of the project that. -- -- war. It would -- Well yeah. That that did. -- Week. Study. You get the jury and a. When you say a week when you say we who you talk and to. About. Black which -- and everything. It the imagery. And it should. That that. Picture of all of the end of the available. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In. -- and it being this hard then making this. Hello. We're. Getting to that -- Well that and -- -- chair of earth that -- you know and as well. This thing but -- have been what branch of urgent -- do get a shot a -- Areas that grows the and that has very little -- tree in mud and earth. -- Jesse thank you so much -- appreciate it let's go to Anthony in -- meant -- online for Anthony welcome to the think tank. I don't. Which -- thinking about today. Well Iowa I have a lot of mom my. And now -- elect column color at some very good -- Beers. But most importantly -- we need to read mail by rich. I want -- that IU culture by a little oak tree -- the -- shot up from each that you all away. Out into -- why. It would not all that much money you -- real -- ridge. It would protect the CD roms or church. And that would be dispersed. Useful step that the core engineers somebody it -- -- the money that they. -- bill it wreck element but it was ridge you might see -- to -- handful of small. Oak tree. Fifty years old but by ultra rich. And oak trees that we touch one and out. Yeah we'll listen. You know I believe on the -- not mistaken. That the by -- -- ridge is part of -- this system -- stabilization of the lake board -- on project that is planned I don't know what phase Georgie. And he seemed when that is supposed to take place but that's part of it how they got to accomplish it. I'm not sure that's been decided. Right I don't know would I think that's second phase which is 25 below where so. Not yet the way not to be an inning left -- -- -- great built by rates accurately on -- -- There's going to be stopping and we may lose or spears. I don't think art district that. But more importantly on the other diversions opened up the emergence are springtime -- all used low on the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We will not -- -- is gonna get much better with the divergence. That you might get to the vision project -- without cutting. We're talking about those tradeoffs yeah that's you're right if you're like -- -- -- -- always demand billion good shape. I would I would like to ask one question what do you do for a living. I'm dollars month. -- your first -- world and it's inevitable you're gonna have to work -- wind in half but you know does the talk about doing away with dollars to now explain. You know afford generations deep in -- business line -- five and six generation families. You know we -- we make a good that we support a lot of families I have right now thirty somewhat fame is working on my leases as we speak. You take them thirty somewhat affair was along with mind out of the equation we have many honest efficient route -- -- passions. Coastal parishes so when you just take oysters out you're taking communities out. So you have to rethink your oyster situation and we cannot relocate. Like they think we can you know -- explained barely oysters are going to be oysters wanna be we enhance the areas we do our best. But we cannot just move on out in -- and new business it takes annoys -- minimum of three to four years. To grow fronts from the comet's bonds to market size. On MS if if we get this ball on right away. And moving us in areas -- unfamiliar with -- I'm not gonna help you know we meg mean when I get this born in if we miss a couple of years of small and most people will be out of business so. You know I mean you got out I mean I -- -- comments but. But you know when you talked about this you know while we gonna have to just go away I'm sorry acting astounding that so so I. -- -- -- -- -- Play at all well -- OK let let me show until you say -- job man. Hello Anthony you column from element. Think we've lost and the matzo cake is we've got to -- Barbara aren't. We thought -- was breaking all just a second will be back in your report. Tonight that you'll be up next Clinton and we gonna bring in Robert and Lewis and Brett. And as many as we can get in 2601 a 78668890878. This is a think tank in -- listening to on the -- 87 WW. I welcome back into the think tank we're talking with members of the newly formed the save Louisiana coalition a group of fisherman both commercial -- recreational who must say that the coastal master plans massive diversion. I gonna have a seriously negative effect on not only erosion and actually exacerbated and also the future of saltwater fish and seafood. Asking you to weigh in on -- are you willing if necessary to sacrifice efficiency food industries along with -- -- culture. Inherited it goes with that in order to restore the coast 53% saying yes they are. 47%. Saying no go to WWL dot com -- home page to cast your vote there if you wanna Texas it's 87870. If you wanna call -- 260 money 78668890. Point 78 we got so many ways -- contact Mitchell's almost Obama walked into a guy. As they simply get clintonian -- -- -- But doesn't it -- coalition is not only fisherman. OK about recreational fisherman we have -- -- tackle store owners. Seafood restaurant owners. That Christian which Ito is on bore witness. Residents. This this is a good captain and tell people how to find out more about the coalition if they wanna get involved they -- oppose it -- right Wheatley we have a web page. Right now we've we've -- in a process to get everything done with the coalition. We went on FaceBook. Say Louisiana coalition. All you can you can go to my my website at -- and I -- get away. And contact me my my email addresses on there. And and -- related to a question that's true you only -- nice you know I think I. Let's get a little -- glad that you -- And and you know it and also worry and schedule meetings. Being will be whereas the rate of being so that the you know. The ball multipurpose. -- things that people we we're also was it meeting in bureaus are auditorium. Very it's expecting you know eleven -- And so on. You know of course the -- should've ought to. Do you live beyond our working protection and a reasonable way and I asked that court to -- reading and should -- Outlook and greater air it was not so there in three days or Kirk -- ideals which will -- by. Look beyond our particular visited the patient with a rhetorical communities was so epic records or to. Well I think we're gonna continue to have a lot of questions in a lot more discussions about this issue not considering interest we've got. Clint let me get see -- on -- five panels on -- let me get to Louis -- go ahead you're on the. It was so. What you. I grew up this year and all. What you -- -- nobody. You can build rejection throughout America to buy you're accurate very. Any and it's all listed or just look well at all Turkey. And and -- just -- that they let. Graduate. Well they've let it doesn't directly affect not bullet there are huge. Not fairway line. It probably can't tell a different deploy a sleeper nimble. So you're saying based on what you've seen through and -- then you have no faith in future. A freshwater diversions doing what they claim they're going to do. It's not work but cannot. They're hired agent in the in the commercial breaks and what -- no -- I'll believe you just -- and our poll question which right now is 53% say they are willing. And 47%. Said no then not Moscow to Roberts and Colin on a long time down -- Shelby thing you know loses. And Robby and asked good good morning popular -- -- -- here. Yeah right to a monetary doesn't. Quote now from all day about -- there. Mississippi. There is little place and all American -- more fresh water through it intimate sit there -- And compile on it may be coupled with burgers my usual. Moderate -- outside of war goes over bank and then when it receives. But you know they've -- shows back up and I'll think in the points in North America that they'll wait it out that are written. So this -- so what should have them. And I know I rhetoric but ultimately that -- -- -- these these these first Ward -- does this work they ought to basically. But it has got to -- while. The guys ecology a couple -- -- it hit the nail on and it. What got without regard without -- and got the mark of what got Salmon River could do. Although I would appreciate that you brought that would that would occur in 1981. This is this all -- well for the rocket lands bill and Shelby can now what before was. Wait about a mile out but. It is in every major hurricane that and his mother -- has -- -- -- of course. Polls -- destroyed what that Landis still. -- -- -- out there won't prevent the material. For -- -- till today. -- But as well. Between -- and general sale of anybody think that line it's got. It will get them back a bit more about. I mean it's -- -- you know. Ability. To it -- -- in and you know with the monopoly of the island and I think it's. My opinion I think -- of them. I think. I think it was debris isn't Ramon. Wouldn't talk about the versions so I applaud I have one more percent thought. Well -- direct threat. To do. The game and -- well. And I would like it is not an optical optical Packwood. Period a lot more than that started on the cost that they can well what we. Not -- -- well they. Well for recruiting calls that history. And when they were presented -- what was their response. One way. It's like goes this way -- proper accurate. All right we're gonna take a break here -- we got -- -- shrimpers association we have miss your assist with the hoisted George breaks lately. Louisiana coalition we come back we're gonna have Saint Bernard councilman at large. Joining us to talk more about that resolution that they have adopted and understand black and -- joined in on the two. You basically go on record as opposing freshwater diversion until such time it can't be proven to their satisfaction. That we will not negatively impact the fish and seafood industry this is a think tank. We'll be right back. And welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tank just -- everyone thought that the coastal master plan was well on the way it was gonna take care of rebuilding -- folks -- looking a little harder. Into it. And now there's some opposition saying that these massive freshwater diversions -- actually have anymore. Negative effect in positive sacrificing efficiency food industry in an attempt an attempt to restore the coast. Where do you stand on -- 260187. ER 8668890878. There is an organization movement now called the save Louisiana coalition as president George Rick's. And commercial -- charter captain recreational fishing captain has witness we also have Mitch you're assist with the -- demand. George Barrett sixty president of Louisiana united commercial fisherman association was -- And we also have Clinton give every president Louisiana shrimpers association. They are all in agreement along with many other folks whose livelihoods depend on this. We have been told that saint Bernard parish and -- -- now has adopted resolutions. Going on record as opposing these freshwater diversion until such time. There is sufficient scientific data. To assure us that we would not be negatively impacting those industries. Let's bring in our guy Maginnis councilman at large in -- the non cash Scott thanks for calling it. -- guy -- us. -- lyric you know we got an act -- thank you for Colin if you had to explain to us what this resolution says and what is this gonna mean to the people insane not to. -- that that the revolution. Speaks to the fact that you know we. We we we want the state and the scientist produce some -- mission that's not -- net negative negatively impact. And you know it was a little too. Take you know I -- it's it's actually restored our coached. And I think that's the question. That we need to look here and well before so it -- -- or. And Michael Lane and those guys and president -- -- and dropped a technical leadership on patrol. And you know we need the other night in and it's probably the first that that -- recreation commercial. Roker -- on the same page on this starting in and we have to get the message out there and listened to. You know people too obvious it's gonna affect industry. On my -- wasn't -- Euro bit ago the question is. Does stoppers. And they'll call its approach for the first and they're selling. The the first -- So would you look at the numbers. And you go in and -- -- actual sentence. That. You know there's a 600 parts per million supplement and suspended in the river on camera. So. The question is that. Going through their stoppers in how much land to a bill over the next morning at thirty years. And so you need to go to sort of not you know to our fit these -- So and the question is cool and and I hope -- -- well. You don't look at black day but he you know about started that last couple weeks or so well so much well hydrology and that's. -- -- what would superimposed with built over the last thirty years it would probably and a built in superimposed over the -- leader where it is urgent and it's not going to build -- and much more instrument you know so and so. You'll probably want -- sacrificed we would not willing to sacrifice. Forest fresh wore -- and that no -- not. Like it's its -- and some killer and. I understand guy why does this Saban on resolution have any -- Are you planning to file suit if they go if -- they decide to proceed with his -- -- master plan as is without providing you sufficient data to satisfy you. That it will not destroy efficiency food industries there or is this a lot of Saber rattling. You know -- thought. Before the resolution really doesn't. Doesn't mean much but it does it for our community that word insult the other thing and it's black and which rubles -- We're all just destroying it and maybe they can change. This also restoration plan and large there's these big diversions in the summer actually go. We've always been straight and you know it did you know that it took place and that's -- politics right. When when some resolution shall Wear and -- -- outsourcing taught and and it's been you know leaders and plaque and it actually is Oprah two. To ever win when it comes to stop the version because. It doesn't -- land like this say its from bill and that's what. I want people start talking is that what they say it's it's not been there it is it's it's impossible. On -- Six possibly it was. 9004. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out of the -- right so. -- I appreciate you guys goodness and and you know out there and it will do -- but. -- -- -- like Roberts earlier and he uses actual sentiment from the -- and open and so currently. -- sacrifices so that that that's you know it's gotta credit our industries and certain way but it actually bills. And we can work to -- Guys got to go get thank you so much involvement is issues and well we'll be talking to against -- thank you very much tonight will be back to put a wrap on it. Talk more about the save Louisiana collision and where they go from here and this time out. Listening to the think tank brigade seventy of them. And it's about gonna wrap it up thanks all of you -- all of you called all my -- -- -- president of save Louisiana coalition when you guys. Open. To means next week. Made fifteenth in in the feet and one in yours may seventeenth. Like -- everyone and get involved please keep me up today you know. Progress that the company is gonna thank you -- accuracy it's always like this. Could give -- present Louisiana's shrimpers association George passage of Louisiana you see yet. We'll be back with more right after this and think tank they gave them.