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5-20 9:10pm: Scoot: Oklahoma tornado update

May 20, 2013|

Scoot gets the latest information on the tornadoes that devastated Oklahoma today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When there is a tragedy when there is a disaster. Americans are brought together through instant life mass media. And this tragic monstrous tornado that tore through a suburb of Oklahoma. Once again brings us together and by business emotionally as -- Americans. British human beings. Because -- disaster in in other countries we see. We see people in other countries completely different from our country and come together this is a this is a human thing but it's also something the Americans do very well. And one -- the first text that I got tonight was how can we help. How can we help the people in Oklahoma. And we've got all of that information on our website at WWL dot com. When there's a disaster like this. Who should pay -- who's responsible for making things right. For people whether it's a tornado hurricane flood earthquake fire. -- -- the -- the government insurance. Home business owners. How to we pay fort. I heard on the news earlier today. That Oklahoma and Texas. To red states. Have received more. Federal government money. Than any other state. Because of tornadoes. And we know Louisiana received a lot. Of federal money. I know that there were many people in this country who. Would love to live without the government. But we can't. And we do depend on the government. For some things. Now if you can buy insurance. By insurance. If you live in an area where it can flood by insurance. But I guess the government is still there. And it's a safety net. For those who need help. And it in this immediate part of the country we have much more experience with hurricanes. Hurricanes are. Are huge. We have days of warning. And we can prepare. A tornado you don't have that much time they kind of just. They kind of just. Spring out of these clowns. And hit the earth but today and it is on usual. -- the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning before a tornado I think before tornado had hit the ground one hit yesterday in Shawnee Oklahoma and I think two people were killed -- This massive tornado that went to a very populated suburb of of Oklahoma City just south of Oklahoma City. -- has -- has now killed at least 51 people including several children it was an EF four -- winds estimated -- to a 200 miles per hour. I've heard estimates it was a half mile to two miles wide. And yet again you you you know when you look at how or how these tornadoes. -- to tear through a neighborhood one side of the street is destroyed. The other side of the street is not they're very discriminating. But when it comes to what they destroy. On the right now the estimate is a 140 people have been injured and about half of those are kids. Have you been a tornado. And if you had tornado warnings across -- -- from Gerald Ford -- earlier and said that they are there are so many tornado warnings this time of year during tornado season. In the midwest and Texas Oklahoma Kansas and and throughout the midwest they're -- a tornado warnings that if you heed those warnings that didn't sit your kids to school. You kids would be home every day. All day. And then think about the tornadoes that hit homes I'm not sure kids are always safer and home. Especially if the schools do have. Have -- have a safe place for kids to go -- their Lotta people that part of the country did you have -- places to -- when a tornado does company. You know from what I know about tornadoes and I've never experienced one firsthand. Couple of earthquakes in numerous. Hurricanes and of Lotta Lotta storms couple blizzards but I've never experienced. I'd tornado. They happened rather quickly and they're very very decisive with what they destroyed. Imagine. Just everything being flattened everything being on no. No reference to where you are in your neighborhood because of everything has gone and -- or are there where our reports -- for 75200. Horses dead. And and horses were seen flying flying around it does this sounds like animation -- it sounds like -- a fantasy. But Terry it it's not it's real. A horses were seen flying around -- in a tornado so I said the Shirley Allen are lined you you know his livestock. In Oklahoma. And of course to Texas and places where they have tornadoes so stop saying that something's gonna happen when pigs fly because pigs can fly in a tornado. Opera Gulf Shores David -- -- -- WL. Scrutiny David. I mean. -- -- The first -- that are playing right and. -- urgently. -- -- -- But don't quote don't talk to you now. What that is. What the church. Well white got. Yeah yeah yeah listen. -- -- for -- signature. And that no matter what. -- -- -- -- -- Yes campus and apparently outwardly. -- the country and I want. I wanna. Brett champ who won't and that started -- -- on the it will look pretty good. Good. What -- going. How would take him when he and it could connect it. And don't forget -- -- what else and that we're told angered -- -- -- Were you scared what could. Now are okay well I mean how will pat summit I'd call McGwire. But it would get over him. And I will achieve it. About mob -- out there are -- war army awards speech. You can put. I -- well I'd vote for. Him right incumbent year. And I don't I'll let -- I -- that. Go go to church. Well -- -- those matters. You know with stroke and you know where. You are. How white man. -- -- that I don't what doctors -- January oh. Yeah it's the owners. By the audience that there had to -- to mobile site. Stick them all. Our -- And -- yet. And I kept neat little -- -- in different hospitals and police -- And it like -- -- interpreted Barack. Precedents and hey did you -- series one know firsthand in you know exactly. You tell you that you have a sense of what it's like -- -- the people Oklahoma are are are going to write down I appreciate you would take time to share your story witness. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the top of the -- Competent in one piece in anybody that was a huge. Now. The David appreciate you usher in a story witness in a specialist entered every WL. A GA vice with WWL news and every WL dot com by joins decide not to use you have experience with whether or not to send your kids to school during a tornado. Yeah fair article opened caller on the settler spell out the truth when you know call -- what they keep keep -- -- -- A -- -- about five years of news and all contracts for account get back home in -- What stories are over there was the two year anniversary of romance of tornados -- Jarrell Texas which is about an hour or repulsed. And that day care to advance warning and they they thought that would be super cell forming the close. School early in from the -- call hurtful count countless and three felt that. -- could have told police force. After tornado came through and hit the main purpose. Are responding officer. Loads of state trooper too he didn't patrol regularly. Though. When he got to the tornado hit the report -- image. It's completely scoured the neighborhood down to prepare law so much -- -- -- it which is looking at -- county cornfield where it come through. -- hope there won't prevent and so in other it is the right thing that a -- from school they were a pair still at war interpret them stay at home parents. And -- still. You know the air devastated the cult killed thirty people will be so interest tackle call for the -- infecting get these things but -- like -- important days to weeks of notre today they had about twelve. -- -- -- To get cute and all -- end protect them. So option being cynical all they have the boxes you know been -- I don't after the fact that he could effect their book. Others just don't scene I'm thinking about I believe it was the at the plaza towers elementary school -- Moore Oklahoma where the school is totally destroyed and yet there's a line of bosses right out in the driveway. Waiting for the kids that would have come out of. That's you know you know the bosses I mean about where church with a via the school itself would let me say it's so pilot broke cherry -- aren't so it's it's for those folks it's going to be a long night. 260. 1878. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. Text number is 87870. You know we often talk about a political issues and social issues that this is not a -- to talk about that we're updating you on that. The monstrous tornado that just ripped through this a suburb of Oklahoma City just to the south of Oklahoma City. Literally just white and as we've seen it happen in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We've seen it happen in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi we've seen it happen in Joplin Missouri. -- -- another one of those devastating storms last. I heard 51 people are known dead some of them children. This almost took the same path as the massive storm that went through this part of Oklahoman your Oklahoma City hike in May of 1999. And this is tornado season. Our hurricane season begins June 1 this is tornado season. A throughout the midwest and Texas and Oklahoma Kansas those states have a tremendous. A number of storms. I if you wanna join us tonight if you plugged into a tornado you're -- your thoughts with us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text Amber's late 77 from New Orleans at L when your WWL. Safe and humility and interpret that you yes -- do yet Denise -- did did the morning news with me the student you know don't seventeen -- seven you know -- -- Could you check on -- I think she's OK I didn't know she was in Oklahoma -- he's -- -- Oklahoma OK well I'll I'll try and find out -- Thank you didn't -- -- -- Sure well. -- duties for red did do a morning news -- is on going to be 97. Doing disputes in the morning show and if she is going to Oklahoma we'll check out here. If you are listening in Oklahoma if you were listening anywhere across America and you have been through. A tornado right here in New Orleans. Many of us are more familiar with hurricanes and tornadoes if you would share that experience witness. Our toll free number is 8668890. -- seventy. And -- -- number is 87870. Will continue to bring you updates throughout the evening on this. Massive storm their territory to a suburb south of Oklahoma City. This is this coach over here's another CBS news update. And welcome back to our show tonight we're bonded by that tragic tornado that tore through a suburb south of Oklahoma City. Tonight. There. Are expecting more tornadoes. Tomorrow here's -- text -- my hearing correctly at least four people ran for more. Of the same Tuesday Wednesday I hope not time for prayers. You know we just heard that the weathered the produce this tornado in Oklahoma this afternoon. Is likely to produce tornadoes tomorrow from Dallas into Little Rock this is tornado season four that midwestern states. That goes beyond Oklahoma and and in Texas but Oklahoma and Texas. -- do certainly get their share of tornadoes. When there is disaster like this week come together not only as Americans but we come together. As human beings and -- -- pretty much talking about this year this is not about politics. Sometimes it's important for us to take a break from politics and the heated political and social debate over issues we can always get back to that. But right now we're talking about a human beings that. Have lost everything in an instant if you would join our show tonight with a comment -- numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And -- -- number is 87870. -- Jeff you're on the stooge of good evening. Getting. Leadership. Has passed through the numbers from Kansas City here. And it's going out to all those people on -- and city year. I don't understand that this corner. There just emerged tornadoes back as you stated it was. About ten years ago or so. I just don't understand why these schools especially. Don't have like tornado shelters. Underground. I think that should be mandatory of course it's gonna cost money to do it you know nobody's. -- -- -- Yeah I could be wrong and I was under the impression that and that's that's what they do -- that most of the schools now do you have a basement -- sheltered in that a lot of people. In places like Oklahoma City where tortillas are far more likely than other places they've they do you have that tornado shelters other -- that people just talk -- points against that this status and the saddest thing right now. And the one thing that's making us all a little bit anxious is at forty to fifty people still missing at the plaza towers elementary school. 51 -- -- some of those children and number injuries but there's still some people. I'm not counted for -- school like I saw a video of this earlier absolutely flattened but by my adding that they do a place to go. Well I. Ironically it was just at a restaurant and -- on obscurity bit. I haven't heard kept on reports senators -- applauding that. But those commitments under a common types brokers they're not exactly the circumstances that are. -- If -- you know when I was culinary and underground shelters in the -- just hours -- and under Oscar. Winning matches you know you're talking about two mob -- Williams. Which -- tornado was an apple I expect maybe in -- -- that kind of thing. Not really -- notables so. -- Democrats go -- appreciate show. -- -- You know I was around -- time in Kansas -- actually make things Oklahoma City has the the headquarters of the severe weather center. And National Weather Service as Oklahoma City W that Kansas City Council had an excellent doppler radar and everything on the news station there at. We wanted to stand. Partly it was around and we -- -- -- of course means you bet that tornado on the ground it's been spotted by weather spotter. Tornado watch is it just you know the conditions there. Are possible. When you -- and that's when people should really take key I was. Two days ago -- -- and -- banners up there but the temperatures were cold enough that. -- had been produced tornados. We've been. You can usually. Tornado's coming a couple of sanctions should you should poppy co ops to gather. That -- that's a bit better and malevolent cluster together and then. That people straighten out on Tuesday when the tornado in -- everything get real quiet. And that yes -- will not -- well. I appreciate you are listening -- you're driving through I've got to get to and other news update from CBS news this is the -- showed we're coming right back with more under the WL. And we'll continue with -- says CBS news special report says throughout the evening -- throughout our our show tonight their necks are coming up -- about a twenty minutes from now. Here's an update on tonight's WWL pretty general opinion poll. When it comes to stories like the deadly tornado in Oklahoma which 24 hour news network do you think does the best job. CNN. Fox. Or MSNBC. 30% say CNN 55% say fox and only 15% say. MSNBC. Beverly doesn't surprise me although. As CNN is it working to change its image as being the place to go when there's breaking news like this and it was. Years ago that CNN actually. First started to really gain notoriety I think it was in the the Baby Jessica a story when people were watching that a 24 hours a day of it. CNN handers. A new director Jeff Zucker and -- CNN is showing some significant changes in an effort to become more meaningful. In the ratings race which they are losing to fox and MSNBC but you give us your opinion about which network you go to a time like this and really this should have nothing to do with politics. I mean if you if you think fox is a better station for political opinions but you think MSNBC or CNN do a better job with. A breaking news like this that I I would I would hope that she would be honest. I'd go to our web sites WWL dot com give us your opinion and will continue to track that poll and update you throughout the show. Here is that text that reads the safest place in America. NORAD. Yeah and that would be the place where they're like -- a bomb -- You can't help but think about it this this planet. Does. Sometimes create. Violence. Things. Volcanoes. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Wildfires. You know all wildfires. That destroyed many many homes and and much much territory in the west. Many of those while players are not started. By humans so mark. But many art the sort of violating their sort of -- natural phenomena and it it gives its its conditions it's it's it's the earth. I guess you could say taking care of itself that we happened to inhabit this planet where their. Violence. Natural. Phenomenon. And we we deal with it and we. We do a good job of every building in and and coming together times like this -- here's a text that just reminds me about. How times like this can bring out the best in people. This text reads what can an average person. I do to help those. In addition to donations. It seems inadequate. To me in the wake and almost helpless situation. On our prayers. Work well again we've got some information on what you can do and our website WWL. Dot com should -- be any additional. Things that you can do with there's a need for something else we'll certainly pass that on to you. If you don't have a tornado shelter. Now I've I've you know heard the bath -- while obviously a basement and if we don't have basements here in the immediate New Orleans area but there are a basements in many parts of the country. I if you do get into a basement that's the best place that they were people who were in their basements today. And they came out only to find their home just entirely. Gone and whether you've seen the results of this so monstrous tornado in Oklahoma today or you've seen him in the past you know. And how definite. Tornadoes are when it comes to destruction. And yet -- discriminating as well. Because you could see homes in one area that are totally destroyed homes not far away sometimes even across the street or across a highway. -- or not destroyed. Tornadoes are totally different from hurricanes. You have a little more -- obviously the hurricane or tornado. But they're. Once again to expecting more tornadoes. In the area between Dallas and and Little Rock tomorrow we may be talking about this again tomorrow night hopefully dot. The last I heard they were still forty to fifty people missing. At the plaza towers elementary school. And this school was -- -- flattened. But just to show you how definite. I'm tornadoes or with what they destroy them what they don't there was a circle driveway. -- part of the school. And the school was absolutely flattened. But yet there were about ten maybe 1015 school buses yellow school bus to spend about ten. School buses in a circular driveway right in front of the school. There were still there. And it as you know a tornado can certainly lift up a Boston. Take it anywhere 9% to think about the animals that lost their lives. As well. And hopefully -- just told not rice on anymore. We will continue to bring you updates on that terror throughout our show tonight but as we as we talk about this. This is and this is one of those moments when we do depend on the government we depend on FEMA. I've seen is far from perfect and I know that many of you in this area and had horrific experiences. With FEMA. And a lot has changed -- following Katrina but who fits the bill for something like this. Does the government take your people do we look to the government to take care of people that time like this I heard earlier from one of the station I think it was CNN. Somalia. Reported that Oklahoma and Texas. Both red states. They receive more federal money than any other states and we know here Louisiana. With the with -- stick with different things that have happened and tornadoes or hurricanes in August as we have received a lot of federal late as well. A lot of people don't want to ever admit that we depend on the government put in some ways. We do and we always depend on the government to do the right thing in the right way. And as we know that doesn't always happen. Lot of politics going on in Washington and this it -- this huge tornado in Oklahoma has really dominated the news it's dominating that the news channels as well tonight. There will be other times to talk about their politics those controversies are not gonna go away and we'll continue talk about it here on this future if you wanna join us tonight with your comments about anything. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 87870. Here is -- reads to me -- my condolences to the victims. Why do we paid national flood insurance. And they don't have to pay national tornado insurance. I'm curious I'm just honestly curious. I I don't know the answer that question. Here's a text we should ever use natural disasters as grounds for political motives but you know it will happen. And I I hope not I I agree with you. I don't think this should be. A photo whopper Syria I mean obviously the president needs to respond to a disaster that's what presidents do. And a President Obama will respond to this century will. He will have a -- some at some point soon I've presidents go to these. These disasters. -- you know let's not turn this into politics. And quite easily can become political had a text earlier tonight it's and I wonder if the midwestern Republicans will now tell people they should live there. You know it was very insulting. To those of us who live here is very insulting to those of us who love this city. For that there's some national. Talking Heads and national politicians to say well why rebuild New Orleans. Why do you live in a city that's. Underwater not a reward its its undersea level that could easily be underwater why do you live there so why do you live this year. Why doesn't anybody ever asked why do you live in Oklahoma City. What you live in Joplin Missouri. Why do you live in Tuscaloosa. It's really unfortunate and I mentioned this I don't know not long ago under Schoen and wrote a blog about it. New Orleans is a city was celebrity status. And when anything happens in a celebrity a celebrity city or happens to a celebrity. It's blown out of proportion. And there are people who are looking to beat up on New Orleans and I don't understand why because everybody who comes here loves. The politicians. The TV and radio talk show with they love this city but they left there are people who seem to love to bash New Orleans. I don't hear those people saying why do people live in tornado Alley. That's not fair. And again if you're listening in the Oklahoma area if you're listening -- anywhere. Where you have experience a tornado or if you were. -- expert in this but I'm sure you have other things on your mind. Other than calling the show but if you do what to share any experiences that you have had -- today or in the past. Our numbers 2601878. 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here's a -- I guess a conservative states. Oklahoma will have to swallow their pride and open their hands to Uncle Sam. Our prayers go out to those. Who are affected. Here's a text why live in a place that's called tornado Alley. The same question can be asked what are we live. In New Orleans. I'm scoot him we'll be right back -- -- -- And welcome back to this crucial on this Monday night I'm I'm getting a couple of text different people are saying that the Oklahoma cut congressional delegation. Voted against federal aid for victims of hurricane sandy. They must be a reflection of the community you think. Here is another text. And it says the two Republican senators from Oklahoma continuously vote against disaster relief. For example -- They're gonna needed now isn't that part of the hypocrisy of so many politicians. I the president to like it was parish Billy -- -- are choices on going to be a -- -- welcome to our show tonight. I'm good you know we have different disasters here we understand tornadoes in this part of the country as well but it doesn't matter what the disaster is when there's a disaster like what happened in Oklahoma. A city today we are -- -- of local city we can't help but just relate to people going through it. Yeah we our heart goes out -- those comedies in general about it on this horrible disaster. You know we've we've been dealing with these slot in flood maps -- the would be announcement that the -- -- 20% a year. And -- and travel across the coast of Florida Mississippi and Alabama talking to. County commissioners. Try and -- in the interest international disaster policy. And just like -- -- get insurance and tornado Alley. Just by -- of the forest are earthquakes. And as we experienced applauding. Something -- like -- it is shaped like what anymore but. Worst change pay -- 1% on your insurance and it would keep -- on a percentage basis much like this team that does seven twenty pocket disaster reaches a certain dollar. Number post 910. And so what. To make it affordable to live in areas and the east natural disaster. You know there are solutions. There -- two problems they're better ways to do things then some of the ways that are things are part being done I think it's an interesting. As an interest in -- -- We saw I saw the local community leaders from Florida taxes go to Washington. And and with passion. To change to restore -- to make most of that money come to the -- and I will. Believed that that would make the difference in our visit with senators and congressmen from Nebraska. -- as they had no interest in the -- But what makes all the passion from the local officials across to coast are really believe that -- difference and I think it's gonna have that. Beat yet again to make a change in Washington. The local officials crossed the coast -- up the East Coast now. And certainly tornado Alley to work together to makes changes and -- Really going to essar parish president like prisoners thanks for congressman -- If you're a joyous with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- number is 87870. It was. It was an EF four tornado winds up to about 200 miles an hour. A 51 known dead we're about to get another update for CBS news for you and several children have been killed about a 140 injured half of those children. And some people still missing and that's one of the elementary schools it was actually flattened by this monstrous tornado today just south of Oklahoma City. Now we'll be right back with more of the -- show here's another news updates to -- WL for CBS news. It's Monday nights on this coach -- we're talking about the deadly tornado that tore through a suburb south of Oklahoma City today and the -- the weather that produced this is a sweeping across the country so there may be more tornadoes and there's an expectation tornadoes tomorrow from Dallas into Little Rock, Arkansas hopefully we're not talking about this again but there's a possibility. I'm last -- I had 51 people are known dead. 140 injured many of the children there -- several of those dead our children. And they're still out searching. The rubble is literally rubble of an elementary school in Moore Oklahoma. From Biloxi James -- on the Scotia -- -- -- -- -- Or anybody about them. A -- -- calling it and you know basically today that people don't Obama. Do you know -- out to be conservative or libertarian as you know. Shouldn't be asking war any Nader if the current -- -- You. Just -- they were that they actually not been. Taxes to government bit short is that rates on the presumption that where we are going to. Or stream and and it's because it hadn't been paying. They've been able to -- it and they had the money available to Canada and I didn't sure that you and coordinate local Red Cross chapters whatever. There might be way -- that -- -- it short and chat news for the corporate and and then. Yeah and and been criticized them when. -- The forum is a world where -- He's been over there you know actually. I understand there -- couple text earlier though about the politicians senator who come from. Oklahoma voting against disaster relief that the case of -- -- sandy. About I would attended politicians. What are some people -- -- to campaign and made it back in the pan. Assuming they would get the team on paper the argument that they -- the -- a -- to. And shame on you for birdie against them -- sure going to retire to do something that we're going to get -- -- jima. And -- everybody acted according. James I appreciate your call got to get to another CBS's news update here's a Texan reads nothing noble go to Oklahoma City and yet again show how inept government is. Those folks will be shining example. Self reliance in I don't want to turn this into politics yet although our politics will always be part of almost every conversation we get into. A let's get an update from CBS news this is the -- showed we're coming right back.