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7-19 12:10am Don: on Dr. Mary's Monkey

Jul 19, 2013|

Author Ed Haslam talks about his book Dr. Mary's Monkey which tells the story of the murder of Dr. Mary in New Orleans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon in the -- and it's done -- -- -- on -- ST Friday addition of the think tank we invite you into. Third and final I'll -- a special hour ago a great guest and CNET has element quite awhile glad to have him back in a lot of you hear that name. Immediately know who I'm talking about as you followed that his very fascinating story. As closely as I did in fact it's an ongoing story image yet may be taken yet another turn in needs here in town. To talk to us about it thanks for coming in appreciate it. Who said as a on the wall and son native. Spends most of his time now in Florida. If you would it kind of tell us and I don't know how you do bitumen is doing very well. It's a very long involve complicated story goes back in history fifty something years. And but you managed to condense it all down and explain it very six in league. What this whole fascinating stories about. Mary's monkey. And it is a investigation into. The murder of doctor Mary Sherman and basically this happened 1964. And the issue is that when they found Mary Sherman her right arm and rib cage was missing. And there's enough then that could happen. In her apartment that could -- that -- -- so we're left with these sort of in -- capable conclusion that Mary Sherman was -- somewhere else. Was terminated and then was brought back to her apartment in a body bag and a murder scene was faked. Now with that did was that took her from the original location and to rupture in the NO PD jurisdiction. And as I started looking into it and say what could burned off Mary -- arm my. Inquiry led me back to the US public health service hospital downed -- to illustrate. Which in 1964. Was a federal. On a piece of property and they had a Linear particle accelerator unit and that Linear particle accelerator. -- being used for secret research on monkey viruses and it burned off Mary -- arm. And that means. That's federal property. That's FBI jurisdiction. And by pull on her back from that place to her apartment that dropped it into NO PDU jurors. Action. Now the issue is that that facility. Is now owned by the children's hospital. And recently 2012. And they're gonna renovate them and when they do. We're gonna lose all the evidence. So what I'm trying to do unbeaten drama on on this visit is to try to get a qualified forensics team in there either from NO PD or FBI. To see what the real evidence is before they tear it apart and right of it. And you know -- I think it's. It's an LPD's had this with multi on the back to you pardon my expression for 49 years now and I think it really belongs in the FBI's cold case thing because they are actively. Investigating over a hundred cases from the 1960s most -- civil rights cases. But they've got the staff the mission the resources to do it and the NO PD frankly is busy dealing with a murder epidemic right here in New Orleans and try to protect the citizens. What are you hoping. To forensics examination of this facility will reveal. That will maybe make a break in the whole case that you've been following him if you could. Kind of extrapolate this out to to how it ties into the JFK assassination. And in even. A bigger problem of cancer. Epidemic -- action. Well the -- we start with the cancer epidemic of animals get to the rest of it the polio vaccine. Was grown on monkey kidney cells. And when they took out the vaccine they got all the other viruses that were in the monkey kidneys. And after they had released a hundred million doses of the polio vaccine they realized it was a cancer causing virus that it. Well we have a cancer epidemic today a massive one all throughout America with a baby boomers these -- the people we got the polio vaccine. And I think there's a connection between the two. And the important point is when they realized this was which was 1957. They kicked into gear to do something in 1959. All monster gets approved for a race sensitive position is to term. He used approved by. Public health service campus. And they start. Roasting monkey viruses using radiation on the monkey viruses to mutate them because they are trying to find a vaccine. To stop this SP forty which is a cancer causing virus and they do this 6061. We know who the players are. On the unit and -- when we talk about not all that on on Saturday. And -- oil. And then 1962. We get Cuban missile crisis. And the world asserts loses its trade with the embargo and everybody's worried about the Cubans new -- and they decide to take these aggressive. Cancer I can't cancer viruses -- again and turn into bio weapon to kill Fidel Castro. We know that the CIA was working on killing Castro -- -- Who work with the mob and doing -- -- Therefore the world's want to be in pretty good place for all those people come together. And so that is basically what happens there and in 1964. After. Lead dies and Kennedy guys. Mary gets her arm blown off and happens to be right when the war commission is here investigating. So what we now know is that Mary Sherman was working Lee Harvey Oswalt today. She was the head. Brain on the on the project and Lee was kind of -- logistics guy runner and stuff. But we've now got witnesses in the patio apartment who saw Lee in there with -- chairman. We have witnesses who lived in the patio apartment it's totally would come on over go to Mary -- department pick up some stuff and go into one ball dances apartment. And it was start flush in the toilet 20/20 five times and grow. That's why sometimes this happens at once twice and had known this was night after night for a week after week in August to 63. And so what they do and is disposed of the tumors that Judy was bring in over from -- repairs department. And so we've got witnesses now we didn't have before. Which this one Valdez guy needs to be tracked down and arrested and interrogated so because he was working with -- Oswalt. This bio weapon that they're talking about we used to murder a prisoner. On the prospective mangle -- him over to Jackson Louisiana they injected him with the bio weapon leeward -- up their two days later. Ought to make sure the bio weapon worked prisoner died on 25 days later and we took the bio weapons and Mexico. You know so in the bio weapon Mary Sherman Lee Oswald all the stuff is all tied together. And how this relates to the Kennedy assassinations -- governments Italy killed. Which LV did but that's how it connects. -- specifically what could be in that building that would be of significance that they would need to track down -- believe you've already got proof that the existence of -- The what was it called a Linear park particle accelerator. Yeah that that the wiring was there and the only reason that line was and had to be sufficient to be able operate at peace. Right now and the engineer who originally told us about the wiring said he had been in the business 25 years and he had never seen wiring that powerful so. Up somebody should see what wiring is there and we should get into the records of the atomic energy commission and -- the plans we know the company that built a Linear particle accelerator its high voltage engineering which was then based in Boston. Which is where Mary Sherman was with the two weeks before. Her death. And there might be blood there to might be traces of radiation. I mean I've had people say otherwise and any Linear particle accelerator -- -- I think there was okay and -- And if we can prove that then we've got the absolute evidence to say this is FBI territory not NO PD territory. And I think that's where we ought to put the focus. I would talk illness doctor and has them if you wanna get on the conversation calls at 26 though. 187 New York 8668890878. Will be right back after this timeout and listen to the think tank on the big 870. WW. And welcome back into the think tank witnesses and has on the author of the book very fascinating book called doctor Mary's monkey. -- here in town to be giving a symposium tomorrow evening at Loyola university in -- before we go any further. Let's let people know about getting tickets is beginning a lot of requests right now. Okay it's Saturday morning actually at 9 o'clock and all kitten and wanna make them late. And we only have a certain numbers -- so you need to get a ticket they advance and if you go to doctor Mary's monkey. Dot com you spell out doctor DOC TOR. There's a link right the top of the page and if if they still have tickets you'd be right there. I -- of that will be from nine to one. And again what is a symposium gonna come over covering. The first part of it is illegal aspects about Mary assurance murder. And the second part is about medical aspects. Let's get to the phone line -- we have Larry -- from Baton Rouge Larry says he was a patient of merry Sherman's on line theory Larry thanks for calling tell me. About your relationship with doctor Sherman. That it -- or you'll. You'll obviously a polio -- Yet okay what do you make it Shlomo. My own problems and she was brought into proper. And if you remember because I didn't and you know we haven't picked it back. I mean report. And credit traumatic -- -- correct. -- Spoke her anger. And they. Wondering could there thing happened and he. -- I mean procedures that -- Record -- wonder -- he would accompany him and are right there. -- -- -- -- -- I don't have any. Direct information on that that tends to be in medical records and I don't have access to the medical records. That I have spoken to people who. Had polio got it in New Orleans at school. And they got it before the official release of the polio in 1955. So there is some. Level of unauthorized experiments that we're going on in the New Orleans public schools. Column in around 1953. On this one woman Pickler was talking to she says she got polio the day before her eighth birthday. So she knew precisely and exactly where was and her eighth birthday it was like in 1952. OK but I got to -- I think -- war and they don't they test that out of that being announced who we were very. And there's ownership of -- but we people's call not a good America. Yeah I have a few of those cues myself Larry I remember well. Okay Larry thank you for the appreciative. And I'm embassy in the copy of measurements autopsy and people who do want -- colonists they basically say it was a joke. As far as -- what was then the evidence and then a permanent net termination of death in the clauses it was certainly. Didn't and a. Well it is the problem was there. For a different steps that happened the first thing is what -- called the maiming of Mary Sherman won her right arm and rib cage got burned off with -- electricity. She was still alive after that. And somebody terminated her. With a precise stab wound to the heart -- seemed to have medical knowledge I also heard rumors that she had hard. Narcotics in -- system like morphine. And of course we know she was found -- will removing clothing injecting people -- morphine is standard medical procedure for taking care of third degree burns. Which is what she had. So. Whoever's killed her with a stab wound to the heart that was all done over at the US public health service hospital. And they put her in a body bag and they brought her back to her apartment and by the time she got back to apartment -- mortgage that are he said -- And they later on the bed and when the fire and if they put clothing on her and stabbed her at that time and then they set fire to the clothing. When the firemen came they grabbed the mattress and pulled out she rolled off the bed onto the floor. But her arms are still her arm Tuesday is still stretched out straight and her legs stretched out -- parallel. Because of -- Mort said and we shoes laying on Gurney. But a fire that wasn't hot enough to completely consume a mattress completely burned off a torso. They don't they whatever burned off the torso did not burn here and X two yeah. OK so you have a very localized heat source and the only thing that does that release high voltage electricity. Is there any opportunity of working within OP deal on this -- to get more information from them more like. Different nations the information I'd like to get from the NO PD I have a memo from. And it was requests from NO PD to the FBI for help in the investigation. Well Hoover told his agents do not investigate this I like no active investigation. OK initial notice on the second page. That says Mary Sherman right arm rib cage burned off somebody's name was founded her address book. Well who had -- Sherman's address -- the NO PD did what was that name that they. Immediately told the FBI. About tell the boss we've got his name in the address book. Why look at the name it's rejected a -- I can't see the name but it's got six letters in it. Well off the names that has six -- hassled at six lenders -- about -- was my name. Oswald OS WAL day and I got two witnesses that saw Oswald in the patio apartments who won album. Saw Oswald Nguyen -- Sherman in Mary Sherman's apartment. And she says Mary chairman used to telephone Oswald. So we have a reason that Mary chairman would have Oswald to number -- fumble. Now they tell they had the FBI this at the height of the Warren commission dead woman's guys -- -- name inner headers bodies -- are -- -- don't basket out. Stonewall let's go to telephone line to get done in general on line three Don thanks for calling you on an enhanced. You know and it. The interest simple that is the first book written three days. It was very. On a more personal note that I was born in 56 annoyed at the polio vaccine. And in 1992. -- God like it might also our -- Which you mentioned mentioned in your book. As one of the cancers. That you know -- -- and -- children up and thought that was very interest in them and kind of freaked out about it that the sentence. And ordered not a personal note mr. -- by Adrian Alba who. Randy parking garage that we -- all of visited and took automobiles of it was my neighbor. Good to the every talked you down and not allow -- arsenal. No and -- actually I didn't know that was the connection until I read the book. But -- -- they -- avenue unit at risk. That's right in New Orleans is the world's largest small town. Justice at at what point time was the can't notebook. When they. The argument polio vaccines. Well officially. It started in April of 1955. And the first one was the Salk vaccine which was withdrawn after three weeks it was so faulty. That they came back with a Sabin vaccine which was originally a syringe and later sugar cube. And the contaminated vaccines they discovered it in 196061. Discovered the cancer causing virus and it. But they still had another hundred million on the shelf and they kept distributing it until 1960. Detriment to show Q what was -- school. So we're hopeful that. That range right. When -- Ingraham who. 61. That's the time for him. On either. My thanks for the call I appreciate it I will be back in continue to -- decision within has the right after the news you listen to the big day seventy WW house. And if you prefer to Texas a state 7870. Remember that texting rules please note texting and driving tech responsibly use of designated driver if he's going to be texting. I got this one coming in saying I'd go and get my hair cut at the same salon is Mary's coworker no joke great book read it. Four years ago needs to be a movie -- we discussed that is a possibility. That to marries monkey or android Judy and and Lee in non -- in me would become books -- become movies sure there's possibilities I think had a lot of near misses it now. Movies do take money in and professionals who know how to make them. And I continue to get inquiries and have conversations. And I hope that some of them. Turn into it I mean nobody wants to see a movie made about this more -- and not so -- is much standpoint of certainly it would be now. Revenue producer but they could mean expose it to somebody who might have some information out there. That might be a big break in the case for many many different angles book but look at what Oliver stone's JFK movie did here. I mean all of that information was in -- garrisons book and nobody knew about it. And and the movie just blew the lid off for the whole thing cause the JFK records act I mean literally cause the congressional. What would you consider some significant inflammation that someone out there listening might hand some knowledge. About Mary Sherman about the operation that went on with David aryan Oswald's operation here in long -- -- it could be any number of things. Yeah I mean and that there could be this some a lot of the people that a lot of the players unfortunately are dead days and for example. This Martin Luther King's Speech was on August when he well the Congress of Racial Equality planned it that voter registration drive. -- -- Louisiana for the following day when everybody was pumped up on that America. So but Clay Shaw did know that. When he drove Lee Oswald and David ferry up there. And that's how they got caught in that whole situation but there were people who work. At the hospital who are obviously working with them -- cuter dog came out climbed in the car so they can get in a -- all kind of pieces of this puzzle this one -- this guy that we talked about. I got a phone call one day from frank Hayward. Frank Hayward was the NO PD homicide detective that investigated the -- -- case back in the sixties radiant retired you read my book in the east. To call me up out of the blue and so on talked about this. And he said. Just a -- from instinct here at. If I had to arrest somebody I would have arrest at that one involved as. I didn't have enough he can't arrest somebody for murder and punch but if I had to arrest somebody would -- arrested him just remember he didn't add up to -- okay. Turns out. Mean -- is one involved as guide today and he's the guy that was flushing the toilets. With Lee Oswald. And so you and I even talked to neighbors on the guy so suspicious he wrote a letter to the FBI about. You know I -- their pieces of this puzzle scattered all over the city. People might have built to install the Linear particle accelerator. You know that might have dismantled when they dismantled -- there was guys with machine guns there. I've had people -- banned in the building I have men in the building personally don't want trespass but I think the people who legally in the building Tellme. That what's in the building is exactly but I explained in the book. Okay and that's why I wanna get a forensics team in there to document it. Because it's one thing for me to know it's another thing for the -- law enforcement and judicial system to now. Well obviously there's a lot of people who have been inside that building for a variety of reasons. Over the past fifty years. 260187. ER 866889087. Via telephone lines. A by the way this some information if you -- -- -- out more about and Haslem you can check it out. On garlands homework page on our website go to WWL dot com. Call -- homework page and look right there on the bottom right hand side. Let's talk to Roland he's been alone for a long time in Metairie on line one payroll and thanks for Colin. -- -- -- they actually district they remember they can assure you wall I don't remember what grade. What Powell don't want that to come back yard -- that do we now the can't talk about I can remember taking it so. I actually born in making sure it's just -- And it seems like in 196162. Hours -- forum -- 626 threatened harsh grade. So schools take Internet -- at action. Wait he yeah. Well last year. Jay and I were really concerned about it's. The contaminated. Polio vaccine was distributed from 1955. To 1963. -- sixty. And would you know act quick grade level children would get an inspection. No not exactly but they were giving it to the young kids and and I only cigarette -- I was a young kid at the time you know how old where the other people I don't know but the com. You know it's very well documented many books about the polio. Epidemic on that that's a septic and wanna talk about it's Tuesday finished with a skull where where did this epidemic come from. But the the polio vaccine itself contained SP forty and that was to Serbia from 1955 to 1963. Mostly through the school systems. Well -- And books are read immediately that you root out. Which are made to -- and our marketing which I'm about three quarters of the way grow and it is just more and I heard people talking about this. -- -- all places and we're all very much concerned about this Cheney did polio actually look at many others in this age. You know and it has taken it. -- best lesion in my crawl and thank you very much. Okay thank you ruled. And you won't talk about the polio yeah -- Look we've all been talking about you know we all heard about polio epidemic in the polio vaccine and all the fear and all the hype. And I ask myself one day where did this polio epidemic come from when did it start. And so I went to the CD DC and I got the information. And what happens from. You know basically about 19100 to 1955 is is two years on the chart. It's pretty flat until you get to 1942. -- 1942 had about 2000 cases. All of a sudden in 1943 jumps to 101000 cases. And goes up to 55000. Cases and doesn't come down to the 101000 case level to about 1960 or so when they epidemics over. So what caused it to jump. In 1943. What happened in 1942. Well. Antibiotics were introduced into American clinical medicine. In 1942. So you have to ask yourself is there a quid pro quo of direct causal relationship. Between the introduction of antibiotics. And the onset of the polio epidemic and as I got into the mechanics of this more. I realize that out of a hundred people exposed to polio 99 and didn't get -- Back in 96 showed no symptoms at all. Because it and -- tickets pastor intestinal wall and gets into your blood doesn't cause polio so what happened to the intestinal walls. With antibiotics. Stranger things have happened we'll be right back with talk within has little. Up next will be Sonia we got John and we'll get your call in -- 260187. ER 866. 8890870. And right now we're joined by CBS with a CBS news update. CBS news special report on Peter King moments ago the White House briefing room President Obama speaking publicly. About the George Zimmerman trade on Barton case the case. Such as this reasonable doubt was relevant. And they rendered a verdict. There his first comments since George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Martin's last Saturday night win that trip on mark rose were shot. I said that this could have been much -- Another way of saying that is. Veteran -- could have been me he says the big picture goes far beyond the suburban case -- it's important to recognize that. The African American community is looking. At this issue through. A set of experiences. And and a history. That doesn't go away mr. Obama asks if -- Bob Barton was of age and -- could he stood his ground that night. He says this is time for all Americans to do some soul searching. CBS news special report on Peter King. This is where everyone else gets their news the news source for New Orleans and the gulf -- C news talk and sports leaders the 871053. WWL left and WWL. Dot com. I'm back with that has some -- now joined us on you who's listening to us in -- woman Sonya thank you for calling you all a bit. I think he'd gone. Mister hat -- I'm so glad that you have this opportunity -- to listen to it because I've been. I've read your book several years ago at the recommendation of -- retired talk show host not at this station. Who with a master's in political science and he was convinced. About the conspiracy against JFK and while a lot of the calls have been about polio. Which my cousin contracted one month before the vaccine came out. My comment but by this I trained at public health service hospital from 1962. In the fall to 1964. We heard the monkeys screaming at night and the the explanation until it. It was coming from the offensive because which was and close proximity. I lived on the campus the two years had a room about. A 10250 yards behind the hospital with the dorm. The guys on the third floor ladies on the second floor and downstairs but entertaining. And it was. It was that evident that something was happening but you know everything was covered up I also can't. -- I know personally relied on family who was with and a PD II no one has given garrison family members worked with her. And everybody that we India I haven't seen these people in a long time but every everything you'd you'd say in your book. Can be hit hit that Stanton value I was never really a conspiracy. Theorists. I didn't believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone and I just didn't think it was. That plane and that it and it can lead to evidence -- -- that like and I have a friend who lives on the NO PD he helped start them the America. Division and I have cannot that would you know by customary -- America pieces -- -- -- an up. So we haven't gotten together yet talked with another friend of mine who she she read the book she worked for a position at two -- years. And he's he's -- had the book from Florida where he's retired. And she and I went on the tour Bobby's draft which I think people which at the morbid sort just that they just how far away -- which. It wasn't very far away from one residence to another. And and how all of this was so doable. And Alec is absolutely fascinated by it. Sony's did you have any contact with -- Sherman when -- -- come no I. Didn't but I remembered her her. Her. -- murder. It was -- but you know felt horrible and it in the it was in the news and I would open -- I was eighteen that was between. Eighteen and when he and I remembered it very well and we -- -- where she her residence where all happened and or with the body with. I should say but it's the only thing I I didn't know I think this -- when you really -- that it was a fan that grabbed. Accelerator in -- the building went public their health campus. They're -- it. Pendergraph the MIT professor designed the Linear particle looks brighter and started the company high voltage engineering. There was one I'm not sure that this an arrow or just the matter it's like timing but and I'd like it that it's been several years since I read the book you know all the red immediately but -- -- very -- which is. Also fascinating what you got -- effort -- chapters. It would and it's corroborated so much but if the there was another -- in secret unit in the area charity hospital I thought it. Hold on just seconds -- you're gonna get active and got to take this quick break will be right. Never enough time -- has them give us your website how peeping get tickets to tomorrow morning's event that website is doctor Mary -- dot com.