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7-5 10:10am Don Dubuc: Summertime skin care

Jul 5, 2013|

Don Dubuc speaks with Dr. Sarah Jackson, LSU Health Sciences Center's Dermatologist who practices at Audubon Dermatology, about summertime skin care.

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And it is a Friday morning in the great Gulf Coast down to be with you -- for Garland -- thanks for tuning us in on this. Holiday weekend leading into the fourth of July actually yesterday again it. And if you've been driving on the roads over the last couple of days you'll notice the big difference a lot of traffic a lot of folks taking the extra day off this week. And we welcome you -- I got a great interest in show for now to talk a bit later on about. Well gas prices if they dropped slightly but the question is are you traveling more was staying home particularly doing his fourth of July holiday we've got some statistics from AAA. We'll talk to Don -- more about that also something that is very irritating to me and perhaps -- Cell phone. Telemarketing calls unsolicited these robo calls. We've all had them come in on our land lines but now increasingly on cell phone and you're driving along in. On the phone rang in a new -- occupied -- -- and certain that somebody want to sell you some and asking for donation he started to get those if you've been giving them. Well we may have a remedy how you can at least control them will be talking to an expert. Robert Ellis Smith he's a publisher and editor of the privacy journal to talk about how you can get signed up on the do not call registry although. I'm told now there -- a lot of ways that these companies or gaining -- round and how does this impact our. Privacy rights here and we'll talk about that. This hour though we're going to be talking about something very relative to summit Tom although to date. Probably not so much -- probably got overcast conditions in fact were under a flash flood watch for most of this weekend's -- manuals on again off again rainy weekends and one thing it does help cool temperatures Stan and also eliminates the problems some that'll missed the sun. We're going to be talking about summertime skin care take any scandal over the summer also what to look forward checking for skin dances. Also tanning -- to use them -- they -- for the not will get the latest from an expert dermatologist. -- this Aaron Jackson L issue health science and his dermatologist who practices at autumn and dermatology and we never line right now doctors say thanks for joining us today. It today I am correct on cloudy days. Probably not as much risk but a lot of people maybe have a false sense of security when it comes to mind getting some -- hired stations from from glare all light even on days like. Absolutely so. Although the trend is not as bright ultraviolet rays will still penetrate on the cloudy day in the we recommend that you Wear sun protection even on a cloudy day. If you would maybe just off by telling -- how dangerous are the ultraviolet rays of the sun in an always seeing humble more of -- prevalence on -- can't just seems that we all we just -- -- more -- Is it actually becoming more of a problem. That we can get a little bit of both of those things. Certainly the layers of old people blocked at an -- and we are cool and increase in the incident. And yet. About 3.5. Million skin cancers per year in the United States in Italy and there's been re entry. Indeed numbered in fact there certainly. More people are educated. The American Academy of Dermatology has spent the last couple years. And educate people out win to get into the airport how to what to look for. In your hand and the people are coming to determine how to -- that we are protecting more and yet it and we're detecting then that. Malignant far -- it melanoma at earlier stages however there are more interest out there. Exactly what is a melanoma -- him a lot of public service announcements telling people to. Have those little skin not moles and things checked out because it could be the start of something extremely serious side. Skin cancers nothing to play -- it's it's melanoma is as serious as any other form connectors and. Absolutely absolutely so. And yet there can be divided and in -- pipes that -- -- -- it works with. And it well and -- melanoma technical impact. When you're dealing with 8000 -- without what you are there common. The chair -- and even detect it early in 97%. So you are going on in the -- survive -- it up one of the common forms. However you develop melanoma. And it is thought that you're 2016. About once every six Americans. Will develop melanoma. So it that put it on the right now. But we -- an -- -- in the early stages you can -- 90%. Chance of surviving however that. Spread regionally -- at Hewlett. Your your chance to -- I think account. It's a melanoma. Spread in the area around and you talk about 62%. Chance -- about and by the year. And it -- -- by the kind of stagnant at army and instantly two year -- are two year you went and being up about 15% chance of surviving. The year so you can see that it is. It is very different in the attack the incident is intent would be that they unfortunately. We're talking with doctor Sarah Jackson with the LSU Health Sciences Center she's a dermatologist practicing at the Ottoman dermatology. Clinic if you have any questions about skin care among melanoma so please call us and 260. 187 he is identifiable for area. Outside of that -- you can call still free at 866889. 0870. We also have a text message board member Don rules the text no texting and driving we want you to text responsibly if you texting have a designated driver. If you're driving have a designated texting is simply text your message your question or you comment to 87870. And as I read these text please keep in mind if you punch in the Dow and you catch me in mid sentence that may or may not be in my opinion on that of this station. Is solely that of someone who is stake in the times and -- attacks are we asking you to do that. Sorry if you would. -- -- The melanoma. Tom tell me exactly what are some of the signs that people should look for on malls in in and also may be where they can find -- the -- line or publication. Where maybe some photographs and images of some that really need to be checked over can be found what would it look like more differently. Animal. -- week. We recommend that you seek the American Academy of Dermatology at. -- and looking to do but aren't accountable and we talked about the AC CDC -- talent and when you're inaccurate -- animal. You're looking for the eight symmetry the decimal. Symmetric key fight it out -- -- -- each side. Could be AP CD is border. That the border regular cricket but have not -- -- the -- that haven't output one and that the border with it. -- see it collar. If you have a high -- in normal. -- and -- and and blacks in that at -- a warning animal. BT -- for high in the air -- amateur greater than six millimeters. Optical at the rate there. That people are more work and archer however melanoma can we count in Kabul but that -- in front of people look at. And -- he's -- there important -- -- people. Call -- DV. You're -- is changing and accidentally he hit it at 61 big change. -- that at the warning should Peter out but eight ECD. And you want even more now. -- -- the anti gay hate the war. And you can indeed there read it on the way. That's very easy to remember WWW. Eight AD dot org. -- Sarah coincidentally I made a trip to the dermatologist yes today and it was amazing and there was some and I'm a little bit concerned about hasn't heard about that now also. Had some things that will frozen off -- I was amazed at how quickly my dermatologist she just looked at the ones I was an enemy disarm honest on on the stump up. Is it take a long time to come up with a diagnosis on one that may be problematic on one that's not. So it it via computer houses is going through your evil aliens and -- quickly accepting a BCD. And yet -- help with it suspicion that the mall and that would. And -- he has -- immediately on animal care and now your results are available -- -- -- -- Saturday. So be the the stadium can be very quick the dermatologist. Well is looking kind of warning signs and you can find out animal in about a week. Thing. -- very good doctor Jackson we're gonna take a break him down a couple of questions that have been -- and also open the phone lines up you got a question on. Skin care for the summertime we're also getting into line as -- Yeltsin. Protection of your skin and anything else you wanna know we've got done an expert witness today. 260187866889087. Will be right back and listen to the think tank on the big 870 WW. And welcome back into the think tank today we're thinking about summertime skin care doctors say Aaron Jackson -- joined us for an hour to talk about. Summertime skin care how to take care of you skin during the summertime also wall what to look forward checking for skin cancers we can get in a tanning beds and of course that. One topic that it can be confusing. SPF. Protection. From sun screens. Sarah got a lot of text him and I've got Mike in Metairie on alliance on wanna hold him up and long let's get to his call. Mica good morning you thank you for calling you on the line with darkness Aaron Jackson. Gordon on morning doctor. Actually about -- -- -- onscreen as -- extra vitamin. Huge increase in that the United States that are represented. Increased exposure to sunlight but people not outdoors as much and not play or my ship on greens. Problem worse. -- be used at sun screen will reduce vitamin. However the American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you get -- by the would be if you're you're suspicious that your body can -- efficient. Obviously figured out there and evaluate. Evaluate for vitamin. And that rule supplementation. Or dietary supplementation because you get here -- I didn't see it -- supplementation. It is not recommended that you use and exposure -- -- about in the -- apple. -- thank you very much soccer cricket. Mike thank you for your call. So I've got a text messaging here and this is real general question and possibly give him some inflammation it's as someone work outside I routinely see people. With scans on their faces is that possibly a -- -- terminal cancer pretty hard to diagnose and sing it but would that be a -- So we we. You're looking for it that means it will prevent that toward that won't heal and that you're looking for might leave a gap that hasn't -- I tell people that -- say. It's for more than a month or Q bet news. That it not only that it should be. I think that that -- cat in the war can definitely be at work on it and should be out. Very good. Here's another one that asked says I need some sun from us arises but I don't wanna get too much what is a good balance should I still use -- -- So we recommend that patients with psoriasis. Ideally be treated with -- medical locating in it. That medical any unit is going to be either there have been EB. What commonly are another formal flight. And that way you take out the other. Part that Alter ballot expenditure that and that accurately we need to. It premature aging of the and okay that's a lot that should get there on on the medical opinion that which is either a doctor's office or can be prescribed and to their house. So that they can use cold therapy. But it's not recommended that you get your exposure arm from -- about -- outside -- recommend that you Wear sunscreen and that that your life. Let -- I'm very good. I here's a comment saying. Our niece and a melanoma and eighteen presented as a very dark mole on the -- that just appeared overnight. She's fine continues later due to quick action don't mess around with odd looking moles and I think that coming ankles. What you said earlier. Absolutely and unfortunately. -- rate of melanoma in young man. The incident and increased at a faster rate than any other part of the population. And unfortunately. We -- directly relate that indoor any bank used. So definitely. He -- bad. Are all in all the increased risk of cancer and efficiently not -- increased at a rate melanoma in fifteen to 29 year old women. Morgan Creek and any other part of the population. While well you know my my generation active baby boomers a lot of what we heard was a son is good boy it's a source of vitamin date. Get out there and people just went nuts over laying out in -- for hours in the sun and now they're paying the price was -- -- scan a lot of -- cases of of skin cancers. But now it seems like even though we're educated now -- then that is not good for you. Seems like the tanning bed has taken the place that there must be some misconception that tanning beds are safe. And you also mentioned a medical tanning that's a few would explain. Tanning beds the dangers to potential harm them and also what they medical tanning bed would be. Absolutely so medical opinion that our our. Our way that we. Specific form of light to treatment and conditions. We used differently apply it to treat differently to the yen to treat conditions but it more -- -- -- scleroderma. Or that are currently active. These are under doctors care we are -- on a flight a day -- monitored carefully. Pink -- which says dramatically increase in over the last fifteen to twenty year. Is now. Usually UV light which is the one content more premature aging. And more -- wrinkled in the end. And there at. -- -- Unregulated also many state that starting to happen more and more regulation. And I think they're very large amount of all propaganda. From the pain in the industry who had. Obviously and that the interest in keeping people in any bad. And yeah. Days have education out there that is that is long -- Educate their workers and and and teach people who work in and say how I learned an update at CNET. And fortunately we know that true BE RD. FDA has just declared. I'm looking -- -- As a part and that it and carcinogen. And they'll all that Internet propaganda. That is it all is unfortunately. -- it is -- at all wrong. While is this some recommended. Prevention if someone wants to use a tanning bed to get attendant would something work that you could take lotion cover something that would. A still give you the the effect it's one -- in tanning but without the home. Absolutely so we say in in Durham county there is Nancy king and they're using the -- to get your client is not the way to go but we recommend product that. And BA -- got -- the Apatow and within that unless any product and these are. Why -- now they're they are great companies that they brought on nicely they come in grade that some increase that something different level. They all usually at the same product it DJ which will hand the end publicly but there simply. And that has nothing to do with the tanning bed. Is there any way to safely get tan in tanning -- other than the medical. There is no way Larry you know aches and -- that are there harmful it is stop them. It is not known carcinogen content. How can these businesses continue to operate when this scientific evidence to prove that don't -- -- the architect in dermatology is actively lobbying congress. To change these laws and looked calm and you have more effective regulation can limit skinny but he's an eight under eighteen. But. We -- up against them. A very powerful. Our economy -- EBP. And industry also is lobbying for a while there are impact -- -- I have a patient who came to immediate few years ago. And she had at that first -- that I ever matter. Ten different elements. Cheap mildly patient ever -- diagnosed with two melanoma on the same day on the first visit and don't talking with the patient about her risk factors that are that are. She worked in the inning bad and she was given freaking inning for years and years. As you all -- in the history her sister had a melanoma. -- She does that count being what it -- in with an update at eight in the industry thought they were told to tell their patient and tell them that. They asked to consider coming in at -- more. At this as a safety and and they were it can't let them get out there and although it is incorrect is being propagated the people who make money -- That's horrendous oh ill or any of our warnings. That are required to be posted either on the -- -- the business on the walls of the business or anything that the customers to sign. Knowing that they're being subjected to this in this could possibly result in a problem much like what has been done with a cigarette industry. Right and so. -- -- State to state -- effort. And in we get an air group prepared out of there were trying to get together and and and accession put to -- -- in law. But the California law and see. There's several other states that have adopted more regulatory. Property that I in the league you know I'm not to outlaw right now but it gets a lot of -- and you can't get under the age eighteen year. I would talk with doctor Sarah Jackson -- gonna take a news break we come back -- -- -- and Harvey's got a great question and got a ton of text questions and comments if you got one relating to summit Tom or any time skin care. A doctor Sarah Jackson with the only issue health science centers will this will be right back after the news. 69 hot dogs in ten minutes that I hear -- -- and mark and -- state it is in gas that can't be good for you health six. Doctors Aaron Jackson is where there's so we're Thomas of the Nelson is not good for your health long over exposure to the sun also without time spent in tanning beds. Not good either she's here to take you questions and you comments with regard to skin care. On the -- -- this is jolt from Harvey Jill thanks for calling on allows Aaron Jackson. I don't know yet I break. Scar on my normal I would have died on this car -- armed recently noticed that kind of come race will hire. I've wondered that. A bit concerned about. So in guarding an indecent -- -- -- return the car. Are you -- where the actual -- if you college in the and it get get ticket. It could it be that your car is. Unfortunately becoming Africa that are equally. It should be evaluated back out. Is that enough on the be at -- era in cancer. Be it predicted that you'll get our act because the car that hasn't hasn't increased with -- and yet. It should be evaluated to make sure that it. But it is in your group or in the open. Market. -- -- Has turned into the aquifer but are you -- It not recommended that Easter favorite event but it gimmicky and again getting creature with the belly another -- -- -- area and it could be even better. It ever called it might recommend that heat cream. At them and chopped it. Skill to reduce the appearance of the car and sit it out again. -- Thank you for you called -- we appreciated phone lines are open to 601878. 8668890870. Also -- tech's board which is very busy at the moment 87870. -- got a couple of on the same question coming appear wanting to know about overuse of sun screens causing cancer. There would be at the way. Has issued a statement that the -- Please share what he act the ingredient in the country and we are always monitoring them or toxicity. But he -- at eight under and the risk that image far outweigh the risk of eating greens which have. -- -- -- Possible toxicity are unproven. Should be be at the FDA is -- isn't very mindful agency when you look at other countries. They're gonna flop it up as about as got a lucky as to have such. Fine regulatory agency looking into these things and so it right now we're back in the use sunscreen and the activities and the chemical there on credit. Honestly all right. While we're on the topic of sunscreens -- and it's confusing to a lot of people SPF these numbers that are on their a lot of people believe the higher the number of the more protection. It affords explain to us if you would the types of sun screens are out there. What that SPF figure means in in -- -- -- dealing with children off. Fair complected people as opposed to olive complexion. Black people what is the property choice of -- of the sun screen for a different skin types and ages. So once again the CIA out weakly. Regulated on screen. And that -- the -- -- beyond some great label. And so what you're looking for they broad spectrum sunscreen. It worked broad spectrum that implied that it blocks that ED NE NG EB. The American academy ever count you recommend that at PF party and that will block about 97%. Of the Andre Burnett get thirty or higher. That it should be used liberally about a shot at -- -- should cover the entire body. They'll pull arm. Couple workshop last fall and the people don't even on screen so it's important to note that you need to -- it liberally. And you need to re apply every two hours no matter how high SPF value and so at PF of thirty broad spectrum outside every two hours and a product applied liberally. If it's that simple why this sought such variations in SPF why would you choose one law perhaps one higher. So many people will choose one higher. Peaking at eight. More are -- more entrenched in -- benefit market and that if there's a lot about 97% of the armed grade. But you don't get that much more patent and it hit between ninety and 99 today and so. Did. Yeah why they make them higher I think it sounded a lot based on and a consumer and and back. They point to marketing marketing a -- water bottle Lauren as -- -- wouldn't that be chosen. What can someone up at consumer which -- -- correctly after it up and wanted to get. Sun. Exposure however we -- it below and get fifteen. Pounds. It did it -- not trumpet. These -- may prevent sunburn but it prevent skin cancer are our our early eighteen. Very good so stick around at thirty news should be good 97% is is high enough if you go higher in -- gain that much more money going to line SPF figure. All right thank you stay with a -- a we got down more he's going to be joining us and got some more text messages but right now need to take a quick break. In listening to the think tank -- -- with you on this Friday morning in the big. 870 WW now. -- on this. Friday our fourth of July weekend with thinking about taking care of -- skin in the summertime also some other aspects of skin care we have with the stock -- Jackson. LSU Health Sciences Center practicing at audobin dermatology. -- are you very popular got an awful lot of text messages and apologize to those we won't get to try to select some of those that -- applied to the most largest audience but we also have a full phone bank to so we wanna get to some -- fiscal two Monty in Metairie on line one. -- good morning welcome to think tank you own -- Jackson. Hey doc I don't. -- Our question of rep. Let it but I today. We're like -- overall it. -- retreat you know. Protect it you know your summaries you know -- -- A lot about adults. Being more mainstream with the beta product. Problem. Like you know could you like you're able forty that you are you know every dollar and -- and but what -- was the real difference between them like. You got one and four maybe you have an adult. Which. They're real they're real -- Tuesday that type of their range if you look but he doctor are also advertises. I eat -- Bush's moral debate on the adult male adult -- -- -- India's role you know would be that this sun protection factor is is it the -- The kind that you will be able to sit out on. And the level of -- that your gonna get. -- and and it to try to double -- for people. We the American can't -- -- recommend and at PF thirty or higher and we upon -- -- hours. That you can keep it simple if you apple entered and been great. But they'll let it eat you up all that protection without going to be obviously that are there right now. It is better is the better outlook protections but the admiral they'll that (%expletive) that you should apply -- in that you should -- -- -- -- Aren't they the incident and Burton -- built. Product. And I'm debate product we'll have more of the physical blocker but I think got hot and titanium like a lot of it'll. How chemical which have been can't. Physical blockers well and on top and chemical little door into the skin and so. If you if you do that -- -- and yet and that that we put on keeping it earned your case. And you may you may like debate product but we knew how are brought back on the product it try to equate. So a physical blocker not necessarily pattern and -- chemical there it made it work broad spectrum that you know what you're getting great. Great coverage and EPA and -- protection. Now -- on that talking about the eight million people like -- under eight they're leaving Iraq and and we actually recommend that you don't use the -- On your -- and I -- in the product. And the war many people. They don't like when things aren't it'll like -- they're letting the island and that he could get product. And brown eyes as they didn't let and I recommend for children. The product on the -- that children come into rock and rap and I find it a whack it out at our -- that -- It really light one that really stand out among among -- you know or like brand. You could maybe suggest a good brand. -- -- -- -- And then you know in in general. I'd like me see the brand that that we see everyday Regina a -- and being now. That you you can't go -- day what a great company but at same time that is the in of these regulations that can make it that it is easy for the consumer. You don't it is not one brand that's necessarily better than the other you can look at the product look at these -- on track yet. Teaching art you know a war -- orient are or any other brilliant. That there deployment FDA regulations that -- try to help the consumer and the very simple. All right we had break we gonna take a quick break and come back in your answer to all Mort you answered a lot of the the the text messages that came into but I got one I want to think about -- -- syncing your response to. We have wanted to ask or zinc based on screens -- and chemical sunscreens will get the answer from doctors -- Jackson. As many -- calls and text questions in as possible right after this time -- listened to the think tank. Good Friday morning from the big 870 WW. Then we talk with doctor Sarah Jackson. A dermatologist practicing at autumn and dermatology we've talked about some -- skin care front and a -- and explore as -- also talking about the dangers of tanning beds. In basically the dangers of melanoma. Sounds got a lot more questions you'll have to get Toobin now Lester -- -- before the break zinc based on screen -- wanted to know they better than chemicals -- -- and I guess that would be a chemical sunscreen. If it's -- -- in what's the advantage. -- actually -- think oxide and Iranian attack are considered physical blocker. These are just that are in the -- Dignity they sit on top of skin in the economic -- business in chemical sunscreens are ones that absorbed into the skin. The physical blocker than scary night for people who happened to the skin. With the chemical maker and we recommend them for children that. Children about. Eight to six months if they need to train a lot and -- what happened to this end and they got that attack in intact matter that product for them. An adult don't like in -- but has -- quite in -- in they don't like she that it is there an epic but it. In product out there and -- when it being. And -- on base there at the elegant and confront at Trenton and so there let -- be independent and I think general. One factory that not necessarily better than the other when you combine that physical blocker and on the bottom at that chemical blocker to get a nice broad spectrum. So you're what it would mean that -- Our sun -- being better than any other is that -- broad spectrum. It's -- broad spectrum whether chemical or physical if you like wait till the end you're getting excellent protection. Very good explanation. I've got another recovering on -- question that keeps coming in and it's dealing with people who are having a problem keeping the sun screen applied because they're either getting wet as sweating. It's absorbed by the close. And we had a caller who had to hang up but says that they have been taking a by miles on screen called common harmonized H two -- Does that work and if so would that be the answer to these people who were out doors and getting wet and sweating and not being able to keep an -- on. Do you know anything about it hadn't experienced. After the -- -- that product -- familiar with the trick in particular but there have been greedy and that called -- podium will promote it. The most common product that. They would have one called Caylee care and it's an oral vitamin supplement that. That he would use the approximate. At PF eight when taken shortly before an exposure. I think that. Like that that ingredient in particular outlook for. Back in -- recommend application. But that and it should be used in addition to other protection. And also remember that doesn't mean it is not to -- -- there would also recommend that you should shape when he KN and that we're on protective clothing. In addition Q wearing sunscreen and then I'd do you think that oral supplementation for some people is an added benefit. Are there any known. Bad side effects negative effects -- taken normally. -- this particular -- that happened about how it hurt you look at that it. -- been steady and there were no major side effects seen in -- in recent journal article. But that doesn't mean that there and and I think that obviously people should read beat packages there and make sure that there's nothing there that more and that. Arrogant that fact that I know what better city. I don't have another Texas comes in says this particular call -- has them. My last month. In a family history of melanoma I use -- Quan -- known more than SPF on my face is it's safe to use daily and is that good enough. So hard to put them -- prescription bleaching product that's used to reduce my -- which had a record segmentation and even in in mostly female that scene and come in people and tragically then you should be regulated by academic politics -- equipment can be used and you're using. As yet product on topic you're practical and a you are you should be taken has -- But at the same time I'll bet that very complicated question should obviously be in it out and bite by. -- I'd very quickly I got a -- coming in now want me to ask you. Fishing clothing and advertise it offers some protection doesn't really work with the issue. The Lily I'd I'd love sun protective clothing their Mini Brand now matter. That are available. And I think there are wonderful. Very good. Sarah thank you so much having was a wanna reserve the right to get to back maybe we get into the fall season because even though it's a little cooler is not on people's mind but the dangers of UV rays are still out there and got a lot more notes on taken you know has some more questions for you on an excuse. Thank you very much doctor Sarah Jackson LSU Health Sciences Center. Who practices at the audobin dermatology clinic -- we come back we're going to be talking about those annoying cell phone calls that you get them. Check out -- pretty opinion poll question on the web and give me an answer yes and no -- WW well.