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6-03 5:20pm Deke w/ Paul Mainieri

Jun 3, 2013|

LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri talks about the Tigers 3-0 run through Regionals and previews the Super Regional match-up vs Oklahoma

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We -- the man LSU coach pulmonary to the radio -- the Tigers went three you know this week in and now wait the Oklahoma Sooners and super regional play. -- and Eric congratulations and thank you so much for the time. Coach when you look at it -- necessarily and I and I kind have no idea what your response will be best you wanna and is. When you play bad in lose. -- -- mole and if you play bay and you win and I'm looking and I know you don't wanna look outside eat things other than what you team did but. There's a lot of good teams out there that the steel playing today. They had to play extra gains you're a team have a lot of adversity a lot of things overcome. And you still got it done in three tries. Well that the thing people that they remembered the object of the game is the score more runs in the epic game -- it in the game. -- benefit -- our benefit export try it here conduct that is perfect -- it occurred to be part of perfection does not make it. You strive for perfection. Knowing full well -- -- -- -- only grip there and that's what we try to. It was here we played poorly this week and we had some some areas that. Our involvement of poor play you're starting pitcher. On Friday continued that they did not sit well. That might get a curtain here in and pitched great girl by the inning and then a couple of relief pitcher didn't pitch very well. But a couple of them particularly well -- period -- and got a couple of strikeouts in the errors in the inning and then Billy blue booklet that there on the beer and that the next day we make three years in the first inning -- -- the one. And it took -- 36 for forty is it to get through the first inning. But there. -- -- -- You know -- -- that game where we're going to try to come from behind victory in. Anarchy and short out -- and -- -- pitcher shutout innings were followed by two -- and -- And your career victory with particular performance. Article and then and there are rumble in the -- to finish so. It -- it's ever been and people think it is you don't because people want to play perfect all the time and protection agent is well. Yeah I think it's -- in the game that we play well enough to in the game knows it now for me. LSU coach Tom and as a special -- the Tigers now take on the Oklahoma soon as we should find out sometimes today -- tonight. Exactly when the format will be either Friday Saturday and Sunday. Or Saturday Sunday and Monday and super regional action -- all the games here. On tiger radio WWO coach McNair when you go back and look at the week in. The eleven to seven victory on Friday six pitches -- the come from behind with Sam Houston in last night beating. -- Lafayette five to wind up overall. You're assessment you just talk about winning but what are some things may be that stood out going this week in. When you told us late Thursday that you would be a pitcher short handed. -- big as you call on the day take care of business did they feel the role. Indeed they do what you needed to do this week it. Well how can you not be pleased with -- Brett -- it did yesterday it was unbelievable. Stepped up when his team needed to -- gave it great innings. It at the crow blue. It had been a little -- and -- and you know some people. You know collect criticizing you look out you know he did with. For all you know Chris -- has been our rock all year. And the closer he was phenomenal. Believe it great yesterday that we came true we have had two great -- can do with a big two run single Alex Britain and had a streak it it was. Ignored the right thing there are -- game clinching homer and I would really get -- until they yesterday. Are productive -- even and seemed to make our late. Every day is April and buried it in real life but when you look appear that reports the only thing that matters is the run differential and what the Saint Bernard not -- They all count the same in the run differential -- delighted -- be really pleased with most importantly -- -- We won that game you know it's there it's the pressure packed situation a packed Al. Everybody knows -- -- the winner of the -- and a lot of pressure put on the young kids and I think he handled it remarkably well. LSU coach common hairs are Spencer is coach -- -- gong to the week in Cody Glenn wouldn't be upon of this roster it would be up to the team that. Are you a team came back and say they want him on the team was it something you discussed is that the team that went by themselves and talk a little bit. Take us through that -- I think everybody would agree by the young man's performance this season that LSU is a better club with Cody Glenn in the rotation. You know -- eighteen. To 23 year old I think he's forty years old right now and you know when you're twenty years old or twenty years. They -- people who were proud of these they're all make mistakes and there that you can yeah you contribute that persecutor. -- syndicate is the victory could -- food maker learning experience there. Compared -- you know per day. Can cause -- other people. And and that that matter who support the state you know and when you do things and it hurt that the people. You'll get a second chance -- -- -- -- heard any but you know he displayed. A -- in the date and violated the team rule. And you know part I didn't -- we want a perfectly with it or. But I I wanted our team to decide what they've won it here because he let me. He wasn't available for the past week it would could easily period. Are seeping into it and fortunately it didn't. And I are prepared in the court in the record book he's your teammate in the future keen. And it you wanna forget them and give him another chance for honorable sport and that that they showed that your good. They give him another year. The boys were -- between today -- the very emotional apology for letting them down. And our players welcomed back with open -- fully back to be an apartment -- team this week indicated penalty. Our sport they're in her and that hurting or into the and the end and now will will go back here at Oklahoma at full strength. Spokesman area now Oklahoma have you had a chance to get into him yet it's always breaking down film -- can you tell us early on about the soon. But they're really hear it all starts with their top two -- their number one pictured are liable to be the number one player taken in the draft on Thursday night. He certainly won't go beyond the top four pick in the draft. -- hundred miles an hour legitimately. In ninety pitched against coastal Carolina. 230 pitches and a 130 a game that registered at 98 mile an hour to lead the bagel or. And detonated their picture in the country and number two pitchers who are not our -- line. He marketers they'll be on the second round in the draft and they're -- can assure you of bad so. You know Alford with the -- to their starting -- but it got pretty good starting pitcher to -- in that we can for now as well. So it was no matter -- -- -- -- into vitamin and I like thirteen and then. Collective character played in the box and it's going to be an exciting week in the -- -- well by -- in nineteen took a lot at stake. LSU coach Paul and ankles and a congratulations on the regional victory and good luck to you in super regional action. --