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6-07 5:10pm Deke, LSU basbeall

Jun 7, 2013|

The Big Chief continues to preview the big Super Regional game between LSU and Oklahoma. Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic call in from Baton rouge and tigerbait.com's Bryan Lazare gives his take

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the final two segments are sports talk on the ability coming up in exactly twenty minutes we would on the LSU sports network. Post super regional action as it is the L issue fighting Tigers. Taking on the Oklahoma. Sooner us. And would join senior writer of -- debate dot com dramas are in a -- Timonen the first Saints out out of Puerto. Super regional reporter this week -- is. Kristian -- who will be at the box -- skip -- feel all weekend long covering. The value Bengals will be with you tomorrow from three to 530 and then on Sunday also as will Christian. How is that atmosphere and vendors pregnant. No absolutely tremendous -- on -- By about an hour and forty minutes ago and they were tailgate. And -- -- -- haven't -- to all the media info College Baseball news. In the country in. Art talent added that. Any one rival that. Along on campus today and and -- root -- tiger. Campers and you know those you just kept her out in abundance and a lot -- tailgating and -- and in in the quite a few. I'll Oklahoma Sooners had at least you know try to rep position trying to get. Some tickets at least scalping tickets options some people. Try to sell tickets -- much authority -- now a pop Peter which you know. In the typical price is right 810 box. For Agassi Gainesville. Go about retired as mania dollars and they normally wouldn't trap it's pretty big -- its. It's a great environment out -- matters. Lot of tailgate Chris habits a lot of folks cooking and a lot of folks asking if you wanna bite to eat out Mandela's you felt very generous. Oh yes they die out Ellison. If you covered you know I'm here aren't as the play and I'm here if you want your ballot bowl you'll give it not because dude that water over there they'll be chip and gladly. You know Christian I think it's worth noting that you know -- well jokes about what we do our record in sports it's wins and losses and but. In a day in time where you and I kind of got in it at WW at the same time I don't think there's been anybody we have -- where. It's basic and I consider college -- professional level because it's big time. More accommodating. More calm more subtle and more just genuine. The -- and -- coming out -- you've compliment him on accident before 5 o'clock in the morning and and he's done an interview with you I'm never been around McNabb before it's never said no it just in heat in that thinking goes into full able -- that's diapers he's the beat. He realizes what type of exposure but him representing himself they give his program he but he just think that they do is bend over backwards to accommodate people. Yeah it inevitable it's a real foreign Orton with a guy like that makes your job easier order are those that he's. But yeah you're right -- -- -- nobody at they look College Baseball or arrow a little while ago talk about the calamity -- copy in. You know third or fourth on the on the pecking order at least in. And he recognizes that pulmonary and how important exposure is not just for Alex -- college based on general. And you know he's just like you said so accommodating. Doesn't matter post game pregame what have you if you if you get him out. No -- -- it and you know you don't have a lot. You know a lot of coaches reached its peak you know sometimes like played things very very close to the back -- it -- all their annual value. You know you're not a whole lot that he cannot you know hide -- try to keep secret deal for the most part pitching rotations. He tried to hide that but you know it's there's something going on they'll tell you about these great forthcoming. -- a -- work with -- can't help. You know I know in the media were supposed to be you know kind of neutral but he can't help poor but to pull a guy like that when when he treats you value what he him and his team do well. Absolutely a Christian we know about the top fronts -- -- Aaron knowledge on -- -- You spoke. What coach and an area yesterday we had on a program in he sees that he was a little concerned because they simulated game this week. -- Cody go and he felt like maybe it and and maybe that eleven and not call some Ross of course we know the story in participate last week. But this series to meet Christian comes down to if LA issue is up Tennessee in a game whether it's game one game to -- three. And they can get the ball. To Chris cotton. You've got -- like it -- is because and look he's he's the greatest closer in the history of the game. But right now if you talk about a guy who closes -- door. He's a Mary -- Rivera college football have a College Baseball. And -- Chris Scott and I mean when they give him the ball it's a W out -- he's got to make sure that they could take what the degas. Yeah I mean he's he's almost money in the bank and he made it. They get it that way because of it they go awry we. Baseball game trying to close it out but it may just come in there and all strikes it and overpowered you'd. When you go to culinary makes you hit the ball and he gets in that he's got -- speed up he does a great job BQ keeping -- hitters off balance and that's really BQ could pitch it and apply injured you know -- -- our job and break the edited -- -- bat well. They'll go over Albany in league baseball draft. Well -- actually but you know ever know I think just knows how to pitch you know going to. Going back -- -- at the start for you that's what makes himself back at -- you don't have the overpowering 100 on our bats all on the -- But the -- Smart Smart pitcher that knows. Attic it batters out how to set batter out but yeah Chris cotton. And it -- even night -- certainly. You know you don't like your chances and Belichick and close them out back to back days in -- Rick Scott comment on it -- On and you know tonight and it tomorrow night with an opportunity to close out the series. And not -- place Sunday in that that -- there and do. Saints out -- report at Christie Garrett won on tour. You between these -- LA issue all weekend long -- get dilemma would be together tomorrow from three to 530. After the game tomorrow night and also on Sunday if necessary. President -- super regional man. Are right action this week in South Carolina the best program -- College Baseball right now and North Carolina. In a chaplain here regional Indiana and Florida State in Tallahassee. Mississippi State is that a Virginian Charlotte's BO. Look guerrillas in Vanderbilt Kansas State is at Oregon State rice is it NC state. Cal state Fullerton and UCLA. And LSU and Oklahoma will -- the network. In about ten minutes here on WW it. I just gotta take some of our great staff member skakel home he says man he got on a fumble on the Death Valley all the box he says traffic out here is a mad house folks. Pack it -- to Baton Rouge as sorrow standing room only tonight not much of that and Alex box stadium skid. Skip -- Theo -- game one of those super regional bad routes LSU and Oklahoma would you on the network it just a few moments. Operating jaguar opinion poll online at WW Kodak camera -- the Tigers do against Oklahoma super regional play when the series two games. We're in three losing to all lose in three can't civil online at WW dot com welcome and now senior writer at tight abate dot com. Brian laws are as we'll welcome him Bryant will field a couple of phone calls as well let's go to Steve on -- one Steve thank you for calling WW yeah. Now a quick quick in that we all of that to bail out of premier league baseball and still pitching. Our job super regional. You know Steve I have I have been strong feelings about that because I think we tie everything to what we know most. I think I know sports but I I know more about the rules of football. And the thing that that he -- the thing that did it gets me here is that from what I understand the young man didn't even have a prescription. Forward so. If he had a prescription is still against the rules but he didn't have a prescription so this is appear that comes from somebody else. And I have a problem that but he NCAA let's the company at eleventh. The thirteenth minute so to speak that the key is -- pitch in. But a lot of people have pretty much asked about they did hurt his draft status but how what are the rules on that. Well be. In that for a minute. There is no way. He beat analyzed. Oh all. Right in. The you know. Because it wasn't a test administered by the NCA I've got. Right by pop by The Who audience the end what the NBA only a minute cap or what they -- That worked last week in LAQ would it read well. I don't know what -- I don't know who would burn they act I think Thursday. NCAA can't brought up -- who at each regional and rain -- -- the Arctic player. Those aren't the players we brought that on tour this weekend it'll be Arctic layered randomly you don't. And that the only not -- yeah yeah -- -- out. Oh well it's like LA if you -- -- don't drug testing policy -- -- they'd randomly. That. Players or in the course of the school year I don't know. Now -- no idea I had no idea when -- great flat -- yet it eat what are your important eerie blood. And as we all my heart and he they LA if you agree with rod yet. It yet speak like you up one spot in the gap that racket ball if you -- -- -- you're gonna hit it wouldn't. One odd -- yet we gonna get back. Yeah it's it's more of them -- I -- say -- -- they sometimes. -- -- the -- both of public opinion of the court of public feel so to speak but I think I think that. People who watch baseball a look at the body work the young -- a great pitcher you know it was a mistake it didn't -- we talked to draft analyst at the policy much baseball draft and I think -- -- fans want a deep Oklahoma's best and they didn't they get their best tonight. But I look. Like he's got a guy at third pick in the draft. Tonight and more I like that that knows they are and bury that speaker worked. LA is that brought there -- -- -- upper round pick next year. You know it will line the bar. At the end there though you -- right. Pitching matchup but then -- yet and it depicted on -- Senior writer at tiger bait dot com www. Tiger bait dot com Brian I was also us Brian we know about errant no look. What what happens now we spoke to coach and there yesterday he said he had a simulated game earlier in the week in. Cody believes that he looked a little rusty -- -- a little bit concerned 2.4 one ERA I -- beats two point 81 ERA. Look what happens in games two and three if they counted to get their game. Well I don't have any it nation I would yet it I would actually be. I got a guy and and did it didn't grinding but he won back in. I -- it right at the data on upright. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would what are your Ryan eat the ball Burke. Is that the act. I don't know might yet -- ER I. But we talked to -- John Sheehan early -- was Oklahoma phobia Oklahoma transcript and he said that have met Ortiz is that it does the power got. Oklahoma -- 37660. RBIs eleven home rusty said he when he -- one out. He can't really clean it out this defense. As you study Oklahoma ABC is he did this thread at the plate. Yeah you get -- that era. -- at dale when they acquired the ground. Out. Yeah all hole is built along those two -- and that -- in Iraq. Know the conference record in the -- well there are a lot of and over in it and it. Wouldn't. Let you do that when needed and those guys. That. Don't. It is not a -- -- the -- -- art not the -- it. -- -- You know it -- guys are. Out and it that. It will eat it on -- down in. It went well -- Iraq report -- -- -- come out loud it. Drop because it would be weird but it. The war you got it at every. This quickly squeeze him any on line to -- you got a question for senior writer Brian bizarre. Yet back -- the issues he's still out. Now he's got. A lot because you are well we'll be on at. Brian now right. Give official word on if you've been breaking it down you've got everything laid out -- -- debate dot com LSU Oklahoma how do you CDs series Brian. I'm gonna -- -- if you were to gain I think it LAQ would you -- -- in the mail and you know when you upload speed. It's very rare -- you know that beat Duke regional at here are you can -- in -- he's straight B -- imperial. So we get to go to church early Sunday RS I needed it now Bryan background. But I let everybody know Bob Davis is that they how they can -- you on Twitter. At the L the way at the LP Laurie I'll be on Twitter -- He's one of the most respected and best in the business senior writer at -- they dot com. Brian bizarre but always a pleasant into the game at the box. -- I folks. Back at that given that enables them is give credit to go to LSU program -- -- into an empire now tiger fans are rabid about baseball. If investigate eating better big news here -- -- home a -- athletics it's super regional play LSU. And Oklahoma next on the LSU sports network was -- gala. Should I wrote to -- by secrecy act. I'm beat -- was seen about from three to 530 won't be counted -- -- game two LHU and Oklahoma here on tiger radio WW.