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6-14 9:35am Tommy, LSU baseball & College World Series

Jun 14, 2013|

Tommy talks to LSU baseball coach Paul Manieri about the Tigers' game against UCLA

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker delighted to have head coach of the LSU baseball tigers manager when everyone Colin coming on -- right now pulmonary. Hey coach you Dylan. I'm to a greater you don't. I'm well I appreciate your time men and is it typically skipper. At what they're only one get in that state in that we -- you know and let you know that in mind that's fine with me. Like you governor wanted to in this a bitch if I did a poll right now and and you qualify and I can get you elected governor in the next six weeks. You there. Again and that he got a better job as it is. I get a text that comes animals are resentment police. So it's going to be get a taste the Kentucky bluegrass. Like last smiles and maybe do a little crossover thing. You know with the have been trying to urge you duplicate -- Yeah the Kentucky bluegrass is a big adjustment you make it we are muted them like we began in Louisiana. What they. Victor and interpret let's put into Kentucky bluegrass. Plan and trying to. Let flavor aside tell me why you want to get there earlier innings and as far as the team goes and let's get the matters substantive right now why why you want to get there early in what difference would have. In terms of island guess in -- way the ball hops or may be edited fielder's -- and honor what. But applying -- like different appear in the grass is a lot different electorate rush when you could be saying you know you want a candidate -- speed on the ground -- you'd hear environmental. Which is the reality is media -- -- pretournament meeting we had become in anyway on Thursday to read it in practice. It's been in a -- version -- by later we just decided to -- earlier practiced here in the afternoon we don't you had Internet but it. But we've got completely out and -- work so you know what I'm not super fiction book by the -- they can't. If it ain't broke don't fix -- I was just curious about the grass on and off -- they really -- was that much of a physical difference or not. And look what it comes to pitching rotations and the double elimination tournament. Saturday night I guess. Aaron knowing it's a ball ranked. Let's be -- them to be sunny Saturday Sunday nights like yeah and it. Yeah I keep getting confused myself I'm all your equipment -- but you'll -- the air you know on Sunday night. Today in the oval -- for Tuesday's game and archer who will be played of course. -- for an appeal whether corrected in politically North Carolina North Carolina State. I need them and America because the book preparing is that -- -- going to be pitching that would make that decision until the later. NASA does and as it does depend on. Matchups and and the hitters on the other team is that gonna guide your decision. Is both guys arrests. Yeah but it could be corrected and -- -- permit a little bit but I don't wanna you know -- -- in part because. If we come back. Like them back in the act and the other topic that you get the federal particular -- archer the student. But it -- Psychologically. That your acting what cynical into the -- in my beat you -- in the it went. On Tuesday hopefully I can it will be in the -- correct it if we -- There were the first to gain by winning the first game of the fourteen reached not a very critical because if you're able to win the first -- the difference between having the play. -- factory which party gets to -- well at the plate it wouldn't work so that will really kept it in -- If we if we drop on the first became. Coach I get to tell ya you Obama and I mean certainly no disrespect when I say this I'm -- just exposes and my own weaknesses the I'm a mortal. In terms of knowledge of football guide and am a baseball guy than in terms of fan I love both the football tigers in the and the baseball tiger's -- we spoke to you. Around this exact time when the season first started. I hit a -- That this is going to be the year and I think a lot of tiger fans did and I got to ask you. Because you -- aid we're going on more than gut you're going on what you saw and his team. In terms of pitching in terms of hitting in terms of attitude in terms of offseason preparation. So did you think that you were gonna wind up being in -- today in. And that it was going to be special season and that there's still a lot more to be written. I had been bankrupt united -- feel that way every year and that hit the and you know and I feel like Serbia record at guard -- -- play in -- played the national championship the what what happened lashing for the chance to the plate and out of season and with the support he lost the Stoney -- the but -- -- people argue that the thing that we took from more accurately an awful lot of confidence that our team. We -- we have a couple of weaknesses -- you that we were overcome and had a great year one game promote until. -- into the 2013. Feet and I came had a lot of self confident we added a few key piece the puzzle pregnant and layer. Those kind of guys in. It is captain -- back property you know -- -- the directory -- local content that you could have so. Yeah I felt like -- something special about the -- great chemistry you can turn the ball when they were competing with each other for starting and like you could you held it with something unique about the in the 157 bargain which the school record and -- we're not there yet so hopefully we can would try more during the big trophy home. Coaching you know it did that you guys you know set an attendance records on eleven years -- how many years been. Well I think in nineteen years served nineteen years and the but. But we broke the record they did consecutive year were breaking a record pretend it's regarding. -- 111000 and -- people per game. And it's it's hard to keep track down and mentioned that because not only for the -- in the box but for people that. -- column subway fans like Notre Dame where he came from has subway alumni. -- people get on the band that band -- it's -- of the people get on -- that did the did tigers baseball. Fans that they get on late that's -- I'm trying to say in a nice way if you aren't -- -- That don't follow it perhaps is closely. Early in the spring. What would what would you tell him about his team in term of the selfless. Nature of it. Well first -- and I'm glad to have those -- better late than never you know. Absolutely not hurting your -- your. I mean if you're negative -- at all really don't I'm just trying to clear to get below backs are for people don't under see in the selfless nature of this team. And that's the idea you know idea and beat it it puts the name on the front of the security not the name on the back it was wonderful and that is when that happened. The he can you know genuinely cared about each other. From Berlin -- about politics well compared to professional baseball league get into professional expertly planned for the next contract. It does it become very individual sport a lot of weight but. When the car in college -- they're still holding on to the concept that the team is more important and dealt and so were the you know we caricature hard working group because they're great kids your current role model for young actors signed autographs -- work hard to do well in school. They had -- trouble. And that they had -- along the way -- get an education and -- it can't play for the national championship. Truly a dream come true -- -- -- and they understand that they recognize that even at her age and there are different based strike predicting that. Coach we we asked people call us this morning is there or make an attractive Omaha for those of us they couldn't go to be in a car with a -- window. A lot of fun vicariously living with them doing that so let me ask you -- How does it -- spend. The day if you if you could help us. Kinda joined the team vicariously. Yet did take us through the average day may be on game day and on days that are non game days how do you feel the days and and they keep them busy but yet keep them focused and prepared and -- keep him relaxed sell the same time. On the tape out today -- and straight out to be let him a couple of hours in the come back -- like pre practice meal. About 1230. 130 will leave the hotel drug -- stadium in the team picture in front of the cooperation sculpture and a TD Ameritrade part. There will be from 2 o'clock thirteen fifteen to require. The FBP and interviewed for -- at 3 o'clock practice for victory for well in practice the other sports wagering. And -- young people away from. -- -- Where there are reports there aren't there sign autographs. Right back the battle over and nickel back -- -- -- the -- opening here. -- a Barbeque for the eighteenth. -- -- the Barbeque there at the opening ceremony in the stadium that the incumbent like Olympic style and deduct it right there and then that can accommodate the huge fireworks demonstrations. Welcome back home at 1030 tonight. He thought it can fully dependable back tomorrow and -- and -- it but they're pretty good the -- Coach I appreciate you shared it -- -- and you know and like UNC we go back to the hotel use illegal -- home. Let Lou I always said that. Is it is like -- -- -- and -- I think it yet coats look. God bless yummy and good luck congratulations and a great season it's gonna go on for a couple of weeks. And I hope if you in carve out the time being come back and join us in the morning. Thank you -- -- legacy will see on TV.

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