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8-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: Saints training camp

Aug 14, 2013|

Bobby, Hokie and Deke review the day's practice. You'll also hear from head coach Sean Payton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to another edition of sports talk as we get closer to wind down training camp 2013. With a New Orleans Saints are resident -- -- guys on him Bobby -- -- take. On today's practice as the much anticipated goal line session during training camp took place -- May twelfth place at the most physical part of training camp and after the day on guys we'll break it down for you. It just a few moments also will have accomplished station with. Defensive lineman Tyrone walk on later in the program making the Saints a team a year ago after playing two years in -- and scouting community college in Ellis feel. In the -- moved on to the universe impossible for being picked up by the Saints back in the mix. And that another solid play today -- the -- stand Golan period with the Saints defense we'll hear from Jim that it looked count Pierre Thomas. The team -- Christie Garrett caught up with Saints defensive back. Jabari Greer plus operating jaguar opinion poll online at WW attack Cameron at their training camp this one is. A little bit of a -- this RG three saying it he's feels like he is ready to play the -- I think -- -- got -- it. Stop competing and playing a practice like the other player at his coach -- -- naming a starting quarterback right now. Who decides to whom do you think it is I want RD three it's back to full time work. Am himself the play already three or coach Shanahan vote online at WWL. Dot com now with the Saints coach Sean Payton had to say following today's practice is his opening statement. This afternoon. Which we normally hold as a walk through. We won't have. We'll cut him shipped our gears here towards Oakland in the game on Friday. -- thought we were little sluggish today at times that I thought. You know the prior two practices inside we're a little bit crisper and you know you just you -- guard against that -- just running plays and and not proven so. You know our focus now -- to this pre season game. Tomorrow will have meetings in the morning and then in the afternoon -- practice. It via. It'll be. Devoted you know entirely too the raider looks both offensively and defensively so. And it could -- opening statement now coach Payton was asked it's a questions and one was Jonathan Vilma being out at the practice field. No updates on any of these guys didn't practice. Coach Bates is no updates now -- asked -- about receiver Patrick Creighton. He's someone I'm familiar with and been with he's he's someone -- Quick learner he's probably played more -- Said. More experience playing in the slot and someone that. Has good size can block in the running game but he's personal and that he knows what to do when more than likely soon they'll they'll know all the positions. Another question pointed toward a new pickup game while receiving Steve Breaston media and how much more action will Breaston CDs we. I think you'll see a little bit more yet you will you'll see more snaps from Breaston. You know he's kind of going on his second week now so there's there's a role for the snaps he'll play you'll see a lot of Kenny in in there especially with the first group. But they believe and have a chance to get Creighton in there -- some. You know a lot of these receivers. Will play but I think rest and we'll have a chance of getting compared to a week ago. One thing has been watching who come out of them left tackle position install the first time until now and a new opponent left tackle. With Javon -- run now at the Bears coach -- was asked what type of camp training camp is Charles brown and. And he's been pretty good I mean that's one of those positions were no news is usually pretty good news. He's been real consistent. I think he's I think he's playing well. I think he's. It's been. Been encouraging and you know I said this we're still early on in the in the pre season but. You know I thought when we got into pads and we got into the second -- third week this training camp you begin to see this position. Competition and a a little bit clearer and I think that's the case with -- right now I would say he's. He's certainly ahead of the other guys. Veteran defensive back Jim and I brought in here at this camp for the Saints he's coach Payton on how Leavitt has and in training camp. Well as someone that knows exactly what to do. He's quick study. He's experienced and knows how to play the technique. I think that the challenge is going to be for for all those safeties going to be the special teams snaps. Which separates himself. In in in regards to how many snaps that you get during the course of the game I think that'll be important for him. And finally coach payments to talk about there and from. Well he's quick he's got exceptional -- acceleration. The other thing is he's very intelligent so the decisions he makes that happen within two or three seconds are generally the right ones. But his football like you and is his purses. That they're both. Things that I would -- Are uniquely different. And it is Saints coach Sean Payton would continue all pros. Okay guys on him by the they give you did take on today's practice how I was the goal line obsession about twelve plays out there the offense. Giving in eight kind of defense holding off four times this is sports talk concentrating OWW. This afternoon. Which we normally hold as a walk through. We won't have. Will cut him shipped our years here towards Oakland in the game on Friday I thought we were little sluggish today at times I thought. You know the prior two practices inside we're a little bit crisper and you know you just you -- guard against that -- run employees and and not proven so. You know our focus now -- to this pre season game. Tomorrow will have meetings in the morning and then in the afternoon -- practice. It -- It'll be. Devoted you know entirely too the raider looks both offensively and defensively so. And -- Saints coach Sean Payton following today's final practice of that was. Open to the public as that practice -- -- -- they're being the Saints and in the Oakland Raiders -- town Friday night welcome back to sports talk about pro -- guys on here. Along with the Qaeda camp by the able to break things down and -- is -- within that that is more than token bomb the whole week -- -- kind of movement toward -- into the field and the kind of knew what was gonna happen in the -- land -- segment it's amazing when you think about it. And you've been around if he is a -- -- mania for almost thirty years in. You think all of training camp and it's hot out there brutal but basically. Won twelve play -- and we'll -- with with all the training. That much of anticipated. Goal in mind. I'd say what I thought that part of it was pretty good I know coach Payton said that he thought practice was a little bit sluggish I think in defensive plays when you go out there on -- feel like to have him when he rain last night. That your footing is not always good in the tenth seeded I think back off just a little bit does. I mean heck it don't take much to make the wrong plan out there you -- vehicles flatten out from underneath the but I thought that part of practice was was pretty darn good it would 100% -- but there was some hitting going on. And I think -- it's clearly one. Both will play today with eight touchdowns and -- stopped by the defense but. The really the one that that one touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham either somebody just didn't line up on him out there it was just a complete bust in the secondary -- that was to be the. Let -- don't neither do I go coating it only the linebackers. Were terrible. In goal line coverage I mean I think I've thought Rob Ryan could that was -- have a heart attack. He'll like do like basically they were so upset and made it but I just there is a bus or. Okay -- I mean it's the same thing that that's been happening now Darian in regular first and -- and so lead -- wow what it came down there on the goal line. But -- yeah I don't think on sugar coat and it did in that. I I wanna see the offense do well right but we won our defense. Also step up to -- they've they've had their moments but it's the same. Snake they keep -- up -- up to buy them talk them out in the flat seated in even a -- of those touchdown runs were off tackle plays where there was really no flow. By the linebacker started to scrape off on the inside an -- get out there and shut down. The outside play but. I guess his -- the first team offense was the other night at least we all made out to be or at least they turn around -- it is something in. Good down there on the goal line in. By the city it wasn't a 100% lab but that matches but that's too much contact. Yeah I did I do you play live and Drew -- -- -- quarterbacks that it -- got there I had never going to be the guy and I tailored to Dallas that nice tackle now I said -- private events that looked to -- was right in front of us and he bounced it outside what was -- -- on Tarvaris -- -- bucket that was gonna score. But only a one yard gain to put the ball like on the one yard lines at times and had it on the two. Not have an interest and I'll put aways. Now I got out of better earning rallies that would have been Ingram. Instead of cadet because I think you know would have got in in all this could exploit Seymour practice even running back finance so you'd almost think physics. Not to an -- Martin's favor now hopefully the odds would have been in. England's favor because out of any treated his appointed Pete have been in the same place as -- day and -- -- picks and not right there he does it mean. -- -- can't control right right to get food is an idea -- -- again and everything else but I think but about how much of a disappointment it would have been to see him stop. Marking all yes but on the other hand and Eric Martin's been a guy that you kind of had pegged all along during camp in the guy has done. Absolutely nothing to do say well he's he's really on a hot C I mean I think he's -- gather it's definitely in a fight. For. Being a member of the 53 man roster because as -- that the linebackers. Sometimes it's really good sometime this really right at age you know -- market Wilson -- with him being hurt -- -- -- him being hurt it's it's still a work in progress at that position but. You like to see a guy that -- new column the dark horse you like to see that -- team to make plays and that was a good solid legitimate play that he made on Tarvaris cadet. Well I and you look at it it's about these young linebackers and and my official dark cars. Oh yeah I think he's going to be no horse and and that was rhetoric. I mean I don't he's a linebacker from North Carolina but when I am moving name ratings. I'm on -- -- the but he was nowhere to be seen pass coverages things like he was kind of lost out there and I wrote this down in my notes. That this is rob -- malls local practice yeah normally Gregg Williams is vocal every practice a lot like Joseph bit and -- Rob Ryan is vocal. Behind the scenes in the meeting room. Well he had a few choice words out there and in Joseph bid even had some vocal encouragement at chase Thomas -- slapped them on the backside real hard. You know trying to -- and so right now. And they have a number of linebackers are struggling but I don't know I have ever seen linebackers struggled this much in goal line. Pass coverage where. If there wasn't a -- it should have been a -- The diving at 53 years oval if Bynum in there today and goal line that it could really glad that I actually -- I mean didn't pick -- -- that open hockey you can not even. You can even miss them so that's gonna be addressed definitely. In the film study but if you look at like you said Hoch -- -- eight to four. Now was impressive in favor of the offense the wanted to Tuesday to had a couple of stops. Now what's impressive though. We stopped them. When the defense stopped and they stopped at three out of four stops with a minor issue garden so when they got that penetration in the got in the back field. That they were able to do some and that's always good but like you talked about those two runs off tackle. The marking and had a walk in touchdown plus two. Pierre had a walk in touchdown plus two. But it Pierre also had a minus two you know they got penetration big pass plays he breezed to watch him wide -- Brees to Graham. A wide open. Seneca Wallace to Higgins a wide open touchdown. Now that they would have reviewed this that. I think we're kind of -- began and I get in and who gonna get to the defense and offense Austin Johnson and when they gave it to run of the middle of a fullback out of an a plus one. Touchdown sort of been like Charlie's and he's also don't touch it and bring it up and it got me yet that those -- -- and been out. As I've gotten this is one gang tackle and I think Tyler Walker was one room. That that kind of got penetration Corey white was in there that was another. Minus two play not this would drive -- me crazy. I wanna say it was the last play our. Cadet -- touchdown but I think -- was a false -- somewhere and writes a book you don't let them more minutes like yet the one on get a touchdown. False start you gotta be kidding me. Now I eagle 05 cars back in the annually that have happened normally what you kick a field goal it's that I haven't attacked Nazi cannot afford have a pin it down there. All right that's up pros okay guys and Bobby a bad continuing to break down today's practice plus we'll mix in some media calls. That need to be on whose time is 430 it's not a person who will go to -- -- Doesn't look forward to you before the one of those -- talk about a last night. You come in today's guest in my written but Scola. We knew we had a really good period of a lot of contact. It was rough post offices. We just beat them and it worked well. The team make Saints defensive lineman entering his second season the National Football League welcome back to sports talk up -- -- guys on and Bobby a -- Break it down for you here on saint radioed immediately coming up later. -- in the oak at that rate as the San Francisco chronicle picked up full will be what does Bob McManaman will be what the sport try to for the Arizona Republic covering the Cardinals with -- -- on the former LSU players Patrick Peterson also to ran Mathieu making its first thought against Dallas. Coming up and he's off to a good start and how they'll issue -- update. Will be busy with less east look over the Tigers for the advocate 260187866889. Easier it's in the recap of the day practice cage again. Yet the four record of callers. You know kind of looking and and you look at you know he'd like to practice. Maybe one reason why and we talked amongst the media members. Why -- -- was maybe thought it was a like -- of practice. Normally you have a play that stands out like play of the day a catch of the day. Yeah is that see any of that I guess the play of the day we may be vis Garrett -- to 55 yard field goals. He used to put two and then he missed the 58 yarder he had a distant. Each -- the slice -- hook and it would have been good from from sixty yards so when Olerud with the solo yet but but I mean that's still he was accurate that thing that to me. I'm just as like a fan yet yet is that there's there's no rush because I don't you don't had to let it come by how active the colon was I don't the fan view by yeah yeah which -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Field goals and will know. You know we got a call last night otherwise partly still on the team of the united became. Yeah I mean you just don't like Carly it would be blowing off -- to figure out and -- you do whatever it is I'm yeah I mean I mean as meaningful kicks in Saints history tennis that is suitable. Overtime -- the Vikings. Well I think there's no -- recchi went through -- -- part of our Geo -- races to most memorable plays in Saints history with the -- -- to kick and that there are hardly kick beat. Device that's what he said last night I had -- going to the Sobel and he came through in the clutch is no bigger stage of pressure. But then you know you -- ten you sometimes going to be negative -- and and that's why is it -- want a gay guy is that fountain in the regular season the game -- where we lost in overtime and and then overall in the any he's aware of this a -- between thirty -- 39 yards no he should be a lot better. It's amazing how he's been really good on the long kicks as far as accuracy. But this week Achilles heel has been and -- united -- yes exactly. To the -- we go it's code keys on -- want keep good evening thank you for calling WW it. Okay thank you. I -- asked if audit be fit -- scheme. Yet they didn't let Patrick Robinson played one on one. I've -- the bench receive well. Off what the other team. And then I'm real smear. Because I don't think he has the speed. To keep up with running backs breaking -- They particulate either chemical Cairo. Well Malcolm Jenkins. They like result and the fans stepped up big in the 34 basically you'd expect them back for basically zone sticking it to -- where they can pregnant and -- and. Not that that you play the same coverages you can play Charlotte even like to man for instance. Bynum -- you played man at -- on over to top. And I know you play the same coverages blitzes from different angles different. You know personnel groupings that. If you try to shut down your best receiver. Level why when you put the Keenan Lewis on my actually Keenan move before Patrick Robinson thank you so much for the. All back to the FO to go just a handful Robert on line to Robert but he did thank you for calling WW it. And and Robert are you and and Amezaga writing it -- -- it -- but they're not being out there. -- -- -- -- -- Playing there. But. It was. On that do that as part of the series they. If you and -- -- part of our our. Where we want to get it done. They don't -- on -- put you on hold for many because we you're breaking up and we can't really get -- -- victory. It just the moment chuck in Metairie on line for took thank you for calling WW. Guys I have to. You know. Bobby put in the dome patrol then yes. You know to me that's an out and out about the greatest 34 defense except for maybe the current 49ers defense. 34 defense so I think ever played the game. What they do to stop those little short passes. We are -- -- -- we're -- linebackers right now I think I'd like to put that don't mean this is making a joke with. -- -- -- the dome patrol linebackers -- second there and the line like our chances a lot and I'm not saying I don't like our chances but I think you're weak spot right now. Is that I think he's going to be all right and at the line in the secondary is the linebackers. That would -- you -- -- If we get. Junior -- And that's that's as much as well and F yeah it could be a different story it did because they'd think it be like all of them as they would have any can have camp. Going -- twenty plus years aren't in this thing yet the twenty some years late eighties early nineties. In all as I got to -- that is not looking good. But then all of a sudden you guys Ricky Jackson and pat Fleming on the sidelines yet they are not gonna look as good. That's what I may be marked as Wilson junior -- my kick ass and it also ball was when we got to sound defense and an outside linebacker corps. Era from open for well do you -- -- fight the same thing that Will Smith is fight they didn't cover converted he's a converted defense alignment and it's it's something that's foreign. To them now I know marched -- -- Wilson did some loving college live back but I -- really haven't seen him do it here and he got injured early cap that. You certainly couldn't. Base his coverage skills but almost couple of practices so and it it still up in the air to me even when those two guys come. You know I think that's the thing -- fans you always think of these threw for a real linebackers -- what -- what what do you think of them they blow plays run support they can sack the quarterback. You never really didn't. People or two mutually break down a complete linebacker what they do in pass coverage skills and they pat swilling and Ricky Jackson could cover and that and that's a -- of special. I can't top pros okay guys on him by BA BA here right here on Saints radio WW yeah. Right now the running tally. Well on drew about one. He's won four out of the last six that we play. But. -- how many you'd played so long but I've got six wins. Syndicate got five injury got behind. And welcome back to sports talk that is quarterback Luke McCown talk about the competition at the quarterbacks have after practice when they were together with the receivers welcome back. 26018786688. -- here attended Friday's game day coverage starts at 3 PM fans first takes another -- contact Oceana restaurant. I'm an assistant Steve -- break things down for it with a ball like count them kick off at five sort of negates the of the Mercedes-Benz superdome with Bobby bed at 7 o'clock and down the sound a set up -- jamming Christian. Is -- bring you the sights and the Raiders and that's the point -- -- -- ambulance they -- you. WW two fold and -- Dempster hand for rom on line to run but he -- thank you for calling WW. I guess we need him and here we can you yes on Barrett a lot of glitter in the -- technology. Barbara earlier that -- that -- -- When you you have the same players. In the secondary in being fair and accurate we will worst team in the NFL. And then you've got repealed gravity of the -- only that and put the boys out there and let him go to. Currently we -- a much better educated we arrow. Q are you mean there -- -- that just that this they could be a day -- and rotation but Cairo's going to be on the field if they right now. -- -- -- -- -- look like they are who ever you like we don't want ball hurt ourselves. Back could've been. Does that I think we've got to witness this year and Allenby surprise that number of gains in the games all said and done. That I -- -- Cairo as the leading tackler and -- I don't -- tackler he's going to be a one or two I think he's that good. On what what most think that since you've been in the when it's more sport that there you go back to -- -- in -- be in the back. This ball I'm like hey -- what we do -- -- -- Yeah little you know what I have and it's got to give and take how in -- bullets trying to get is flag on what has happened as of late was that the defense. Was getting better the best of the offense the last Phillip price that they were talking trash. And that's why seeing -- I think he's seen Dolphins today retaliate a couple of times. But but I know what he's saying any they are or are no practice. If you had him as a player that you should never. Except that from an offensive player. And and that's just the mindset. You know it's kind of like finance vs the you know man to man and then -- a defense should never. I don't think it -- Of the but you should never let the offense. News feel like that that. You know that you can't stop them. I come aggregate it should be in the mid city our approach breaking down today's practice tomorrow is -- the last practice of training camp and Friday it's the saints'. And the Raiders here on WW.