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05-20-13 11:10pm OKC tornado

May 20, 2013|

Scoot talks about the devastation that occured in Moore, Oklahoma due to an F4 tornado that touched down there today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to our show on this Monday night we continue to have a date you and don't talk about the horrific hurricane as horrific tornado. Then hit a suburb of Oklahoma City guides I was talking to a -- Redondo earlier from my chair before the chief meteorologist there. And I asked him a question that there are many of us have liberal why don't. Why don't tornadoes hit metropolitan areas and and they do in there he reminded me that there was one hit the convention center here. On and not too many years ago so severe. They're are these cases weird tornadoes have hit metropolitan areas. But when you when you think about the United States and when you fly from one city to another you realize how much open land areas. And because there's more open land then there are metropolitan areas. I aids just by chance it's more likely that the tornado was gonna hit says some of the even some of the open land. As CBS news has taken the -- get this I think this was going to be earlier tonight they took the scheduled season ending episode of Mike and Molly off the year. Because the plot revolved around a tornado threatening. My -- The network said they've replaced the comedy within a re run. On. Out of sensitivity for the victims of the tornado that hit Oklahoma a CBS says says the show's finale was. I'm just canceled because say it again it was not appropriate in the episode. They start confessing things to each other as this tornado threatens Chicago. And -- how much time would you have to confess because I thought tornadoes gonna come rather quickly. I CBS's they will air this season finale are Mike and Molly and it's inappropriate dates. And we continue to and updates relative to the tragedy this is a time when we come together not only is Americans but also is. As human beings and if you wanna join us with your thoughts on your feelings tonight if you've been through a tornado word disaster like this if you wanna join us tonight our number. Is 26 own 1878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And -- tech's number is 87870. This is a disaster again is just one of those things that says that brings us together and while you might not relate specifically. To this particular. Incidents. If you can. You can relate to. Loosen things you can relate to. Things that have have totally altered your life maybe not to this degree. But I'd like to think that issue -- beings we all take time. During these these moments we'll take time to try to understand and others go through. Because that's what we. That's what we can do best. If you're not going to try to understand what that would be like as I said in my apartment to watching the news earlier today. And I heard stories of people coming up from their basements. And their homes were totally flattened and and you've heard on the news at people don't know where their cars are. They go into a neighborhood they have no reference because the physical surroundings have so changed that they've they've there don't know exactly. Where they are. -- hurricanes are devastating. Tornadoes are very definite. It within urban devastation. Along the path. I've heard reports that this was a two mile wide tornado. A bit more realistic reports seem to be on a mile maybe half mile on Fox News is reporting a mile and that seems to be a little bit to more and more realistic but it is also has so interesting how and discriminating. By tornadoes are. At one side of the street can be destroyed the other side of the street. Is not destroyed. -- but this is all part of this planets that we live on and were also reminded at times like this then. That there are no guarantees in life and it's life is precious and life is. His fragile. And in the same ways that we are offended. When it. When we're asked why do you live in New Orleans. Why would you live in a city that's prone to flooding. Why would you live in the city. Events. And deals with hurricanes on a regular basis. But yet. People who live in Oklahoma City people who live in cities along tornado Alley they're not asked that question why don't you live there. And I think that's unfair. Not sure why New Orleans I've got quite often gets -- a question like that because people. It in this country and around the world I just about everybody I'm most familiar with this country obviously put -- -- around the -- This is a planet. Then it has violent phenomenon. Bet you could threaten us wherever we are I don't think there's a place in America. Event is immune from the possibility of a natural disaster. Whether it's a tornado. A hurricane. An earthquake. A blizzard. A wildfire. MI for forgetting inning I mean you don't and I guess there's always the possibility of a ball and I know there's a possibility of a tsunami should there be a major earthquake. And -- in the west. And there's always that possibility so there's -- area that is totally immune from. From the from the disaster but we come together at times like this -- we toward helping. And if we at least send our thoughts and prayers with those people who were affected it and it's it's absurd to say just a moment ago. Yeah I was sitting watching this in in my apartment at Childress Safin and secure. But I also remember sitting in my apartment during Isaak. Which was a scary time. Obviously made it through events here with out of any real problem well ahead of a few little problems but just minor things that -- could be fixed. But as I sat there I just I try to imagine what it was. What it was like for those people who. Our our. Just coming up from the basement or returning to a neighbor and seeing. Your house everything that you have totally gone there was a a story of some guy who worked for. A form. And the they've rendered portions. And he lived in the tack room. That was his home. And I heard a report that 75 -- hundred horses had been killed and there was one scene where. Horses were fifth day flying around in the -- tornado and it again. But wait doesn't matter that's so powerful tornadoes or this was apparently an EF four and they're predicting wins about a 200 miles an hour. It was in May of 1999. Then another tornado took this and same approximate path. -- in Oklahoma. I killed 36 people that. It is since going on the air tonight the desk told has not risen and that is a very very positive thing 51. Are known dead at this point and again this -- you know. And these I've -- the statistics these figures always change but it's good that through the course of this night so far. -- still 51 remain dead that is I terrifically tragic of course a twenty of them believed to be children. And I I guess right now. -- the most anxious people. Are the parents. And loved ones. Who act. Might not have somebody home with them. Because so last I heard forty to fifty people were unaccounted for. And they're still searching and they're gonna continue to search throughout the night at the plaza towers elementary school. In Moore Oklahoma I mean you can just imagine. What that's like but you know there's always hope there's always hope -- that everything's going to be okay. And I and that somebody's going to. To be all right he see you. I guess you have to always see it as as humans we can't help but think about whenever. Could possibly happen but there's still. So much recent. -- to be hopeful here's an update on our WWL project our opinion poll tonight when it comes to stories like this breaking story the deadly tornado in Oklahoma today. Which 24 hour news network do you think does the best job. Right now 33%. Say CNN. 55% say fox. And only 11%. Say MSNBC. Here's a Texan reads a flood insurance is a scanned insurance companies should come for all disasters period. They have more money than god but nothing will ever be done about it. Here's a text I was covered with insurance. Four windstorm. As a -- in shell match and my insurance companies said Katrina wasn't a windstorm. I didn't receive a dime. And that is from Tracy in Covington. Tracy you know we're all. You know we're we're all blessed. With an insurance company I treats us the right way. But we have heard so many stories about. Insurance companies. Falling shorts that I guess we shouldn't be surprised I'm sorry that happened to you if you're gonna give us your opinion on our WWL project -- opinion poll go to our web site. WWL dot com and therapy for sure ping also we've got the latest on the on the storm in this a densely populated area just south of Oklahoma City. We've got to a link to life video -- this destructive path and also how you can help and we've got to linked to a all these stories on line right now. Attributed to -- well. I don't count Tommy Tucker will be talking more about this tomorrow I hope the news is they're still good him we don't have a just told it rises but. A Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning WL first news will be talking about this -- from six to ten. And also time is gonna talk about it the Republican nominee for governor in Virginia says. They Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to black lives in the kkk ever was. And since a new clinic is they're gonna open on south -- and Tommy will be talking about a Planned Parenthood tomorrow's summit Tucker W your first news from six to ten. Tomorrow here on their behavioral AM and FM and you know this of I guess at times like this is a lot to talk about. If you don't have insurance do you look to the government to. To help you if you don't have insurance should the government help you -- me who who pays for all of this. You know the government definitely has a role when it comes to. Times like this in in our lives -- definitely has a role. FEMA dollars and and be you know this as well as I do a theme is not always efficient and you know it. As as effective as the government can be in a few ways. The government is not always effective and it's just. It's just because of the very nature of bureaucracy. Too many people. Too much paperwork. Too much redundancy. It's a shame that it's. In more ways. And I know it can't be in every way but it's a shame that in more ways. Government can't be run more like a business. But it's not end there are too many employees -- the Department of Education. Is no latent with. Add it to people and total. Efficiency. And anybody who's worked for the government if they're honest they certainly know areas where the government is very ineffective. You know I heard this also earlier today about Ted doppler radar and I found this fascinating. With a doppler radar radar being as sophisticated as it is today. They can now. Determine. What's in the year they can do it they can distinguish debris. In the air over rain. They can tell whether it's rain or shingles. Or something just flying through the air it's read it's just an amazing is just incredible progress when it comes to -- When it comes to world and the following the weather and and even that even predicting it. Here is so a Texan reason -- I can remember as a third grader during the Cold War going through a drill we're all the kids words. Lineup in the hallways. With our heads talked preparing for enemies strike. I'm sure those kids in Oklahoma had practice similar drills for tornadoes. This time was for real I can't imagine the fear that these kids were going through. My god comfort their families -- may god comfort their families that is from Tommy. In Franklin -- And I'm looking at radar right now in that are part of the country -- -- still some severe weather. In the midwest if you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free numbers 866889. Is nearly seventy. And our -- number is 8770. -- Redondo from a channel four was joining us earlier event. The a prime time for her power for tornadoes is -- between 3 and 9 o'clock at night and it seems like most occur. During the day and not overnight tonight I think it's because of that the heat builds up in the types of storms that do produce. Tornadoes -- from Pascagoula Fred you're on the Scotia good evening. Good evening and scared as you know I'll tell you many times and not. I'll Google that you know in the past considered not so pretty much a conservative. Well. Public when it's time to -- the American -- and when you're in the lead. When they're definitely in need we grow partially -- we do it and we don't question it. Yeah and we shall we do a good job with added IE I I I agree although you don't there are times when politics comes into play and so far that hasn't happened but I wouldn't be surprised if somehow somebody tries to bring politics. Into what happened but -- tornadoes are just one of those random things that I know the argument is made that. This global warming and their weather changes. Some of their results of sudden man made. Things that have they have to have taken place in our atmosphere. But there are their -- -- -- there will always be. -- natural disasters on this this planet SP is beautiful as this point it is sometimes it can get angry. Well America finished speaking speaking of global warming. I look. They're every year I noticed when I showed the temperature record -- -- -- -- and I noticed that most of the eight -- portion. Like tale about the year I was born in 1950 curry and brought in -- meant. You know I don't know how they explain that you know one. Al Gore went to the New York on the coldest day of the year in and pick and -- It is. Regional global warming and then -- and of people took over -- -- we're not talking about global warm are are. People work so good about tipper dirt in earnings. You know you gotta cover when he goes much. You know a friend -- you know I'm not sure about the global warming. And this planet is. Estimated to be about four and a half billion years old and I know that there are gonna be. Whether cycles you know there was the ice age. -- interestingly. I'm in the seventies and there was a theory that there because of pollution. There would do there would be this. Coverage of the sun. And the -- would be blocked out to around the world to the point where. He was gonna cool down on this planet. And the and the on the ice ice sudden. Ice caps the the polar caps were gonna get bigger. And that basically. We would lose visitation so this this theory went from up pollution causing the that the sun to be -- shaded out to the point where it's gonna get colder we're gonna lose education because of no lightened photo -- business. And they're the polar caps were gonna expand now we're going through this trend. I'm -- killed people in Oklahoma and our -- well a couple of actually and a warm anybody it was fifty miles from Leo tornado alert portion. Everybody's okay yep they're never going and I and other. Goes and Intel also and it's kind of split. Around 'til some more north and -- for social sort of I didn't have -- marker problems at that time over book. You know I. Albany and so it should not. Sure appeared this time it's time for churches don't know where they can't look like they did down here after hurricane Katrina and another situation is. The it's not time that completely depend on the government but. The government they each can you believe there in situations like Beers and even though the conservative Republican won't actually just get the money raw right you get things straightened out -- -- does. A -- a bit when the chips are down that we help our only hope for -- blame Molina mission ordered American program. Fred I'm Reggie -- sure thanks was injured every WL. From Houston stayed here on the Scotia -- good evening. There is good -- always thanks. As a kid growing up negotiations -- outside Chicago instead of music and go to a long time and score and everything -- pretty chill into the chip. Tell me what a tornado drill was like in in Chicago secured. Already you're Jewish but I understand what George nor does -- -- -- -- all the kids would. Don't get enough of fetal position and in pedestrian was saying you know the teachers would instruct it's exactly what we had a tournament like. There was there was in a basement there wasn't a safe place to go. It wasn't based -- a bit. Very that we would have been there was marsh Iowa and everything almost -- And our house so there's no we didn't ball bounced over -- are based as -- simply for the purpose of tornadoes there. It was you know a little bit it is you know -- -- you can imagine that they don't want -- executed it and I'm the worst engineers were -- -- I was zero I had a takes a moment ago from somebody who reminded that -- all love -- the the drills that we had to I win the Cold War was there was peaking and we were concerned about dead nuclear attacks. -- You know I just never thought that that there was a time when we were told to get under our desk and I just thought you know it if if if what I hear about an atomic bomb is accurate I don't think hiding under my desk is gonna do much good. I don't that's sort of that are about each -- and is supported -- I was it is quite well don't consider certain classroom. But Obama agenda general judicial determination that continue to tribunal on the last thing you do. Hello Steve and I'm glad you made it through that you -- you when you're kidding you start going through things like tornado drills or. Atomic bomb drills it's it's it's it's scary I appreciate -- -- -- Houston thanks for calling. Here's our -- -- a party general opinion poll tonight when it comes to stories like this breaking story of the deadly tornado in Oklahoma today which 24 hour news network do you think does the best job. CNN. Or fox or MSNBC. I'm skewed and we'll be right back on -- -- -- -- shipping by going to our web site WQL dot com it's a -- Monday night on. -- show because. This massive mile wide tornado that tore through a densely populated suburb Oklahoma City this afternoon described by many as a war zone people walking around bleeding. A Fox News has -- reported once again 51 -- dead. But they just to talk to somebody who send a minimum of twenty of their and that the 51 -- children. And they expect the numbers changed on tonight we're gonna get an update from CBS news coming up in less than a minutes. I don't know whether the numbers are gonna change yet but it was so very sad to hear this person no reports Fox News that. That they're expecting. As many -- -- Forty people to come from the devastation. In the -- plaza towers elementary school Moore Oklahoma. And -- many if not most of those. -- could be children. I've just imagine. Your parents and your child is unaccounted for. -- Chicago's two plus two hours. Elementary school. In Moore Oklahoma. And more tornado warnings have been issued tomorrow. -- of the the most likely area for tornadoes to hit will be somewhere between Dallas and Little Rock but also Missouri as well. -- student here's another CBS news update will be right back for more wanted to do. CBS news update I'm Jim Shannon B 51 dead hundreds hurt. And a wide path of destruction south of Oklahoma City from what wizards witnesses described as a tornado or two miles wide tires it. Our work out well. Everything started more than a dozen of the dead are children according to the medical Examiner's office of death -- could increase substantially. As searchers go through the debris of homes -- hospital Lyndon elementary school in the -- hits on a more state patrol spokeswoman Betsy Randall. We do have seen fight now meticulously. Picking through the rubble there is a cool looking for victims that are still trapped. I don't know we are very hopeful that we're going to be able to find those individuals and I and that we're getting quick and then the medical treatment -- -- President Obama is -- clear the area a federal disaster zone FEMA and the National Guard will be on the scene assisting in the disaster response. What other warnings remain up overnight along this storm front which currently stands from Arkansas all the way to Illinois CBS news update I'm Jim Shannon. And welcome back to -- -- showing his -- -- -- Tommy Tucker will have more updates on this is tomorrow morning WB will first there's also Garland will be talking about this devastating tornado. On and a lot more -- but also be talking -- -- -- -- A lot of talk about this on the here tomorrow and this is a disaster -- or maybe isn't that close to us but there whenever there's a disaster like this it's always close to our hearts. As. As human beings and I've just carried as saddened by the idea that says there could be more. More people are dead and again no official date but they are expecting. Very they're expecting the numbers to change shows throughout the night the first time you'll get an update to tomorrow morning and every every -- to a -- Dave -- David -- WWL first news from five -- six and an update Serb. Throughout the show and they'll be more to want to talk about it tomorrow. I you know I never know we're gonna talk about says the next night so on our show augment maybe they'll be an aspect of this that will. Talk about tomorrow night there certainly is a lot going on knee in the news sent a lot of controversy with the Obama administration -- we will get back to. I'm talking about -- controversial political and social issues and -- the top stories. On the news but all of the news stations said this afternoon. And throughout the day have just had constant coverage sheriff of fish this tragedy. I'm in a suburb of of Oklahoma City it's something we even though it's not have right here with us it's something that we overlay to it. Mass communication. Television particularly. Brings is these visuals brings us the stories. The heartbreaking stories. The loss. And and we can relate to it and even if you've been fortunate enough in your life to never go through some kind of disasters that totally. It totally changed your life totally altered your life. You can't help but as a human being. Relate to what's. Other people are going through -- you see in other countries but this is not just about being an American all the Americans are very very good at this we're very good it carried. But when something happens in China. So we have is that India. So the -- and I ran you do see people coming together to help because that's what we do is human beings. We help each other. Unfortunately not every human being is interested in helping others human beings but. But are known far and this is an American thing but it's also -- -- a human thing and as I said the search and rescue does is continue throughout the night tonight here's an update on tonight's Symbian we will pretty general opinion poll. When it comes to stories like this breaking news of this deadly tornado in Oklahoma today which 24 hour news network do you think does the best job. 33% say CNN. 55% say fox and 11% same. MSNBC. I hope you had a great weekend that this is something that we have I talked about tonight at the very beginning of a show like I mentioned something you know I wanna mention again. It's a little bit off this subject to do with the tornado that hit. But there's a very positive thing and there are a lot of positive things happening in New Orleans I I grew appears spent most of my life here as you as you know. I've had they've been very opportunity to -- the country and I'm I'm thrilled to be back home in in New Orleans and to be back on and on WWL. But I still learn things about this city. And I discovered something. In the last two weeks that happens on a Sunday. There's a really special thing that I just I -- share with Steve you don't know about it swing dancing. At two places on Frenchman street in the marry on Sundays and I think they offer you I I don't swing dance I would I wanna learn. But just going to these two spots on Frenchman. And experiencing this and seeing that the different. Demographics. Older people who learned to swing dance when they were young. And then young people. With tattoos and just that the the typical. I don't know if I should say trending year edgy look but you see young people on. Who do look very edgy and -- I guess that's one way to describe them. Core totally into the swing dancing thing. And this is swing dancing not from the forty's. Not with a big dance sound but with smaller bands more like -- I guess that would be the twenties in the thirties. And when I went last week and when I went again yesterday. I just felt like. I was in such job. It's such a moment from the past. But it was a way to really escape the world that that I live it and I I thought I just thought it was a great escape for. For anybody who goes and experiences this at a that you don't have to being -- swing this although I think they give lessons -- at 5 o'clock ADB they give lessons Ellison ransom Minnesota. Familiar with that area issues -- to your persona she's shaking right yes 5 o'clock to give thought. Lessons its deviate and and that spotted cat -- slower but right across the street. Having him first swing dancing as well and just you know it did to and it's just it's -- -- very warm and comforting about seeing. Seeing a young. -- trendy crowds are getting into this and but they're all different ages there and it's it's called the seat. I have somebody who is older dancing with somebody who is is younger -- the other thing that I noticed. The other thing that I noticed about. Swing dancing. Is that you don't -- when I go to clubs are where I go to places where bands play here where there's a brief visit DJ. And somebody. Asks somebody to dance. You know quite often. Quite often it's a ballot. Ultimately may be hooking up. It's it's kind of like how you doing kind of thing you know I -- dances I think I you don't come dance -- which is a damn it. And that's saying that that's what they say but you can kinda tell by body language they did -- by trying to. Try to pick somebody -- trying to get to meet somebody. But when I was watching the swing dancing. It doesn't seem to be part of it I look I'm sure people -- I'm sure people hook up it's a great waited to do that but. They think people dance with with different people it it's more about. Enjoying a dance with somebody. The better it is about. Using a dances some kind of off almost CP in mating ritual. Two to hook up with somebody. And I just really thought that was ever pretty as a Texas what club on DBA. On Frenchman and right across the street the -- cat but this funny cat. And I've. A couple of other clubs in their -- they don't have fun they don't have food and usually that's -- something that's reserved for a bars and have a lot of food. It depends on the percentage of food did you have -- -- can -- as smoking but DV was one of the early clubs that didn't have smoking from the very very beginning. And it again I just yeah I just wanted to share that with you because. I couldn't. I just I I couldn't help but think about how how how much fun it was to discover something new. About New Orleans. And there are things always discover their things developing. News that -- Ernie I know for some people is considered to be an area that is is a little sketchy but things happen. Everywhere. But there are still people who go to Frenchman and have a great time and you always interesting last week or I wrote a blog about -- and shooting and swing dancing on Frenchman and I couldn't help but think about. The contrast of what I was experiencing at one under Frenchman and then in another part of French and there was this. The Mother's Day shooting but you know there's a -- a lot of good things. That that are happening in the city and in this was served a fun thing for me to have recently discovered and if you -- somewhere in the country and or -- region and you come to New Orleans. This is a chance to really escape into the past to put it I'm not here to promote these clubs. I'm here to just share with you this phenomena and on a Sunday afternoon that is a rather unique -- you don't see it in every city. And it's it's it's kind of cool and refreshing and then that the band and we're talking about maybe got a five piece. They end up on the stage so it's not a big band sell what I know I can appreciate the big band sound as well. But it's real simple. Music for pursuing dancing and when I also think about the architecture. Of the place where this is happening in this this part of New Orleans who told. You know this done this architecture these these buildings. May have experienced this when he was popular in the twenties and thirties. An end and you you feel like you -- the architecture. With the band the sound and the sights of of the people and the swing dancing they're. You really get the feeling that you have have escaped the world we live in today. And you've gone back to an entirely. Different era an era -- may be like me you've only. Read or heard about. And also what Alison is just a type appear my screen that there's no smoking downstairs and it's the -- -- on Frenchman. And -- fun place and as well I've I've beat Frenchman really I think French initially taken off since Katrina there have been a lot of positive changes since Katrina. If you are a -- to assure my with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our -- -- 7870 here's a Texan reads anything new on the outlet mall and the river walk yeah I don't know if if anything really significantly is happened but it is. Gonna be changing soon we'll be right back under VW well. We get them back Jews talking about the massive for a deadly tornado that hit says several Oklahoma City today. Helen mentioned it to last week I took a couple of pictures from the spotted cats and that the swing dancing it really does capture the and the on the ice is on our website at WWL dot com but the -- of our shows and schedules just a click on that go down to screwed. I go to the -- page in the middle of the -- page there's scoot to -- and it's YouTube there are pictures there click on I think. I got a got a picture of Homer Simpson. I think it's up their first it was one of the TV celebrities that I've I've photographed in the court you -- there's TV celebrities in town I like to photograph -- Homer Simpson was in town over the weekend to what he does. Hanging around his underwear drinking beer right on -- street. Such a good picture that and but I also took a picture of the and the swing Nancy now I took some pictures yesterday at deviation. The swing dancing on on Frenchman on Sundays. But do we were so busy today with his breaking news of the tornado we didn't get those pictures up but those will be out today in the next round. Oh -- or so probably have by tomorrow. Here's -- WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight when it comes to stories like a breaking story like the deadly tornado in Oklahoma today. Which 24 hour news network do you think does the best job right now 35%. Say CNN. 54%. Say fox. And only 11%. Say MSNBC and I can't say that this really surprises me although. CNN does have a reputation. Of carrying breaking news tonight I think they actually at. Really became well known with the Baby Jessica. I've -- in case of live coverage your Baby Jessica coming out of there. Coming out of that bench after that that's what health says CNN and in the beginning with CNN has fallen behind in the ratings and they're trying to win some of that fact we've got a lot of information also about the and the tornado in Oklahoma are where senator -- WL dot com. I want to mention that to CBS appropriately took off they have a schedule season the episode of Mike and Molly. I believe scheduled for tonight. Because of plot line revolves around Mike in Mali. Confessing to each other as a tornado was threatening the couple in Chicago. And they replaced it wears. And every front from the past they will shoulder season finale at inappropriate times. I I got a call. It in the early part of the show. For somebody who said I'm -- have you checked on your coworker. Who is in Oklahoma. Denise for -- who did news for me where I was screwed in the morning on -- 97. A decent and I had a great time on the air apparently she is move back to Oklahoma I found her on FaceBook don't have to. I'll have to send her message here and see if I generic get ahold of her -- I hope that she's OK okay everybody Oklahoma is just fine. And there are more predictions of of bad weather. -- to -- more tornado warnings -- quickly let's go to our studio producer -- ransom has been through some tornadoes here in the we -- an area where is she experienced tornadoes thousand. A motion in my -- Clinton Louisiana but some of them. My grandmother's house certainly confident. There what are your recollections are being young and tore through our tornado. I mean -- -- people tell you well like Deanna. This guy eat and I kind of like the clouds kind of collect and -- gets really quiet and then there's just loudly. Freight trains sort of noise. And then crowds. Like -- the final and then it's gone where you're injured. No I was injured the closest they came to an injury was a one under tornado actually went all -- need mobile home when I was then. But luckily they just reinforced the roof so it it broke up but he didn't care off. Wow. How how long was the was the duration of of this experience and they'd -- intensity of the store under the tornado. I mean from the time we hear about on TV turn time it's. You can like see it dissipate kids and you know you're you're looking in a maximum of like ten minutes and actual tornado itself when it's over used. Preston -- play it if it is that weird thing when you know it's a short time but it feels a lot. -- aren't sure exactly well thanks for sharing that just sort of risen -- okay. BI in particular I remember Isaak. -- just went on for ever -- just lasted. -- my moves it two days they -- lasted forever tornadoes are quick. But they are devastating. And very discriminating. They get hit one side of the street and not the other side of the street. And sand -- tonight we are anticipating the death toll rising above fifty wind and that may include just. A number of children. Who are still. Missing and unaccounted for. At the schools it was I was flattens. The yeah. As the towers elementary school -- more -- Our thoughts and prayers are with -- tonight. This is this good show and we'll be right back. -- -- 51 has confirmed dead and -- this monster is. Mile wide tornado that swept through a suburb of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City and I just south of Oklahoma City earlier today. -- 51 confirmed dead. CNN. Is now reporting. That there are 4040 more bodies. On the way. That would bring to death -- Tonight he warned has not been confirmed to CNN is reporting forty bodies. On have been recovered and are on the way. And it's sand it's -- anybody dies by it's unfortunate way. A lot of children will be included if the dead. So again our thoughts and prayers tonight for everybody who is enduring. This disaster Oklahoman and this challenge and not only do we pray for them but we pray for ourselves at a time like this so real so. Take a moment to be thankful for the things that we have. And they will be updates on this throughout the day tomorrow Tommy Tucker we'll talk about his Garland and -- we'll talk about this tomorrow. Under the WL and don't forget you've got four chances to win a thousand dollars tomorrow and every -- in our 1000 dollar cash contest. I just listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM. Listen for the code word then enter the code awarded WWL. Dot com slash.