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Aug 19, 2013|

Bobby and Mike break down the Saints 28-20 preseason win over the Raiders

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of this second yet -- Mike yellow indicate he can about it there. And so -- -- beside him Hancock county Mississippi. In the area got home he has -- do be on field 8 o'clock tonight then. Bob news today certainly from the saint camp. Mahan after a horrendous performance the release of Seneca Wallace and I gotta be honest with Seattle awful lot of money does not think going into training camp. I read -- and it was gonna come out. Lock up that number two position up what he was he'll meet with his football team -- that you know a lot of the same things and reads could you. And throwing the short medium range Terry that a few but he can also run the football right he brought that dimension in. Kind of in the practice sessions. Run that read option. That that you're gonna see so much today if it with him you know like -- really get that deep into your outlook on the scout team and so. Mean but that was such -- thing at the moment it gets a bad football team that. But to still look down and knocked him cold then right out and no right Griffin looks to be that you've beaten him -- aorta while I'm out here on. God so while. Bit surprised me just how poorly cynical late in that football game. Yeah well you can't turn over the ball and you could say and then and then help when you teammate -- you have a supporting cast. You know when you look at it at that fumbling in even he lost one of them but you know you have to have help but if you look at it overall. That's the bottom line is because it means that in. And how you gonna be evaluated. That that goes along way it if it goes what you doing at practice we can practice what are you doing. In the actual game then and I think that was the magic stick that quote me with look at that. And now that's the side. Why you decided to go little McCown now. Luke McCown was -- football last year. Even though the thing take out of he was the backup to Matt Ryan -- with that you look -- at the Falcons -- if Matt Ryan would've went down Luke -- would have been in there so that it goes to show you that. That they have confidence in him and it I could say right now what I see them that drives he had. Against the Chiefs in him being a veteran. I think long term but it if you look at that. A short term period. As far as him taking over the think a couple of games. That that I would I have confidence in my account that -- because he's been there done that you start NFL games. And I mean it's that to determine breezes backup. You know you look at and decision making all the player gets him out of the huddle which I think the consummate with the offense now. It's in music camp last year and we -- but decision making at this two -- trying to get the Chiefs. And how the player move the team on converts on third down. And I I think that's in a situation you have sustain drives you have to convert on third down when -- -- at 780 yards alone. That your question we get brought the audience Q are you comfortable with. Remember the Buddha nature of the Saints fan are you comfortable. When Luke McCown as the back up I think both feel that today. Who's who's around you were comfortable with Chase Daniel went. To say that we've taken a step back no I think experience you've taken a step forward considering how many snaps Luke McCown has played real NFL games. You know surprise them we've got cut here. The Falcons didn't keep any of their quarterback and he became an amateur golf right. I mean you know you don't see that all the Indiana felt that you know it's -- -- and -- got -- -- camp with everything else. To go with -- so. It must that certainly some confidence that he can do it and he's but it got it bounced around this week's them with a cynical -- -- I've been a guy that's kind of bounced around the NFL I think the whole -- like anything else nothing against -- is that you -- got to play him. My right you don't jackpot lucky this week. -- him well until -- -- now he's gonna break to the table I think he has a great relationship with Drew Brees and be that extra. Set -- -- went in the meeting rooms -- breaking down film and that was going on and it -- almost like a player coach. Not you know type role like you'd have a -- get. Too many opinions if you trust -- opinion. No -- if you got coach Peyton -- coach Carmichael coach Lombardi. And you gotta look at the L putting their heads together you get different take -- and and I think that's definitely that experience NFL experience it would bring to the table and I think. I -- trusted them and they have a good working relationship. Obviously that in remember that the Duke looked to me -- listened to him. I want to press conferences when he brought him outside and he sounded almost like a -- Number -- coach Bill Clark always -- me like -- kind of bounced around the NFL you've heard every IP in a world. You know and you look at what look at what he brings to the tape what he does sound like a guy that I think we'll open date. Me in the European. You know and and assisting coach quarterback coach somewhere in the National Football League. At WWL's. Or ready Jack war opinion poll question today are you encouraged by the Saints pass rusher or is it still too early to tell. You can cast your vote it evidently L dot com. And be honest Bob I think that's the one thing I think out of training camp in two games in the regulars a pre season. Is this the offensive line. Showing some real potential I haven't seen that. Since may we did 2000 season when they had to Johnson Darren Oliver Roy Glover Norman -- -- white hit that five so. -- guys. They pit -- that 66 quarterback not that then -- -- -- -- not they're not gonna get that but with the development of cam Jordan. A -- hicks. Brodrick Bunkley is solid -- the middle John Jenkins and the young kids when Foster. I'll be honest with you this is -- you doubles talent that -- the line did since that 2000 season. Well I mean. I'm gonna look at it that this way. I'll look at the black Eagles -- -- that was the competitive. You know close think the pre season game publicly that the it is -- -- -- at the black Eagles scrimmage. That would be good to preview the game that they would -- sixties that that's unbelievable. Now that's life. It to keep on that paycheck you would have -- -- sacks in the end. But but I'm looking at now like that then I'll pick it up I remember look at it I think at what 31 sacks last year -- RI gotta look this up. But our members say if they can happen is that maybe it doesn't more sacks so I don't know overrun their that that I think. Would rob Ryan's scheme of what we've seen that I would be surprised if we don't have 41 -- OK I was gonna put that over and 142. Okay -- that's nowhere I think part of what that that are reported students according one low that is where now. Ultimately we get the high forties low fifties that you amongst the best. In the league and I'm trying to be realistic game. And I go to top pocket tell you what. According gets -- at top off at the top teams in the NFL though it received in the third we think he got to beat your opponent the Houston Texans. If we get have to match job at the beginning but he's -- -- -- maybe get rid of the ball -- sacked him maybe 23 times that -- very hard. Booted real quick the Saints have waived cornerback AJ Davis wide receiver to Iraq based on offensive guard Ricky Henry. Linebacker chase Thomas and defensive back Deion -- have been released from this football team and the Saints have also cut. Patrick Creighton. -- Rested while -- a bit surprising to me there is the only 188 David -- is kind of up and down. Competing with a young sweeting. You know Corey why. So he was cut up and down up but maybe still be there to the last refusing gain. Creighton I think became a look see. Not a surprise to us both to be the champ chase Thomas. From Stanford does the rookie free agent director Eric Moore but -- card -- has surpassed them I think they have a lot. And they think better companies have better players that we chief Thomas brought to the table. We'll be back with four. Second guessed well right up dismisses you appease them here's plan short Saturday. Not -- -- I never saw fans know linebacker. Real -- put into the third at the twelve yard line of the Raiders for a loss of six. That's when young man that to pull the reins of the court sort of speak in the first half against the Raiders Ramon Humber did a fantastic job eight. -- in that football bowl might. No I don't look at my stats my nine tackles and a sack yes six unassisted. And that's that now I'm looking at that. -- -- If you have that in McCain that you play at a high level you'll Hitler trying to get to ten year old would sideline to sideline -- to have that in the first half. Yet to look at Lofton did play so he stepped up a law that. Bill won't listen man okay that's what I'm thinking if Vilma obviously. A longshot considering the injury apart aren't don't work out. But Humber alongside Lofton. I mean you go bio on the film of the production. I mean I think -- gonna have another great opportunity against the Texans. And I and I could even feel at the last minute Max isn't all that you can level headed of all of a sudden. When all's said and done. You know -- at 989. Tackles I mean how could you not put him. Alongside Lofton that have been at middle linebacker. It's back starting today don't WPL you have four chances to win a thousand dollars every -- -- in -- 1000 dollar cash contest. And it's easy to play. Listen to -- to the L weekdays right before the top our news at 8 AM noon. 3 PM and six beyond what the code word. And get the the code word that WWL dot com's last cash. Or click on the contest late at WWL dot com is just a simple to -- where you're at your office computer. Surfing at home. On your sport full court how -- you can win anywhere. Every week Dave -- lucky listeners nationwide win -- thousand dollars each. Good luck from Smart radio intercom and remember it at times to listen. Right before the top of our news that eighty you know -- and three and six -- The 1000 dollar cash confidence. Point -- -- WL 87. Bob would you know really give the names of the book people that were released by the Saints today cornerback AJ Davis wide receiver to rod stays on. Offensive guard Ricky Henry. Outside linebacker chase Thomas defensive back Deion turner and also veteran wide receivers Patrick Creighton. And Steve Breaston. Are we gonna put a big John admits that he big John you know -- -- -- Bob and Mike. You know you have to do be done well like this easily slide and that we feel good deal more energy and I I must tell -- in regards to the opinion Poland and the discussion about the backup quarterback I'm very happy -- can't back -- quarterback this doesn't. Right now pre season at the same time I hope we never -- -- you will no doubt in my mind Murton. Want to end and no nothing against my grip that looks like he's not. He's a keeper and and definitely watch it work developing but you know it's a big step down on groups. There are so long if you get a push on cant feel on the practice but the -- you have to be confident that you -- develop right grip -- -- -- about a prospect and a joint in yet -- no debate about that and that's at night you know -- -- he went to Tulane no it is the Oakland California yeah when I was actually there again. Just there. But I -- I don't know much against either California the next we'd still like to block it out. But -- -- all curious as we talked about the quarterback he won't make some great pointers and you know maybe we'll -- on being on the side line. Which he will play in the the bodies that -- -- get. They've got a quarterback who was probably one of the best backup quarterbacks that were not abuse -- looked at Oakland football coach he has become. So if you you know -- say that he's you know I don't see it -- then Gary Kubiak you -- -- -- bounced around this league alone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About this defensive front. This past -- we can't right now. You China -- with rob lines and in the -- -- to support me. A little bit more of of the -- And step so to speak tomorrow. And you can't and you can't come a difference -- -- you have some -- young men. Right now I don't really gonna make them make a mark and you -- it -- indicate that you can also see it in there practicing and in the -- -- Aaron felt after the game Mike. -- -- -- the dozens of companies the business but they've really wants to beat him. It was -- yeah yeah yeah. The nail on the hill today you know they are young talent -- -- but I was encouraged by just read that well you know like give a true spread the ball around while. Think about this spread the fact. I don't get to get 567 sacks if you have one guy getting all the facts. Off with -- -- thing in our office of the coordinator all the time like coach -- opponent when they setting of a game plan going to help. We get a particularly -- Are we gonna double -- with that week him joy yeah records accurate ball if I'm playing against them that's the guy now I'm gonna try to they can talk to him like he's getting better every game you watch him look camp -- had a sack. I need you familiar with -- Hakeem Nicks. -- a thank you familiar with Will Smith had a sack. You prevail with Roman Harper had a sack if you -- it. That you look at young bucks. -- a great Boston teams that we're vulnerable at that all the things knights haven't sacked. Now we could rent a real game you like. Mike come Atlanta our Tampa Bay against a real yet and going at it purely at talent knocked a -- -- -- -- -- have a group we have seventh -- against the Texans. Our five in the first half. That's impressive that the tech is the one of the best teams in the AFC are just. Often at the -- to the -- ball -- the special teams still. At the -- on them all I know I'd be -- it was just that we had three I think yeah yeah outstanding performance. I agree with you especially because you know pleased -- basically put the -- -- -- -- these -- would have yeah is so him you know what you're gonna get beat John thanks so much for the call we appreciated. We've gotten more with the second guess -- right up there this news break where she had a road handoff on fourth down. In the backfield five number along with Bob Boone. And the ball will go over this thing. That was the things the mental mixed up with the Raiders on a fourth down attempt. Well Bob and it -- you don't look that play will move into. I'm in me so that's what you what you wanted to number of players make an impact -- even look at the safety will Harris. Mean all of this you know and not at this guard -- we you don't get any more than one. But they've they've backed up and also agree played at the one foot line and we get a safety. And have that you etiquette and pumped -- make you make no it's not a blaze in the -- that's probably crazy it gets robbed brother Rex. Will with a -- we had a -- you know against the Jets yes the money some that you'll won't know -- went well but Mike whenever you can make blades. Escort deep at that point. We all know we want that's what we had seven even at that I've done getting any kind of point and the winner of that often it. That's the key what you -- company you're on a roll and you get a total team effort and that goes a long way. My thing is get the -- -- has not yet and that that really had to pick him limping you sought to lose a lot of comic Greg Williams style. Safety blitz of Roman awful Raphael bush Malcolm Jenkins. All those guys covered from the dead so you weren't really sure where. If the pressure was gonna come from. Tough means give me -- Metairie Christian auto would not in my. Think -- What it didn't -- any value picking up players recently released by rival team like you heard that -- not damn right it is. You better believe it is what we've done that in the past. I didn't and we just let harassment and great golden mean about point so that. I mean you think of people like Atlanta with Heatley picked up. Well everything yet to pull what you bring in like Breaston Creighton. I think it going -- with a veteran Preston Parker you can't keep everybody thought you'd have 8090 people on your roster that you would keep that Manny. Which you look at what you OT OK who's realistically have a great chance to make this team right now they -- get more reps for the young guys that's why it released rested. And it released great but you look at rookie you break it meant. You'll have to push the young receivers you'll have to push pills you -- to pushed -- and then all of a sudden it hit it they've played. But they do you expect eagle and we look at is better I think that's what you've seen Preston Parker he gave it to -- -- mini camp. He -- steady got humble. He's third as part experience when you look at what happened in the off season. Yet party -- -- -- -- is in real game. But that would be behind goals that. Atlanta or. Well Mike you got to -- Woody says and I know what I got to do I can't take it -- and I got to work well behind at all. If I'm gonna make this team that you seem that if president partner Holly's work the it'd be out and practice. And -- that in the game he's separate. -- a -- to say. That now. If wrestlers so I think when he was feeling upon. -- -- -- -- but it made like about I don't know 67 people miss and he takes it to the house that you like man. All of -- I look at the production but it highlights -- got to really give a guy can't -- it made everyone can't this young players I've. Joseph Morgan -- nobody got off in the pre season the return game yes. And if so that's why I look at the gave Breaston. A chance and -- -- all existed. The seven or eight years a lot of times you would think that the establishing you've got to think of Breaston like I did and a lot of people do. Make a Breaston as led we played given the playoffs we Kurt Warner. And that great receiving corps with the cards had FitzGerald Anquan Boldin and Breaston but that rest -- it isn't around -- and that's certainly talkative but. You -- about like. Or five -- six years made about 45 years later. Yet if they put you gimmick at the game look see. But I think now. Especially how they've grown would you look to -- And you look at -- topic grown even in practice but for the Chiefs game -- -- Raiders game how comfortable they -- the plays they were make it. How well it's what you wanna get the more reps could we got to get him ready if they get to Atlanta for -- So like you -- to take reps away from you would have been there ragged -- play against the Texans don't look to get those reps to be ready to roll look at the Falcons and be confident. I think it's without seeing Steve Breaston and Patrick Creighton no better than in the -- Yeah -- can't it's a better player right now younger and it's a younger guy more with the second -- show. Kept me Marines they don't quite yet will be right with Iran after this message on the pizza it. Reasons right now about all the time in the world events. For 46 yard -- rolling -- the. Good for a good score Drew Brees was kind of found a house found Kenny stills from sixty. Yards out and still is in the end zone for the first time at the -- Was two minutes and call of Drew Brees and man he knows that when he seconds in the pocket to find a Kenny stills made a great -- grateful we're -- medical audience on it and we talked about about him week one. Mean he didn't finish the play he got open you could have made that -- catch ended up drop and it. This week you finish the deal yeah now was important I think now he's a Big Apple involve ball like on the rebirth -- the -- all -- you. I think he's established himself as the number three receiver. On this roster and come at a stretch guy that. I'm trying to fill his shoes but Joseph Morgan tell me just be you know how to would not in my. I believe that we do it like a -- it's -- logistical and that you need help obviously but I think the last caller political community values. In the together all the players you know if you look at the track record of Sean -- Especially offensively that you won't feel we've been able to find -- -- difficult in the Chris Ivory Pierre -- -- guys I mean. But he's becoming two lead Q it looked at someone -- probably. It's kind of like you look at that the Pittsburgh Steelers in the track record of linebackers. You know somebody can actually somebody else's treasure. What George bell. I mean he could make this team when he went to the mind goes to the Lions you know basically the same sort of thing which brought about with Chris topic. -- on this team today are we Robinson. Preston Parker you can't tell me that if those guys don't make it on this -- -- -- so well. The make up with because I'm being. Because he he's showing you indicated that. Our home. Marketing group in group I -- -- jacket -- he had Sean Payton who was all because -- about it and it could play. Well OK -- delegate hole that point okay. This is what we all wanted to span okay when -- that is done we want this thing to have more balance at least attempt to run the ball. Who ran the ball 36 times against the -- Who ran the ball 33 times against the Raiders. Now all ability committed to the run we look at average per carry. You look at 3.3. Against the Chiefs. And it 2.5. I mean pretty bullet 2.5 feet yeah yeah and against the Raiders and green white streak at the keys to what I think. If it may be and I wouldn't Robertson got -- he can run the ball well. The cookies they are looking at -- want to the first separate entities I mean the Raiders in the first half. Who read the ball fifteen times. And we had 38 yards 2.5 I think what are they putting in extra men in the box. Now when you break it down the film and -- that you should all that success. In the past but credit you know it in the passing game but what I'm saying -- you think -- wonderful with the -- him. You think maybe it's not select a running back at the office -- line. Well I would I would -- it properly and put them -- this -- it's important that can do it consistently. To me a New York took an average. It out and you compete in it was in a few pounds on the field. You know you put on the field that much comic defensively. He's going back to which we're talking we were horrible horrible. Yeah. Who probably would make this thing about the -- -- -- nine tackles. And five time you know. This means to nine tackles you know playbook thinking -- you -- nine tackles in those 53 -- -- That's 60% of the toll could you know that apparently didn't recognize tag on -- all -- -- -- problems -- You know he's he's he's making 60% of the plays in -- so you know -- again because the Raiders. He continues the action that would go on -- content offensive drought. I would I would I would government -- decent looks like we've got some crowds -- on the rise. -- building no I agree with you not pick where this noble line it is. The offensive line we have not seen any type but ballot in the same area cold. Like what we've seen it now with Jordan with the Knicks with a -- games with Boston. With -- walk -- all -- -- that combination. Mean we haven't seen that type talent as that was on this team in a long long time. And what they now sit on the offensive line is not nearly as good as the old nine line -- one big reason. The guy with the best offensive guard -- game when he was here whose name was Carl -- you need tough yardage he got it more. And so. At it -- now Mike is going to break if you look at sacks. I mean five sacks in the first half. That's why -- optimistic as you know last time we had six sacks. We'll let two years ago against the Bears and drinking Miller. I mean. -- that we ended up with seven total that's why I don't get too high -- too low. But it really does get around three does get up but -- get some pressure every game yes an -- get pressure and force bad throws the great turnovers more with the second issue -- -- -- break him negates that.