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Jun 11, 2013|

Scoot has the Top 8 @ 8, Plus ... Results of a new poll shows that 62% of American's think it's necessary to investigate terrorist threats even if it invades your personal privacy. Do you agree? Also, TV reality shows like Duck Dynasty, Swamp People and

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When I went to the movie the purge over the weekend which we talked about the movie last night I thought it was very exciting. Riveting a lot of action you -- know how -- was and and and lot of conflict within the movie a lot of moral ethical questions that I I thought it was a very interesting. Social and political movie. But tonight now -- talk a little bit about what it was like sitting in the audience watching the movie and not just because it was the purge. But I just get a sense that people aren't as polite. As they used to be. -- blog tonight is titled why can't everybody be polite. That's on our website at WW real dot com you can check it out by going to interview of -- -- -- our opinions. On the front page -- talking about the reality shows like -- dynasty it's what people which are known as redneck reality shows. And they're much more popular in America event shows about rich and spoiled people like Keeping Up with the Kardashians or the real housewives series. And why is -- other laughing at us are they laughing weather's. Or is it may be just a total escape. To see how some people lead very. Authentic. Simple life. Now understand that no reality show is pure reality. The very fact that it's on TV. Means that to some degree it's staged and it's edited they might not have actors they might and have a script for say. But whether it's survivor. Or any of the reality shows bachelor bachelorette. A Big Brother none of those are true true. Reality. Because their TV shows and -- -- to be compelling and they have to present a storyline and so anyway it's just it's it's not total reality. However I think that when people watch these shows and I'm not a big. Reality TV fan I've seen little bits and pieces of of these shows I guess I've seen swamp people the most. I find it's kind of an escape. To. See how some people live. And you know sometimes I guess and we get frustrated and tired with hearing about and seeing how rich people live. It's kind of nice to see how other people would like not to the people -- dynasty or rich or. By -- billionaires and he does show. Entry by the it's called by you village billionaires. They've found oil on their their property and they're they're billionaires -- some of these people are rich but they still lead very. Authentic lives lives that go back to their heritage in this part of the country and since some of the shows are done here. And since we know people. And and we're close to people we live close to people who wore featured in the show is when he shows -- criticized week. We sometimes take it personally. Do you think they're laughing -- are laughing with us or maybe just enjoying escape from reality that's one of the things we're talking about tonight. Here is -- an update on tonight's of the WL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you think the US government should be able to monitor everyone's email. And on line activities if officials say it might prevent future terrorist attacks. Right now 74%. Say no. 26% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com we will continue to track that -- and update you on that throughout our show. We've also been talking about former NFL star Chad Johnson who was formerly Chad Ochocinco. He patted his attorney on the but in court and this was a way of saying thanks job well done the judge Kathleen Q became very upset when the court room erupted in laughter. And his attorney said hey look don't blame my client that's what football players to do -- you can't blame him for the reaction of a third party meaning those in the courtroom who laughed. On the judge gave him thirty days in jail now there wasn't a plea deal where he would just do community service and counseling to -- Because of probation violation from the is no contest plea. Last year for battery to his then wife. TV star Evelyn Lozada. The judge says this is not a joke and sentenced him to thirty years. Sorry thirty days. In jail. Was at the right decision should we excuse the behavior because that's what athletes do. Or should we hold even athletes accountable for being proper. In a courtroom. Now. I've thought about this because I have excused. Athletes. When they let the F bomb fly. And I never like being hypocritical. But I can excuse that. Because the deer caught up in a moment. They're caught up in the excitement. Of the moment. They're not expected to be proper. Even if their addressing a crowd and let the F -- slip the -- happened recently after the the Boston bombings and then in the store Red Sox players was addressing the crowd and what the F bomb drop he was caught up in a passionate moment to me that's different. -- expecting certain behavior. And certain decorum. In the atmosphere of a courtroom. Thirty days may be a little long. Maybe the judge was was frustrated because it is. Behavior because say she wasn't happy with the deal that was worked out with prosecutors. That should not be the case may be she overreacted. But there's nothing wrong in my opinion. -- holding athletes accountable. For behavior. That is control with the situation there in regardless of what you do on the field. Now this was an innocent thing to me and I'm sure the intent was not disrespectful. Judy you've gone to jail. Or should be excused because that's what players do. If you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text number is 877. All day today I was watching the developing story. In Turkey. And this is going to be something I'm sure we're going to be talking about on the show tomorrow. This is a really interesting situation in Turkey to -- talk more about this this tomorrow. There was an original protest. -- doubts. Preserving a park. Now Turkey is generally a secular nation but it's also on Islamic. But the the democratically. Elected prime minister. Apparently has been doing is balancing act between a secular country and an Islamic country. Turkey is a strong US ally in that region bordered by I ran by Iraq Syria. And other countries. Really support it has been booming and and while there have been problems in Europe and problems in the American in America with the economy. Turkey has been booming their economy has has. Done very very well been very very strong. But apparently there seems to be an attempt by a by Muslim and Muslim extremists and those who want the country to be more religious. More Islamic. Less secular. They are people that may have taken advantage of this early protest. Join the -- And turned it into more of confrontation. And there was tear gas I don't think anybody's been killed I don't know about injuries I'm sure there will be updates on that. But it all continues in Turkey but it seems like what started out to be a very. A very innocent peaceful demonstration. Was infiltrated by those who. Who want more more. Strength with the Islamic rule in that country from from the prime minister. Also the other thing that's happening is I believe this is the third term. Of this democratically elected prime minister in Turkey. And people some people it Turkey now he was elected body was a 5050. Vote it was very very close well obviously it was a 5050 but about fifty for in the country. Likes him and the other legacy would be 49% don't like. So it's pretty evenly split and I see a lot of parallels with the way we look at our president in this country. This country's a very split on. Those who like Obama and those who don't like Obama -- -- Turkey. There are those who. Say that our president is too arrogant. That's one of the comments as being made about the way some people feel about the prime minister in Turkey. They're people who believe that Obama is taking this country in a more secular direction. They're people who want to return to stronger. Christian values and Christian impressions presents. I think we should all have our our Christian or whatever our religious beliefs or they should always be strong within our lives. I'm not sure I want the government. To be involved in strengthening my -- I can do that myself. But I just today while I was watching this. We just saw a number of interesting parallels between what's going on in Turkey and the sentiment that we have in this country. I've -- many people have about our president and about the direction America but we'll talk more about that on the show tomorrow night if you would enjoy our show tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890870. In -- -- number is 87870 David. WW well. The game. Quickly -- opposed to speak out having access to be to them that it that it data and Internet. That they can access it with the program program. Problem with -- the secrecy of the program. And government -- for the program but it. Like he did that he'd been collected by the by the by the company. Google Verizon. -- mean it's been in the year. In the technically replicating that. There's storage -- -- have been due to a court but they are out there. But well below goers that the editor of the problem that number. -- due to a court to get. Say that we want the award in that we want the vote number. Topic related to the. And David I've been under the assumption that what our government does with it is tracked it a little differently than the it would be tracked oriented they're looking for their own patterns as opposed to. I'm saying hey we need this information looking for the patterns. Almost in in in real time -- my impression but again I still think there's a lot that we don't know about it now when you talk about secrecy. The Obama administration now is gonna declassify a handful of details of this prison program and also the entire House of Representatives. Has gotten briefings from intelligence officials. As part of an effort to -- -- calm the outrage over what the NSA programs have been doing in -- collecting this phone and Internet information so. There have been many people in congress that they've known about this all along and there are elected officials. Whether we trust him or not they have represented -- us and allow this to go on to at least two administrations. Well also quickly. I don't know about the about the rat but a year ago. -- Anecdote to -- the object about the government the government abusing. And he picked that your. Snooping technology could be. Program very similar to the two of them but the the first -- to talk about the book. He's not because that other people are talking about because they're talking about it reflect our board. Yeah and book about the -- all you know that is not the vote but -- -- -- -- it -- that ability. It aligned with the probably. They do other than that the for contempt of court that's basically what -- and welcomed them to court that they'd been she had been outlawed. However that they sat there compared there into court and the -- With that judgment that then yes you look all that -- because she. Had -- different -- she had an average citizens. I'm David I have to agree with that appreciate you are calling entice us into WWL at night. If I had to go to it to traffic court I hired. It was something -- you know this was this was all a little while back. And I had to have gotten in I'd wrecked my car and it wasn't a well I had tires of a kind of bear on the fraud and it was a slippery street that was going around. Going around a turn in five I hit the visited the side anyway when when you have an accident even though there was nobody around nobody was hurt and nobody else was involved a sneak. It's something that they give you a citation for anyway so I went to court and to -- man pleaded not guilty and it was taken off my records it's not on my record. But I could not believe the way. People dressed. And acted in court. Where if conversations while the judges talking. Conversations when an -- -- And just -- the the disrespect. And a sloppiness. It people displayed when they went to court and this was just a ridiculous. Little traffic court on David drive in -- And if you go to court. That you think you could be a little respectful. And if you can't be respectful enough to go to court and then you're showing no respect for the law whatsoever. This is not gonna be the last time we see you punks in court and and by the way I say -- There were a lot of really sloppy rude disrespectful. Disgusting. Adults. In that court. Underworld is Janet Sharon WWL. Yes -- you didn't give it to. I don't -- who competitiveness I don't care how popular they. -- would you can't completely agree. That's you know locker room. And certainly no place to begin when that kind of thing I think it would disrespectful. You know didn't effectively we keep life and it's incredible law it's not a lot of them might just. It could implicate that that. Well Janice I have I have to agree we're talking about Chad Johnson getting sentenced to thirty days in jail because he pandered his attorney on the but. I've -- basically kind of like a high fives saying hey thanks job well done which is what players do after a good place. It's a courtroom. And people should be held accountable for certain behavior. When they're in a courtroom I don't care what you're used to in the real world. If you wanna join our show of the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes him receipts of the gates avenue and we'll be right back with more. On -- WLR the Obama administration is. Did intercept a key email. It unraveled and in erupted a 2009 terrorist plot in New York. The details -- circulated as the government tried to a clamp down on our criticism now. A two recent and revelations that the national security agencies -- those programs have been collecting information. Also the entire House of Representatives has now gotten a briefing from intelligence officials as part of an effort here. They're com this this outrage across America. Over the National Security Agency here programs to collect this information. And it's it's really fascinating to watch. How. Political adversaries. Have kind of come together on this. For example. On the liberal filmmaker Michael Moore. And liberal actor and activist Joan Cusack both very big Obama supporters. Have been very critical. Of President Obama. And with filmmaker Michael Moore who we all know that extreme liberal Perry left wing. He he sent out a -- the Obama administration has lost all credibility. And then you've got people like senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina who is a consistent. Outspoken critic of President Obama who agrees with the plan and supports the president so has been interesting to -- -- people of come together in -- last night on the show we are we were talking about. How it's it's very hypocritical. And people do this but it's very hypocritical. To criticize the president for something that happens in his administration. When you would applaud. The same action. If it was simply under another president. And the people who warned that hypocritical. Don't even understand it they don't even get how hypocritical they can -- There are those who would applaud this and saved. That there are people who would be who are applauding this now there will be guided the right thing look with the Obama administration is is it has done. But what they've done this is that this is the right thing this was -- if this happened to the Bush Administration this is endangering our country they're trying to track down the terrorist this is the right thing for the administration to do. That speaks to hypocrisy when it comes to politics social issues. The NBA championship series continues tonight. In San Antonio. First two games were in Miami spurs won the first game he won the second game tied 11 in the series. There in San Antonio tonight it's a final the spurs beat the heat won thirteen to 77. That's that's kind of like a blowout. And you know I've been public about this I love dispersant -- I'm would be behind the the New Orleans pelicans obviously in any situation but if it's not the pelicans. I have always been an expert -- -- a spent a year on year in San Antonio won thirteen to 77. Spurs lead the best of seven series two games to one. The next two games there in San Antonio. So the spurs could wrap it up at home. It's not that I dislike LeBron James I just love disperse. From Houston David you're on this crucial under the WL. They view that this thanks. A couple things are ordinarily had -- seen the movie now he's seen me Morgan Freeman and mark -- Alito in them. I'll but I can't think of a girl. Alicia Covert. I want an upbeat feeling -- a lot weaker -- -- -- -- -- He had no I haven't stated a friend of mine worked on the film and I was gonna go see -- this weekend but I I've really only had time to see one movie and I knew I would be talking about the purge so I had to go see that but I definitely plan to see now you -- I think you should run to the appearance fees that he was. I really grew into or that it's an old army kind of mystery twisted sort of -- you know. What's gonna happen next kind of thing with a big surprise that the animal export forty bit. I think you'll enjoy it. I see previews and did as soon as I said the previous like you know I wanna see this movie seem like as a very interesting story. There -- a lot of nor. There's well there's a lot of probably you -- obviously you know the city -- well but you you'll recognize at all with. You know are are not allowed just the -- the but it a lot of loan -- there. When David thanks to that information out of literacy and Agassi and outsourcing The Great Gatsby I hear that that is excellent I mean on and know his story of a Scott Fitzgerald's the great -- fear would would would love to see that movie as well. Well I wanna hear what you think about this. -- David I would if we talk about it and thanks for listening tonight in Houston. Here is a text you know that's a problem it is a court room -- they serve the people not vice Versa maybe that's part of the real problem here's a text. What are people doing. That they don't want the government to know about. I don't get it I don't think they care. About petty peoples doing. Eddie peoples doings I think they are trying to attract potential terrorist. So if you're not a potential terrorist I think you're okay -- United States have hysteria. Well in a lot of people are hysterical about it so yeah I don't light. The idea that the government or than. Debts in -- marketing firms or their businesses know a lot about my buying habits but I volunteer some of my privacy when -- -- -- CBS card or Walgreens card or something like that. Not to get discounts -- -- track. What you what you buy and they've they develop patterns based on the information you've given and so we do surrender a lot of a privacy. I don't like the idea that we don't have total privacy but again I'm not doing anything wrong. And if it means catching. A terrorist. And I think that's important the problem is now that this information has been leaked. The potential terrorist. Who are working on things. Are gonna figure out what we know and now they're gonna figure out another way to do what they do it to communicate and that's gonna cause. Our government to have to figure out what they're figuring out in and gold. Find him in another way. Here's a -- WL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Do you think the US government should be able to monitor everyone's email and other on line activities. If officials say it might prevent future terrorist attacks. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com we'll give you an update on that as we continue to attract that threw out our show. If you had missed a part of our show -- remind you that you can go to WWL dot com at the top there's. And a banner shows and schedules click on this two page -- and you can find what you would listen to. And we wanna congratulate Jeremiah at the trustee. A deadly WL listener and winner of our 1000 dollar national cash contest. You can -- two. Listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM for the code word to enter. At WWL dot com slash cache or click on the consciously. At WWL. And it's just a simple to inner whether -- -- office computer surfing at home or on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide and a thousand dollars each good luck from Smart radio intercom. And having WL. From Algiers gym here on this good show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wanted to say did you mention Howell you know you're not doing anything. So who cares what they know. -- that's okay up to a point but when -- collected information on everybody all the time. Wait too much information. You know that would. There was no. And no word the Obama administration was using the IR two -- is political enemies and help. Right lately word word that the -- you work -- just down he says the Obama administration was using the IRS. Yeah. Robert we don't know we don't know that -- that hasn't been as well. I know that because that. But the money anyway -- mean Lee. And it just so happens that there aren't -- 2012. Presidential campaign. Many -- that we got up the bulk of it would be intended -- our. While many of the groups that that would help Obama get out the vote we're not being entered. And you know conservative the -- tendered her body are. And therefore job. You know it it looks like -- duck it walks like it's got. -- pretty much else. -- generally and it and it ended in a court of law if it looks like the documents to prove it's that it's a dark outlook with the IRS deities absolutely wrong. But we don't know yet if the if the Obama administration. It happened within the government but we don't know if the Obama administration ordered. Bomb the Nixon administration years ago what is going after the and a political enemies list so you know this is nothing this is nothing new it's horrible. It's a terrible thing but you know again -- use this over and over again. On some LSU players smoke pot it doesn't mean less miles and guys go ahead and smoke pot. So writing about it. The evidence that points to Obama. And -- -- partner in the that people eat -- promoted to partner to a new position. An error and it wouldn't -- -- -- -- eight footer on a paid vacation. Asia the -- is he really cared. That showed that he was behind it. I don't know I don't know -- after nearly I say it's your opinion that's fine I just and how directly he's involved and I'm reserving judgment but believe me if if if if the president of the United States directed the IRS. To go after any group. I don't hear what your political ideology is that he's scary and wrong it's happened before and our government. And it shouldn't happen now and regardless of who's done it before it shouldn't happen. I was on a criminal Jerry in a criminal trial. And it you know you could beyond the -- -- -- you'll see. If you have a reasonable doubt you know and I had no reasonable doubt here -- I -- -- in that came to trot I would vote guilt because in the I have no reasonable doubt that President Obama. Is directing that -- -- peep. You know they're there there's a good possibility that because you had preconceived ideas about President Obama you would have -- on the jury in the first place. And that many of the people who are passing judgment on the president's are not looking at this objectively. Abu I'm really trying to look at this subject but happily buying them. And dot. Like what anybody does this sort of saying you know when Nixon was guilty to a net that Republicans turned against him. When Obama he'll appear Clinton or whoever the Democrats stand shoulder to shoulder with them. That's -- attention that -- -- it's not well. Carlos stopped you know is a guy and Billy Dale. And -- Jim you've you've totally expressed your ideology and there's nothing wrong with that but don't don't hide provenance say that your objective because you're just bringing up Democrats and and years and you're just criticizing Democrats enough Republicans or Democrats who are very critical of the Obama administration. Especially with IRS and with also these phone records that I just mentioned a very liberal. Filmmaker Michael Moore a tweeted today the Obama administration has lost all credibility so -- and you say Democrats are standing shoulder to shoulder. Well I'm talking about and congress. And I'd get criticized Nixon thought at least the Republicans out. All right well and I I IC bipartisan criticism and I see Republican support for. Some of the things that Obama is doing so I I understand the point you're making a lot of people will agree with you and I appreciate you taking time to -- show. But there are some things that we still don't know it's not that I'm trying to give Obama. And I an extra chance it's not like I'm going out of my way to protect the president. I just don't wanna sit here and B stupid by absolutely convict and somebody. If there's still information to be revealed now the problem with that is will we ever learn the truth. We're talking about the US government and I don't care who's in the White House we should all wonder whether or not we ever ever know the truth. And that is -- I'm -- and we'll be right back on every WL if you haven't heard in the NBA championship series the spurs. In San Antonio beat the heat tonight. Like one. Something and 117 just went fourteen to 177 went something like that it was just a ridiculous scores a -- a blowout. So the spurs are now ahead 21 in a series the next two games. Our home for San Antonio. In San Antonio here's an update on -- VW a pretty general opinion poll do you think the US government should be able to monitor everyone's email. And other online activities if officials say it might prevent future terrorist attacks 72% say no 28%. Say yes. From Slidell mark you're under VW well. Spirit thank you so much technical animal long countless thanks. There they can use. This whole debate. You know it really. Brilliant way. But it probably aren't should be scared them so -- Is the all. You know Democrat Republican -- concern. That. And so. These two party. They can it's almost like they can manipulate. A way. To the American public and match. We're really into your age and you know -- That came Heatley and -- and you know and it. I mean you on you know -- the concern and the media and the look on you know obeyed the liberals in the media. They almost like literally Campbell into -- in mobile. Well a -- and doing mark I've got to get your news break are really appreciate you calling her show I've got a number of text to get to and we will continue this conversation when we come back. After the news -- WL.