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8-20 4:10pm Kristian & Bobby: Saints roster

Aug 20, 2013|

Kristian Garic and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the cuts made in the preseason for the New Orleans Saints.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several five welcome and a sports talk Kristian garic alongside the cajun cannon Bobby Baird. Coming up on sports talk they you'll hear from say take coach Sean Payton quarterback Drew Brees and defensive end Cameron Jordan. Plus creek confident Luke McCown as Drew Brees is back up portion of the saint -- in another arm to compete for the job and all the new Saints players -- -- favorite so far. Are pretty jaguar Pena fall on -- yet -- -- -- -- dot com goes along lines that backup quarterback position are you confident the Saints can still win it back -- quarterback Luke McCown. Is Preston action at the comes with a bit of a caveat here Bobby. Win a game or two yes for the long haul. -- you know 810 games I don't know -- be. Well that there's not many people who who who would you take for the long haul I mean if you got a -- that Tom -- you know I didn't even have 32 start exactly I mean I would say. For sure ten at 912 teams are looking for legitimate starters on the audience saying franchise. I mean look in the go to different directions so. Listen. I look at this is showing how hard is even define a -- -- quarterback thing about this. He got Luke McCown in camp last year competing which Chase Daniel. I Chase Daniel obviously more familiar with the offense and N. D. Kalu McCown. -- -- -- even the Falcons -- and he made their team. -- -- that he had to learn off and -- so much amateur Matt Ryan Luke McCown would have been in the game. Knocked it made us right now debates all what he's done in the NFL. Not potential. I can you say chase then his bend -- Luke McCown -- If you go -- skins on the wall so it's I think right now the thing today even. Could experience counts a lot the safety and a better situation now and there were in the past. -- when Chase Daniel is back in a -- thing by having Luke McCown. 504260187. -- told 3866 inning nine -- 08 -- can. Paulus you give us your take on -- jaguar people online at WL dot com are you confident the Saints can still win if backup quarterback -- McCown is Preston actually cast your vote. Online at WWL dot com body going back to that. Release of -- Seneca Wallace yesterday in. Note the gave an opportunity. I think affair one. An inning routier's in the pre season then you know many cans we thought I think you you shared this that. -- down. Probably was behind Seneca Wallace but once it got into training camp in the pre season. McCown duty you did when he did in in a shopping has always been known for a guy. As a coach and as a coaching staff to allow those players about their compete in that go into any -- any preconceived notions. Well he's gonna go by what he sees on the film you know every time you -- that degree practice. Degree would have cars and gain. The great high yours a leader I mean this is shown king's words. When to turn the determining who reasons -- he'll look at. Decision making that a slight you know our -- -- do the ball -- and one bad decision memorable account -- he's -- -- -- -- I know the poorly thrown ball yet and anything -- they look at that but navy that decision wasn't right you gotta be in those quarterback meetings with -- look at far. But all around my decision make it how the players the temple -- the players leads the team to get in and out of the huddle. That's important you like do you look like. You're common argument Glaus feeling you can lead the team he's trying to survive the bag goes a long way in how the player moved -- team. And -- has sustained rising converts on third down look at those two long drives that. McCallum had against the Chiefs. The second quarter was rough. Bounce back at that time I have time. In -- they got the momentum in the saints' favor in the third quarters and that's what they're looking far which with Seneca Wallace had the opportunity. That was not the case. The supporting cast and help them but you know the quarterback position. A lot of times you get a lot of blame but also a lot of -- so. I just know we've witness Ortiz and -- camp and being cynical -- was a front runner. And I think on the account which is a steady steady catching. And and you look what he accomplished in training camp and then we've talked about this. Will we grade every practices as this the media. Looking and a long ball the rules. If you look at bombs. As far as I'm in my completion of forty yards or more Luke -- -- morning Drew Brees. And I got to look who who's a defenders in all there when you look and like a 5055 yard pass I'm not talking about -- -- hit a slant. Our main cut or to twenty yard pass in the end though in agony kids Jimmy Graham some Eagles to six yards on the above the ball in the air. A forty plus yards. Luke McCown still has stolen a forward he was right on the money I know for sure five -- six throws. Not a quickly before go to the break obviously we'd also yesterday Steve Breaston released -- Patrick right now I think it's very clear. They think highly of Kenny stills and then nick toon and that can -- -- a player that has proven himself now through and through opportunities in -- pre season so. And it looks like they're going to be the three and four I was not surprised by those. -- though was that I tell you -- you know it helped their decision also. Two full when you bringing in these veterans. The compete with the young receivers competition in theory should bring out the best out of anyone you want those veterans. To push. These young was he was maybe to show how to be a pro. And I think would convince the coaches Wallace on the letting breast and go -- Ringo. Because how far they progress from game one the game to that I'd be in. Nick toon and and Kenny stills. If you look with -- given that she's literati game how much more confident. They were so you know he almost got -- what we have too many receivers as you want them to get more reps. So therefore I think that's why -- know are they confident. That Kenny stills and nick -- and heading in the right direction blizzard of the veteran. That has been impressive and he's done in India and training camp. Pre season games is rob Preston Parker yeah no question -- you look at UK you know he got you out of balance between veterans and young guys and I think right now the veteran guys Preston. Barker and body we come back from break would talk about Preston Parker and Courtney Roby those two it appears as they would be now. Guess one of the same -- the you know they might be battling for a job at the right two of them we'll talk about thank you to take on that this is sports talk on WB well. Welcome back to sports talk Kristian garic and for the big chief Deke Bellavia alongside the cajun cannon Bobby America went up. At the bottom of this -- Saints coach Sean Payton is press conference for practice this morning in. Body at Texas is here at 8787 from 410 forces do you think the Saints will bring in Devery Henderson my answer that. Is no and here's why in less is an injury. Right like the familiarity that's something that's a bonus for Devery Henderson but. Why would they cut Steve Breaston while backup Patrick Creighton that those moves again she'll be at nick -- they feel like -- and Kenny stills command that spot. What they want a young -- every they don't they don't want an older Devery I mean there's a reason why the memories of production. Went down last year in all of us and you consider where he got cut. A with the Redskins now and benevolent to stay in Louisiana. And boy he's been forced to know like Dalton Hilliard. You know when you look at up looses LSU saying that the dome Patterson Ellis is things that kind of thing that. This takes a look at far. This kind of production while we get a young receiver to step up like -- has mile delighted the lottery. The wide receiver lottery. If you look at the highest receiving marriage by an NFL player. Since 2006 you know -- by big place. Now we've all heard Vincent Jackson on when the charges that -- -- even continue to bring the sub later Drew Brees talked about Vincent Jackson. Then DeSean Jackson of the Eagles out of cal. We on the hot they can -- we know it's crazy a minimum -- -- twenty receptions. Devery Henderson since 2006 number one in the NFL. Eighteen point one average. Per reception. -- to my yards value don't have as many catches as the Vincent Jackson had the shine jacksons average per catch average per catch number one NFL since 200618. Point one. And if you look at -- big plays who runs like with the Angel Martin do a couple of times last year against the Buccaneers in the Packers. Reception to 75 plus yards since 2006. Devery Henderson only behind was behind Greg Jennings never had five of them. And Greg Jennings I think now he's had a Vikings you have the Packers. And that's a -- look at Florida next. Who hit it -- Devery Henderson to have you don't need -- these receptions. But explosive plays like bomb long plays or just a high average par couldn't completion. Got -- a lot was made about. You know went when Joseph Morgan's injury happened and he was lost for the year in the concern was on how to push the ball downfield that was never really concerns me honestly. This offense finds ways we look they've come a time ABC Colston did the now he's got to go play eighty yarder racked up forty yards fifty yards they've gotten Colston they've gotten more and. -- whatever you have a great example Christian -- appoint their two and -- interrupt -- but look what happening is the Raiders. That the deep ball -- -- nick -- right. I mean he got behind Tracy Porter I think they can push the ball to right fielder and number wrestle it really wasn't that I wasn't on. All of my goodness that not a real push the ball down -- we -- there -- a ball past what if I got out I'll think that's going to be an issue now. Will they be you'll find that deep threat making consistently beat guys over the top and I think Kenny stills is going to be guys that they look to. Have to fill that role now going back to Courtney Roby Preston Parker -- -- keep five wide receivers on the team. After sure they gave him five now I -- way to keep six if that sixth guy is Courtney Roby you don't I was telling you. And to -- get to show you how impressive that is. And how long Courtney Roby has last. In the -- this he's always among the top one to three in that range kickoff coverage punt coverage special teams tackles. He's a wide receiver. They about all the years you've got to beat out -- bits of backs linebackers. Who's supposed to belted tackle right and he's been a mile. Well that's like Cordero was like this special case. And he threw me out and I was injured expand. If he's part of it and I don't feel yesterday's Anatoly yet so how serious is the till what he does we coverage units. A could be very important in him making the T birds that Texas and and even against the Dolphins but. I think it only -- five receivers. According year old we would not be in -- number they keep sixties and that number. But do you think Preston Parker makes it over -- Rubin yes. I think because he's strong. And and adding the confidence. And I think he's gonna have an opportunity contribute also on special teams. He's had 4040. Legitimate catches in NFL games. You know behind Colston and Lance -- he has. He has catches in a real game at a pre season games so. And now he's got the ball on its face -- well we seem to our training camp press department continues to do what he's Dillon. That I think he is that that difference. He's done everything they've asked me to do whether beyond special teams -- whether it be hazard contributing as a wide receiver 504260187. Their toll free 866 inning nine. Zoo it's an about it hold that thought I went to a news here second but. Are you confident the Saints can still win it back -- quarterback Luke McCown as Preston action as a party jaguar people on line he calls or cast your vote. Online at WWL dot com more from the cajun cannon Bobby there and Saints coach Sean Payton coming up at the -- Rose -- -- on -- news headlines. Bought a text message at 8787 from 4375. And -- -- the Saints will be six in ten this year book it. I'll be flat out. I'll I'll be glad that. I'll take you on that bet -- I'm not even a bad guy about it but six -- ten for the saint I'll take that in other words out how bad they won't be six in ten. And in new York and then I mean and you have Sean -- -- -- you -- you win one last one has -- -- it is said in 89 and seven. Madison avenue you know kind of way receive it. To say six and ten and a Christian I do is go by what -- when you look at this -- looking at past history. And teams that have been in the same situation as the saint. Who's this him very efficient offense if you remember. About a decade ago Willie roles playing with the Chiefs and all and Trent Green. And their defense wasn't any good -- been cancer each he's done is handling the top five law that went -- and the system and of NFL media research. That if you look at the Saints last year and all of us and why it was like a track meet -- game as the ball last -- drew felt like it to do so much to win games body realizes that the Saints held a lead. In fourteen of sixteen games last season. In the average almost 29 points 28 point eight points per game. That was the most by a team to finish. With a losing record. Says that 2004. Kansas City Chiefs have scored much and have a losing record what guess what. In 2005. You know directed the pollen season the Chiefs new attendance. So that is that's why would you feel like. Okay where we're at and what we accomplished and how we scoring. And Drew Brees is still -- him jumping come back that's why you know like I hear crazy you know -- Ten wins my hobby and -- over seven at ten wins though that's like logic. And some logic behind your educated guess. So to say I like to know this whoever takes that six and ten how does he come up with that you know figure. It considering some pains I that's why I'm not saying all the things are. Thirteen at 314 into law none no problem I get beat amateur homer that I'm saying ten wins and ending it could border on eleven it is I'm just going by what I've seen. With past teams in in in the past in history and within -- -- and next season after having a losing disappointing season. He's a cajun cannon Bobby Engram Kristian -- and for the big chief Deke Bellavia coming up next Saints coach Sean Payton plus comments right here on W to do well. Here's Saints coach Sean -- that is a press Thomas earlier today after the black and gold wrapped up practice getting ready for Houston this Sunday. Real quick with with today's work. We had a and installation which was phenomenally more third down so most of almost all the practice was nickel and third down until very and we did little team red zone. But. -- I thought we fought through pretty well especially. As the practice went on we got better. This afternoon we've got meetings and then just to walk through the PM but. We're pretty much going to be working against each other until the end of the week we'll switch gears to the Texans. And question it's. Jerry ex players. I think both. We do have experience there and then you have. You know first round draft pick who's who's doing very well. Yet Keenan Lewis get a few those pieces. I think we've got good competition. We've got some young guys that. You're relieved that stepped up sweeting has done a good job so. I think Jabbar is healthy right now I think Patrick Robinson probably had one of his better practices today. I would say the first time where you saw him get a lot of teamwork and and he was very active. And moved around pretty well so there's there's a combination of some young guys. And some veteran guys but I think that gives chance. Course Roman and Malcolm or guys that that are experienced in. In and play pretty well right now so I think the combination of both. We've got -- we've got a handful of these you know make you know we're discussing this yesterday we've got a handful of these. College free agents that are competing for a spot on the roster you know he's want. So that's always good. Actually. Well one of the one of -- one of the first things as being in the correct position. If you're in the correct position and have a chance -- You know teach them in and execute all the fundamentals these guys in practice but. Being in position as opposed at a position being ready and and the other thing I would say it is is your overall pursuit of the ball mean any any real good defense had. On every snap eleven guys. You know without hesitation flying to the football and I think that's one of the number one allies really reduces angles in an option football careers whether it's receiver -- running back tight and so. You know that pursuit and then being in the right. It's kind of a broad question but -- our group and it would mean to me. But a high level and what has he done this team -- really you know reach here but that's the thing. Well -- you know he's a unique athlete in that he's very driven. He's motivated by winning. He's very competitive. He's also someone that is extremely diligent preparation his work ethic his diet. Everything that goes into. Being successful. He's interest and and then that along with his. You know his physical ability in his athleticism. Those those make for pretty good combination. What he's seen his pre season games you know it seems like he's been really spot on. These these first few games -- one minute. Well in in the one thing I'd say -- you know he's working with that -- some younger players that that he doesn't have. -- reference to that they would with the Lance Moore mark the schools and I think that. You know it's -- of those guys -- clean picture for the quarterback in in the passing game tied in the running backs receivers. They have to be at their land marks they have to be there on time the right depth. And they have to create separation it's man to man and he's he's someone that's an equally distribute football. Based on the coverage Wilson and so that's something that you know there on out there learning and in. You know I think they're growth. It is is. Partly attributed to. To what he pushes and demands of. -- -- -- -- there's enough defense enough packages where. Outside just the 34 where he's playing one of the outside linebacker positions you know he ends up in -- and in position and some of the sub packages. He plays the point of attack well. In you know for the for the handful of snaps Indians open space I think he's become more hopeful that. Yeah it was a little little little TV. On which would be very similar to. What he's done for the last ten years if you don't know the words that that was very flattered. Well I think if you take anyone of these teams that are in 34 for all. The minute you get -- yourself packages these outside linebackers generally. Become news. The pass rush so I think they would all be considered that. Their base position before and 34 wrong would be at that same way in the minute that we break out of that thrown. Most all of -- were trained to be that in. And it. Nothing right yet I'll keep you posted a -- rehab and everything's gone well and just being Smart and we're optimistic so we'll just you just keep keep working -- that go there. -- All exhibit -- he's he's someone that. Obviously we feel like -- special teams but I think he's played well defensively in this camp and in in the game so. You know he's one of those guys compete for roster spot him in I think the other thing about him as he knows exactly who is. But he's he's been very consistent. No -- there's a handful of guys that we did we set today and and will do the same mall based on where there. I don't know that he's a long shot well. Well I think more than anything else it's -- kicking game but I don't. -- I'm I'm anxious to see him he's get Sampson in the kicking game and for those safeties that may not be on the initial starting lineup for in this. In the initial defense package. You know if we're bringing him to a game that they're gonna have to be playing all the kicking game snaps in and so he's someone that I think can do that. Sean did -- jordans attitude. For a guy -- Gained and lost -- a lot of it's a have you guys. I think he's been real good spot -- -- with his stature his weight right now he's in great shape you know he. He came in great shape with conditioning test and he. He's got very good stamina. And he's a tough player so I think. You know he was one of the bright spots a year ago and he's handled this transition real well. This is being examined. Does not always be sort of head transition and he took his years six. I would say the bigger transition would have would have been just this past here you know another world where we moved him from. Or really switched from. The one in position to to a 34 and it. He's going to be on the field a lot medal in the basement and actually -- passer well he's physical. He's provided good leadership so. He's in he's in good shape he's worked hard. Work. I don't know I think we've we've tried to get three in a week in years past. Today it was a day you know. We didn't we didn't do as much but we still got some and you know each day we can just see where we're at practice but we'll try to get at least three in week. The first month of training camp and -- It. Well it's with these. That which -- getting ready to happen is these guys that have started off playing twelve snaps and then eighteen snaps and then. Thirty snaps you know very shortly there going to be playing. More than that so it's just really prepare your body. That's staying power play you know the whole game. Absolutely. That they're they're one of they're one of the top teams in the league right now and -- as a team I saw a lot of last year. They run the ball extremely well they're very good defensively. They've taken away they're very good with their pass rush. And you know they built themselves -- an outstanding program we've we've got a chance and see it firsthand you know with the amount of work we've had with them. Be at training camp practices pre season games. But. You know Rick who hear those guys that they've done a great job and so. You know we always look forward to the opportunity we played them what have been here pre season but you know this this'll be good test for -- you know for a lot of our guys. But it was. Colts and I have 34 and a half I haven't watched it and it it's along the lines and Jordan would there be any similarities are -- use him. Well they're going to be aligned in a similar position. They both probably are gonna play not only in the basement in the -- so how they're used will be some similarities in. With a lot you know he's he's around the ball he's relentless he's very athletic. -- -- -- -- -- You know he's someone that plays a lot of snaps and and loses the challenge whoever matchup. Kind of a dirty -- -- it were a lot of 34 ends don't. You notice as planned to. That's a credit that's -- that's a credit to him you know he's. A lot of 34 and may or may not come off the field in sub situations but he's good enough and excels in -- passes that you know you see him. All the -- Someone. I'm not making a comparison between two players became someone for us is gonna play. More than just in the days -- -- well. -- That again. Yeah will's will play in the outside positions based in Thomas. Yeah yeah he's playing outside. We've got some of these other younger players that stepped up. You know and that's. It it's back to what I was saying earlier with some of these free agents Alex Foster walkers and second -- there's guys that that have played pretty well with pre season we're excited about. Thanks. And Saints coach Sean Payton right here on WL earlier this afternoon and this is sports talk on WB well. Coming up next our our conversation went outside linebacker -- says Wilson for the saint sports talk rules on.