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5-20 10:10am: Garland, Coastal Restoration

May 20, 2013|

Mekong Delta Tour, VP for Research, University of Louisiana at Lafayette talks Coastal Restoration love from Mekong Delta Tour outside of Ho cHi Minh City.

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There doesn't do you do in the -- treatment today. Will. Be talking about. A little bit country where it's a little bit of debate in Washington. His -- and we shall all Internet gambling. And if we don't. Drew of these potential taxes from Internet gambling. Story on the black market because yours there's certainly seems to be a market -- it. Worldwide -- allowed in the United States. Let me talk -- take a look at the economy -- about you -- called ago that. Manages. Who. What little bit of money we've and say you and sent the stock market on twenty days in row. -- historic figure that never occurred again. Wild at the same time there are all kind of groups islands including Europe. The two -- the economy shouldn't be -- answer -- talk to a couple of economists and figured out. There at the beginning of this hour. I can kill I've been around for a long time. Years ago a Lyndon please -- -- and -- report. In Vietnam in selling -- And the first thing us into the guys getting off the plane would be while the -- just like we you know marshaling its. And little boats I ended up in the canals and it was even more so. Well ironically. America's wetlands these people that worked so hard to sleep are one of Clinton's. Or. Yeah and presenting projects and papers in talks. In Vietnam and today we have Robert -- vice president for -- -- to -- -- that you know. Associate vice chancellor for research and development to do well at all. And consults with America's wetland and he's calling from them -- -- -- to the tour. Outside Ho Chi Minh City. Robert it's great to have you on the radio. Are not appreciated. Chris and I -- good evening. If it is good evening -- -- a at a time. Will tell you tell me what you're doing over there what's happening how does that relate to a office. Well you know -- yeah. -- today what was called delta dialogue in New Orleans about for years ago and that was. To focus on the the issues there in the business sector development and and one of the guests that we had at that meeting. Was -- groups on the -- con delta. And and there had. Accident -- effort alive the US through US GS and others to actually initiate. Research program. And the -- kind of and so it was an obvious connection to the start to looking at these two systems. Relative what we could exchange. And understand. There are real issues here related to hydroelectric dams that they planned upstream where flood control issues that player. Planning to invest huge amount of money and and and so it does seem the natural. For us two sort of you know learn from my experience and just like we do -- gas export that technology. Out of the sports world. But then that's what I hear from -- week Michael -- -- organization -- New Orleans. -- here from my view -- -- what we hear from the mirror that we need. One to develop the technologies. That keeps all of the news countries around the world from different continents. The live on water. To better safeguard themselves do we have any technology that we're trying to export. Well you know it's hot tea experiential thing at three major partners and decent year. That we've already started to two to engage. Can't protect it starts tomorrow morning I'm. -- -- plenary with -- -- with the groups from the but he. The Vietnam. National University. And and the other the other partner the beside America weapons foundation and and as atmosphere from the US. And lifted to the group here from from Vietnam is the group the level. So you have dealt parts here and you have you know they're expertise which is very prominent. Globally. Related to using their technology to solve problems so we're work. World is playing field if you will. That's global. Impact. -- at the Dutch and and and you know our experience in the New Orleans and throughout. Coastal Louisiana taxi you know. Again learn from the technology we developed and and he does indeed the experiences that we have related trying to it is just survived these they'll take landscapes. I'm not sure this applies to where you -- -- what's happening there. Wooded area show last week over the fact that in certain areas Louisiana and potentially Waterbury isn't something that was done. For the church and just going to be come too expensive for people. Lose your mortgage can kill them home in Portland insurance. And at virtually the same time and your report came it's a climate change is moving faster than all. I don't remember saying Oprah and for a conservative Louisiana they don't believe in global warming and buoyed by the death threats told him that. A picked up three articles it says insurance -- believe that. And are not going to insure insurance or they're -- insured at a price. That can be very expensive. Do you see Louisiana was do you see worldwide. In -- continent lowland areas. Just. Getting to an area we're financially weakened reports there. Well -- you know it's funny you say that I'm looking at the Vietnam news that came out my first eight year. And Nat 22 articles that really strikes me while going through this one is that is actually. Related to the the storm that hit Bangladesh couple days ago. Bangladesh -- cost of -- so cyclone. And then there is a they write the page right next to -- is an article -- South -- is still seeking climate solutions. And and the reality is it. It's reality and at the train wreck that you just describe it is it's playing out right on the prize and and south Louisiana. Altitude the all the cultures areas in nine states it's gonna suffer the most and that is the justice. You know. -- the risk of living in the land landscapes are going to be you know. To buy those who own real estate and -- -- that the federal government is transferring that risk to you as an individual. Indeed the issue there of course we generated because a lot of that -- interest programming -- initiated after her and it's. And so. And so we put that in the issue is it is it is you know what the times scale right now it's five years that that's what. You know and legislation and five years you are to bear the entire risks. You're on your real estate. Managed and five years now what we're trying to do get that and in -- of the leadership. Is to expand that to fifteen years. But yeah. You know it is that transition of that risk from several taxpayers to. Two individuals. Now the other aspect of that electronic credits came media. -- to our restoration program. Through what we're doing -- the state. To minimize there's risk and can you give -- credit and that's the big debate and and I think that. If we can build these incentives. He's it's that we understand it is our responsibility as far as the wrist but will give us credit for things we're doing. And such and you know the expenditures and restoration program that I think that the real debate that's -- The Borg is quoted as they can get Viagra that's going to be the debate due out all the delta regions around the world. Absolutely. I'm taken blogger scoop them checked to borders at 9 o'clock and who achievements and. I'm sitting here. In the value of -- twelve hours to behind it. Yeah you know. Good thing to do so what others get a hamburger. Which. It is so much for calling you know look to these -- these calls every -- this week. The art and appreciate it the Robert Twilley. A good university of -- Lafayette Louisiana -- consultant to America's wetland. America's wetland representatives -- in the Mekong Delta this entire week outward from Ho Chi Minh City -- Saigon. And they're gonna call us daily to tell us what's happening in their search and presentations. Conservative wetlands loss really you pursuing you know 34 years ago nobody is intrusive and wetlands laws. If you missed -- first part of the show we had done. Kohler from universe to do you have Louisiana Lafayette there whether -- -- margin was -- contingent. In the street there Mekong -- and happened brilliant coaching me and city. There we go down cycle and but they're talking about Saigon and other Asian countries so -- water. A losing wetlands in since he's been threatened him his thoughts and there actually trying to export. Some of our expertise that could to a mixed -- moments -- -- run -- bill appreciate echo. Yes but there are Carlin Billy -- -- -- speaking about it that much. Technology as well. They have ship of unity bridge called the -- maxim. In the union that -- But were doubles the court outlawed there probably dictatorship. And also appealed those homes and a bit but -- Dubai. But it could rebuild it they would as the much. Pop and politics it is quick -- urban children back. And they could have bought -- has been you have war record re -- part comes to weigh in 1890 but US Geological Survey. You can build in in -- You have the yeah if we have the money. No doubt about it -- questions and no doubt about it because it's very complex system. So marriage that -- Saunders who wouldn't want the biggest problem. We have or at least they've had in the -- I don't know for a master plan. Takes care of not. But my understanding was say -- human -- -- and write it. A drop in certain on the way to frankly. Well that's exactly where I grew up I grew up right behind resolve clintons want. And where and when executed there was a lot of land that was above water in its own with the U subside and soon. Erosion and loss of -- When it sinks I think you become state water bottom but we knew home sediment into it and it comes back up. Lot of time did this dispute is the home which is going to be -- who gets it. -- ability and on and on so it's not a real simple. Issue. And one of the interest in things where as Bob more true. Writes for the -- now. It. One of via true experts. Journal that followed this for over. And one of the things we're what was -- owner Nolan is incredible settlement low. Or New Orleans for the surrounding -- And Bob. Once -- I think its recent study. That shows only 19%. Of the total suspended settlements. Suspended sand. Passes the Mountain -- channel play reverend or the Baton Rouge exit to -- attributes to appear in the -- No words understood it correctly. A huge portion of that that. So land and settlement. Is is going up on the banks. Won't have lowered the river not. Making it here or right it's not. Like you to know is if you that strewn. Even correcting wouldn't have come to a wooden thing. Well the main thing but in the island but we like but initial back well. Just due in federal help the truth it would have been -- search. To what did you projects to rebuild my question what you had -- element where it. To be. You know from ninety out and Arabs like a big day. On them that believe me but. I think what we're seeing news. Things you can take money you know we just did a show. Thursday unthinkable. We had a homeowner from buy your garage which is right neared -- elements. We had on -- -- president. And they're talking about thousands of people paying anywhere from 5000 dollars year to 28000 dollars your pro life insurance. Because of the new FEMA maps. And when I do some more reading -- it is not just since the East Coast still in particular were -- and he went ashore. And you can bet Florida North Carolina in the breast they get hit by hurricane this year or in the future. They're gonna come up short -- their funding to it it's. It's not a candidate to money. Into it and -- expect that. -- Insurance what should tell creature apparently an -- one. What was interesting to me you view we had a very. It well spoken home all the world and from -- it goes like this says in that by remember. It could be a little little wrong but I don't think -- He's set to open and even brag about. You should win. These news. Collaborations by pima that we got these new maps and it's all going to be going on over a four year period you go from. What are the period now in the hundreds of dollars per year to pins or. 20000. A year or more. Banks are already sending the notices and saying. You know we're gonna have to mortgage. This guy I think could go into an appraiser. At imprisoned hosts. And I'm I'm guessing at this from the conflicting can be wrong but he said something like. This home was worth the route 400000 dollars noticed worth 85000. Dollars before anything even get started. If that's the kind of thing. In insisted that the thinking. In I've been guilty of this. When I came back aboard and -- on the river some of hype -- hysteria. Engineers built New Orleans in this one literate for reason they knew it was a -- In the side of the -- and usually you and a couple of but the thing we don't think about it. You start losing. People in south Louisiana and those are promoting or paying much more for everything. Mortgages infrastructure. Food transportation. You name it so. Nobody is going to be unscathed by this if we can't fund and who -- That -- appreciate it called very much good talk and welcome back and see what you think will continue. Talking about -- -- Also the military. Combatants and there's. 20516000. Women and men and per year in the militaries and there's sexually assault. What do you think in the call. 26017203. And we're in the country 866. It and and your -- ebony or Texas activity heats up.