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8-08 7:10pm Bobby & Deke: Saints training camp

Aug 8, 2013|

Hear from Saints coach Sean Payton & players PLUS get a Chiefs perspective from sideline reporter Kendall Gammon

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Christian arrogant for the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside our resident pro Bobby -- there and -- did it will rookie hazing going on all right. They got Christian it's you know so that's a tradition I think that the v.s -- as far as the defense of the hazing. Would see what it did they. Paved the rookie -- but Cairo and in. -- to the goal -- -- they do -- they they wrap -- head to toe with David did a good job because they're able looks like to get away. Without any help from their fellow rookies. Usually I mean Christian you'd like in a straitjacket that big where you literally have to have scissors to cut you out. And any kind of you know -- so -- cold water ice water in. And I and I seen players in the past our rookies in the past. Has sometimes taken a -- -- hour hour and a half. And now I don't think you even up their half an hour about. So that Dallas. You know a little humbling. You know Kenny Carly you know yard number one draft pick in. You know we Malcolm -- the past yeah yeah yeah Malcolm Jenkins -- and hopefully we needed kinda. You know elaborate a little bit about what happening yeah it's kind of like. As you go of the focus. Next year will -- be doing that relatively new rookies so. But that but I've seen ice bucket to you know it's freezing water. In in this heat if you're outside you welcome bit of being inside their condition. And and normally they're heavy -- down that you can't remove. But it looks like they Whittle those theirselves -- and I think they're kind of -- you gonna hurt themselves I think wanted to trainers and help them get away. Body coming up this hour we'll hear from Saints coach Sean -- as you mentioned safety Malcolm Jenkins also backup quarterback Ryan Griffin. And wide receiver nick -- in. Bobby and give me a couple things to look forward to give me like three things to look for two and tomorrow night's up recent contest against the Kansas City Chiefs. Obviously. The fans wanna -- the defense improve and so. Blog or be awesome now so things. And they're not going to be done at the defense it forced to preannounce back to back I mean I still think you wanna see 1215 placement. You know that'd be impressive. You know bust him there even though you're not doing a blitz and somebody sacked the quarterback you wanna get the crowd fired up. I think the offense. You know obviously you -- sustained drive I can remember. You know get ready player pre season game you want that 1012 play drive him. You know you feel confident in you know he drove the team down and two draws to doing it and get -- -- that -- -- settle for a field goal. And a pretty much after. The first I would say twelve to fifteen plays. You know -- with the offense and defense then you look at it more. I'm individual players them not so much. You know with the unit is doing let's okayed this series. I'm gonna watch a -- hold the line and see who's winning. Are you due to -- with the -- -- line. I think you'd naturally want to follow the ball. And and curry Robinson came around. I think every game he's probably gonna. Averaged twelve to fifteen carries. I would be surprised if he's averaging about five and a half yards a carry. And then he becomes a fan favorite -- can you hear it now and then he had been a call in the post game is we need to put him in the game and unity Ingram. So he you know you can hear that. But you know we got to keep guys healthy so that's the main thing. The first game it's like almost -- You know guys that you get a Connolly over the season -- the Falcons. You know really immediately -- Colston. You know in big advocates series -- team hicks is here and haven't experienced. Cameron charm would you want them you know ready to roll -- Atlanta a week one. So we have to have some luck -- -- -- -- in you factor in Cuba but that's been kind of across the league. A number of teams have at the view that. -- and and he talked about Kerry Robinson but also give me a couple of names of players that you will be you know panic keep it close I'll obviously. The young receivers and you know looking at nick -- Kenny stills. You know when you lose. Players that contributed in a high level. And you lose them and that being like Robert Meachem. You know Devery Henderson and what they did through the years and somebody got to step up. And and so that that's two receivers now. But it also veterans as as played in the league that can be contribute to this -- team Steve Breaston. -- Preston Parker. Then get their opportunity. And see where their -- You know thinking past empire there's still -- -- -- the case but. I can they help and get things done contribute. To make the final roster so I'd say. You know the bills are skilled players that you -- -- fans. You know normally. -- interested to -- Katie -- ROT. And I can really -- hit somebody and it's not like always a little too rough or a cheap shot. Seeing see how excited. He's going to be you know. I think you see him like I don't know 1250 plays him a little more. Of that seeing him how he's flying around the ball from the get go. You know come that first corner but especially guys you know are familiar with you always we'll look at. You young guys to see with the do in a professional game. He's the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert -- crushing Derek went up. After the break Kendall -- Fifteen year NFL veteran sideline reporter on the chiefs' radio network the sports talk on WW LA anathema dot com. Welcome back Christian Derek alongside our resident -- the cajun cannon Bobby ate there. Welcome in now Kendall -- fifteen year NFL veteran and sideline reporter for the chiefs' radio network and can go out and -- you anxious talked about me but first. If you could just tell us how anxious the folks are and and Kansas City about they'd be the debut. Andy Reid. Well you know what everybody in -- all right if somebody -- -- than what you've got going on there right now but in general yeah. Andy Reid has made a city for you -- But to a fourteen seasons in the -- that it happened in the offseason. Have got to stand great Chiefs kingdom really really excited -- just tomorrow's going to be a very very exciting time for you -- them. Now Kendall looking and Andy Reid like -- Sean Payton offensive coach. Ball I'll look at these numbers is nowhere to go -- -- when you look. Aiming for the Saints defense when you're ranked woman for last aren't them last. I was surprised in a theme this. I knew they'd pass the ball well and they were then lastly you know Andy Reid definitely gonna make a difference but points per game only averaged thirteen point. To -- to -- that being that -- Hutus last and to me that that you don't have to relieving trying you can average Warren. Well you're exactly right and there's only one place to go that shot because really. There's probably. Our -- and believe that that team would only scored thirteen points and David it was brought -- on our league. You would bring out -- them this year that's gonna help out tremendously I think he's done some good things in the past. Digit -- as you. Just good report -- Bobby and and and you know that doesn't performed in other things don't work out as well because we've got a rushing game the -- like the the -- traffic good. Solve problems line albeit young so. That couple the fact that they made some good key additions in the secondary. They feel like a -- and that -- -- so -- -- -- -- go to practice. You brought in here as well like here the fact that you can do everything -- got you can hide it like Karros. Bring in all -- against but when it comes down or you've got it on the field than you've got to make ports. Now -- Kendall. Wouldn't look at them foreign there probably won't get as many rushing it has been Jamaal Charles. Like I mean he's a -- at the highest level. I mean he probably won't have 15100 yards. What do you think he's built like a twelve yard back and then Andy Reid offense. Well he has -- It would just. -- -- -- 15100 -- person in terms of talking about structure -- but it's not gonna be Russian because this year when you talk about Jamaal Charles you're gonna talk about him and such is -- Russia because the practice the year glorify it and thought were going to be scoring passes to the right in the left you're -- -- big stable of it is a short little post -- coming out back that we give it to him in place of the you know that has won't come -- world class sprinter speed. When you get him in space that. We got -- an electric and I'll talk about march tomorrow -- like that growing up playing -- he was never so yeah get him. With the ball in space -- what he can do. And now Kendall boy you look at their -- backing -- and when you look at their team as a whole six pro bowlers. But just talk about. Tom -- and you know Justin Houston -- look in what -- had nine sacks used an -- can. Do you think they've built upon that -- Think they do like. I think you're going to beat Justin Houston I think he's one of the bright up and coming stars battle -- retreat for the cause that they believe our program picked up but he had some issues that come to come by and meet people body upper round talent he kind of showed that last year getting him back. I think club book. And clear I'd rather tomba and just we will -- to play -- each other when you've got somebody on both sides now harder pay attention to ball all the time. Double up and I think many. Like he got a little bit tomorrow. Is take a look at number ninety chew up first round pick and while you're. -- on articles this guy drops them wait there what it. It's got a great numbers that you dropped to wait -- -- now only went about 340 -- but -- literally he literally wrong like you can't believe. And his movement is like you can't believe somebody yours side so there's the guys -- doing and preparing for camp and it's an attack you. He felt the that Bob Sutton brought them in New York Jets. And right now other Colin on carpet here somewhere and I don't know if there's anybody in the league that you stopped him from bit more I want to go if that's what side do because. You know he ran a -- five -- forty. 300 and that you can out of Columbine spoke our ears talent and he certainly is playing well beyond his years. Visiting with Kendall -- the sideline reporter on the chiefs' radio network also fifteen year. NFL veteran Kendall we look at this defense from a year ago the Chiefs. -- -- some pro bowlers a handful of Oman. And he look at -- they brought in to rather than run their offense and Alex Smith. Are the expectations and the first year under Andy Reid. Look a playoff team I mean is that the expectations among the fan base there. You know directing. US request from the back they really are they like they have a trip certainly you have to supply and remember what they're doing. And with them going now and getting Welker still having great and doing some good things. That's the bell cow that's where you've got judgment when you look at Oakland San Diego I think those franchises quite all clear a little bit turmoil. As they move along that you're with new coaches and then and things going on with them so the Chiefs have a chance. They've got to know they've got to win their division and it got to win it. And maybe -- pick because you're on the road and that got a great chance so yeah it's low. You -- see this much optimism virtual fortune and all but again next call orders. There's -- particular I'll just reiterate. Had they had more per one out of one position which -- QB last year I think it was probably -- seven and nine or maybe -- -- last year but. It has ordered them target mostly start tomorrow. Now although in the what is your take obviously. You know LSU fans always. It is -- LSU players of what they're doing. Tyson Jackson you have to say worry we drafted. Disappointment. And then you look at -- well I mean it's things like. That he got rewarded but I guess the congress to put -- just talk about those two players but there's a lot of interest in Louisiana kimbo being from -- Well certainly and let me start with. -- -- -- -- there is a great person and fun to be around and talked to him. A fair amount he works hard and I think he's really developed I'm. I think he might have been started a little bit in the caucus system rhetoric you remember you started playing better the last couple years or more -- recovered the last ten games last season. And I think he's had a good camp so far so I think he's only going to get better I'm not I'll never label him but because. I don't think he's been asked you that things. That would make people think he's a star he's been a bank which is gobble up lineman a linebacker from all -- players who know what what else that doesn't get on sports there are people so then when you talk about the Lambeau. -- first couple years. Here -- -- same maybe a little bit immature. Which you know when we've seen people come in the league like that but he had some success. But I watched him really matured to the point to work. You that can help on special -- you were walking down field. And you concentrate too well that got him to the pro ball so I think -- -- a good -- that like to use that you're rewarded in the offseason but what he's done. He's that was -- see them because. They're receiving corps for the Chiefs is not strong aside from him but he's got quicker you're -- and happened to him or he doesn't perform. In which -- certainly not a problem. Winding down our conversation with Kendall -- fifteen year NFL veteran sideline reporter on the chiefs' radio network here on. WW Allen can't go I'm sure a lot of Saints fans are. Interested to see how Chase Daniel does tomorrow against his old mates though what are what are your impressions of him in camp so far. You guys know better than I do but it we have some familiarity with the fact that Uga does do so. This is just the great there. We feel very fortunate to have him certainly still the number two QB crying out merit but. I think the coaching staff up bottomed out for him to bring him in -- -- for the fact that he can help. Alex what else we can help you -- well and and backed it feel like if something happened to your first groups -- beaten going away from game you guys up there and I that he has a catalog and probably because certainly true. Has not been Berry Berry helping him -- at a initially what brought with the help -- But he's been a good additions though. You know no one in the copilot and he's excited come down here has not been that good things to say about his time in New Orleans. Two not -- four years here both the cents up from ninety. Six to 99 oak. Army just replace unhappy to be here but he speaks reverently about it in his time down here and what would you expect that the music class individual. Now I can -- looking at a guy that had high expectations and you seem like he lived up to them. After -- about a safety Eric Berry good. A look at him being a pro bowler and things like as of late it's almost -- a reputation. That he -- being a Pro Bowl just talk about where you think Eric Berry's in his career. Well you know it's interesting to talk about that could I agree with you I I didn't hear him if we will that when he made -- last year but. It looked so good and you know -- that came in yours arguably one of the better our cornerbacks -- Okay from Miami Heat talks about the better in terms of maybe being one of the best they can keep -- up -- around you know he's mobile. Each Smart. He talked you'll you'll see -- tomorrow you'll see him in time in our situation newseum. Kind of a lot hybrid linebacker you'll see him man up on the idea and you'll see him back in the you know that the no thirteen yards normal secondary so he played a lot different things he's one of those guys. That you might term as where's Waldo you're gonna find in their their try to move him around a lot of places and they feel like. He has some -- that that most people go. Now Kendall what is your take is saint Vance went and no. You know you wanna stay healthy and then you look you lose and Garland Joseph Morgan. Steve Breaston will nobody did in a Cardinals uniform. Let's -- six straight seasons. He he was outstanding having 4550. Catches that range. You know he's behind FitzGerald and Anquan Boldin. And he goes and achieves all SN recession I'm thinking he has to be because of a quarterback what do you think Breaston has sent them. Levin and the tank. Trying to make this Saints team. Abrupt and absolutely got a -- -- could be didn't you used. To its full potential last year or so. I believe -- the good receiver that has. -- offered to retain so I know you're you're right on I mean I understand when you look at what happened last year but you know Lester on -- guys. Was -- really different year pleasantly restricting years. And I don't know are there they're around anything like what the cheeks went through last year or so. There -- a lot of it promoter go to article whatever reason he got sent down and I never agreed with that. You know a true. -- in the professional he never complained he just are preparing and trying to do his job and be ready but is -- in Kolb has been difficult. But you look at the year before he had a match your -- and does some good things so. -- your question I think we got a couple of my technique can help. -- understand -- very close without Morton Anderson on he speaks glowingly about. The man to violent indicates again about being there. You know it's been so church. With Bobby's name on them ever occur to. Stories that shouldn't be repeated. On the radio. Although I was all of that so yeah important -- political leaders together in arms about you know Bloomberg about Duke but. You talk about a good a good guy who knows good -- a good person. But it is like Jim is superior they're good people so yeah. I can't imagine -- better teammate is the longer than two years. That -- -- not a good call the Bob Knight thinks about what time you were outstanding. There are areas Kendall Gammon. Can't city chiefs' radio network sideline reporter. Well -- -- -- -- -- -- about Steve Breaston he said he'd almost like B I don't -- shocked -- surprised if he doesn't make the Saints team. You know he thinks he had talent yes I hear a lot levity with me he may not know that is the intricacies of all of that depth that they do have a camera right -- right -- Kenny stills right. And other but I think he's looking Netanyahu to triggerman. The success he had playing with Kurt Warner and now he gets the hook over Drew Brees that. That he thinks that Breaston as a great chance to a lot left in the tank to make this team. What will do as -- step away from my own comeback you'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton right here on WWL -- -- aka welcome back sports talk crushing -- alongside. The cajun cannon Bobby of our resident pro Saints coach Sean Payton wrapping up practice about an hour ago he addressed the media ahead of tomorrow night's pre season opener. As his team takes on the Kansas City Chiefs take -- listen. Once it's. Good. And try to divided up in the -- Other words. Phase one face to face three. And defense might be moving in to face to India were still in phase one on offense we try to communicate that way. And then there's a handful players that are -- transition. And they may be on the field in phase one and and play in -- face too so. First quarter would be. Would be a good starting point. -- Lucas Danica is we want them to get more snaps and it is Richard operators. For his first game local get. All the snaps with the second phase in the end Ronald commend. Probably gonna rest Seneca. Just -- with him coming off his muscle -- make sure he's back on -- percent and I can give him more reps next week. Does that pre season of the year first game at the moment. It. Well I think just getting back to being out on the field practice and in that haven't changed it back. -- record in I think that that part of it's exciting. -- Well -- they've been great you know I think they get excited about our team. And especially the start of the season after everything that went on -- goes so they'll be in excitement level. You know -- nor players are excited to play. Could make good. This is the time you know this this time all spring you guys got started we hear me say we get -- -- had -- so federal. And so this is this is the time for us. To see with these guys can do when the lights along and we're in the games. Nothing new right now we'll see where where the -- -- chance that. Olsen may not play I don't think -- will. -- They just said holes tiller got or excuse me Olson's got. Put. And then don't go -- so -- go from there. Yeah we'll see where there I won't go through all these injured players. Both of them left both of them would be questionable. Overplay him -- these guys we'll see how they handled warm up making decisions. -- thank you. -- Saints coach Sean Payton -- you heard about the end couple of game time decisions I would think that. Bobby in all likelihood you'll see you neglect tomorrow thinking you know -- -- -- Pierre Thomas in Tennessee right now that those two players and certainly not marked as Wilson but. -- this is not the time or any kind of -- she got in the and in those players you know need to push the envelope here but it is an opportunity -- for to evaluate your shopping say. To make up some ground here for some of these players that as -- lesser known. Among the coaching staff is your chance to go out there John. Yet put on the pads finally -- game situations so they actually can evaluate you. The players and the fans are familiar with like practice Lance Moore. On the offensive side. Nancy Drew Brees. Look and -- Curtis Lofton. And Will Smith he said fourteen to sixteen please depending on ebb and flow. So basically could be you know the first water and then you see a lot of young players an opportunity. Like this that would with the wanted offense. That receiving -- I think -- be an opportunity which Drew -- you see. And -- tuning Kenny stills. It's so that's encouraging and as far as the quarterback rotation. I've said this earlier on coach Payton since Seneca Wallace that dealing with a groin poll. He won't be playing them is going to be his game to go to Tuesday is the Raiders and as soon as drew comes out of the game economy the quarterback in. And Brian Griffin all have an opportunity. I think they'll probably be a day in the third probably the fourth quarter. And I hear is former Tulane quarterback Ryan group and on the possibility of plate while it was. -- -- -- Now you I'm assuming it's can be different but right now. Just in the same don't know they're -- don't play another game I'm excited to back out there and what as we speak to you. Quarter -- half. Coming -- reason. Not really. The young guys -- you know it was in the game. -- to order a little more a little less. Knows the penalty. -- gave me tons of guys. Mean the biggest thing for me -- got from him is he's just so bowels of the sport is just so good day. On the give me tips and George Washington example he sets this is pretty good sides -- watching whenever it does give me tip my topic upon us. Yes yes. You know it's it's pretty special. I don't think you appreciate until you go watch. No team practice. Watched two n.'s practice and arms and he's watching drew and and -- and Seneca. Is this view this game go watch our practice is different speed to a practice. It's just different speed so you don't really appreciate -- -- of -- just automatic you know right there every passes where wants to be. And it's very special. That's a mommy are several well there's four game. Just to be different. Going out not playing right away. And just a waiting in. Trying to give back in the second half and try to get ready then. That's a wanting him trying to figure out how many adjust to that. Probably not play LSU is my second start was at LSU. On home -- so I was a rock and a good bit. But I'm sure you don't be going there. Maybe those Saints rookie quarterback Ryan Griffin -- Miami media a few moments ago as well and he's gonna get a lot of playing time out as you heard good -- and explain. Jerry should go out again and a couple of drives if you playing. Quarter little more no less than. You know what I wanna I wanna see him do in that and I'm sure he must you know. Play well and just do what he gonna practice in and I used as a point in his -- gold scrimmage performance. I think Luke McCown also. Really the defense had the upper hand in. You know we talked about the twos and threes and offensive they -- -- and it's a great chance for him to rebound. Against the Chiefs until I know I know Luke McCown and and right group ticket for them and a good performances tomorrow night in the dome against Kansas City. And -- to a receiver nick too and also meeting with the media a few moments ago. He figures to get quite a bit of playing time on Marques Colston and all likelihood I would imagine it's going to rest. -- this -- it'll be nick tune in and a lot of a lot of Kenny stills as well so Preston Parker also in the mix but here is saint whether she predicted. What it was before it gives you. I was excited. You know. Then a long time coming off finally healthy and you know very excited to get out there and get road. The future roles you think you can do or work it. We're going to. Did definitely you know on the next man in mentality it's got to step up in you know go out there make plays and how far. -- the continent guaranteed but didn't look after him the opportunity. You know it's it's it's. He -- great you know fortunate to have the opportunity I have. You know my justice brought. You know what they're perform and showcase my ability and the -- to do so. -- -- -- -- dean of the you do Wisconsin you come here and no I'm not I'm not super. So we're. You know ritualistic or -- thing you know like listen music game you know try to relax a little bit. You know call my mind and you know just go out there and have fun that's my biggest thing is to make somehow fallen in you know I'm having fun when -- play -- -- You feel. But for the moment the good off the -- players. No actually us why you really -- the only thing that ever -- butterflies when our our -- right right before track race and never got butterflies or football. Don't anticipate that it did have they didn't have him in college where you know you never know. You re entry if you think it the perception is you that you were here recently people -- The speed. You know I think one of the things it has has been. Maybe look past a little bit. You know it in Moscow says must be you know I'm not. You know not as fast as Joseph -- you know some of those you know super speed guys -- I -- have decent speed. Didn't showcase it is as much as you know I think -- Could have and in college. But you know is definitely something that you normally wouldn't do go out there you know stretch the field and you know. Make plays and you know get yards after the catch you know on if if the opportunity arises but. You know first first got to catch a ball in -- give lineup in in his blood -- We've -- these. Big stick -- different position. Receiver -- beavers to. I'm pretty much just in one slot right now but you know as he does know in our offense you know. -- down -- formation you end up anywhere so. Maybe half an old going on. From saint drivers here and into their meeting with the meeting you here from. Malcolm Jenkins Saints a particular appearance elements but -- what do you expect -- from a totally unsuitable. I'm looking. I guess have a game -- has 434. Catches. You know 304050 yards of -- kind of a possession type receiver all of a sudden. You know -- third down and six situation. And maybe drew in them like 1213 yard gain I think. He catches the ball extremely well -- and and it drew put it puts it in the vicinity he could snag it and that to me is his main asset what I've been impressed with. You know it's kind of we see is professional redshirt year last year. So I still kind of put -- as a rookie in. Look I think he's more confident this year he's healthy. And notices. Catching ability how -- catch the ball school wood is hands. That's what I've been impressed with and -- -- -- -- -- also meeting with me ridiculous. -- -- You can comment on -- which just happens car runs -- Oh well of course one is -- -- games -- its -- hard. And -- and I didn't everybody goes through at some point. You know -- -- have you did and it. -- Not really because you know I think they they almost -- so little flight out these was away for other rookies can give them -- They got all of -- to -- -- -- with the people -- Individuals and Royals. TB it. Maybe four to go with you know. Courtesy. Are -- Roy individually is this. Just about getting into do brutal game you know we get out there and frisbee team. I make good proper adjustments in the secondary did lined make sure my eyes in the right place slow down. On the just do the little things right you know try to make the plays that come. On the from a defense is -- -- -- wanna be able get out there to the game plan is pretty simple get up there -- flyer around the physical. And -- ass that's it loses games when you see. Guys cut it loose in and play hard and you know we can have -- in those later. Problem right now is this is all Bollywood and individuals in seeing how physical they are small and and how how to grow the game. Somebody young girls probably get a little balls late in the game an easy task force to see what they do they get tired. You know if they resort to mental lapses -- penalties and things like that so I'm going to be a good chance for us evaluate where we are. -- -- do you view. -- so this -- is taking. Right give situation and I think the nickel cover guys in the box. We all over the field. Well I'm not sure how many snaps someone did hit they haven't told me good. I'm I'm pretty sure if I did a -- mom maybe moved around -- you know really get a few of them I just did say this summer I'm not sure where -- -- I mean I think is going to be a lot of nerve to tell her golden dome this -- pre season game regular season game is this pretty loud. I think was on -- and and just anticipation this season be buzzing around this season I think about -- Garcon. Maybe you know I know Jason is obviously a sling the ball around in his gun every time he gets his receiving games he throws the ball in off although the field. To be fun to play against him but I'm I'm sure they'll make some plays and didn't -- season. -- the Saints safety Malcolm Jacque is here this is sports talk on WWL am adamant dot com.