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WWL>Topics>>5-13 8:15am Tommy talks to Kiron about the Mother's Day shooting

5-13 8:15am Tommy talks to Kiron about the Mother's Day shooting

May 13, 2013|

Tommy talks to Kiron from New Orleans, a listener who was an eyewitness at the Mother's Day second line shooting

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Parents have been very patient he says he was at the second line yesterday morning sir -- The markets are right. Good thank you for your patience to a -- take as much time as you need tell me about the second line -- Yesterday -- Our treatment yesterday. With. Everything beautiful while all four English. It is strange effect after clothing and certain other if they were people there are mostly fresh or church and Sunday best. It is everywhere and -- the barber who grew. Let me let me take you back to take his way to. Where was it -- houses I'll start is -- thing about second line's got to tell you other than -- of them. It different. -- -- most of the fortune Barack Banco you told the police to let the politics until it actually work -- being. Welcome back to the littlest thing our army thank me -- -- might be helpful. Only that accurate that you know which secular terms traffic in terms traffic -- There was a caller. You are more -- In the car like food like last week. In the gaga car they had little. Ball. People call you know it -- that would -- -- gave it lasted that backward all salute kind of really negative impact. Either body knows it. And Karen -- the back almost second army does does somebody organizes somebody put this together yup they. He -- people were barbecue and and -- my designs I had a -- get a band and yelling and have a parade or somebody else is -- and operate how does this all happened. It that second. My mother actually my -- -- you'll daughter. It this -- are organized for police let there. That definitely if -- -- worst enemy it is really. Should be good -- there you know -- little -- Did you got to get a permit did we go through that a couple of years ago. They did everything right and the police is actually it was in it was you fool me it was music followed. People are -- by happy you know Mother's Day is that that the craziness in this respect it so it will that would. So you know this is art art music by friendly that wanted to do this you know as much -- they knew somebody that lost their mother that it really effective in -- -- Her -- -- no word goes out in the neighborhood and we're gonna have a second line. -- You know -- if there's a lot of people there are so bad it. Secular problem. Flocked to leave England he'd -- -- profiles. So you know it was back. Cute in their program and better access that -- with the parent with a car. That was like a fifteen minute before the most important issue. You know it was if you -- there are the band in the way. You got shot you had to duck boat. Luckily. Ever actually. Toward -- is though it never really -- I felt. Really deck kind of fear in my life because. It was -- if you didn't it shut out. -- -- -- Because they're -- -- you've had to run we were right the -- And luckily you know our. She should have a battle with breast can actually she got a little bit. And we set -- some export full effect and are terribly went to get back to get back with the group. That's where all. Hell broke it you can clear in where these guys look. They had no compassion for your life. Created carriers you can tell by the way it was he. Couldn't help with that try to hit one person they look like he's Islamic. -- whoever goes. -- -- -- it. Your day. That commitment to about what you do -- because once the police are properly trying to question indeed occur. They were like pearl -- -- owe them. Picnic you can you know. Good but in a box and you know what -- stop the black males who fit -- -- It couldn't control -- that you do it was sold next step and the community. At the Arnold people reluctantly he's been -- these look. Like it -- -- so much work. Tyrant last week we're talking about he talk about shows we did last week we're talking about the for the grace of god. The bullets -- and people -- not killing people do you remember that. Yeah. That's -- and anybody in the as it regular. -- area today -- -- -- like like it was like these poker like every moment they meet we acquired. -- facing reality different security -- show. It also sort of used our children people -- to hear that it'll -- It there are -- welfare Gartner. -- it was at that which make. But they made -- currently in the tree. Yeah so our focus well as luck -- -- well what are the opposite across. Walk while. Made -- work. For war. From the old. War work on -- leave it to. Commit these. Agree that the day -- the rest -- Are sure facing somebody that they just want to do. A fire or how well the mothers and babies. You have to -- Specter like where he used car. It was a terrible. Or immigrant debate these people try. And that the whole -- -- In trouble today because it would so you know you play an instrument. You know Arabic music he occasion so oaks -- So you know they're and to order a couple bad. Tyrant I got a good with the DEA -- -- -- right now thank you for -- -- you say let me -- for a quick -- there -- you mother and you're how -- your daughter. -- -- -- But yet not a criminal I mean you know you are not -- in trouble yesterday where you. As a make sure everybody understands not everybody out there yesterday was a drug dealer criminal or that kind of thing thank you so I'm glad you called.

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