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8-26 7:20pm Bobby and Mike, LSU vs TCU

Aug 26, 2013|

Bobby and Mike talk LSU vs TCU with Ryan Osbourne (TCU blogger for the Dallas News and PurpleMenace.com)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we have a lot what does Ryan nonfarm who. Covers TCU -- Dallas news also put TCU blogger and also purple minister dot com. Ryan thanks so much for joining us tonight. Allie young guys and I'm glad I was thrilled they don't show up. All right thank you so much Ryan the anticipation coming up off an awful lot of people here seeing what do you see who has done in the past. See this LSU football team this is just a gut feeling a mop board I don't know that this year has the ammunition as they -- Ellis shot that they can hang with him for. Half maybe two and a half want us but I think yellow shoes talent. Won't get away with the tsunami late and I think Ellis should probably -- what pinpoint toward this game. Yeah I do not think TCU. Be traveler defense I think that Will Allen you know hang with and actually -- program -- -- -- -- -- little benefit to -- teams. The past decade I think. Adding that because they've had over the -- actually gonna get a little banners and I think the big question marks are. The five inside only offered to fly under the heat he could've walked out on the field. I think he's he's secondary give them an advantage. You know stronger they are they're quicker linebackers -- some question marks that you felt that you know there's still some question -- on both sides of the ball if you I think having that strong secondary. Can kind of give them you know an extra base that on some people. And I hit some big twelve insist they'll have. But Q I mean if it is still I think it's gonna come down the being able to match up with the side than the L you have I know I I think. We'll see how that you know feel that played out Saturday and he looked good. Green it -- -- it is sparking cheers psyche doesn't really physically as a disadvantage. Just on paper so you're right. I think Ellis who play a little small ball with bill and I think again I believe -- you were paying. -- with him for a little while. But I think LSU's talent size pitches up with them if there's one down won't talk to the football you could see maybe surprised you in the spring and a fall. That could have a significant impact on this game for TCU who with those guys beat. I think none offered to amateur kind of come onto the scene at that high for me you know he's a true fresh water receivers kind of -- I'll do everything guy high school last year quarterback for them back -- returner. There's a chance you don't why don't you can't but -- -- -- -- you know put them on offense. He's our starting double wide receiver along -- Brandon Carter can't much he's a guy you. He he runs in the you know in the fourth or forty range that you all ability. Are people that are probably six both won 95 push into an account pioli is the totality and speaking give them an advantage. That they that they don't -- -- as far as you know Carter credit -- You know they're leading returner receiver but. Averaged fourteen I just -- you know true freshman -- -- to school ball he brings to the table. Yeah I think he's really turned an edgy yeah he's come on and -- on the starting job. But defensively. You know I think. Like guys that a lot of people criticize -- season. That's hockey quarterback Kevin why he played option -- where he struggled from the past few seasons. There was a lot of people thinking that you thought Derrick was going to take and I. On its feet cant watch it that quarterback position and he had a solid balking at the you know that the depth chart released today any -- because of the order -- having another stable. Stable quarterback options are off to the bracket and all American last year I think that. Back to be something that could be a bolt to the secondary and make that have been you know hardy was lucky. Now O'Brien no what is your take you know you look at the quarterback position obviously everyone's. Speculating. How much improvement -- Ben Byrd who haven't his senior year. -- -- tutelage of Cam Cameron but is TCU student by committee are are would approach -- they take him. Well I mean right now I -- -- depth chart was released today and draw what you all wish Paul elicited both starters. And I think -- -- -- this -- that led the conference call that you can have both of them you know captain for the belt the walk out. Count the field for the coin flip. And I think that's better than you really don't want it to -- -- -- I am feeling it and this is the contestant or speculation about the a lot of people on the program thing that. You know I think you're gonna get to this location ball a job to lose even though he had to -- it. Academics and it's. You know he left the left the team. Four games into the season last year if you are looking to go over you know he did some things. Pretty well early on but he you know he indeed struggled at times last -- -- tell -- you know haven't always got to prove to be addicted to -- it didn't impact. Getting him clear headed I don't which appears to be the case I think. It's kick ball but the thought spotted it and I think something you know something they didn't beat either. I mean whether you know either Republican who is really -- played it right here -- or he didn't play. Up to par I figured if all the starting Saturday to achieve what you like. Which certainly being like the Tigers starter not just bringing fortunate for a player -- at the beginning basketball is not the starter. Saturday and that you know I don't I thought -- I don't think there a couple of computer at a disadvantage in my opinion that. Ryan won at things look at -- this schedule man it it is a meat grinder for them really yeah. Man you gotta come out of blocks pretty quick -- and -- and it gets jealous she doesn't help you -- and look at it TCU's schedule Gary Patterson is gonna have to do you -- job. You get this team to be in that 78. Win category this season. You know they think. -- warfare against lefties they have they'll ship to off village people who took all losing him -- Definitely I think that hampered him a lot because there's several times last year that killed one mechanic got back 89. Potentially even a pink game you know plateau with with with all wind last year. Now -- ball back that is that that the effort just not a cure all like because they have a tough schedule which is southeast Louisiana. I'm actually converted at the turn around you'll love it. The play Texas Tech on Thursday night -- and even win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the big twelve this season and there's a lot of parity and I think it's not is in its not media we use a lot of teams -- -- political thought OK you know could you know make it to BCS games. Your -- and it is going to be a grind I think. I think Oklahoma State -- a little mistake and that's going to be a -- -- typical Brady -- Picked by many to speak to win the conference so I will see how it plays out at least starting out and it's -- you know human connections connect him Dracula. Ryan -- got to keep an island and -- you telling you right now I think he's gonna have a huge season that's Alfred blue are running back everybody's brought up that Jeremy he'll situation more likely Jeremy is not gonna see action the first couple games but one guy that. He can stay healthy. You watch just how good of a football player he -- and that's Alfred blue the senior running back -- put it like as I think he is primed for a huge. When he thirteenth season for relishing. Yeah I mean -- I think a lot of people they can't -- -- that I wanted to see if you can answer focused on. Well Jeremy build -- play or not if he doesn't play that kind of takes away they'll keep running game. I -- I mean that's that's up to it that's what she did. With the -- because they had the ability consistently produces say they don't rebuild they just reload and not doesn't that sound cliche but it's true and then like you said. You can get -- -- both play if you still have security for the next and -- I he has potential and six feet of the flow. Yet it the next guy's gonna be really good Ryan thanks so much for joining us tonight we appreciate your right Osborn to teach you blogger -- -- Dallas news and also for purple. Minutes dot com thanks so much drive we appreciate it. I appreciate guys.