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Jun 11, 2013|

Scoot talks about people acting rude at movie theatres; what to do if you encounter a rip tide while at the beach. Also; media leaks about the nsa monitoring people's private phone calls.

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-- we get back to all that we're talking about on their show tonight. I'll talk about something I've mentioned before something that bothers me. You know there's a lot going on in Turkey right now and we'll probably talk more about this on the show tomorrow night to what's going on Turkey with. Odd clash between protesters and police. Is significant in a lot of ways and I see a lot of parallels between. What's going on in Turkey and a sentiment that we have growing in this country. There's a democratically elected prime minister in Turkey. But only about half of the country supports him. How similar is that to what we have in this country. There are people in Turkey who believe that this president's. Has too much power. And as arrogant. Any similarities with what's going on in America I'm -- they're gonna have any rioting here. But I just find a lot of similarities with the unrest in Turkey which is is not like what happened in in each of this is this is this is different. But there seems to be an attempt to infiltrate this originally a peaceful protest to protest. Park saving a park instead of turning it into. -- a development a commercial development. It seems as if this peaceful protest was infiltrated. My people who want to force more Islamic. Presence. In the government. They want the government to be more religious. Again. Any parallels with the US. The government in Turkey has been more secular. -- religious but that has been changing a little bit but it seems as if there are those who -- take advantage of this moment to make it more. Islamic. There are people in this country who have criticized. This president of the into secular. And they want the government to be. I guess more religious or to do more to pronounce belligerent. I don't need the government to do that. I'm religious on my own. The government doesn't need to make you -- the government can't make you religious if you're not religious. On your own. Before I get to the sex I just -- mentioned that. Is CNN and they they all do this they meaning the news networks but it I'm just happened to be watching CNN here. And CNN is airing shows that they did earlier. And they're showing the fires that were burning that I was watching earlier today. In Turkey. And in one corner it says earlier. They don't even have that up all the time. But what they have up all the time is breaking news. So if you just happen to turn on the TV right now you look at this and you see breaking news and it shows something that was happening in Turkey. Hours ago. And it's not happening there now it makes it seem as if the violence at this at this level is continuing and and it's not. I think it's very. Misleading to have breaking news up there. Repeating a show there ought to be a way to block that out I don't think. -- show should be presenting breaking news if it's a repeat of something that happened earlier in the day. Here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll and that that by by what happens all the time. Do you think the US government. Should be able to monitor everyone's email and other online activities if officials in the government say it might prevent future terrorist attacks. We're tracking this ball throughout our show give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give -- an update on that coming up here again in just a few minutes here's a text. They scoot let's go let's let's go this route what does the IRS. A targeted words like black or female are Muslim. Can you imagine the outrage or backlash. Or even worse violence. Well like I can't predict what would happen. There has been total outrage. Bipartisan outrage. The BI arrests targeting. Conservative groups. And and if you're an extreme liberal you can't support this because if you support this that you would support the government under another president coming after you. And coming after your crew. That's something that cannot. Be tolerated but there's still some things that we need to learn about that before. I I don't know nobody knows. If the president was directly involved. In ordering the IRS to do this or if the this was the work off renegade. Employees. Who. Supported the president. And didn't like the Tea Party and the patriot groups and wanted to -- them I I need to wait. Here's a -- reads. I'm just doing what our government has been doing took the data number visits. And who the visits were between. And cross referenced it with bush is meeting. And to that that this owe it to that that this information was originally supposed to be released prior to the election. And I think I make my point stop being an apologist. And open your. Open your eyes. My eyes are opened and I'm not gonna fall into. A trap of passing judgment when I'd. I still would like to get some information. It's just it's it makes me too easy of of a target. Now as easy for you to do sitting where you sit -- talking among your friends. Him writing things on FaceBook and sending people like myself -- it's very easy for you to do it because nobody's gonna attack you back if you turn out to be wrong. -- -- I just don't wanna -- You know I say I wanna be more careful do we get the information. But yet I'm I'm not naive and realize that we might never get the information we might never were asking the government to tell us the truth. I don't care who's in that White House. You can't expect the truth from the government which is really truly -- If you really think about all this it would probably drives all Krejci on a daily basis but you know you'd -- -- got to live life and you've. You know you'd -- you can't be paranoid about everything we should be vigilant. When it comes to things of encroachment. On our privacy. And our our civil rights. But it's we we shouldn't become hysterical or or or paranoid. I'm I'm. I'm not hiding anything from the government and can they can track me. Now I don't like it. But if it you know and again and we're we're trusting the government. We trusted the Bush Administration to do the right thing with the Patriot Act. We're trusting the Obama administration to do the right thing to this information in the fight against terrorism. Which is a very different battle for this country. We have been used to over the years. Protecting our shores our borders. And protecting the borders of our allies. Not fighting terrorism. And I wonder if the attitude that some people have in this country about the government tracking terrorist him what they're doing to track the terrorist I wonder if some of that fluid. Would change. If god forbid there was some kind of other. Terrorist attack. Here's a question that comes from -- declares research group it's a poll what do you think is more important right now for the federal government. To investigate terrorist threats even if it intrudes on personal privacy. Or not to intrude on personal privacy even if it limits the ability to investigate possible terrorist threats. Rises in nationwide survey. Investigate the threats even if it intrudes. On personal privacy 62%. Don't intrude on privacy. Only 34%. Here's another question. It has been reported that the National Security Agency has been getting secret court orders to -- telephone call records of millions of Americans. In an effort to investigate terrorists. Would you consider this access to telephone call records an acceptable or unacceptable way for the federal government to investigate terrorism. Acceptable. 58 a 5056%. Unacceptable. 41%. And RW WL pretty general opinion poll tonight do you think the US government. Should be able to monitor everyone's email and other on line activities if officials say it might prevent future terrorist attacks. 72%. No 20% yes you can give us your opinion by going to our web site. Debbie WL dot com. A -- we've also been talking about something that happened in court with the former NFL player Chad Johnson formerly known as senator Chad Ochocinco. The guys that are a show voter all his life. He patted his attorney on the -- After a favorable moment in court. The courtroom erupted in laughter with the people within a -- laughed. Judge Kathleen Q said this is not a joke. She was very upset and she sentenced Chad Johnson to thirty days in jail. His attorney argued that hey this is something that football players do he didn't mean any disrespect and I'm sure he didn't mean any disrespect. But should he be excused because this is what football players do. Or shoot even football players. Be expected to act a certain -- court. I think everybody should be expected to act a certain -- court and I think it's kind of a cop out to say hey this is what we do in the real world. You know what if there's something you do as a bartender and you're in court and I can't think of what it would be but what if you would do that in court. Would be -- of what he had you know a bartender I do this every day incited me to do it in court. You have to be respectable course. As I mentioned a little while ago it wasn't that long ago that I was in a traffic court. I I pleaded not guilty and was found not guilty of accidents than it was a result of a couple of tires on the front of kind of kind of bear. And there was a light rain and I was going around or rather sharp turn and nobody was involved but I wrecked my car. And when that happens they give you -- a citation but I pleaded not guilty and was found not guilty because it was equipment failure I forgot exactly what happened but that's why I was in traffic court. But I was really shocked and surprised by the attitude that demeanor. And be a tire. -- some people displayed in court. And I'm thinking you're going to court. And you have this little respect for the law. How can you expect a lot of respect you. I I was stunned. And this was in traffic court on David drive in Metairie. Shocked. And if he'd ever been in there I know you have seen what I've seen. I just amazing. How. Pedestrian and -- Some people -- How disrespectful. And really I guess that kinda leads to what we'll talk about here just a moment and that is how. Impolite the the audience was in the movie theater foresaw the courage over the weekend. Delegates are oblivious -- a text ask -- your confidence in our government is exclusively nigh eve. Most of what you're saying sounds. Like platitudes from tenth grade civics textbook. Wake up. Of the problem is most people don't remember. Basic civics. And everything as far as I know. With these phone records were -- legally and that. Those in congress who needed to know and do it now the entire House of Representatives has been briefed. Now there's still a lot we don't know. I don't like it but what if it does. In erupt a terrorist plot. And maybe the government needs to explain a little bit more about what they were doing now they wouldn't have to do this but now if they do it now they alert the terrorist as to what they do and how they do it. And that just opens more doors. For terrorists. Here's another Texan -- you're not disrespectful by using the president's last name. Now if you just used his first name I would consider disrespectful. If I like the president LO well. I've got a text a little while ago. From somebody that. That set I was being disrespect broken -- could -- please always say President Obama and several bombings -- I said no I won't do that. It's not disrespectful. Quite often I say the president or President Obama but in the course of conversation talking about all of -- sometimes I say Obama. And sometimes I said bush has sometimes I sit on the air Clinton. And I said bush when bush senior was in office. And I remember for into Nixon and Kennedy and Johnson. And Roosevelt. So there is precedent in this country for using a president's last name without preceding it with the word president. And not intending any disrespect. Here's a text. How about the words gay or liberal or ginger. Red head or senior etc. etc. By now surely you'd get my drift not cool parole not -- I'm not exactly sure what this means. The average total outrage. Over. The IRS. Targeting. Groups like the Tea Party and other groups that oppose the president during the election. And and if this reaches the president's. Then this country should be absolutely. -- Paul I'm not exactly sure what action should be taken but I hear enough outrage. Then I'm convinced that. No matter what these groups were targeting. I don't know that there would be any more outrage. And there is bipartisan. Outrage. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 260. 1878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In protection is a 7870. I'm -- and we'll be right back on WWL. The -- beaches along Gulf Shores, Alabama had been reopened today after four men drowned yesterday due to strong rip currents in the gulf now officials had the the double red flags posted on the beach is all day. And I indicating if they are extremely hazardous conditions along the beach. And the waters are closed to the public but people went out there and anyway and and form and drowned -- relieved sandy beaches were reopened today under the yellow flag conditions which means moderate serve. And or. Current state to it could be difficult for. A swimmers to deal with. But -- if that if the flags are up I hope you know what those flags -- Maybe officials -- need to do a better job of explaining what the double red flags and images ever around the country know with the -- red flags mean. A debate -- post signs in addition to the double red flags don't go in the water. Mean of people from the middle of the country do you know honestly -- would know with a double red flags mean now you know what it means if you know you're not supposed to go in the water and you go on the water. That's that's your decision it's your responsibility. And what happens with these rip currents is. Of people try to swim against the current. And the current is is taking you correct me if I'm wrong but the rip -- taking you a parallel to the shore. And you're trying to swim to the shore and people get stuck in this and if they just flowed with the current. It would ultimately ease in the should be able to to to swim out of that if they're decent swimmer of the people panic. And and they forcefully drowned. So you know be cautious and and if in if you're apparently -- a -- in in many situations where. I've I've been in -- in the past with my son and then ended in more recent times as an adult but I do with people on the beach and I see. Seen and -- I'm I'm drifting down the beach as they just play in the water so. You know there are currents out there. And you do have to be careful and you have to really adhere to whatever warnings they haven't don't think you're mr. tough guy these are all three men not women who drowned. And sometimes. Guys have this tendency to try to be the tough guy and I can swim like you go out there and do it. And you get on in those waters and you need to be good swimmer. Male female. Regardless spectacle shore beaches are open and -- This goes -- only for Gulf Shores but this goes for all the beaches along the Gulf Coast and really beaches anywhere in America they can have this this retired effect but. If you do happen to get caught in a rip -- and the best thing to do is just. Ride with it and don't fight it I guess to tread water a stay above water. Obviously stay above the surface. On -- swim with that -- ride with that at some point it's gonna ease and then you should be able to navigate yourself. And to assure. The a TV shows like a duck dynasty it's more people known as redneck reality shows. Are more popular with Americans then shows about rich and spoiled people like Keeping Up with the Kardashians or the series of real housewives. Now why do you think these redneck reality shows. Or more popular and they're much more popular than -- about the rich. Is it because they laugh at us and it's a comedy to them. Or they laughing with us you know somebody shows are done in this area. And any of these shows feature either people that some people -- no or people that were familiar with I mean. I'm familiar enough with the type of people who live on the volume and I can totally relate to swamp people -- -- dynasty. I'd I don't hang out with those people I don't I don't know those people media I'm sure they're very nice people. But I just kind of position to have them as my friend I can so relate to him having grown up here. You know I don't think they're laughing at us. I mean in in some ways I laugh -- oh my gosh -- can't believe the I think it's a real state for many Americans to see. People live. A life that he is so unique from mayors. That is so much departure from the the mechanized world we live it. That package world we live and where meat and everything is is totally packaged. I mean think about what that world's looks like. Out to people who know nothing about it I mean you and I even if we live in the in the city. Having grown up here and Iran are human you know I've been out -- the by who we did in in this area and we know. We know enough. About. That to know -- that's real let you know that really happens. And I definitely think it's I I'd like to think they're not really laughing Janice. There are people that you can laugh at anywhere in the -- in the country but I'd like to think that it's real escape for people who. Just have no idea that. There is this. Authentic reality in the lives of people who absolutely. -- continue. I don't wanna say this in a negative way. But -- continue to live somewhat of a primitive. Lifestyle. In in in areas where this was the life lived. Along time ago before there were all the modern conveniences ominous kind of refreshing. I couldn't live it. I and I couldn't kill an alligator you know again I'm an animal lover I understand that it happens I understand the needs to be done on not being critical of people who do it I'm simply saying. I can't do that wouldn't be fun for me. And I don't feel the need to eat squirrel. I don't feel the need to -- fraud and these are things that you see in some of these shows. And by the way when I say the show is are about to you know redneck reality compared to reach people. A lot of these people in the -- now that are redneck reality shows a lot of these people. Are now rich. Here is a text. No rip currents go offshore. To open -- You should not ride with its swim parallel to the shore until out of the rip -- OK like I I was kinda close but that explains it'll better. To go offshore so you should not try to swim with it bit swim parallel to the shore. Until you get on the record 'cause they don't last forever and here's a text. We have a president that has lied to us over and over. Which can be backed up by video and audio clips. He blocked the murder investigation. Of the border agent. Blocking. Files. That pertained to it no I don't trust this administration. Okay. Every. President. Has -- Even the Republicans. So while it's not right and -- mean you support it may just be honest enough to know that every president lies and again. People. Support the president they wanna support. They either support or condemn. Activity. Within an administration. Depending on the political a political ideology are -- and other text about to rip tides rip currents. What's to bring you further outs. To survive swim parallel to the shore. Good nice to be listening -- appreciate your debate even though I disagree aligned. We're we're not gonna agree on everything we talk about so many different things and since I am a radical moderate. And don't take a hard right -- hard left stance on every single thing then if you're hard writer hard left or somewhere in the middle. I guarantee we're gonna disagree but I think that's something that we should celebrate in this country and not to not be critical so I appreciate those who understand it is quite American. To disagree. After seeing the movie to purge over the weekend and it commenting on the movie on the show last night you know when -- talk abouts. The actual audience at the theater. Since I live downtown I've spent the last year and a half I'm going to have almost every movie at the canal place theaters. Now if you have never experienced a movie at canal place. I treat yourself and it is a treat. Each theater is much smaller. I don't know maybe fifty seats. It in one of the big fifty to sixty seats in one of the bigger theaters they have. On each -- smaller. Than a suburban theaters. And each seat at the canal place theaters it it's like a first class airline -- and this is that a commercial for. Canal place this is just talking about the difference in the crowd that goes there and why it might be different and why it really shouldn't be any different. So each scene is like a first class airline seat complete with a retractable tray. Your seat is sound reserved. Your present and a full drink wine and food menu upon being seeded by. A wait staff member they take your ticket and they see you in your seat that it again it's like an assigned seat so you don't after ever have to worry about. On your seat being sold out you you you you can get your seat in advance the reserve that particular seat and you don't have to get there early. And there's enough room to walk down the aisle without getting everybody did to stand up when you passed. In fact of the the first row which actually is not too close to enjoy the movies not close like other first rose. They have products so in the first you to kind of stretch out it's it's quite a movie going experience. So having been admittedly spoiled. By going to movies -- canal place. I find myself bothered by the rudeness of what -- sausage animal movie going audience. At a big suburban. -- over the weekend. And why was the crowd so different. There was constant talking during the movie. And that was very distracting. The woman in front of the -- was texting. And the light from -- damn phone was quite -- And do you think she care rationing care she had no. Consideration of anybody around her it was just about her and her texting. Now if she has kids and their separate she's worried about you get your butt out of the seat and walk in the hallway. You don't need to text and you're absolutely no excuse to text in your seat. If the army on -- the posh can now place theaters attracts an audience that on average. Is more sophisticated. Then that would suggest that less sophisticated people are naturally. Less polite. Should we expect some people to be less polite and other people. Politeness. Should transcend. Sophistication. Educate. And economic status. When you go to a movie I don't care who you war. I don't care what your bank account looks like I don't care what your education level -- There is no excuse. To not be polite and considerate of others. We should all expect that. As a society we should demand that cannot tolerate. A whisper to the person you're -- Antenna problem. But lengthy commentaries. During the movie. Not only to the person next to you but to the movie itself. Shut up. -- -- Yeah you can't be quiet while you're watching the movie. And do not kick the seat of the person in front of you. -- accidentally do that's warranted but don't don't do that. If you wanna talk kicks seats and you should damn cell phone when you watch a movie. Then do us all a favor and stay home and rent the movie. Otherwise we should all expect and actually demand. That you be polite and respectful. You know perhaps -- to be something added to the announcement. You know and they -- to shut off your cell phones at the beginning of the movie about shut your mouth to. I I don't -- -- seem like an elitist but I don't think it's I don't think it's asking too much to ask everybody. Even any big suburban mall to be polite. And shot up during the movie. As I say a whisper to the person you're with. That's -- But I heard running commentaries. And this is -- just because it was the purge I've seen this happen with other movies as well. And sophistication. Education. Economic status. Should have absolutely. Nothing to do with politeness. And the truth is they are some people who you would consider sophisticated educated and rich. Who are very rude and impolite to. I'm talking about the general audience experience. Of what I've experienced a last year and a half. When I've experienced just a few times and going to theaters in in the suburbs at the debate theater chains. And when you realize. How people are capable of acting. And that you're sitting in there and seeing how their act. It's just a reminder that we are losing civility. In our culture. But I'm all for us being relaxed I'm off for us having fun I'm all for us go into a movie and have a good time. But when the movie starts. Shot up. When the movie starts. Be respectful of everyone. When the movie starts do not text. Now I can be a very assertive person. And under ordinary circumstances. I would've said something that woman for enemy and I would have said something to the people next to me we're talking. My date didn't want me to. Out of respect for her. I didn't. And I knew that I can vent my rage right here on the show. And relate to a lot of people who feel what I feel. The -- blog tonight is titled why can't everyone be polite. And I mean everyone. Why should we expect and demand that as a society. Do you say anything to people win. When you're out do you say anything to people had moments. I have in the past I didn't the other night. I was about two. And then out of respect for my day united I decided I I wouldn't do that. And I have cut back on my assertive behavior in public -- never fly into an inning like that but I don't have a problem. With talking to people when. When they're polite. Or when their -- I don't have a problem with that and maybe more people should speak up and shame people people should be shamed. Into being polite. You can know every the blog share comment aren't you like it's our website WWL dot com front page under our opinions or on the -- page here's a here's a reaction to the blog on we don't frequent the suburban theaters as much as we used to since in. Latter years we have experience -- teenagers and -- adults and therefore cannot enjoy our experience. Everyone needs to be polite. And have respect for other theater patrons. I don't understand why that is such a challenge. For so many people who would label themselves. Human beings. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 260 born 870 toll free 8668890878. Protects -- -- 77 from Gulfport -- your under the WL. It was seven and -- Yeah or a movie theater -- 67 years. Can independently owned. Appear. And go for them and that is just. Then that style of movie on opening weekend it's just a nightmare. To. A year ago and actually not the irritated. And. We used. At that -- that we use it and and it is just straight down but they. Only but it doesn't happen it doesn't. It doesn't have to be that way doesn't mean we we should -- we should expect people to be polite. And out ever again is in there and it to the style news that is everybody you know one. One. You know get excited especially you know in the -- and there are all it. And then -- you know as it they'd and that brings a lot of kids and it is even if it's. And it's it's just that's -- -- the reason I want I think I want is sound and I didn't give this weekend because that is news going to be. That crazy experience and how you're really aggravated. Because you know I used to regulate. And -- would want to is that in the dared not as a person orchard to. -- You know Dana. I assure you saying about the purge in certain movies to attract certain type of people but I didn't a couple of other movies out in in the suburbs and and for some reason it just it finally occurred to me to. To speak out about this and to. To just bring attention to the idea that. I you should be expected to be polite and and just the idea that your in and nicer surroundings say it at one theater doesn't mean that everybody -- an act that way. And every theater and I just I I found it to be just so pedestrian. And I'm not an elitist by any means but I found it to just be so. Common I just disgusting behavior and inappropriate behavior. I really had a lot to do with the fact that that this out of the theaters. To -- -- -- coming you know we have a couple of you know 125 seats. An hour -- so almost 400 seats. The you were. And ask bullying problem and their larger group -- you know you get more people you're gonna get the bat -- Well and that you know what Dina gunning it to break and I appreciate you're sharing that insight having managed at a theater. It doesn't matter how big the group is it's not a saints game it's not a fight. It some movie and when the movie starts shot. -- And don't use your phone. I get back toward your tech support your calls after this break. Under the WL I here's a text they -- I don't go to the movies anymore lord knows what those little kids to win those seats and by the way. Blu-ray looks so much better. And my kid -- in my area and my snacks are cheaper that's American ally in Algiers. Here's a text about rip tides a recurrence. Of black's beach in California back in the seventies. Rips dragged you straight out. I was remind my back beyond the breakers. Then catch a wave in my wardrobe match the crowds. Well if -- like beach in lawyer you were naked. And sometimes their women it like beach would be out there swimming and you go. Those aren't bullies. From Slidell. Sam -- WWL. Richard you don't want your Barbara. Behavior. Theater you know more rock. Argo to a lot of libraries. Almost there Bedard. And I have leading the liar here more and more cell phone usage and more and more. -- say sure thing in our libraries. In error that we were slaughtered right now there -- The body of work order right America is totally ignoring their vote because article arbor. So what we're saying is that people just don't know how to act and be polite in public anymore people -- Kazaa. -- David. As well operated maybe you're currently. You know armed these days the old. To talk awhile or prepare prepare felt aren't problem well our own you know. Because they're trying to apartment. War because that means partner for -- and now. He remarked well on those ball -- -- foreign. Five great Iraq going out are there for a or are there at poppy audit debate opponent called great book org or email Robert C Garko out -- news that. But it totally ignored him and no more acquired an opt in in new arbor. Well and children and then they come on the computer you -- Use the computer and they got through three computers with their children play in game. To baby sit around while the -- use a computer. And go I go to. Well Sam I don't I don't have -- they are -- in other news broke. But proctor the movies. Well semi appreciate you calling are showing Greg's brought that up because this is may he may think that maybe we need to do I showed just about. People not only movie theaters but in libraries and everywhere in public. On the least we expected view and we should demand that their view is that you be polite. We'll failure on WW well. And I you know good. Are you can view our experiences bad and good. Arm. One thing. A lot of people. Don't know if any it if it is. Mandatory they have to use -- bit -- it give the -- -- have to do -- turn now the light on the ball. When you don't you don't have to use it and that you can get up. Nobody nobody has to use their phones sitting in the seat watching a movie you can get up and use an alcohol. Right. And he has it and net that -- You have to call it call it if the call is not more important in the movie then get your butt up and go use it somewhere else. Right and a talk -- ridiculous. Why I am and that again. The -- -- in the seat that brought up on com. You don't doubt you know did it you're at the bottom and and someone and that the they like on our. And then when you H chart people like next I'm not to do it in the end it's all different our situation. The -- we're gonna I'm up against a brave men are really appreciate you bringing this up we're gonna continue this conversation maybe we'll do it on the show tomorrow night about just politeness. And civility in our society. You don't have a rights. To be impolite if it affects me I -- you have a right to be impolite. But you don't have a right to invade my privacy with your politeness. I'm -- we'll be right back on -- bureau. Earlier tonight I had a great conversation winds. The legendary. -- and now. -- -- -- Huge huge New Orleans. In the seventies and eighties and he's coming back he's gonna celebrate his birthday here in New Orleans. -- his birthday celebration at the joy theater. You know -- is coming back and the -- theaters back is going to be great places and he's overly excited about it being at the Joyce theater. Friday and Saturday night at 8 o'clock and tickets are on sale now Ticketmaster dot com that you -- -- dot com or call 80745. 3000 if you wanna hear that conversation with you know and -- you can hear -- going to our website WWL dot com top banner shows -- schedules click on the -- page. And you'll find it says there in our podcasting. On the spurs beat the heat tonight in San Antonio it was a blowouts. Today embarrass the heat tonight. Now the heater too good to be totally out of it spurs lead that series -- to -- but the next two games or in San Antonio. Here's a Texas -- excellent observation on movie theaters it's why we have gated communities the canal place theater is the equivalent of the gated community. Embrace it and stay away from the riff Raff. One of life's great pleasures is understanding when we have earned the ability to separate ourselves from rude people stay out of the cheap seats. And enjoy life. -- with Micah reject terrorists of what hijackers and studio and I John -- studio producer tonight. We'll continue this conversation tomorrow night have a great evening I'm -- and I -- -- New Orleans.