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6-07 4:10pm Deke, LSU basbeall

Jun 7, 2013|

The Big Chief talks about LSU gearing up to face Oklahoma on the diamond. Bobby Hebert checks in to give his take and john Shinn of the Norman Transcript gives the Sooners takke

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And evening and welcome to an abbreviated edition of sports talk is relocating sick for the super regionals in the roots. It's the hottest ticket in town and people texted me and -- in the and I don't know. It's hard to get. I -- Christian gave Jeff Palermo will be Manning. The van rouge regional super regional all weekend long coverage from me all weekend long here on WWR radio. Coming up that -- of break to Kasey Kahne in a Bobby eight Bears geologists to talk about today's matchup between LSU. Pain. The Oklahoma -- John Sheehan who -- was the Oklahoma sooner -- athletic programs for the Norman transcript will be would have to talk about. Is Oklahoma ballclub it's got a lot of inspiration and motivation on their side and we know about feel good stories you know about. Being a source of integration of people who've been through a lot this earlier this week the Oklahoma women's softball team won -- national championship -- ball. And those folks over -- -- with -- awful lot. It's a big story line is that they were way -- powder blue jerseys. Tonight in honor of those on as a that was a pitcher in today's. That today's ever get actually was -- yet today's ever get a coach sunny Galloway and they've got the state of Oklahoma. Back to a state itself. The it's that -- it's almost like. That's what did the state Oklahoma looks like they've got the words home. Written in there and it's out of blue Jersey they will Wear -- tonight and -- of those victims and those folks that have been through so much in the wake of the tornadoes in Oklahoma. So John -- or break it down -- will talk about the third overall pick in the 2013 Major League Baseball draft last night and Jonathan great. Who will be gone to the mound tonight. For the Oklahoma Sooners vs LSU ace -- no Kristian -- thinks that out of Puerto. And covering the L issues super regional for us which doughnuts at the top of the 5 o'clock hour and -- senior -- -- debate dot com. Brian Lewis thought will be with us as -- today's pretty jaguar opinion poll online at WWL dot com. What -- the Tigers do against Oklahoma in the super regional. When this series in two games when the series intriguing. Lose the series into gain or lose the series three games due to case your vote on line. At WWL. Dot com what about the San Antonio's. And other news. Old Rose being. It. And the pace they didn't want the pace that Miami. Likes to have they had it last night. They were over half a hundred in the first -- what 52. At the first half that's a Miami place but only what 38 in the second half. 36 points as it was the San Antonio Spurs 92 to 88 and you know I think -- which how to make this -- were always the purpose of the talk about. Always looking to talk about and now about to come out cereal commercial well -- -- talk about some of sports who will call we talk about that a few people -- and take that. Opponent Rocco the ball went out of his hands a -- light came alone and he did well okay and bottom line is in that situation. Those -- pro let him play out. I'll applaud the officials and I make in a couple called that situation. These are grown mean. Let them play now. They played out last night game on with the Spurs now this started this series is very similar to the Eastern Conference series win. Indiana looked like they had. But Miami closed in one game one Indiana came back and won game two now it is 232 format. The goal of any situation in any -- whether it's 2211. And one. Is the win one of the first two road San Antonio has done that. But if they can somehow -- game two. Who that will put a lot of pressure on the Miami Heat LeBron -- eighteen points eighteen rebounds it's an assist his tenth career triple double. But they come up a little shocked as it was the Spurs 92 to 88 over Miami game two is Sunday in Miami. We'll talk about that a little later in the program as well. And also LA issue is not the only team the next will -- an -- scoreboard for you in just a few moment to see how the other teams are doing. And the Mets have the night in super regional play the formats. Friday Saturday Sunday and Saturday Sunday and Monday for super regionals. And looking back all of the latest loss they have Steven -- Christian cared about -- OK -- myself on Saints mini camp. Is up online at WW well. Dot com and -- look and he you know. I think. Although he's considered -- He's not the -- a guy you want on North Korea's -- for us. But Dan Patrick. Was on the dance in the stands at Venus Ratner was on the Dan Patrick's day. And always everybody is asked to compare the greatest player now in any particular sport vs the greatest player at a certain position. From back in the day all overall. You know where I'm -- Jordan LeBron. I like Dennis Rodman forty -- Elise she's a breath of fresh air I think a lot of people in the media are scared to say something because they skated. Either they go on the wrong which probably overhead that they are. Or it don't hurt somebody Stephens. If you don't think LeBron James is there's Michael Jordan insane. If you think that nannies. Was it more difficult -- because basketball is different than it was steal in front court -- leak. With the bigs and a although it was fate now. I think this year career. To a backcourt only which it is now they say and that's what did it runs -- to do what Michael has done. What he did was more. As -- There was more articulating and stuff like that LeBron is more like there's no place to his game. Now you could dogged him. If the problem with a -- he's a great player don't get me wrong he's -- hell -- -- player -- -- -- but to -- Scottie Pippen and Michael are probably. The two best 12 -- as I've ever seen. I'm just sick and tired of people comparing changed the Michael Jordan it's a whole different -- -- big goal. It is a different -- Can somebody honestly say. It's a different game it's a different air this true. But you could argue because of the waiting game has changed. I think all the great. But a lot of folks who watch basketball always thought you went inside out with a big man it's changed now. The game has changed if anything Robinson it was true it's a different air and from Michael Jordan to be more dominant. When it was steal. Our front court game. I do think. When LeBron wins six then you start compare him with Kobe wins six. Did you start comparing them until that point all of -- right now the Spurs lead the heat. One game to none in the finals. The Medicaid to camp Bobby Hebert joins us now and minutes. Talking about the Tigers eight. Seniors. Signed to get that elusive trip. To the college World Series. We'll talk about me there about that Kristian garic senior writer tiger bait Akram. Brian bizarre and more we'll get into the Oklahoma Sooners -- in the third. Best player in the Major League Baseball draft to the mound tonight. To take on one of the top underclassmen. In the country and -- -- should be a great pitching match up. We'll have a -- -- on the network an -- in twelve minutes here on WW yeah and welcome back joining us now is the Kasey Kahne in Bobby ate there one of the top players in the country. LSU first base and racing cats and a group of eight -- get. Seniors have tried to avoid being the first group off for you -- is not to reach Omaha since LA shoots first made a trip. To the college World Series in 1986. And by that is one of the most impressive runs. In all of college athletics right now meaning if you come to LSU since 86 as a freshman. You've been to the college World Series at least one time this senior group is two wins away from making that streaks they -- -- it's critical well that is their coach and could use it obvious recording two. Yeah you know. Albuquerque, New Mexico so not only. You know local prospect that nationwide. Everyone's heard -- they'll shoot their facilities. And in Torres and out there and you can't shoot you at all. Going to be on the biggest -- music -- -- is also an Internet or it's also important going forward that they do target -- count World Series it. I could be could be a challenger and it would be. Under a year college you. Is that they do it's better. I think -- -- and actually run. But relishes pitchers in a couple of big. And I don't think they'll they'll sweep -- -- poetry gains but it. Even if they'll achieve that way and it early in the week. You know be like a Major League type atmosphere. Considering. What would you look at the pitchers. Mean you that these guys playing. And the Major League level. When -- corrected there are people world on the -- overall. Yet so I mean if you watch outstanding -- out there that would be. And he could trade that would be able take it to sit behind hopefully. It is I think it. And our that that piece and to witness sitting and being in the NC this year you're against them. -- -- that being I still think. Even exists. -- of success that you -- going to be one B role or 21 type game. Hate to give him by the ABA's there was talk about things and I guess -- last night OK we leave Saints can't 8 o'clock. I swing and it gaining clad in by about -- people for I come home I about it I come home -- but obviously -- -- -- long -- know -- -- wideout miles home. I got to go out like that. Probably say it's not about bodies routes and we'll watch it would go from watching the ball -- supremacy. To the Blackhawks in the teens. And we watched the end of he and the Spurs all on 115 -- and there was all the -- but Bobby. Well we won't come as a proud they've even dot com I'm laid down the Spurs. I was still kind of surprised that the that a long arrest they were able to pull out game one like they did it in the pace was much for Miami to hit it to two points and a person there. But only 36 in the second half that was a big -- at the San Antonio last night a guy you think is MVP caliber. Really came up big opponent -- -- Parker. I mean how could you guys say. He got the best point guard and it in in the league right now. I mean you don't the most impressive thing -- he came up being in the fourth quarter but zero turnovers. I heard so where and you know -- and today. The only player. It could never have liked it over like a point guard -- be fine assist on keep bill. And it needed it going -- so today's practice so impressive. Especially. You know -- look at the Pacers where what what occurred with -- I'll be pretty. What it would -- a city like 90 in the first quarter. Andy and against them and that Tony Parker and zero turnovers. And Billy can shoot the ball again I don't think in regard. You're probably attacked the basket on the level that he. And I'll look older people they match up against them but I think he's improved compared to when you first came regularly is is his outside shot. If you go on screen I can not that down. And now what's impressive LeBron and it speaks for itself order and they answered that the event to its important in BA and he scored against them. And that would -- key is going to be I think -- prime. Currency. Become more aggressive. In the fourth quarter and this partner that they could take their chances that they want. Chris Bosh should take an outside shot I think LeBron almost the forced issue and get an eating guy -- -- -- -- up and it might be opened. And attacked the rim and because then may get you you probably almost as short equality and desire to knock down free throws but. I think LeBron. -- reality play. I mean you look at it this serious rebound I mean that was at the highest levels. But it's that all have an eighteen point any LeBron that by 28 points. That's the cajun cannon Bobby gave everybody will talk on Monday to review everything this week in the Belmont L issue in Oklahoma and the fun. All right -- video news time is full thirtieth on the first then we'll go to -- in a row -- only goes on WWL you have four chances to win a thousand dollars every -- it's a 1000 dollar -- -- contest. And it's so easy to play. You got here as I get to -- We days right before the topping out -- AM noon 3 PM 6 PM we'll give you Carl work. He typical words -- Internet at WWR dot com slash cash or click on the contest link at WW dot com. And it's just as simple to and a where you're at the office computer surfing at home on his Smartphones -- -- You can win anywhere every weekday for a look at business nationwide. 1000 -- -- eat good luck remember the cons of this and rival for the top of the hour news. Hit 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM on WWI. You know I'm -- congress who have the USA today. I'm going to advocate. Bobby takes out our love of the stuff that's kind of my assignment. Bring yesterday's USA today which -- picked up where -- Christian and I state the mini camp at the Hampton in the downward. Business talk Hampton in the sweet dot com. There's one of the longest streaks in sports. Check this out. There's a bull and the deviate the festival writers association -- bushwhacked. He's seven years -- Pistol Robinson is -- point nine year old Barack. These -- 35 pounds trying to conquer a sixteen pound animal that's pat up on the -- -- you know what I mean. Well. Fall -- PBA. Great and analysts. That adamant about -- -- will be hard. As basically put up forty grant. And Robinson has bet a thousand dollars and 41 shots. If he can stay on the bowl. Saturday indicated Texas. He's got this they -- it. With seven seconds eight seconds. I just found his fascinating because. Nobody has stayed on on his he would enough to stay on his sports in the last. Or forty man fifty cans. Is unbelievable. And when you see a pitcher of this animal. I don't know if we consider that would be like one of those topics -- we talk about what constitute the sport. On like altering. Some people say NASCAR. -- bull riding but I know one thing you have to be. -- Probably a little crazy. And and and some what not to get on a 16100 pound animal when you -- a 135 pound. That's. -- so can't wait to rezone don't call it a cowboy do you see him -- where they've -- the Cowboys respond to about. 15100 -- them out and put into I just found it very interesting warmth things come out of this week in. It's sports at all at the Belmont super regionals in BA finals and so much more. Where the Oklahoma Sooners or in town. To take on the LSU fighting Tigers it is a matchup that a lot of people are looking forward to because some of the brightest stars in the game today. If some of the future stars of the draft tomorrow. All faced off in this matchup between Oklahoma. And LSU joining us now is John Sheehan who -- was Oklahoma sooner athletics for the Norman transcript. John thank you so much for the time and when you look at all of -- -- that I in the country. I did at the regionals we need somebody NC state right should talk about. UCLA cal state Fullerton everybody does their best to bring out the top players but when you talk about -- -- in his credentials. And jumping great in his credentials. This is about as good as he gets in a pitcher in -- in the first game and super regional. On no doubt. You don't match like this all all we're all -- -- -- up. Great number real world I'm sure you know oh probably look at next year so I mean it's good. John -- -- you look at different scattering reports -- everybody broke down the Jonathan great dual file of his he had it in his career. Other than the numbers the already and so forth what makes him such a good baseball player. Belliard he's got an explosive fastball. The big it was sweet and this year and last year since it's stamina he can keep open and in their idea I'm not a hundred well -- and it. It is really done this last year start. That -- be where the rubber meets the road and all these guys it's. There's a lot of guys that are first or second and a lot in -- should still be able Abbott shouldn't -- and those last two starts you're gonna buy. So I mean that's the big thing that he brings us what what you Brees and first in store but. Blake and -- John Sheehan for him to have a talk about the Oklahoma Sooners covet them for the Norman transcript he's in -- from the super regional. John now let's say these starters do their jobs they get to 67 innings Nolan has to come off LSU fans know about the guys that come in. Does that about Oklahoma I'm looking at the break down the date and dedicate the Billy walks through and -- thing called Lawrence RAs is they want it's better than they -- a -- to coach -- tend to go with first it is a game situation. It is different scenario who would come the end let's say it's great gives Oklahoma 67 solid innings tonight. Arms would be most likely a bit all in and -- -- low altitude at bat control issues particularly the last couple weeks that. In a game like this I don't match and important shop like culture but they're a pressure situation but all the guys that. You know their left handers in about runner up there have been nine which as you -- -- -- absolutely apt term strides at times struggled. Pretty much in line for about the last three weeks and your wild cards and are paid big achievement got the -- and that they're closers Jacob and he's been solid all season and not let Sanders not. Not really fire ball but it really good changeup which -- about 86 hour fastball or combined since our ones so it. It's inevitable that really match up much enters -- struggle. But at the top. And it's beacon of getting those bronze him put out of production won't would figure with the east. Frontline starting pitchers it might be a low scoring game but I'm looking at though. But at the top guys some ex wife and Craig Aiken and in them that old -- I'll pump announce his name right -- 376. Looks like they've got a pretty good solid -- It's without -- -- -- -- kind of lineup if you make statements it's Jim how it should total on a -- numbers out an awkward bit. But he'll be able to go once or you know just mentioned it to teach all out there he is one guy and why now. It's been capitalize the big twelve -- last week in Blacksburg. He's got in the -- -- -- or is on the play a lot about on page in trying to out -- respect goes out that why that ghost. It is just went about well -- I got on base -- -- you tend to score a lot of runs against anybody about it it's. It's you know nobody's focused is coming out and struggle and that they are stretching. Urban -- -- church two runs. John in all five we I would -- With hurricane Katrina and that we are you know the local team to a source of inspiration the Saints had a difficult year that year the opening win was. -- special coming back -- Katrina the Saints beat the pants as what they want on only went three games that you know issue was a ballclub football wise. They only lost two games and finished fifth in nation. We know about the Oklahoma softball team that won the national championship earlier this week. How much is is Oklahoma State -- and the fans over there. Look forward to maybe getting him a relief and watch and -- in and use in this this ballclub make an affront to the source of inspiration. Mohamed there's no doubt that -- -- so no we just happened but yeah it on Monday in the big twelve conference on Wednesday and if you were common. Norm and or more you the outside and more you are right where the devastation what. You know all they say you know they brought -- every day just what you get out and idiot you know it's important part. And you know the whole community you know after a couple days it would stop some weapons you know just to think about -- -- this. Oh baseball certain to get distractions are what we saw all sorted out what's what he gave one spot you know. By a mile away now it better backward. John Sheehan -- the Oklahoma Sooners baseball team -- that's an athletic program for the Norman transcript John. From all of us down here we keep you guys though they end up prayers and wish him nothing but the best of luck and we thank you so much for the time. It turned out all right John coming up lately there's some phone calls -- cushy -- with Jonas. And senior rider -- debate got -- Brian was all will be Woody's elbow issue in Oklahoma. We're joined the as the Tigers Jim Harbaugh at all and -- -- in the entire sports network. At 5:36. PM first pitch L issue at Oklahoma super regional action. All week long beginning tonight at 6 PM here on tiger radio. WW.