WWL>Topics>>7-24 5:35pm Saints training camp starts tomorrow.

7-24 5:35pm Saints training camp starts tomorrow.

Jul 24, 2013|

Mike Detillier talks Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NFL analyst Mike Didier dog does now might this thought our training camp he's here players report tomorrow press conferences and practices. On Friday might give him break it it down what are one or two things might stick -- how to use it should be interested to see develop at the start of training camp. We'll be part about this team's gonna win on offense I mean EU bill with one of the top offenses in pro football and you still have the breeze. In no. Basically the prime of his career. So my concern is protection. And that means left tackle I think that immediate the spot offensively that I want to watch. Inept and it's Charles Brown got the loans. It's his job -- talented enough to win that spot. But will still be there he's like a box -- least will be dropped eleven -- well you know you don't know that. And out think you might come out of training camp and still not know. Are told that to me is a concern because I gains when you watched musical get Indianapolis to shut down Robert Mathis the next week. Didn't have such a good came when he went up against crystal ball. Not a question of the talent it's a question of hell and can he stay healthy for a sixteen game season the other big question mark album off that. Is. What -- called the new factor. This team. Is in the game today is people way. You're in big game is getting extended now more and more plays you keep in his defense on the -- you Wear them down. But every once in awhile you got to drop in group called. And is Joseph Morgan going to be that new player. That god can stretch your defense. Make up big plays for you get a quick score and put 7UP on the board. Kenny do that on a consistent basis and will mentally pick up some of the things he's had difficulties -- So predictably to meet goals and two spot. Do you had that stretch god can give you that new factor on -- team. And -- that tackle position on defense you know what an accurate and it everybody the same thing last year. It was going to be aggressive last year. The same comments were made well with Steve Spagnuolo we can be more aggressive we were aggressive in the Gregg Williams not going to be more aggressive now -- be aggressive again. This in this week. It's all about talent on defense and how well you can utilize that talent. All all mentality happen. This team has been good set of your defense and play as the -- all they do not happen -- pass -- Do not -- on the roster right now. But you've got a lot of kids that maybe you can comment piece this together. What you saw the development of Cameron Jordan last year you got a keen hicks. John Jenkins the rookie. Patrick Robinson wouldn't let me go let up and really played well down the stretch. Everybody was great about him in training camp and and you know he went back to being -- saint Pete rob that we saw in 2010. -- -- What it is a really good young player at that cornerback position. Along with the two veterans. That you know what you're gonna get from that being Curtis -- Jabari real. So I'm just that this thing that mix up how quickly drop king get them to play -- -- Get him to believe and what he's doing what is gonna put him in the right spot to make a play. And their ability to get off the field third. I'll be honest with you -- everybody talks about giveaways takeaways it is number one on everybody's list of things to do. -- about it today is one B is. Third down efficiency offensively and defensively the pocket and keep but the event on the -- but definitely the game I'm out ward and now. And they're gonna -- spot mistakes -- that you know to give up five touchdowns. It's the waiting game to -- there's more good offensive player -- Good defense a player. I'm gonna Wear you down in -- -- walk out said that in the -- with twenty years and I really believe it is it's still true today. Not that up back to gain more in the fourth quarter than a pass rush. Yet you might have a great quarterback but it pocket put pressure on him and sports and to make a couple of bad girls and get him off the field. I got a chance to win a game not that affect the game more in the fourth quarter. Then a pass rush so that's still a mystery on this team are like -- good young developmental players that could potentially being here. And I think the one factor I think some people missing. And the selection of -- but -- knowledge -- old guys still believe that he is gonna translate well to the NFL. One of the things skinny but our world. I think will really help this football team out he's physical he's up you play to run well people wrong Landry coming out of -- bear recently play. If you look. And what has been a sore point for this defense. It has been their inability to match up well now -- with tight ends. You go back to that playoff game in San Francisco Byrd and Davis seven catches 180 yards two touchdowns. Last year Tony Gonzales. But Falcons in two games fifteen catches 108 yards three touchdowns. Greg Olsen with Carolina. It was a solid start at eleven catches and 141. Yards. Dallas Clark with Tampa Bay -- his career thirteen catches 93 yards and a touchdown. One thing I think Kenny -- won't do instantly. Is the match. Pretty well. Against those very athletic tight ends that you see each and every week it has been a problem with this team in it. Ability to match up well against them is your ball -- will become validate interceptions no but you know what he can do we can run up the Alley will be physical in run support. You match up well the bills tight end so I think both of some of the things to watch. As training camp developed the development of the young players. I think Woolsey book Cairo's ability to match up pretty well again. Tight ends down field the question market I don't think anybody can give you the answer to. My. Mike also now you talk about that a second there -- standpoint. What about the past Russians and I go back to one come commented. On my back had a chance to visit. The coach rob Brian he's sick Kenyon Coleman into 34 defensive scheme is the best. Walk now ought stand up. Outside -- against the run in the league in week we kind of we kind of hit on net so obviously he feels like he's got a solid run. Stop but in a guy like Kenyon Coleman now the other guy brunt of the dallas' -- -- on the opposite side and stressing. Victim but look he's not in the mix what happens -- yet in my -- ending says it will rob Bryant told that I'm playing well was shoot -- -- at best in the league long on first down easy in the game. Because it up they were trying to establish the run to begin plays stout against the run hole is -- home I mean how and a Rob Ryan has that kind of common it's. How -- I'd be given that opportunity. Right of the bat. Yeah Bob I think that one of the thank goodness he would Robin at all -- line defense is that they wanna stop the run first. That left defensive end spot is the one the law because. Most teams or right handed so you can run to the right that I have a pretty stout guy that that the Pentagon position I don't first and second now. That would be the spot not a thing with king on because of his age. Can he hold up throughout sixteen games he's and so. You know team -- is certainly going to be in the play there fought back. And I I agree I think that's the one area on this team I think you won't see improvement very quickly -- Because if you go back to Rhein defense -- they put a lot of emphasis on stopping the run. Acting on -- line is pretty bit. If he's healthy. He's the guy that can certainly help you on that first and second down as a pass rusher. Bet that not a lot of guys would any randomly be -- you know you look at junior bill that watch it it doubles I would get it up all the past Russia's they have. -- Will Smith aboard as well. -- economy manufacturer itself come away with those three guys so to speak and find one guy. That maybe you can kind of when you were a little bit. There is no the Marcus where on this football team but -- also there was nobody there -- this team. But you gonna have been doing it with people that you really. Come out hope comes through for you but that football around and made it real short outfit the one guy what they -- the best chance. Don't break through and beat that pass rusher and get to that 8910 sacks. Is union go that 'cause when he's been in the game he has been very effective rushing the quarterback. Get that opportunity. But -- you can come into this situation at the start you got to see the ball now somebody goes down. -- -- opportunity to take the baton and hit the tape with it it hit the opportunity topic of the guys we talked about. I think the -- And I watch hill and see what his skills he's a good fit at 34 alignment I think he's got a chance -- -- a pretty good outside pass rusher in that report defense. Now my -- going around the league you keep Pablo with the NFL and obviously -- actually course and also by the NFC south. Two part question. John Abraham were hearing that he's. You know visiting with the Cardinals today do you think he's signs. With the Cardinals -- was one of the past threshers and he's been very productive. In a college uniform when healthy looking at a double digit sack guy and then also -- -- -- -- NFC south Peyton Hillis. The running back signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. -- cheer Proehl. It wasn't that long goal you look in 2010 season. He was six and NFL in total yards in scrimmage and now we see had a good game against the Saints in a Browns uniform. And he was the first player in history for the Browns the rush for a thousand yards at fifty catches had at least ten touchdowns -- disappointing season last year with the Chiefs. But what do you think Peyton Hillis brings to the table with the bugs and -- think John Abraham Linda. Bob but he got the ultimate Madden curse Manny got on that come in like. He he -- witness protection agency. -- just hope he still has something left because. He would indeed be the power got it done Morton you know because if you look in for a running back by committee. Does BA and you know that quick fast type runner if you run a pick -- would give you that short yardage big back who can also. Really catch the football welcome and on the back field. Just see how much he's got left in the tank. Everybody -- -- in July. What do you ultimately look at the -- October. If you don't hassle than lap he can give -- -- -- policy steals bottom line would John Abraham you want to get pay. Two months ago he was in Tennessee and it thought it was gonna sign with the Titans. It's our real job. They get paid -- and realize that he has aged he's not gonna commanding huge contract that he wants now but you know what we look at that -- roster. That's a pretty good supporting cast around. You you got some talent -- it with. Toll at Campbell one side you got Darnell Dockett with the secondary would Pedersen. Got Kevin mr. -- you come in and. It's gonna come down on the cash bottom line because when you look in that division. Put him to get out there with the -- playoff spot and catch a playoff checked. -- -- gonna have to overpay him that's on I think you look around for the best spot that'll pay him the most money on a team. That is -- playoff contender. When you look at that NFC west how which changed now. The Cardinals to get out this year and I'll be more bulk than anybody else to bring him there because you do building heavyweight champ all that's -- is going to Seattle. NFL analyst Mike did today's game -- -- see I can't. It could be that about right all right as a sports talk on WWL.