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Aug 19, 2013|

The guys continue to break down the Saints preseason win over the Raiders. PLUS, talk to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle about the Texans who the Black & Gold face next

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lot of activists think Daschle Mike -- along with keeping him and Bobby there were alive -- -- -- look -- casino beach side and Hank got pounding Mississippi. In the only until 8 o'clock -- have been here a couple months -- and don't do a lot of talk about football's things that was huge SEC's upcoming game between the Saints and the Texans at the Saints made some releases today early on -- releasing quarterback Seneca Wallace. And in this afternoon releasing. Cornerback AJ Davis. Wide receiver -- based on. Offensive guard Ricky Henry. Outside linebacker chase Thomas. Defensive back Deion turner in the two veteran wideout Steve Breaston. And Patrick crate so those were -- cuts of the date for the Saints. We're gonna go to -- on a cellphone Marie thanks so much for Holden -- and second guess with Bob and Mike. I'm you know I'm. -- yeah. We do this well I think you guys don't know I have a -- -- back. Well we'll make you feel that the community there. Yes. What they say I tell you -- when I was. Agonized over economic and all that of a late forties -- I felt like almost won the talent to compete at the I don't believe -- -- that particular looked as though I don't think that I feel. I don't know. I feel about 52 walking through the 53 no but when I was. -- -- when actor 48 and one who's really in -- felt like now that it when he. Has got to give back that. -- -- I don't think that. I'm making any Maria won't give it -- I had I. RB a but he he's done a nice job when he's got a chance to play I think Ryan's gonna end up being on the development what's -- practice squad. I think it's like -- just keep two quarterbacks -- their 53 man roster update yet that an impact you know particular people McNown. And it certainly not he's he's got the job along with true but I think you gonna wipe the roster spots are gonna get -- here. And we talk a little bit of body what are we Robinson for -- of that. Would you -- there. Because I don't if you got one of those guys -- -- -- somebody's gonna pick him up you can you have to defensive back was special teams and that's why. More than likely line's gonna end up on the developmental squad. As the that you know trying to work development yes and so quiet down the line hopefully that he could be the backup. Well and yes if you look five mistakes the 69 yards. Yes to be impressed though -- encourage residency by that considering. You know to -- games for nine point seven yards to -- make more plays against the Raiders -- yet to be. Encouraged by that you know no negative plays as far as the interceptions during the light. Have a tax dodger -- that drive in they go to on the field and we need to make you know for the ones Courtney went or moving them getting a safety when I look at it stepped up big time but. If you look at also like Mike said though. You know the competition two pars -- I mean he had a nice -- deeper return by 21 yards that was impressive. With that you can't turn over the ball you -- You know have a couple fumbles and doing well like coach Bates hit this one that you just can't do. -- you're gonna get trouble real fast with this head coach no matter how impressive you more you put the ball on the ground. You've created I don't know. Committed the mortal sin was the head coach's concerns so elicited that has tightened up. Because you would think that that has yanked because of the fact that he can play special teams but every time you see are we Robinson on the field. I mean he tightens up the gap that you happen to meet him -- -- right now. But there is no. Gap between the 20 but they hit they're racing. Not a strike. This draw yet don't -- is they would want it that and make sense to work out because he's a similar type back to Darren Sproles oh. If so that whatever happened that Darren Sproles then. Yeah let's say like it could that actually me active roster if you inactive. And so what happens -- role and run the same type blades. And you're competent but I don't want being. I don't get your power back if you a finance back. You could not fumble you can have started over. Who -- The Who still think this Russians because if you look at it. Well realistically. You know we was -- -- to give way to -- -- going into the Raiders game. We ended up minus two I think we should stated zero. Corey why I can't believe you intercept that ball and it sweeting. Going to be there's judge. In the end zone at Indy that should have been an offense that we've that just -- -- 01 know what it all business I would -- too many to. I don't know what people in the secondary leads to litter came up with UNICEF right but man you look at those two amigos and -- -- it's -- -- And Corey white did -- come up with that -- get. It's not that Bob I just don't -- now guys. You know and you see it more board don't have good I mean -- nation trying to come down with interceptions that's what separates guys. Like Ed -- But football mile -- those type guys they can come up with the other stuff that some of these guys does it even when the ball's thrown right down. Gas ball hard -- lefty -- bar you know hoddle went up in might. -- ourselves to make a comment on Robinson and could yet. And making room. Promote them but I think you -- court. -- lose. Then you've got room because. Our idol but not definitely not a group prior -- I don't he has fought for right now at all I don't believe him most -- There -- teams. -- -- but it look at the weakest point of your team in week one was special teams. Courtney Roby the second best special teams -- you have evidence Thomas -- did. You cut him loose I mean you got to that hole there. As force in the special teams part of the game understand where you're coming from but special -- you lose a couple games like that. Man you you can that you get a special teams coach fired real quick. But to win that I think that's like Courtney Roby. Best of five in this league for this long because of how good years as a special teams both. All the act kickoff coverage punt coverage it -- we were horrendous. Against the Chiefs that you look at that given up a tour if it before returning yarder to Americans the Raiders. Throughout standings so I'm not take approach -- think we do -- the Texans then. And -- on an -- which he -- to return yardage the Raiders had 120. Total. Now if you look at the kickoff returns we came about. In the what's impressive that five returns -- seventeen. Knowledge. What I'll be impressed by that it's all on the 25 yards to get a point five yards became a golf cart team is doing their job. And now I think this they did this on purpose you know Morris that inside he can -- 89 yards deep with before Garrett Hartley kick offs off coverage units. Few group make you played the -- it went out like edition. Michael alerted tonight's game in the way it bullet and Morris -- colleges like is -- -- hit it to 21 yard identical line we've got to cover. You got to make plays so -- that that's continuous. Process he would say. Very bad. The first game against the Chiefs very good against the Raiders now let's see we do against detect -- without coverage of the. Think to a lot of returners you people know that you'll for five yards into the end zone and taken it out of getting a chance almost take it out that's what they're -- yet I'm -- -- records. Second guess show wrap up the news break you under the lights and a -- in my. Flynn in the shotgun. Through the right one for. It stands to his -- here's Jordan. Yeah I've learned from the blind side. I was him Jordan you talk about a superstar player to make in this thing to have on defense. It's cam Jordan. -- the most dominant. Living now on the defense it's not deploy all night we said that over he could start off any team any team NFL on my -- but to start. I'm talking about LA in at a very high level and you know my thing with him -- -- you reminded me a lot of Justin and I think he's inching closer and closer to that type skill level. Every time he hit the few Bob here's the crazy point. You may not be the most talented defensive linemen the Saints. I think -- -- hicks if you talking about just let it sizzle -- pure talent. I think -- May have a little bit of an -- you know the game isn't quite there yet for him. And that's the thing that is so intriguing about this football team with a hicks. With Cameron with John tickets with the two young kids in Foster walker along with the veteran Brodrick Bunkley. Because if you look at that and you know them now. Because they can play every snap how you can hit a spell them. And now all of a sudden. Whether it's walker whether it's Boston whatever. That you play at a high level. At 20/20 five snaps -- passed these -- like. Jeff Charleston but I think. We even way above that you know Jack Charlton was the woodwork are we get involved disagreed all of a -- what he wouldn't that she's game when he had two -- -- three -- that that game. So lavalas let you bring that consistency. Game any game out because they -- play every snap out of camp with Ellis shoot the faith. Who's been that rotation. I can play at a high level at a first -- level when they -- in the game but when it when it five that. Got to think through the high effort players -- and woods played both defense event and also a lot of outside linebacker and you know he's a guy that would it was one day of practice and he was in as a starter at outside linebacker. Yeah -- Richardson B yeah. And -- he's got his connection. Would rob Bryan I'm just telling ya think this team is gonna go with more of those veterans. That rob really knows and -- Robert and Atlanta Robin -- -- huddle with Bob and Mike. I looked at got to act like -- courses that part is how much that would help a rough ride that you pick. That's what I was going to be considered the plate or Atlanta land here and he also and that I think you -- cutter. Obviously back objectively. And also in the collectively got back up crying. Well maybe one -- -- Mark Ingram. It's got these two young wanna bet me up at Vietnam. -- -- off -- there as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it ain't gonna happen and you're not gonna get anything close to which you gave up Ingram I just think you might be a little bit of football politics but right now. Walking going to be to god and I think is gonna -- -- football more than any other running back on this the bottom line I mean and I again want to. They want him to be that. I try to give an opportunity to fail success derail them now I've got to -- talking looking into the future 2000 fourteenth season. Let's say he's -- out of 03 point 12 point eight yards then it might go to different direction they probably will be and just cut bait. And and go to different direction but they didn't give Ingram every opportunity. To succeed this year our field. But it ain't gonna happen this year I can't measure at the beginning of the year and yet they've got to give pop U you left here. You went to Atlanta. How much insight can you give the Falcons about what was going on with the Saints all. Yeah yeah I mean that that that's really blown out of proportion. You can get a few tendencies here and there but I mean it's not like you hear what play they're calling you can maybe break it down as far as. If this formation -- like to do these particular plays or on third down yeah like to run it yes it's stuff like that but as far as like. All I know exactly what they're running Helm though you don't. What coach -- calling it we don't know what they're calling. I mean it helps somewhat. But it's not all of a sudden. We got a secret game plan and his -- is no way what we -- I'll be able to stop a -- yeah that's the only topic and goes on all that's. I might help some like. But I think get that stuff overblown and overrated. A lot of -- this night. -- football and you got a handful of plays we know everything you're doing you know you can play the percentages. In attendance against Edmonton has yeah everybody if you. You played just an article write anything else you have a tendency to kind of do the same thing over and over again and I make play calls like that. You have a tendency to do with back to my. What I got guys but I can tell you now all the the Falcons offense their tendencies. Also could change. Because they have more pass receiver and running back who the expletive -- Steven Jackson and Michael Turner. And -- Steven Jackson. I would be surprised if they don't on the ball like -- Darren Sproles 6070 times. You know mostly route to whatever. And all of a sudden that's the objective rock just and so it's -- -- I have a lot of different weapons. I man I hope but if it is -- hope our offense is rolling. Come game one because you've beaten I think it might be whoever has the ball last -- that game. This has been in that open on -- is around fifty I think you have a lot of people roll on that. Because you. You can look at that game -- -- do you want to -- 127 game up thirty when he went out of our game I'd be surprised beyond the fifth you know because you concede this will be -- I scored a pair. And both -- and it's gonna be pressed the limit not ordeal on the second -- go right at this news break with. And a room while back that thinking gets you mightn't the along with keeping him the so so casino pizza and got on the Mississippi. It's back starting today on evidently -- fortunate to win -- thousand dollars every week date. You know 1000 dollar cash contest in its easy to play this that the devil that you know we gave right before the top of the news hour. 8 AM noon three. BO for the code word. -- -- word it that Libya dot com slash cash or click on the contest link and it definitely out dot com. And it's just a simple into where you're at your office computer surfing at home. On -- more forward now you can win anywhere every day wore lucky -- nationwide 1000 dollars each. Good look from Smart radio in and remember that I'm still listen. Right before the top argues that video no. 3 PM and six beyond the 1000 dollar cash -- on -- right here on -- -- And we're joined today by one of the legends in the business -- Jon McLean from the Houston Chronicle done -- probably his game a long time next we'll be -- on Witten and second guess what that's. I've been covered it is so long body. Out there. Then John I don't remember that Duke -- what is -- really did Babbitt. No one of the things done a it's what dive I think we're Gary Kubiak in Houston I think most people look at that he has made it will get it done this year -- Matt's job. So let's go to changed dramatically because I think the patience has grown in Houston because all of these talented teams. Gotta be in the -- to me. -- over the broad. The only person's opinion that matters is Bob McNair if it. And they would have to have a terrible year for him to fire to be -- could be shop. And they were twelve -- last year but win the division. Go to the playoffs and you know -- on buying. Is Taylor like -- -- and when you fire coach you've been in the playoffs. Three years in a row well bum Phillips. And it took seven years to get back. They got a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. They're hungry because of the way -- -- to that down stretch lies jubilant. Home field advantage of them lost on the road. For the second year in a row so they've got to get home field mean that's got to be either go. Now -- done. Public your opinion on this because you see it every day in the perception is that when you look at the Texans. And you -- complete team that. They're right up there with the 49ers then and the Seahawks you look often -- at the special teams. Then maybe and not on the level -- it is the ultimate 49ers. Is that the quarterback position. What is your take do you think the Texans are. Not as about as a complete team you look at all phases at they have an AFC. Denver probably you know -- you know that well -- has played here in ninety Denver Denver last year they beat Peyton Manning last two times they play him. They come here next to last game last home game. Could be for home field -- play New England here when they were here last time four years ago her -- they beat Tom Brady of the Patriots so. Date you know they're capable these guys. But the problem is they were so inconsistent match up four touchdown passes -- then. Last four games one touchdown as man it was. Greg in some games you know there's. Terrible down the stretch but their defense was all they gave up 83 points and two losses at New England. Among their last five games so childhood only one that was bad defense went down pull it they -- blank you know injuries couldn't blame you know. In any thing with the fact that collectively. -- your pants when -- saw up top ranked Foxboro. One reason they got it Rory is he champions and it's in Foxborough he's won three playoff. Games there are so it read it 7%. Over what he used to be is better than what they guy. And a lot of what he brings intangibles. That he's not scared of anybody you know mentally -- They have to be mentally tougher on the road in the playoffs. About -- look at it this upcoming game. Everyone -- this around the league is the most important receiving -- -- because. I -- artists play. Like two and -- not even three quarter to kind of -- -- at halftime and make adjustments that you -- stretch and they come mile and and then my question is. What it did it take for the Saints defense to have success against the Texans offensively because. They've been outstanding. On the Rob Ryan. I -- that she can't defeating keys that in the Oakland Raiders public in that they've had won eleven sacks in two games up. Third down conversion rate that pulled the ball had been either when he nine. When he 3.2 and not try to tell. The -- and nation. And they could have somewhere near those numbers -- numbers against the Texans then that would be a great achievement even though it is. -- especially if you look at the first half. The Titans they've got a and they've got right now. Three question marks the offensive line pairing and bar restaurant he's not gonna play in the game he's got a back problem. And but they're gonna play his starters too and am probably quarters some of them the young guys. They'll need to play three quarters so yeah I could get this is going the fans -- me. He has faith that -- to only one way to go. -- it rob Bryant having it hinge on -- tobacco and help them on both sides of the ball in -- on the offensive coach. But just to have a great bags and open it helps in every area in the eighties he would do Rob Ryan option sure cart -- There's like you did Gregg Williams you know it will you know defense can't be worse it got -- A lot better this season yet Texans will be it period as well the first game in. Regulars season that sounds a lot like Atlanta. You know there and has to obviously throw -- -- schools that got a lot of talent. But they're not a physical pain and that's one reason these. Has been suitable. On the return of Brian Cushing. Two Q what was unbelievable last season. Play in that position but mainly you got a healthy Brian Cushing. What he brings to the table and he's a cut above at -- -- back. They were was pitching in in when he -- that is me he came back plate and play against Miami. Exactly when he had a five yards tackle for losses last when he -- -- -- and should -- -- that he missed that Michael would immediately. Because they have like two out point that was the end. Everything is designed for him to be ready for sane Diego. It Wade Phillips is real good did it do things like he'll have -- -- next to walk. To keep teams from just totally trying to cover up with the lie he didn't last year with that position that we -- there. To package him with a lot that's pretty impressive due to. Do. And I got to tackle them -- but those two main guys these pants and quarterback got to worry about that. They they've -- -- him relax a whole lot better when -- is making calls on the defense. Not done look at at the receiving core of what Saints defense is going to be faced them. Audrey Johnson lead dog in the conversation about the bad things in the top three. You look at. All -- Daniel the tide in considered one of the best. The question and I have. The -- Hopkins. How impressed are you with him because I know -- short press with. Getting the apparel coming I University of Texas you lead this -- -- tackles and how he tackles and makes plays and open feel and he's been real aggressive which is break that down and I'm sure of -- -- be really excited. About this upcoming games than me and talk about the challenges Dominique Allen Hopkins. I'm Greg Johnson last year and I did things get to 1598. Yards but only four touchdowns -- is when he gets in the red zone -- just totally focused on him they use their first round pick the opportunity. To get to clams and eighteen touchdowns and they can pitch is pretty impressive ratio. And he's gotten my hands he's about six through these -- right leaping ability. And ever since he got here they run these drills. Not just fade route that they throw it up at the end zone let him -- up getting. And he's been great these spiked the ball as fans are real strong he jumps like. To ballplayer. And as -- right work ethic and attitude the -- -- touchdown in the first pre season game just like the idiot he catches. He had two catches against Miami unity -- concussion on the next one now he's fine he has to go through. The concussion protocol that by at different stages with past him but he'll be in the game in. He'll be viewed as there was this thing to have going because I like. To throw the ball going down the field they especially needed. In a red zone fade route to try to take pressure -- job to -- Pete can't. It seems continue to cover up jobs and -- but one yeah out Hopkins. He would be a good fantasy take this one on one -- it is hard to stop. All we saw enough of them go up against Ellis should be tried everything this stopping me was a one man wrecking crew. And that chick filet bowl and so man we know one thing when you guys tell me about that went drama every -- that is -- that. And listen they asked that last year when he was at LSU. I mean he he took a lot of plays off he's that talented kid but -- somebody needs a lot of fog around him constantly to get the best out of it. You watch him play really hard this game because of that plane and he came in and out of shape first time that's happened JJ -- jumped in said. Don't ever do -- -- -- -- -- the first of the year in the first practice of camp missed a lot of -- an ankle injury. He's still out of shape didn't do anything in the first game but knowing. When -- he's got talent and I don't count roller coaster that means he's gonna wanna do it sort of body back in Louisiana. They did so he's still around but I wouldn't peg in the third round I think nobody in the moment saying -- obviously does not go cut the third round pick. John thanks so much but John in this the spotlight regardless that is -- again I -- -- John McClain of the Houston Chronicle one of the legends in the game more you on the second guess you'll write up this break going to be seven.