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5-27 10:10pm: Scoot: Memorial Day

May 27, 2013|

Scoot talks with WWL listeners about the meaning of Memorial Day and summer movies. Which is your favorite summer movie?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As a text about great summer movie about Titanic. I didn't think of that as a summertime movie that but I guess that didn't come out about this time. Here is. A text. I remember standing in line on canal street at the Loews theater once summer waiting to see jobless. Here's a text my favorite summer movie was -- spring break story and I missed that went -- it. The title alone. Seems interesting. Here's a text but the last caller we had. He is right it was great so if if I'm not into the scifi. John wrote. I should go see Star -- I never I really should be a bit this on the air but I'm I'm just gonna be honest and I'm always honest. I have never seen an entire. Star Trek episode on TV. I've seen a couple of bits and pieces here and there. But I've never seen a Star Trek episode completely and I have never seen any of their. The Star Trek -- So I guess I'm gonna have to broaden my horizons. And stop going to all these other movies that I go to. No not those kind of movies but the other movies that I've had coached little. And maybe a check out time out or -- Star Trek I I also wanna see years degree gasping. And I don't know maybe paying over and over three. If you enjoy -- -- and a comment about -- we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And I text numbers 87870. And give you an update on our changing WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. You know we often hear a lot of talk about how influential movies can be and how movies can influence behavior. This weekend's ice not a commercial for White House down starring Channing Tatum. And Jamie Foxx and others. It's a movie about a paramilitary group. Taking over the White House. And then recently I saw Olympus has fallen. And that was a movie about. An assault for the White House and in North -- a terrorist took over the White House. So if movies are that influential when it comes to influencing behavior. Is it wrong is -- you responsible for American moviemakers. To produce movies. About a takeover. Of our White House. Or WW a pretty general opinion poll and right now 40%. The most so far tonight 40% say yes it is irresponsible. 60% say no it's not. But that's a big shift from earlier tonight went 14% said yes it's a responsible 86% said no it's not now it's 4060. You can give us your opinion and we'll practice pull through on our show you do another update coming -- few minutes or go to our website WWL dot com. I hear is attacks raiders of the lost dark. And die hard. Here's another text. -- didn't remember that is as a summertime movie. Here is a text that -- oh I -- had somebody senator text about southern comfort. And I don't remember anything about that movie and I -- didn't see it. And -- -- southern comfort a squad of national guards. National Guardsmen. Isolated in the swamp of Louisiana. They shot -- people in the swamp. And they killed the national guards troops came out in 1981. Says great movie here's another text Clark Gable and win -- Turner's homecoming was on last night's. Really good I see that sounds like a -- movie to me. Homecoming sounds like something that. It would just make me cry. Here's a text beach party generally we had -- pointed bingo mentioned. Here is a text space balls. I didn't whatever that is a summertime movie. And run this year who lives I dated. She was in their closing scene of that if it was a a coffee table and not a -- as a coffee shop. And run this year was one of the people at the very end of the at the very into the movie she was says sitting at a table with other other characters from -- baseball's. And in this Booth in a coffee shop. I couldn't help but notice how realistic it was because. In the movie -- doesn't pick up the check. And I don't really remember picking up the check when we. When we dated. Greece's -- consensus. As a great summertime movie. And ones are really feels good fun movie that at this continent. This is the -- show it is a Monday night feels like guys Sunday because it's the end of Memorial Day weekend and hang on we're coming right back on VW well. And since this is the end of Memorial Day weekend and this weekend we should have taken time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice their lives. To help build. And help protect America. I I think it's also important rushed through stop and think about the freedoms that they they fought for. The freedoms that we have today that if you're born with certain things in life like -- many of the freedoms we have few quite often take those things for granted because. -- can't imagine ever living without them a people who come here from other countries sometimes appreciate this country more. Then many of us in America. Divers -- -- some audio over the weekend from Turkey who has not been in this country that long and his English was not that great public is still communicate. But it wasn't a bit of a challenge and he was just talking about how much he loves America I I asked him about this country just a big smile. I came across his face about how much he loves. -- America and I I met him with as somebody else from from Turkey who also goes to swing dancing. Sunday nights and DBA on Frenchman. So they're totally into something as iconic fully American as swing dancing. And I figured I took my first -- well I didn't pair up with anybody. I'd just kind of went through some of the year in the early steps from the an instructor to deviate song gonna get a my nerve and actually learn how to do it but. I just I love this I've talked about it the last couple of weeks going to swing dancing on Sunday nights on on Frenchman and it's. It's -- it's a great slice of the -- that a lot of people don't know about and it was it was packed last night. And that'd of the bands that palmetto -- stoppers -- bring back the sounds of like the twenties and in thirties and some of the swing dancing. That -- these young people do. Kind of has a Charleston type feel to it. And I realized how cool ones for young people with with tattoos and young people with the hats and that would be considering they were a couple people with dreads. Young people with dreadlocks. On -- swing dancing and I thought that this is just really amazing to me. But it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I realized that thing it's really amazing about young people doing it is it's not a bunch of old users doing it. Not that there are some older people they're doing it. But it's young people doing it and young people did when it was popular. So when you think about the -- the odds of these old places on Frenchman. And you you think about the music. The band is is not a big band -- twenties and thirties swing stuff. And you hear the music and you see the band and you see the people -- the young people doing it. I just couldn't help but think that this is this is really what it must've been like. In the twenties and thirties when young people were expressing themselves Biden by dancing but anyway it's it's a lot of fun and it's one of those things that not everybody in the -- On notice about the a census is the emotional beginning of summertime as we come to the end of this Memorial Day weekend we've been talking about some of the great summertime movies and before going on the -- -- read an article. -- said that point break with Patrick Swayze and king Henry's what's the best summer movie ever. Great movie but I don't know if I agree with that so we've been talking about some of the other. Fun summertime movies here is a text. Back to the future with Michael Fox as a great summertime movie. Here's a text and scoop news -- Star Trek movie will be -- -- -- of the new Star Trek movies will be around for a while. These are far better than the TV series the old franchise with the original cast this is a great movie. Your last caller was dead on well worth the ticket price that's for -- on. Star Trek into darkness. Is a movie that has been recommended to me even though I'm not a tricky and even though I've never seen. An entire Star Trek episode. I have to admit I've got -- scifi guy but I'm told that I need to go see this movie so. I will. I won't get into a zone where I'm not always comfortable and level goes sees as Star Trek movie and local talk about it. Here's another movie a great movie -- for the summer that reminds him of the summer romancing the stone. And a Crocodile Dundee movies. Friday the thirteenth. I didn't realize that was a summer movie. Here's another -- uncle block so that means it's so far in our list. Three movie starring John Candy. Our top summer movies India and minds of our audience summer renal. The great outdoors. And now uncle buck. Here is a text blue lagoon. -- remember that as the summertime movie but. If there was ever a movie. That really. Touched on. The human instinct. When it comes to sex and -- -- this quite often comes up on this this show because there are those who who wanna blame the oh the the sexual awareness of their teenagers. On television. On movies. On music. On. Society. The movie blue lagoon really does point out that these are natural instincts that we have. And it doesn't take anything graphic to make us think about sex and there's nothing wrong with that. We just need to be taught to be responsible. With our sex with our sexual instincts. And there's still reason why -- can't teach their kids to be responsible although I guess some just don't take the time to do it. But our our our sexual instinct is is quite. A normal. Natural thing and to blame. To blame TV show is or what's what's in movies now our you know on last week were talking about the FCC. If considering now. By dropping the restrictions that they have fallen. On sex and profanity and during hours when children are most likely to watch and a lot of people are up in arms in and concerned about this but as I said yeah I'm not concerned about this because. These things are not gonna turn up in TV shows the kids should be watching anyway. And kits today. Cannot distinguish between the broadcast networks that the FCC. A government agency has control over. And the cable channels. I mean I'm watching I'm watching -- part of the South Park marathon on Comedy Central today. And -- it -- watching TV they don't know whether watching CBS ABC fox. NBC or watching a cable channel. So if there -- not these restrictions. On cable TV why -- our broadcast TV. The point is you need to be apparent. You need to watch what your kids are watching you need to be aware of what your kids are watching. And I don't think any change the FCC first of all I'm a little uncomfortable with. A government agency. Getting involved in in content. The marketplace will decide. And if things go too far I have faith in the marketplace whether it's the audience which is the marketplace the year of the consumers of media. Or consumers. Of businesses in the real world I've consumers. Don't always support what's good forum but if things go too far. -- consumers and in the case of media the audience will say enough. And something will go away I would rather. The marketplace decide in our free enterprise system. Then the government decide. What's appropriate. You should always be aware of what you kids are watching and there. This this idea that both we just protect him on the broadcast channels which is fox. NBC. ABC CBS I guess that -- were Brothers channel as well. These are the networks that and there are regulated. And I guess that's our good way to put it regulated. By the FCC which is it's a government agency. The IRS is a government agency. How much you -- government agency involved in. In your life when it comes to choosing entertainer and I don't think that dropping these restrictions by the FCC I don't think this is something that. He is is is going to cause. -- profanity. And more sexual scenes and more sexuality to pop up -- shows that kids are watching. Again we're talking about within the context of a program that would be appropriate for adults and if it's not appropriate for kids and they should be watching but I guess ultimate point is we have always. We have always. Thought about these things we've always had these thoughts. What we watched television. When we watch movies. And we somebody brought up the this summer of 42. As one of their favorite summertime movies. Then. I couldn't help but think how benign. The scenes were in that movie but yet how. How effective they worry in making me think about things as a young male. Even though wasn't graphics so we still have the thoughts and blue lagoon was a movie about those natural sexual instincts now. Everybody should be taught to be responsible. With their sexual instincts. If you would enjoy our show with a comment on this on Monday night that seems like on Sunday night our numbers 260. 1872. All 38668890. X seventy and -- -- -- 87870. Here's a text Forrest Gump best summer movie Corvette summer I don't remember I don't think I saw. A Corvette summer. Here is attacks cannonball run in June of 1981. Interesting how we remember. Movies that reminded us of summer and I hope you have great memories of your Summers. I do. I got to school and -- my Brothers sisters that we were out of school for. The entire summer it doesn't mean we didn't get bored because we did get bored. But we -- home of my mom was a stay at home mom so I feel very blessed to have had that a lot of kids have to get shuffled off to. A summer camps and and daycare. Tight -- because. Both parents work or. It's a single parent household so I understand that things. Have changed. But many of us do have great memories of the summer cannot think of it is it's -- taken three months off. Here is -- -- Harry and Henderson's didn't really remember that and cinema summertime movie. From river ridge should Nancy your under the WL. However. Nancy. Our kids listening PM program content and you know they if a lot of sexual crime scene at all on ABC. But -- -- Glad -- -- exported Mac O o'clock in the show that that -- on the moon bats and in the show this young woman in India for each week -- in these men could be. That they don't anxious actually yeah I know that. You know what extract. Albeit in that policy may become matchup for the -- -- the mistress. Immediately seeing their sexual scenes scoop. And Nancy you know some of these people aren't even married. -- -- -- that picture you did this too much excellent partner patient now. But Nancy don't you think that we always thought about it whether it was on TV or not we do well there were always things that made us think about sex. So we -- is back in the sixteens in an initial. We showed what he thinks I'm I'm -- -- got rock cut them up village game sometimes there's a stop here at the top. Now scooted out of control. But I. I remember movies from the sixties when I was really young in their words they were miniskirts and go go boots and then there were hot pants into that seventies and -- James Bond movies that I saw when when I was a kid Nancy I remember those movies making me think about. About sex I didn't necessarily know what are all men but it made me think about it and thanks somebody mentioned there's a great summertime movie. The original parent trap with Hayley Mills and I don't remember how old I was I know I was really really young but. I had the biggest crush on Hayley Mills and that character in the movie and ends and I guess in a way I thought about love and I thought about. Sacks not really knowing what sex meant but I still had certain feelings that I look back on -- go okay well I was attracted to work. Now they actually -- -- to that happened and for the payable with the children attend our intent of the sentencing that. Actually it's true. And it's terrible it's terrible thank you of -- in the state. Nancy I appreciate you calling our show and I'm sure their a lot of people who I totally agree with you. Here is. Texan reads best some removing National Lampoon. Vacation. Chevy Chase -- from Amy. I here's a tax goodies that was a good that was a good summer movie. Here is a text and the movie ten. And with -- -- But I don't know if that was coming out in the summer it was about. She was on the beach in in in Mexico. You know what I loved about the movie ten. I loved that. Here was this. Perfect ten. Dudley Moore's character won us. A little older and she was kind of bored with his life and was looking for something exciting -- the lives of the young and beautiful anyway he finds Bo Derek. Any he follows are on vacation to Mexico she's on her honeymoon. And it's something happens to her her new husband and he ends up in the hospital. And so he has time to put his time with Bo Derek so. He finally gets to experience what he thinks is. The perfect young woman. And he realizes that the fantasy. Was not nearly as good as the reality. And to me that was -- so reflective. Of real life. The fantasy. Usually. Is grander than the reality but I thought it was great it. And I I guess I have a few personal stories and -- I can't tell on the air but. They are are the -- situations where you think this would be the ultimate situation and you realize it's not but I like that it was it was realistic. Here's a text that's this. Kate first big screen. Well first first well I'll put it this way I'm not gonna put the -- hasn't attacks but the first big screen breasts I ever saw was Kate Winslet. In Titanic. Yes. Those weren't -- here's an update on our WW. And jaguar opinion poll. The movie's influence behavior -- of people believe that movie's influence behavior. So if that's the case is it in -- responsible for movie producers in America to be making movies about. The White House being taken over. Olympus has fallen this out I saw that. And soon to come in the next week or so White House down. Another movie about the White House being taken over is it -- responsible. For moviemakers to make these movies about the White House been taken over. As RWW a pretty jaguar people to like give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we're tracking this -- throughout our -- we'll give -- another update coming up here. In just a few minutes and a couple more movies. The Dukes of Hazzard. Gotta love them short daisy dukes -- text beach blanket bingo another movie that wasn't very graphic which made us think about. Things and their weekend at Bernie's. Honestly I was -- that was really stupid I mean you know the united he's dead. I mean I guess in some ways it was funny the premise was funny but it. It was just too real to it was too unrealistic to even think that it would it would happen because we think Bernie -- certificate -- after awhile. -- -- -- it's I think and a Memorial Day weekend and we'll be right back into the WL. It's. Plus hopefully it sticks to it would just call. It's just -- -- solemn task -- -- What's your philosophy when it comes to lose summertime how did you spend your Summers. I summer's here and not technically but you know Memorial Day weekend is the emotional beginning of summertime. Is it better for kids to be busy as a bee in summer camps or to just kind of goof off and get ready for next year which -- philosophy. Talk to Tommy Tucker about that tomorrow morning and having WL first news Tommy Tucker six to ten. Here and BW LA MFM and dot com here's an update on tonight's double WL party jaguar opinion poll. If movies influence behavior as many people believe is it you're responsible for -- producers in America to produce blockbuster movies. About the White House being taken over. By a terrorist or. A military group that disagrees with the White House disagrees with -- America. This is as close as the poll has the and it started out very lopsided with most people saying. No it's not -- it's not -- responsible at all here's an update right now 41%. Say yes it is irresponsible for moviemakers. To do movies about the White House being taken over 59% say. No it's not a responsible give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com since this is the last day of Memorial Day weekend we've also been talking about the freedoms that it people died fighting for. On the freedoms that we have from the beginning of this country the freedom that his continued to be protected by those who. Are serving in our military and then those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Of their lives of fighting for our freedoms. There are a lot of freedoms in this country that people take for granted it's a lot of freedoms are. Are misunderstood. A lot of freedoms or abused. I I received. A text message here right before going on the air from a friend in line. Who got this from a FaceBook page. It's about a song. That some radio stations are banning. This FaceBook post reads. The -- you're about to listen to which played in Las Vegas diamond Rio concerts. They received in the media actress rounding standing ovation and continue to do so every time they perform it. The song is. In god we still trust. But the group diamond Rio. But this FaceBook on message goes on to say. I sadly. Major radio stations won't play it. Because it was considered politically incorrect. Consequently the song was never released. To the public. Now congress is getting involved. Your president is saying that it is not fit for release. Because in offense so many. So America. See what you think. If this. Offering speaks to your heart. And you feel you wanna share with your friends and loved ones please do so now. And a friend of mine sent this. To me. In god we still trusts. Congress is getting involved. Your president the president of the United States is saying that this song is not fit for release. Unless I'm mistaken the song came out a couple of years ago. And this is a perfect example. Of people abusing. The First Amendment. As far as I know this is total BS. And congress isn't getting involved in banning the song. And I don't think there's any wholesale banning of the bully -- there'd been a host still banning of a song and if congress and the president were involved in banning this song. I would've heard about it. And we would have talked about it on the show. So now we're talking about once again. Hysteria. Generated from the Internet. From social media. One of the problems with. The Internet -- social media and blogs or web sites is that anybody. Can appear to be a reporter. But never be held accountable to an editor. Never be held accountable to a fact checker. And I quite often refer to the united states of hysteria. And they are people who become hysterical about things. I will look into this further and we'll talk about this on the -- showed this week maybe tomorrow night. But to me this is a perfect example of how dangerous. The Internet can be for those people who seek to find information that supports what they believe. Or what they want a belief. Not the truth. But what they want to believe. And I haven't heard anything about congress -- Obama. Saying that this song. In god we still trust. Is. Not fit for release because it -- so many I have never. Heard this. And yet here it is. On Internet and social media. And a lot of people are buying into it. So just be cautious about what you believe even though you want to believe that even though you wanna think something is true. Be cautious about what you get from the Internet. And what you get from social media. Just because something appears to be written down. Doesn't make it true. Here's a text that reads speaking of FCC regulations I find it very offensive that it is OK to use the lord's name in vain. On the radio now days. Why can't speak for anybody else but I don't use the lord's name in vain and I don't think anybody in the station uses the lord's name in pain. If you and enjoying our show our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And -- -- numbers except creativity. I'm -- and we'll be right back. It underscores -- point -- here. Thursday night. Win tickets to see Michael put Blake in concert before they even go on sales. That didn't do well has to take his seat Grammy Award winning singer songwriter Michael hopefully concert Tuesday. October 22. -- Serena how do you -- explicit the giants but McConnell everyday this week at 340. And when you hear the song -- like Michael we'll play. That's what's gonna give out the number to call and you could feel lucky winners will select one each day good luck -- the station that loves -- kronor. WWL. -- at the end of this Memorial Day weekend we're all. So talking about some of the best summertime movies and our list is really quite long I don't know whether some of these movies. I've came out to at the beginning of the summer like Memorial Day weekend or maybe fourth of July weekend. They weren't necessarily about the summer but they were blockbuster summertime movies than many were about. About summertime things and that summertime a great time here very hot obviously but what a great weekend. We had out a week cold front moved through here so was it as humid and hot as he usually is Memorial Day weekend and I was in the quarter walking around to every day also -- -- at night and it was this just a delightful week in and where ever you -- this weekend I hope you got out. And enjoy superhero if you -- the the best summertime movies -- had been mentioned tonight. The original jaws. Once a summertime movie that had a tremendous impact on audience because a lot of people did more to go in the water even though that was ridiculous. But that movie scared a lot of people caddie shack. The sand lot. Greece. Alison ransom our studio producer just like to appear on the screen one of my favorite summertime movies is clueless. It's a modern retelling of Jane. Austen's Emma I didn't -- clueless with Alicia Silverstone which is hosting Silverstone solutions. Lisa Silverstone yet she's cute. And she's coming to new -- and went. And I don't know which should looking for -- -- -- to. Alicia Silverstein is looking for vegan restaurants he knew you know more fun when she's in town will -- and -- -- vegan restaurants. Should -- he's always been. -- very cute. Here are some some other movies that have been mentioned as a great summertime movies dirty dancing. Catalog that Independence Day which. I room called correctly came out fourth of July weekend. Meatballs which was about summer camp vacation Chevy Chase beach blanket bingo and we can't attorneys and stupid. Stand by me in Apollo thirteen southern comfort fast times at -- month high. Summer school. Summer rental. The great outdoors. This summer 42. Poison ivy would Drew Barrymore. Track. Wet hot American summer a cult classic apparently that I haven't seen. Star Wars 1977. Threats -- viewers stay off I didn't remember that as a summertime movie where the boys czar. How is at the black and white the rich I was really young when I saw that. There was a lot of sexuality in that movie I'm -- and we'll be right back here's another WWL news update.