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Aug 11, 2013|

WWL's Kristian Garic talks sports including discussion of the Saints/Chiefs game with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- good Sunday morning and welcome into its just sport right here on WWL I am FM and that dot com crushing -- here phone lines wide open for it 504260187. Years told 3866889087. Politics is always an eight -- seven on Twitter at crushing -- one. Preston Parker had a pair touchdown catches in his bid to -- one of the New Orleans. -- so. Open receiver spots the black and -- defeated Kansas City Chiefs seventeen to thirteen in the pre season opener for both squads -- on Friday night in the superdome. The winner which a coach Payton called sloppy. What did you see from the Saints in the pre season opener of the good the bad and the ugly who call your guy who needs to show you more I think Preston Parker. As one of those players and belong in the -- in the conversation of who culture I. I played pretty well and it isn't an opportunity is there for him as the latter he is a battle outside of Marcus -- -- Lance Moore wide open. That's difficult to draw conclusions from a -- in game but you can make some observations so. I wanna hear yours from Friday night in the pre season opener. Defense struggled a little bit on that first series after that first series so that a little bit better. Keep the Chiefs at the end zone. But for the most part look like at some bumps in the road with that -- defense that is very basic. Very very very very basic. That Saints defense that for the most part the office not a bad night the Saints quarterback Drew -- seventh in passing 65 yards but no touchdowns. For a reason that first team office -- didn't -- It felt like I'm sure you know that film. And feel like they left some points on a few before they got out of away and of course. Luke McCown at a pretty solid night as a after Drew Brees called it on night in a Ryan Griffin went in there as well the former Tulane quarterback. Needing the Saints in the second half as well. Coach Sean -- again calling via. Went back on Friday night sloppy. Saints are back on the practice field this afternoon at 430 is close to the public. It's in the indoor facility come up throughout the program. You'll hear the Saints here from Saints coach Sean Payton quarterback Drew Brees and linebacker Curtis Lofton along with quarterback Luke McCown also in the mix today. If so much attention on Texas a and M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny is well. The -- it's hot water for. Allegedly taken some cash for signing autographs at the BCS national team to game last January needs to delay says they're going to investigate. That means they'll autograph issue oh by the way the NCAA. Taking down Jersey sales. From their website. That on Friday. Incidentally president mark and were. Saying it. It could be viewed as hypocritical. Yeah I'd say. So what he's the 83 student athletes should be able to make money off their own signature it is there's it's their likeness. You weigh in -- 504260187. Full 3866889087. Now think about that though. If you I'll I'll football player like John in his Allen were asking should it be elevate their make their own money off their own signature. Think about that first -- it's against the rules for it to get it count compensation. Potentially there's some gray area there. But. If you do that for a football player. What about that volleyball player at that school that probably will not at the same opportunity. To go to a -- do you should dealer. -- memorabilia dealer and have a autograph signing session to make money off. Or. Of the volleyball player and it does not a popular. So be somewhere you got to find a balance if you boil out to do that got to find a balance where it's. Even for every student athlete. Across the board. But the rules of the rules. I get. He -- Johnny an adult does own his name and -- -- and it's his likeness. But the bottom line is that if it's against the rules it's against the rules that you could debate. Whether. It should be against the rules right now currently. Yet -- abide by those rules by before 260187. Their told -- 86688908. At seven he talked at saint football in cash for autograph right here on -- of sports -- listening. The WWL -- dot com welcome back are ready jaguar people online at WWL dot com what grade would you this State's overall team performance against the Chiefs. Right now 64%. Of those voting on lines today. -- -- -- 18% for beat 2% for pay. Know they can definitely yeah as it doesn't surprise and it. Only 2% getting giving days and 60% giving neat to see that that's from my vote would go. They -- average. You are chomping cover letter in his post game press conference from which we will have where you're a couple minutes talk about a lot of things -- the Saints need to clean up as they move forward to good news's. That a three more pre season contest to get things. Ready to go for the Atlanta Falcons and that week one opener against the dirty birds league catcher -- right there at WL dot com what grade. Would you give the Saints overall team performance against the Chiefs or call me at 504260. 187 there pole for 866 -- nine's -- Timmy threw to the -- ago. And -- at Texas for Howard here on WWL -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what they do on the field and also I mean being in league camp he Tony national goal to get -- ship to go to Kyle. So the quicker athletes and -- did we -- you came home which -- potential -- it's been put any kind of duty that you do with scholarship. They want. On the outside on my this is a really about paying -- he knows about Alyssa what I'm saying Howard was fabulous thing. This is about if is that the player on a football team. Can go sign autographs. It put his money and he put his signature on some open. I isn't that. His he owns that his or hers. And should I'm not saying they -- but sure I'm asking you in the audience should they be O make money off of their own signature something that they alone. The problem I have -- Howard is that that football player because of the the sheer fan popularity of it is gonna have more opportunity. To do that then they have volleyball player a golfer in college a swimmer he follows it so you -- Automatically say -- yeah they should do it but what about all the student athletes -- who are gonna have the same opportunity as some might like Johnny is well. People I must open and so thought of differently -- the basic -- clean sport talking about the game. In -- point is cascading other things on the actual game. And that's more so not used to park. In that article about -- stadium that you know open up the the defining. Don't want something. Collection. Now we paid money at taxpayer is that squad and don't -- an NFL. In and I used the illustration wrested back to basics sports. And I think all this other stuff. Hard to do our -- to do when you got. It wouldn't make so much money. And that's. And duplicate. I mean -- was back to base export to meet on coach miles to go to it in him. It would but it -- it would about money. Okay -- just witnessed what comic comic tone and she. Can you imagine Johnny football it was a little hand get together and him acute. -- the future I anti Christ. -- Lavoy Allen in there element. What grade would you give the Saints. That on Friday -- ABC -- Problems mean I'd be OK they just ordered okay. I'd say they're trying to beat weeding out there since situation that's what pre season about. I think people. -- in the flats he thinks about -- -- time -- appreciate that phone call enjoy the rest of your Sunday 5042601878. -- 3866889087. To give me the good bad and the ugly for the black Eagles pre season win on a Friday night against Kansas City Chiefs -- what grade would you give the black -- -- Saints overall team performance against the Chiefs. 64% of those voting say let's see that's pretty much where we stand right now the -- we go Rolen in Georgia you're on WB well it. Chris and I don't. What -- product Benoit of the appreciating technician -- -- -- -- you know you look. But I thought it looked really really really it is really shake particular you know what is -- pretty -- and they'll try and I think there -- a solid -- presently. Are oh we get some -- where. That would be true creek critically at what and now. They were able to get after the passer. Don't know the first thing -- as much they they did that second drive but the Saints were able to generate a pass rush. That's true mr. -- -- it was just. And it looked like last. Oh man I couldn't believe -- -- flight -- -- in this system for the first set and you know what. But I. Think that it's it is available tendencies that -- bowl -- in the 43 but overall they're probably. I think and again for game is capable but -- -- and I just eager defeated the -- hopefully ensure. And be ready for the first inning -- Yeah I think you'll see me this is not uncommon we we've seen it before it is that first team -- at first pre season game. They just looked. Like the first it looks like a first pre season game and it. And we've seen on the shopping where all the sudden you know they have fewer days of practice they -- -- things up and they look great in the second at their pre season game that's ultimately where you won't see the most. -- you wanna see the start -- look their best in the second and third would certainly. Because the Portland that's all for the for the guys that are fighting try to make this team weigh in on Johnny -- -- he signed some autographs or reportedly. Took some cash for it. Do you think student athletes should -- money off of their own signature. I think some of the revenue and that lottery we've looked at me hit the cart program brings. Today in the -- It should be definitely in it should be will be able to afford what they're cute outfit just cheer on the team in general Indy. And you -- kids you know. You're a little more -- because you think about actors. Both -- type of -- on this is outside the NCAA and -- alma go to a memorabilia shop. Is an arm who do you show is ominous sign a hundred football's -- take 5000 dollar for signing those one on football's. Should should he be able to do that amount of excitement. Political deal with a what do you do with that volleyball player who's a student athlete just like that football player and diamonds are whomever. How do you make had achieving money how to make it -- As of right pitch of the game and respect what what would bring in the urban university. And football operate in you know. And -- probable but yeah it it and the people from. You know for reading and hopefully bring it into the universe but as far as in it you know at 22 but. Oh are you constantly slippery slope here I mean it. Really point. They're really -- but it picked apart you know. You look at it seemed like she was in where -- being. A lot of chip in and make it to the next level and think about work and effort to -- in -- either physical -- You know so that your -- -- is extremely important but -- also. So you need. From what Mario just -- out there. -- Rolen have a good day and a pressure at all I text messages year old and an 8787. Well from 12 threes -- -- get the Chattahoochee here and just the second. We both took double text message here grade C the guy called lies nick to -- every ball thrown his way he was aggressive. Many intermediate routes pretty well. That's opportunities -- looks like he's healthy now looks like he's more comfortable in the second year. The fourth round out of Wisconsin a year ago and a special teams analysis from 6357 special teams soft. Yeah it was not do it in a coach Payton talked about it quite a bit in his. In his post game press conference. Touched on the return game the coverage units. That's a pennant that it kind of the Serbia and he can't give away cheap point you can't give away cheap yards on special teams now. -- can make the argument I wallets pre season and run some things out that it normally it would down at eight yards nine yards and that it. In the end zone and kick off and maybe true but he's still an extra year coverages and get down there and stop it. That Jason and booty on WW overhead. She's we chatted booty on W zero. And pitching good job. -- About the special teams got a lot of you are so much under I don't think -- matter what the deep and you know we care. Stop almost special teams and eight. It forty and run on Google and get three points to trigger again gotta be organic -- -- ball at all horrible. Will work well and look you know those that. Those are guys that are fighting to make this team infighting there -- carve out a spot on this team on special teams eat it you know I guess I'm saying is. A lot of those guys are going to be. -- special -- dollars a year and account. Right and the other being out Barca -- -- Preston Parker and the other -- -- wants to normal as those guys. -- -- all just about nick. I think -- guys really the China dignity. In I wanna see anything in -- make this team but I just feel like. He doesn't do anything exceptional that separates them from the guys like -- to -- Preston Parker or Kenny stills or. Native you don't have the speed and -- he -- says -- -- a size in the team has yet had a route running ability and experience that Preston Parker has Steve Breaston I think is there. Really to push a guy like Kenny stills are others that they feel like had to step up now because of the injury to Joseph Morgan so I mean it looked like it in -- how can you not be a fan of the -- at least. Admire his work ethic and fight back through adversity it I think he's been -- seventeen times by the Saints have an up and down the practice squad etc. Since 2010 and they found him in a rookie. Mini camp but yet. You know he just doesn't do anything that necessarily. Distinguishes himself and separates himself from the other receivers. Yeah articulate -- valuable point he's got great made the most of the opportunity. And I knew that. Yeah all sort it out. Johnny -- GA it's gone -- even broached yet before the Alabama game you go -- out. Now that would be. Have Alabama girl and the College Station was no Johnny man bill Abigail. While I hit it the NCAA is as tough as they say they claim that they are they should I mean in the if if he violated a rule. And -- it again we can have a conversation about whether the rule should be -- not. But right now it's on the books and it is. You know it's applicable here. He -- if he violated a rule he's got to be honest at that. All are very clear. Are great to lead it seemed like it it's got. To see it becoming -- Is it. I mean it seemed like outside sort of like EEZ and are here. To watch even -- -- -- The holy Grail. Argument fail. -- Chad thinks that phone call 504260187. And it told 3866889. 0878 GF Caron and mark sit tight I'll get back to your phone calls will also hear from Saints coach Sean Payton has both. Game press conference back on Friday night at the -- delivers the news that welcome back Christian -- here with the the black and -- back on the practice field this afternoon at 430 it is indoors and close to the public we will have -- radio for you are are the coverage breakdown of practice resident -- -- -- guys on the Sylvia this afternoon. During practice and -- practice concludes you'll hear from. Some players and coach Sean Payton about practice and of course that your do it on. What -- of things he saw from Friday night's pre season opening win 1713. Over the Kansas City Chiefs at Texas -- here at 8787 from 0400. Grade. The C on offense that guy. Who caught my I was Preston Parker I believe he'll make the team another. On defense that caught my guy was Tyler Walker I would agree both of those certainly Parker two touchdown passes are receiving. Passes and then. Tyler Walker was disruptive. The text message there from 04 -- to the phones we go. Yes in -- failure on WW overhead. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- tell -- what I like game. Market would be much so well they spoke in a first preceding game in much contacting can't. You know I -- expecting much of which it's seen. But I like the defense alarming but yeah it was even first out but it's complicit the the -- -- -- -- -- -- what you didn't see it as much. But he did put some pressure on the quarterback up the middle and it wasn't the main key to get to the quarterback. And I know that everybody's alternately it. Like. And not a lot wouldn't trust it on the defense with actor and he played a really good game. That doubt -- quarterback position and even no regard -- imported. He played a great -- -- Yeah he's at times at training camp he's looked impressive is been times where he's made some plays you know out there on the practice field during camp and is itching to see the not translated into the game and looks like he has then you know we'll see. The one pre season game doesn't make a player's roster spot that's for sure. -- that's special and then I don't think that Will Smith project's gonna work out I think -- movement to tackle. He's not going to be up recovered nobody in space it's. It does not look good -- and I'm in a number of text messages. Expressed in the same concern. Yeah pinkie he's just not that he's not gonna work out that position. But he still a great play image to put him in I'm sure it's implicit in between the tackles. Do you -- Also like Jenkins apology it's at a particular authority. He got -- stack up the middle and at the rarity for the nose tackle in. You know to see that the first preaching the game makes satellite -- you think might work out you know. I'll look are lots of for a couple of plays and he was eating up blockers. One point game you've taken on three blockers and that's really what. Rob Ryan once the free at the right -- backers is effort effort judging as the -- -- that space and take up blockers so he is that he had a I think he had a pretty solid all overall overall Jeff like in the entire team SC. Nothing spectacular nothing. Downright nasty had to go to good bad and ugly that good would be the fact that. He didn't have any major injuries the bad and be that the opening drive for the defense and not scoring points on offense and the ugly would be the special teams. Yeah that this specialty was horrible. But the thing I don't like though -- -- is like. I thought the offensive line -- -- play. But and about the Atlantic nuclear and I think that's what -- -- to line up that pops are. You know I think they got dominated -- did -- -- been achieved it. Jeff thanks for the -- called it statement. Karen a Metairie on WLA Karen. Hey Christian over on the team actually. But the name Reid not Kolb looked to commend you what what a great job you do have season tickets but I'll be here with -- on the field. And I want to gladly oh what a great job that you do -- it. You questioned me. Asking to combat what. They accept information and it really helpful to listen to -- And that is one of the thank you for just being such a great. Sportscaster. -- thinks -- Monica LaBella house and it check in the mail lines. I think and or -- I would think that I Edwards. For the Kyle Orton is very humbling and I'm just I'm just happy part of it is that the -- is a great group it that well in. Were with guys like -- body and Jimmy Anderson -- guys every day it's them. Then you -- it's unique and they make life easy for me that's for sure I'm humbled by -- -- -- thanks a -- right. Thanks. Four to 60 point 703866889. Is nearly so you come back. Would hear from Saints coach on pain in his post game that's coming back on Friday night it's just sports right here on -- -- well. Welcome back. It's -- -- -- calls and text messages here as well late 7870. Win on the phone line at 504260187. Bowl 3866. 89 is nearly seventy. What grade would you give the Saints overall team performance against the Chiefs in a seventeen to thirteen pre season opening victory. APC or the right now. 64%. On line at that we -- dot com say that you see that's -- -- average. Coach Sean Payton addressed in the media after that 1713. Pre season victory over the Chiefs -- -- -- Just. The few notes that. Kind of I've visited with our players about coming off from that past game. I thought look I thought there were some things that happen as the game wore on that were positive and -- I didn't wanna communities you know -- negative but there's a lot of things that I think we need to clean up in the last. Game I coached it was a playoff game so you have this certain expectation. And you know it's pre season and yet we got ten guys on the field we kick at the right personnel out there I thought. There were a ton of there were a ton of little things that we just have to be better than we've got to be better starting with the coaches myself. In and everyone else. You know I just thought it was sloppy not. Some positives that came out of that I thought after that first series I thought we began to play better defense effective passer we got into the right down and distances. And that was encouraging. I thought some guys step up offensively I thought Preston played pretty well. You know we had some obviously some good place. In thought two runners. Hung in there are no we saw defense tonight they played really a run heavy front you know a lot of eight man box and some -- packages and so it forced us a little bit more of the passing game that we'd like. From the penalty standpoint I thought we were just. Average. I've talked the coverage teams were average to below average we gave up some big returns and someone's that were near misses. You know also. Did the good news is were early in camp we're not half way or close to half way we we just finished. A week and a half barely. And that's encouraging because we've got we've got a lot of things that that would need that time to clean up. But we got we got a win and I think always when you put the film on the recent things that really impressed you. In the -- some things that they give you a chance to really see -- get to know that you know. Which you which you have and who would it looks like you have so this. A good first start in and I think the tape to all be important so with that being said -- answering questions. I thought we settled in the first series. Larry you know we we kind of felt like we knew were gonna go up temple offense from -- thought. Indian those guys did a good job Allen who think they had a good pace to it so they kind of ran a little bit of a no huddle. But kind of a model model and and so that temple. I think was a little somewhat unsettling but then we we settled in and in and played. A little bit better I thought we gave up some technique things where we lost leverage inside. We lost leverage to the flat a couple times. But I thought we settled down after the first years. Same what. Yeah I mean look what we. I don't I don't you don't want to say that it's gonna take time to get into the flow of the game you know that's something that we've got to be better in. I think that. Certainly became apparent we were gonna get a certain type of defense for most of the game it wasn't complicated and yet it was gonna forces -- throw but more than run. Well I felt that I felt that. It and there's two things that happened there you know as you start one in the down and distances early on you start. You know getting that the offense and predictable. Yardage situations so I think. That began to work in our favor then I think some guys really stepped up until we had good energy to the ball. We got our hands on them. Not but I thought that. That was certainly evident for everyone watching. And so that was good news. He got listen he's he's. The guy he's. You know we just didn't put him there and popcorn or or -- you know rock paper scissors he's been. Playing pretty well he's Smart he's picked up things well he runs well. There's there's going to be a number of good things for us to see. And things that we need to correct from his play tonight but we wanted to give him a look. With with us resting Colston in. He's gonna he's gonna have to contribute he's shown enough early in this camp where. You know we think he can't. He's learned quickly some of the other guys need to need to pick up and -- figure out what they're doing you know having trouble getting aligned and formations. And because of it were late getting set up relate to get the ball off we don't know formations or where we got O line so that's that's got to change. That's the first thing the players got -- knows what to do it if they don't then. It was certainly in our offense we're gonna struggle. No she is known all of them. All of them if you go back and watch the tape which I know is difficult sometimes to do we get caught with a couple times ten guys on the cover June written. You know in and out of the wrong personnel -- and also not -- all three years I just thought it was sloppy I think we got to get sick quicker get a line quicker. I just think fit -- -- that. That. Kind of you know birds at me a little -- because that's a reflection of buses coaches and we've got to get that cleaned up and we will. There. It was a good play I mean I don't know if it's coming out play that was good play. All you don't have to I'll stop answering it's important. How -- you get on another question I think this. I think that's one of the things as as I came in off the field. I just wanted to be measured about. Reacting to. My first impression and obviously there's frustration there's been you know that. It just shows you have a lot of work to do and and there are a lot of new faces. In. You know. Certainly is a play caller and get the personnel in right on offense I was I wasn't very good I mean it. Was slow and and you know one and I've got to improve in that area but. But I think that. That that the challenge is just recognizing hey it's still week wanted to yet Preston right buttons and understanding that there we're getting closer to the start of the season. There were going to be playing -- real good football team we want him and right now we just have a lot of work to do so. Outside of that. It's somewhere around. -- I thought Preston played well I mean you had to watch and see him step up right in the other guys had their flash is. You know. I thought Preston played exceptionally well with the opportunities he was given. And I want a look at the tape -- the rest those guys we you know we just had some some alignment issues and some other problems but I think again when you watch the tape. Typically my experiences it has been it's never quite as bad as you think him and probably never. Is good as you think is well also I just think that a lot of snaps -- -- -- And. And kind of go from. Back on the field this afternoon at 430 here and talked quite a bit about a lot of things that cleanup while in that time and a year Sean Payton as the leaders do. They hold themselves accountable to. He did that he says he wasn't very good as a play caller. Well that's part of being a leader. Like that that's for sure they'll get it cleaned up he's right. Felt -- make sure that. Make sure of that. More it's just Sports Radio on WB well you heard from. Saints coach Sean Payton in his post game press conference back on Friday night at the Saints beat the Chiefs 1713 well -- quarterback Drew Brees. Yeah yeah. Got -- and respect your room on the second drive. Felt like we. Like we you know we know it takes shots you really don't always throughout the game and convert a lot of those so much -- some guys make some plays. Like overall just overall efficiency was pretty good in the temple wasn't quite what we wanted to. Some mental errors here and there not as crisp as we would want but I think once we got going things. These are rules but. Yeah. This -- is it what I mean today even know maybe. Some they get the ball as much as others. You're still kind of watching the plan fold them. As you know the player. Watch the defense watched them wash their release watch you have to not get the ball maybe they you know had done a great job on the release getting open. You know doing their responsibility. I think all of them really you know Tanner played well Preston Parker play well. Felt like -- Kenny stills you know just -- me and I special or catch there on the second drive. Two -- came through with some big catches. You know injured phase I didn't really -- -- ball music guys just that as I was watching him. That nice job with with some his routes so. Really across the board and I felt like our guys. Yeah every guy did did some things very well. Obviously it's it's constant improvement you know but by no means was perfect for anybody so. Will will will take a look at the film and I'm sure there's a lot of things to come out -- we can find him and continues through par. Yeah. Yeah that is big strong physical guys that. You know both. Have nice range it's speeded up close is in great hands. You know a lot of -- sort of been you know right now as well is this Jimmy obviously so. You want to you combination. -- You know it just you were we were thinking about recorders. And a score in the yes I'd been awhile but you know you get rolling them. And I think about the clock. That -- of just waiting for the question. They respond is. There was -- Lakers source on the first flu like oh my god has shown. Period it just like old times. Useful. News. It it is slowed him and it was it was on time like he usually is. You know stress of the same things -- -- -- -- you know so. It's right back at it. Yeah yeah. Yeah. This your perspective you know and he mentioned that to us into the game you know -- all you know although it's -- eighteen months. Are now almost. That. You know his. His his perception was you know going from that playoff game and and San -- -- now you know and obviously it's pre season you know a lot of young guys playing in the still expectation levels are -- We. We expect a lot of ourselves. You know so it's not just coaches but those losses its post players put -- -- ourselves got a lot of veteran guys that you know we -- -- games and no matter when you mean you play better there's a sense urgency and focus although we've got three more weeks pre season here before the regular season that that'll be here before you know. They have Saints quarterback Drew Brees at the black and go beat the Kansas City Chiefs. On Friday night in a pre season opener for both squads next hour you'll hear from a backup quarterback Luke McCown he had a pretty solid -- also linebacker Curtis Lofton. Take your phone calls at 504260187. And it's -- -- 866889087. What grade would you give the seats overall team performance against the Chiefs. That's separate jaguar people on line also talk a little bit more about Johnny and his -- College student athletes should get paid for their signature should they be -- Make money off of their own signature it's just sports rolls on next hour.