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Aug 19, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk to Senior Wirter at tigerbait.com about LSU football and Saints Sideline Reporter Kristian Garic to talk about the Saints preparation for the upcoming preseason game against the Texans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What about activists let me guess nobody out here are from 78 o'clock the night. And then today you get a double -- is who he told the that's what you -- won the Hornets who can beat back the night ate that night. Pushing boundaries Gil owns we've reachable in 38 states on their way to via Bobby got a special announcement what you read it out. Yet this especially just shows you how broad The Who dat nation is Linda. And Lou Myers. They from Gonzales to have a home baron. And alleges from -- blocks well if you look at land aren't. She said I don't know that you might be all the think man. That we know who part of who dat nation. She's 93 years -- -- And -- guy you know at the university of all the lessons the university in Activision. There's really how olds who she is -- Smith -- not Exxon. Smith Ethel and night he'd party three in Baton Rouge. Ernie is -- at all -- it's still a big hand on the -- offered that. And if one and all of its members of that field with the good technique. And where it was not with the call back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of those -- there when I got recruited. He told me it was a nursing school and it's at every. One male there's four female -- that's all you could scoot go to midlands and the plays outside and now. And I thought that the want a great recruiting to put novelist and an activist. The red. We're gonna go to block it out yet -- in the huddle with -- might. Mike goes and what Dellucci you know and allowed him along. Everything I've heard of body has been you know he's a cut above the support I'll be honest with you. That the recent it to play is on the buy in the last 25 years Tom -- out bless America handles that in the logical flaw -- It. Was that now there's an. Well Ryan Ryan in the red it was a river parents guy and it was in the revenue limelight because not a hat and through it and read it with the it was a real apparent -- to -- On the idea that with three guys and almost pots and -- that and analyze. And hey Eddie you look at it like -- have -- one. -- Jacobson in. The DP with the Packers on Wheeling and bonds. You know he was wasn't a big time right back on it got a little -- -- -- and I'll tell you what a lot to me. He changed the course of some games -- -- to -- picked up running back against the football coming out of backfield -- they tell people I'm just telling you. You know he's got beat U football I mean he's gonna make an immediate impact. On that -- educated football. And I would be surprised and what you -- be surprised with him is. Not only can run speed wise but he's got them almost -- -- -- has the ability to make people miss. We did it. All -- -- -- -- -- all star game and you know it's a group of guys -- Panama and all that you know like a book by. You know hopefully no competition like us all of delegates broke every record. In that football game as well as a runner passer he played all the water in one series. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Louisiana as the ball out of the trying to agent. Pool. 1980 when you have I knew because I got to post a hundred year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a post -- but no question and -- is education. Well see that he -- you know Morton the and you know what what would have been brought to you go to. And I'll look at it. -- yeah that's. The active -- bit of that today -- in the early eighties the eight that late seventies early eighties they use that they're thinking. That it management. Rudy got a lot of guys would supply you with their hands we have been he had -- -- again I thought well yeah they did a nice job recruited them. But -- I'll be honest with you I think you got one heck of a prospect in a lot to walk. And -- we're not gonna get a notify you got it -- front -- -- transferred from LSU to you know -- yet. And I he's got a chance to be a pretty good football player of lottery tickets what are like -- is more putts but has been an unbelievable. Coach. -- just changed the course that you'll Lafayette football. Well rooted as a and shot -- That we've utilized really. Well I'll be honest with you up lead but case -- a number of people a lot of will look it scared off because of some may -- radiation. And that hit it hurt a little bit but he was as dominant as anyone if you watched him play last season. Of the Vanderbilt -- Bravo called the apostles. At at quarterback in though all of -- you is. You -- going to be surprised just how good it would not quick impact he's gonna make but -- to -- he's one heck of a football -- All right Ankiel then gifted men -- do you in the -- with Bob and Mike. -- -- On what they lost in the span but. Going back who's no hot and trophy any any dominated in in the SEC which. Is not -- felt but I get this quote get -- it felt. And then you bring him and he just needs to be stronger and I mean is it more scheme. That we got it all up times in the game become a different rhythm or. They -- there are a little bit when they get a big contract. You know. Doesn't -- I guess the biggest part of college and pros for a dominant college back. Well I mean. If you look at it and Alabama always has learned -- top offensive line then. And I think if you -- ideology backs like Steven Ridley -- behind Alabama line he has success. I think when all of that -- done that is before I think Trent Richardson. The Browns will be that are running back is good UN behind that does that mean any -- Mean you look Danny -- -- great individual he won the Heisman. That doesn't mean you have success and NFL. If Bible but -- -- -- most of the times yet you okay learned that at all will help our power locate them most of the time. Alabama golf at the line. It is is you know look any even -- the line even if that is the SEC. In Florida I'm not saying every week like Ellis shoot. I can hang with them but not every SEC defensive line in saying that Alabama -- that -- -- -- the roles. A lot of times. I'm majority at times that the that the line in the NFL can hang. Wouldn't think top -- lines -- what would you do it an individual. Cut it in two with more it's not habitable what do -- creek road. The awful -- -- he's not that you. Guys got a bit of football 9/11. Times. Well when I -- I -- that. They get those carries in before you see that impact what does the I'll be honest on this football team. Middleton that -- -- people don't read the well. Is it more this game that's burdening them because like you I used and I really you'd. You know you make one on and all the people around him which all had or he had. OK okay for -- -- there but think about this against the Raiders he ran the ball nine times the first happy at thirty yards. I think it offensive -- not as good. As the lucky ones who will I think that's part of the reason I think it's part of it not happen called and it's OK okay guys and more Carl -- is that dominant to what it though. In hindsight -- in theory actually think going forward. Would have -- signed Pierre Thomas. Had nine carries and instead of thirty yards -- 45 yards. And are they are great -- Bomb after what is. Your beer I think he's going to be a good player I don't know. Is it it aligned to the game that the outfit for the things. I think he's going to be a good player and not have to agree with the thing I Victor Richardson that's a chance to be a great player yes. That's I think it's more -- I would trade -- to think of an Alabama. And in marketing with all my timing. Lately I've been almost award to me marketing has not shown that he late first round. No I would easily yeah NFL player. But more like there for -- been. It he'd be fine. But it just dropping the first round pick -- that I expect each and trade up yeah yes. Yeah -- yeah. Yeah I got operation on his journey you know. Wanted to hit it just doesn't seem to quite union and that you know that -- well all come out and stay in that it. And that's that's an I hope he get to the level with the faith that. You know he's contributing on an 11100 yards in this season that body you know yards a game because obviously -- give them. Like -- Jamaal -- fifty yards. You know somewhere in that -- I would say I'm just think by committee. We knew when we won the Super Bowl. Who won thirteen games went over 2100 yards rushing. -- we have not been able to run the ball and those. The desire ironically. We Rugova fix in the NFL rushing and we haven't been able to run the ball men and 15100 yard -- against whoever's running. So. I think he'll be a big win if we do -- get to 1890 yards. I think that'll be a productive -- -- what I think. The office that line. It may be developed but not a -- who -- on nine. Really did not -- I'm fit into the committee running back seem like we have he'd probably benefit local featured back like that which respect. I think that that's where -- would -- board the other thing you got to remember from that don't mind the you got one starting linemen back that's -- yards everybody else has been. Replaced so you retire. Went to another team create its wise so now. Think some juggling and up front I'll be honest it's as proficient as this office has been wild all out. -- it that that's a real comfortable do -- and global. Brought to the maple has an offensive line coach but don't you guys aren't a lot of shop at every other way. Thanks so much -- we appreciate -- -- -- you on the second guess you're right up that is great -- -- them. What about this -- if you like the low Bobby. So -- even beats. You know -- missed it. A lot with the right now -- up Bryant as far as senior writer like a pay cut Brian thanks so much for joining -- tonight. And I -- doing great Ryan. The question or we. Yet they'll put on who covers you what you. Woolworth store telegraphed it you know you can -- this this huge game but you man they gotta run its schedule early on. You know that opening game you had eight months to prepare this is huge game but no one's fault that. I don't think -- she's gonna look away from this game I think they know exactly how tough. You as he has in the past but just how local you know figured that. Yeah I know the coaching staff and the players really respect. -- You know Gary Patterson -- did a good solid defense. They struggle a little bit last year because we on the most this started back. And then offensively you know in the Dixie ball back he's here suspension you know he'd -- that a quarterback anybody. Whatever you have a very good quarterback you are very dangerous scene and not think that would -- he's not an earnings outlook looking at least the year. Ryan wanted to things you know last year and I talked about this. This -- maybe doubles but -- the experienced group Everett elegy. When you look at that group as a whole and all the -- suspensions injuries and everything started that we down on that football teams don't want big gains. This year I think with I think a lot of like a plan to go to see pretty quickly. It's how quickly the impression of them see extensive playing time on this football team. Not make it maybe not starting position but seeing a lot well this sub packages. That they gonna -- that's not that that. We've seen a little bit but now -- east right now but that Ellis. Yeah you're right about that you know you'd look. At on off and it's probably not in its speed and many fresh and here even post it is is probably top. Back up now -- on the line clearly number -- Danner and that there is another injury I think he'd be back I believe we're. But on defense I think gets what he did he did. True practice in the rotate in. You know push on Boller will likely going to be in the rotation and Christian walk the course that would going to be in the -- Axel and then -- and it would happen. When they go to nickel and dime. In the secondary to be whether or not you know regain its wider -- Jefferson and the the wind comment and note situation. Now Brian what is your take on this. When you look at the -- back keep score and the prestigious. Responsibility comes to this in the recognition. -- barreled into wearing them at eighteen. Do you think you he stays and outside in that. They work him someone else in the middle linebacker spot where do you think. Whereas with with that spot the Q well there are are wanted to young guys what did you take on that. Well I really think it was me. Open up against ECU the first under with three deep and -- well it's going to be in the a -- back. Now as it seems we're on and again it depends on you know all of you know if you have been what three depending on what he wrote me off -- can -- -- in the AC you know in nickel and dime you know -- on that hate that changed everything. And at the linebacker situation. Like I think it is you know they -- and what real lot. I you know off. It could possibly happen as they make today. -- we got to -- well you are buried and we may -- our own in the middle name would be on the arrows. You know on the weak side yeah it is the map of because they have them like gap there Qaeda and a lot I can do what he can do and it's very. You get out there and they'll fall well you -- it back out here a lot -- -- That now and I don't know what is your take on this you know LSU fans next mean. And and I tell them I think now -- Polley will come at the plate where to tied it to be more involved. In the offense you know we've heard that before but now. I think -- -- Cameron I think. You know temple will have more opportunities. But it tied it to be involved my question is who you think that guy will be or will -- be by committee. And then what what you think that would be a successful. A season high -- in as far as their receptions. When -- Cam Cameron often. Well luck is looking pretty when he did. With the rape you know yet and it had a couple of years and ot eat three years -- back and -- Eric I can't get to warm up all game. Felt he would like to do that but -- you know -- actually got -- at the arc and help to do right now well probably the best I am right now it was important. But he's more of blocker than a repeat winner CC has -- people feel -- better block. You know Travis that and it is. Can't have and his ability to be at receiver are really think -- you what's going on here who moves have been made well more than a week ago. They -- melt in your own and moved him from linebacker. To work in from the cold back there working on the make back working on the -- again. And I think that they'll look at what they're looking for. That -- back -- back I -- go back almost a year ago and Nick Hayden -- beat LAQ when he would need to young. And you know he won not that pullback from knocking on my side and a lot they act. And I think that that's what they may be able you with someone like now when you know because Cameron might -- -- -- all that athletic guy and and I think that the future. Opt for -- positioning is someone like now you know. Now Brian who you -- right now now we just talked about this because. You know cynical Wallace got cut looks like Luke -- to be true read his back up. Who do you think of the number two guy to men murder when the season's start and even as the season progresses. Well it from what. But a little bit PG -- from the dead -- I'll laugh out of it appeared. That Anthony having the number Q what I know it I think that they are working. Op package right now -- it -- again and will be in the team I think did take -- you -- it again in the thing waiting line Arab. Behind Matt -- in twentieth of that where you know their short yardage. Situation they brought -- who and where is mobility could be right. And I think think he'd be doing that the issue with it -- the adding that the bell met burger there situation when making uses -- -- -- things is you got a great player that can do so then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a specialist as a pass rusher in. Either at that hybrid outside linebacker he hits a -- position because I mean that's what they get got to do we can get up the feeling fans. I think the best when he's gonna become the defense there that's where are you not know right now speaking to camp you know. 1520 pounds. You happy. And and I think they try to getting them lose some weight but I think in the future that -- in the end -- at the him. As a defense could end -- back -- come this year I don't know I hear a lot that he could be on action the early so I think is that. That he's there someone that he could they Q Pete -- now how quickly did it mean this year on the actual. Day. -- -- joined now Brasco I think those three guys pretty much picked you up front defensively -- you know what you're gonna get I think pretty much. Romantic Johnson's legal purposes. Which you can of this is that consistent accurate that you got -- so long with the main goals and Montgomery and Lavoy Edwards. Those -- got to step up being. Yeah you're right about that -- on too much on back you know apartment from that. Shoulder surgery it. And Bill Allen and hunter Allen an honor -- most -- -- -- -- enough. What I hear -- done pretty good you know Allen is on long and now. And hunter is the god make. They are equally you know he's got track all hankins you know make -- Utley. One. Network that. Now Bryant -- what you're looking at the status. Josh Wilford. And those speculation but he's big he's done ours I think he sits out in the navy could be available at times during the season are. Well what did you take him you know all what all senior offensive lineman. The potential in the ability and offensive line this -- is the limit but what did you take a little. Bobby at the big question mark the -- very period in -- last year. From gathering. You know he. It was not at the area is -- but look he -- period on you know how how -- you nagger. And I just don't know. You know nobody -- -- things. The players don't say anything you know even though with the one on. Dot get in the Egypt Egypt and in limbo. Rashard Robinson. It. How long is this. I don't know and -- you mean he's going to be yet. Lee and get eligible. Like they really don't know needs to go through the clearing out you know wearing out its work and you know they're great and they got. I'm sure on two players around on the yard rocket to right now wait to be Blake Gideon. So on -- is going to up. It's -- late obviously even in the situation of the -- -- on you know I anticipate it does it cleared the right record this year. Is typically speaking spot a question more review because of me that that's one thing elephant with a pretty solid that. Throughout the years at getting at -- kicker in this that they haven't been involved in a lot of close games with it because called -- want to win it we -- -- job gaffe but for years. And he was a clutch guy -- there. There's a lot of question marks -- that please pick a position. Yeah. You know. Yeah it's certainly -- Michael you know he's going to be did not. Eager pupil Icrc and Egypt -- on your you know you look at -- Think last year or two out in Red Wings need one of those guys really add that a year ago and and and it really. And I think that definitely get back on Ellis in. So logged a game routine to music up and and not you know -- you know you talk about. You know walk on from a new library. And now. You know I'll look Mormon alike we act it out. Right down the outlook event. Cam Cameron obviously would -- bring it to the table. Rule -- easily -- input. With coach miles. It like how that he's progressed -- do you think. That he has them back in -- -- -- scenarios. Are going down our. -- do you think maybe that little you know -- Cam Cameron shoulder. The thing I wanna do this wanna do that are. Are all all what do you think you'd think Cam Cameron to complete control. And and -- that. The case obviously when the heat on the line. You still would be neutral left out when maybe happen. I don't think any they're very he only made -- very -- coaches who don't. Involvement now in the thought -- -- what ball with their -- And you know Nick's favorite team is going to be involved in Alabama beat because the -- -- -- And I think left ball going to be involved -- what you -- -- mostly. -- -- -- Standpoint but he's going to be involved and not think that that's gonna happen but people one -- you open up the off and they can open up the offense you know that have been keen is going to be part got it -- you stated that met -- -- a complete. You know 65% -- -- in pro ball down appeal actively. -- -- -- Mean so the whole problem Ellis after being not being wide open because it's been expected Matt Flynn that they've really had a quarterback capable -- -- Ryan I think that's been the cut. Alabama's developed a team McCann. And LSU that's they've been stuck in neutral in the quarterback position and if you don't think it's a dropped ball look what happened to the Florida program up to ten people left. What's happened often since Cam Newton left. I think that's a obvious deficiency -- I think that's the main reason cam Cameron's here. Not not as a play caller what you hope he can help in that category but to develop quarterbacks because I think that's with -- get you over the stick. If you look at southern Cal's been the exact same situation they haven't been back to the national championship game and still. They had that he wanted to back and I think that that's just one in his football team tonight. And and you look it. You know look at Georgia Georgia has been pretty good there and they probably better. -- -- quarterback -- -- you know Aaron Murray and Matt Matt Stafford -- they've been pretty good -- position and make. Been in the nit pick every every year recently so I think at that. Important. You know if -- change you know like he will happen with heat -- or. Coaching you know Jordan Jefferson and and met burger you know obviously when he -- -- field. Another note -- and it backed him on the practice field. -- -- You'll be got hammered -- -- anchoring the -- with Matt Kerr earned and that he performs better it is -- -- you gonna have a ten win regular season that Sandberg as half. One batter and he did last year when he was 59%. Well not down seven interceptions. I shoot you run doing this -- -- some time to bring -- -- we will. I think you. That to be on him because that that was a lot of -- him but we there. But basically that's what you meant from at times she -- brilliance that you really but will Bryant thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it. Thought he got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look -- that it's intentional Mike at the alone the key to him about it -- -- you too personal but changing about the conditions that comedy year. Sign up but definitely out excellence -- text the word whether it now 8787. What are -- gonna go to Chris and Derrick was at the Saints practice sessions today would really get the -- Christian. Those moves that turned things might yet but too much into these days there regular season mode after two days off the Saints coach Sean Payton returned to practice field today. And that here's coach on -- announcing -- latest roster moves. Released the following players Steve Breaston Patrick Creighton Seneca Wallace. We waived drug phase on Ricky Henry chased Thomas -- turner. Kenyon Coleman was moved to injured reserve. And and AJ Davis was waived injured. Those those just today's transactions. We're obviously below or ninety's and just with the way the schedule shapes out. You know so we wanted to do -- a -- a couple notable names returning to the practice field for the black ankle wide receiver Marcus Colston. Linebackers Curtis Lofton Marquez Wilson and special teams captain Courtney Roby. Payton goes on to talk about the play of linebacker Ramon Humber in the win over the Oakland Raiders back on Friday night but he played well. Played exceptionally well probably one of his better games that I've seen one back. Nine tackles and a sack for homer against Oakland wide receiver Steve Breaston and Patrick Creighton among eight players released as you heard earlier from coach Sean Payton. The other certain guys you bring in and you wanna look at and make sure they've got an idea of what you do offensively. And then possibly during the season -- -- should -- then. You know there are players that. You could potentially sign and they know exactly. The system. But that being said you know the younger guys. I've done some good things. Olson's getting close to being back. Soldiers keep development work with the guys we have right now. Here's more coach they know what went into the decision to release quarterback Seneca Wallace these he's going well Ryan's doing well. You know so we we decide to make that move today just the -- The schedules different than it used to be ten years ago where you you were concerned about your numbers because of the amount of practice time you had. With the way. Our practice schedule shapes up you know this is something that you know we felt was gonna. Help us get more repetitions some of the other guys competing and and will continue look at doing. And -- Luke McCown at the chief backup to Drew Brees at felt part of this business. It's the reality of this business. But. If he had -- veteran like they go. He came here worked hard. At some tough breaks and unfortunately assists that's the nature of the of what we do. Stuff -- for anybody. Was part of it. You know as for me. Does continue to go forward. You know continue to work hard and be prepared in and around. And be rated to play in electing. Saints are back on the practice field tomorrow morning at 850 complete rundown of Saints practice on line if we had to be WL dot com -- Kristian -- out at Saints camp that wraps up back to Bobby and might get this over the casino. Basically you know on that you heard him McNown talking. He's been in that spot cynical Wallace's it and I mean basically the economic cast off these kind of bounced around this right although whistle. It's a situation where a lot of you civil it's all local basilica well I mean listen. It's almost like a baseball pitcher you got a little experience doing it you almost get you know third fourth fifth eighth chances to go ahead and do it not make. With this situation I think he felt more comfortable wouldn't. -- had had some experience in this offense but man it was so disappointing to watch what -- Wallace did out on the football field -- thought. Practiced pretty well. And he certainly brought that element to the table that he could run the football -- -- -- -- couldn't equating game and a. Well and do you never know about injuries what's gonna cars alone. I'm sure Seneca will probably still -- shape and see you might have another opportunity to come up outlet. You know when you look at it quote me philosophy is to determine the backup to Drew Brees I think it has a lot. Do behind the scenes that working relationship. In the meeting room. My guess -- almost like a player coach and you coached Reid said you look at the decision making. What you look overall except for that one pick look McCown had an outstanding game. Against the Chiefs then how player gets his team in and out of the huddle. As far as his leadership and how the player move the team and sustain drives and convert on third down. To make it through now with that being said. You look and cynical Wallace. You know what I haven't -- deflected pass that was picked off and then. Kind of -- what I don't see help football but you -- a little bit and he got hit and he fumbled. And those are the things that that you have to avoid. And I think he's -- what are occurred in the crease he's thinking which we thought and then also in the practice -- -- coach treat this thing excited to go when Luke McCown. It certainly can pick up the strongest on moment threw it up just all of -- on what anybody right now about leaving him -- grip it more with a second special run up his breaking on the negates it. It's -- and wrap it up -- on the second guess who spoke beyond not votes from the field on after the 8 o'clock I -- what's place. Rome one of boy and he's got double duty tonight. You know from eight to midnight -- One big thing about this game it is the peak on this if you watch the pre season game or listen to it this is the one to watch your biggest test. You get to see a lot of one on ones. Restraint against first for an. Yeah well those especially. You wanna watch the first half you're the closest thing is the directly with the thinking of -- measurements that I think it's the awareness they keep it is that you know you look at the Texas their explosive offense. And then also. You know you know just to see what the Saints are offensively. Going against their defense there weren't most of the teams. In NFL Phillip -- a good challenge of Sunday afternoon. The biggest thing we got out of this tonight -- on the links and -- this thing that no matter what and that's it really play. That Bob McNair -- -- Gary Kubiak but it didn't get it. You yet that and I thought he's not far of that that you really had that kind of relationship with them they ended the night. On the English song good night people.