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Aug 30, 2013|

“The Fans and the Pro” with guest host former Saints offensive lineman Steve Korte and WWL’s Todd Menesses talk about your anticipation for NFL or College Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our Vanessa says Steve -- it's sitting in for the guys today he had 26018786. Exit 890870. And talking about the Saints. And the Tigers the start of the NFL season and college football season is underway are pretty jaguar opinion poll. Which are you more excited about. The start of the NFL regular season or college football getting underway this weekend. 71% of you logging on to WWL that common cancer he wrote say the NFL regular season. And getting underway 29%. The college football. So I know have a lot of people take some while I'm excited for both while. I want you to make a choice. In those noble the next -- I washing stat though -- you make a Detroit you know that make a choice one win it one way or the other. Looking at the NFL cut to get some text asking about Tim Tebow so far from what we concede. Tim Tebow is still. A member of the New England Patriots. So he has not been caught. And the water is learning about that but it -- is lurking but that someone there are so however Matt Leinart did get cut. As a quarterback with the bills so Matt Leinart is gone now I -- or five days another another USC quarterback bites the dust. And let's see what was some of the other bigger names that have been been kinda guests. It's. Let's see Trent Edwards and the Beers and Jordan homer both have been caught. The Falcons. Have released a bunch players -- -- so for the Saints it's to be announced the Saints Bucs and Panthers. Have yet to announce any of their cuts. The Falcons haven't right out of there with a bunch bunch of guys go have a bunch of guys. Few 60878668890. Weights every that's the latest report we've got as. -- almost 6 o'clock. Eastern -- about 5 o'clock our time. All right let's say -- go to over. I and in man -- hey Bryan you're on WW well. I got liability -- time. -- a -- I know you know radar and there and it and it hurt monitor and probably everybody else you know food at saint. Why in the world do we Wear the white await Jarrett beat. In the home. I think that the only. And other team can be anywhere and home college and I had bad luck gonna get to do -- I'm probably -- now. But what you want you want the official rule Brian. You look at the R&D. NFL rule book states that the home team gets to decide which Jersey it will aware. Lord has almost home teams choose to Wear the darker uniforms as their primary team colors at home. It's standard for the way teams to Wear the white with a great on the road however they can Wear their white if they want to just like Dallas does at home all the time they were the lectures. The mob already swears up and down that it helped Drew Brees Drew Brees on the receivers each year. What -- white charity. But maybe and it said like any other team but Atlanta its Atlanta -- the Wear their home. There's lead in the dome and literally I am I have a bit yeah and I caught almost. I don't know I would get your time about a body had I don't I don't think it luggage. I don't think that it that's a -- now will notice one thing I know that drew does a lot of there's an FC and in doing a lot of roll out stuff. I know he's like staring down that pocket when he's able to do that you know what but. -- is one reason why isn't the horn shot consume much of that pistol formation so much is just -- -- he's is actors they get man and I like if I -- to do within a. Instead got caught up to the right guy that I appreciated not believe that -- to go on thirteen to three this year. Oh yeah I hope so. Our Brian thank you for the call man thinks that thanks for listed 260 on a 786 exit 890870. You know as far as the the whole Jersey thing and we get to talk about this. Off the air. With Dallas and everyone knows about Dallas wanting to -- their their white Jersey because supposedly the blue Jersey. Is curse. OK now. And and whatever they Wear the blue Jersey they lose and actually some teams. In their division the other Redskins a particular. Usually forced them to Wear the blue Jersey when they play a man -- on the Redskins like to Wear the white Jersey at all in that instance the make Dallas where. The blue Jersey. We can't find any sort of record. That sums this up that says yet they play worse when there in the blue jerseys or the white jerseys I mean look. Their plane in the white jerseys mostly now they're not critical to get here so it doesn't really matter. It seems like the whole idea of a curse came. From Super Bowl five. When they wanted to Wear the white has to be a reason like -- were not to -- and where he's -- eat and we're told that you have to Wear the blue. -- though you're the home team so you have to Wear the blue and they lost that Super Bowl so that's worthy the origin of the suppose it curse happens and the everything like that -- to be a reason couldn't. -- the one reason the Cowboys could lose and Brian Vickers but they've they started wearing white jerseys all the way back there was a since sixty gators of them like that is when they started. Tex -- yeah decided to do that so -- at home so even though I think he's just 64 even though it was against the NFL rules they did it anyway so. Even before. Jerry Jones. The Cowboys were define -- -- to the NFL and everyone else. All right. Who cares with the Saints what is -- -- -- that's who we say 2260 on a 786 exit 890870. Looking at the cuts again the Saints have not released any yet that we have seen. Who they're going to cut him and and everything they have to cut him by 5 o'clock tomorrow. Is win all the cuts have to be in not every team has released yet. Some people asking about some notable names like Tim Tebow he is still. At this point. A member of the New England Patriots. Matt liner did get. Cut from via the Buffalo Bills who would be one of the names you think about I mean he is. He has fallen. He had -- get I mean come on as one of the guys -- I think it's made a sort of mistake with him in the beginning yeah I mean it just. He never caught -- but he was supposed to be the guy he was supposed to be the guy and Arizona -- Arizona's at all this -- you know -- -- no problem got a lot of -- -- at southern cal but he was supposed to be the -- to replace Kurt Warner remember Kurt Warner was posted mentored him on and then he didn't catch on so Warner stepped in and played lights out again and and -- a little -- is the real deal. Okay he still is a -- impugn the guy can still probably throw the ball better than about 90% of these quarterbacks that. -- -- and I never did and the rules and there it is -- understand the whole no hold deal -- I mean look. Sometimes those you know those coaches and and you know the personnel people in the -- lovely guy and that's that's pretty much -- -- -- think that he's going to be the next. The Joseph Montana or something anything that doesn't happen that way this -- many after only that but it's. Unbelievable offensive -- -- news is good news defense and one of those you have offensive linemen come from southern cal. And I just as you can go back and look at it just have. Yeah huge amount an NFL unproven starters pro bowlers and you know hall of fame guys that. You know and it I think it's one of the same they had great tail backs you know there and and -- all the he really is a quarterback to sort of sort of distribute the ball a little bit you know not get to be you know an analysis they do great on defense as well they've always been able to do that so. The guy like anything else he's gonna get more you know he could get more share the glory you know just a from the standpoint worries that. You know and they get automatically think that these great. Yeah Carson Palmer I think is. Probably the last USC quarterback that you would say has. Quote been a success in the NFL and he's missing out Iraqi and I would say woods -- -- saw -- do that quotation -- taxes is a success. Out of bounds so don't think it had. He don't have an ending a long time now than. Arizona is gonna try with him again this year and they think they've they've finally got one so. The well look they've got a younger guy from you are seeded or Ellis give the other guys they've got a number of other teams that they remember. Players and the team they're gonna make got a good good good pretty good ballclub. So. It's not a revolver on Carson Palmer and tell you. Hey good -- -- tiger fans who joined WWL we celebrate the regular season of football will miss the warehouse fest and a pep rally this coming Sunday Allen Saint Joseph quarter magazine it's a warehouse district block party with food fun and music. Featuring the rebirth brass band -- -- plus a duel in the -- makers will count down to warehouse fest all day long rain here on WWL. Be live from warehouse Grilli can join us for breakfast starting at eight. With the all things legal brunch was looking guys on a Christian -- attend a noon. Then lunch was Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia from noon to 2 at 2 o'clock the pep rally begins with the occasion cat and -- seat and the fat city drum corps. Remember last time we had a pep rally and he gave Bobby a Mike and it was a drum corps and -- and boy it. Yeah somehow somehow Louis Armstrong came out saying you -- -- channel Louis Armstrong thing you know when the Saints. Where you black and gold -- purple and gold bring the whole family party it's a warehouse for -- and pep rally. This Sunday now begins -- ADM's warehouse -- and pep rally will kick off at 2 o'clock. With music food and fun going all the way it'll six celebrate the red nation and tiger football. And get ready for the thirty thirds. Well to town and a week -- -- style the warehouse grill warehouse district does association WW. There you go like you need anymore ID for the Falcons coming from Iowa. Need anymore I mean I think the money he give me duplicated or conference game now in division game rivalry. Big time now you know it's right here and went. At 2006 game still echoes in my mind is. -- that was like a religious experience you know -- -- Don't think it was just a coincidence that. You know. Division. Conference flow. Rival. First regular season game back from coach Payton on the suspension. Just I have to -- that guy out there then that there. Just happenstance. No I I think it probably is I think he's very well thought there was a bit and throw darts at the wall and I think it's very well thought out victories. That's some to for the NFL the sort of its had on the second night you know and obviously they're gonna play that out so. There's no doubt mime printed this has been planned along time ago you pretty sure -- wasn't something that you sort of drummed up here. Just didn't they just don't they'll make the schedule additional shake things up -- things fall I guess -- Matt yeah I don't think it works. All right let's see here are pretty jaguar opinion -- low which you more excited about college football kicking off for the NFL season regular season. Getting started 70% of you still with the regular. Season for the NFL 30% say. College football. Is what you were looking for and you're excited about that this weekend obviously. The Tigers considered one of the big games. This weekend of the taking on the TCU frogs. As the big chief has been doing the reports all week this rather fro drew hole. -- and total on frogs down Hornets brought a different deal thought fraud when he steals a limb and fry the -- and the horn frogs different. I don't amphibian -- like a rep now it's not a frog you find in the swamp here no -- and we don't have. These are these it's -- horn frogs and let him know these are the tough ones from the mountain that's exactly. An NT CU is is that he is a tough team I mean it's not it's not one of these teams that of people think is gonna roll over I think they could be. A lot of roll over your Tigers here. Patterson is -- he's a heck of a coach and he's got a great program up there a bunch of good players you know they always do and out and that's another. Sort of recruiting hotbed that area and look not every kid you go to Texas. -- any -- them so you know TCU picks up a lot of really good players and they've had sort of you know they delivered a bunch of good players the last couple years and they've been David a good team you know them -- I think are better football team all around but he. He can't go through think and and you can just like sort of run out there and -- real issue and they're gonna roll over it's a no movement -- got to give it up to you and I mean it's. Hazard of being you know they'll be in for. You know pretty much of a good battle on this thing but I'm just like anything else you sort of see teams like that begin to Wear down at the end you know when the big team like this sort of pounce on for a lot. And these guys haven't. Meant matched up since 1968. Their beliefs last time the TCU NL if you can't thank you were -- amendments. That's what I saw there -- -- on. The ESP NN. They flash on the screen of course someone is gonna tell the the -- PM person when they put those that stuff up on the screen right but what type of a little better because they sit these two teams haven't played. Since 1968 it's a well there must be well rested both thought about apparently they have to play in a -- while men their roles that they may have played each other -- they -- 68 era -- Mets that they have 68. All right he's still of course I've touted as sister 60187866. And eight nines -- -- Sony. Still getting a lot of Texan people commenting on uniforms. In the NFL and some people saying that the the worst obviously so far right now. Is that Jacksonville to tone helmets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I guess that one of the boys and if you're going to be to go on the field how might you wanna clash I guess is what they are thinking. I will be here. Can't play we look at you sort of this Gary -- and costume on. Well that can't be I mean come on their been some worse -- made me look good you know play your right that's what it's all about right. Know the teams and have the best looking uniforms win every year now that's what happens if you got a great look in uniform baby. You're going all into the bowl attacks coming in at 87870. Don't disrespect. Carson Paul Mario 22 TDs fourteen interceptions 4018. Yards sixty once -- cleese completion an Oakland of all places. Didn't disrespect him enough credit as he was the best that I Hiller best of the USC quarterback so far he just hasn't. Been able to take him to the big game or take any team to the big game he had the one yeah a great season in the Cincinnati there -- the playoffs. -- game. But didn't advance any further so no that's just did Caminiti was a first round draft pick Lotta Lotta hype around those first round draft pick quarterbacks and some -- just don't. I make it and it seems like of late. The USC quarterbacks. That have been taken in the first round of the ones liner and tensions prior to be mentioned Florida -- that's sort of the same thing -- the other quarterbacks are very productive in their system and then once again the NFL and not so much. Well I do -- -- when you look at some of those great quarterback coaches like I don't Spurrier. You know for instance he was sort of -- and he was -- Florida you know but. You know that the don't know some of those guys begin to be such. Yes system sort of quarterbacks that once they get to the league where they have to sort stand on their own and do. You know look toward the sideline every time we got to get the Placer -- -- kind of deal. It used to be a little bit of a little bit tougher deal you know playing you know. That's why there's only about six or seven government -- -- that are -- the best in the world so. It's tough. Someone else asking about the -- all the black hate the all black uniforms we look like a junior college there. Someone else asking of two let's see here as -- Aaliyah. -- Wallace got cut three days after a sound of the 49ers when he retired. Someone else is texting and saying that. When I mentioned about. The opening game with the Atlanta and the NFL scheduling that you think you know I plan they say. Which is exactly exactly why we're going to be on a short week directly after the San Francisco game two years running. I also noticed that we often run short weeks after a most physical opponents of any given year of course as of late and a friend has been host. Physical well I don't do that in -- I don't think they look at it that way but but this year we are at the same as last year weekly the 49ers -- -- -- game at home and then we play the Falcons in Atlanta the following Thursday night. Well it makes for a short week you know the good part about it is at least an Irish come here you know I mean that -- -- you had a -- for. Who has and a friend to Atlanta and be a grind and a short week like that I mean that. Yeah that would sort of -- you Deluca you might. -- -- and complain and talk at that penalty daycare normally those are going to be some great games you know to media. At least watching the niners -- Like to he would then I think they're still the team to beat you know there's no doubt in my mind at this point oh look I'm like anybody else and just watching pre season bit. Boy I tell you with their front seven defensively news. I've ever seen. I've seen by the equal to that you know especially in the offensive line against anybody of those guys. In this season so far you know and to me it just looks to me like there. -- appeared bloated prepared him. You know the NFC west has gone from being the laughingstock. To. One of the tougher division look it wasn't I don't know years ago that's ever secure your place here in the pre season and they look worse than Oakland did Saturday when they got me here I mean that was they were absolutely pathetic. And I thought then that team may not win the they -- a winning game this year now with a start to begin the turnaround in the beginning and I here and with -- never looked back in the and you know -- at them you got the Seahawks now coming on. You know. You know Carson Palmer now with the Cardinals they are looking good on a tirade early and Terry and Matthew is already being projected to be -- -- -- the defensive rookie of the year. I hope that guy just absolutely -- -- is so -- he is I -- that is. Colin what you will you know does what he made some terrible mistakes and do some stuff I just don't call on the honey veteran anymore well. Go where he wants to but he is one football playing dude and a guy has some instincts and like I've never seen before. You know especially our young player like that he would just it's a playmaker. And he's continued to do that and I don't think there's any. It doesn't look like it is and is they have not figured his riddle out -- know you can just flat play. He just he has. He has those instincts. Like you said. That you can't really you can't teach reminds me a little cold somebody's got those instincts -- known where the ball's gonna -- -- the play is gonna break until four reminds me of a smaller. Version of Troy Polamalu yeah. As -- reminds you does that guys another one just. News. To me that is in the set the world on fire because they're play making ability when there I mean it's guys just. -- seems to be around the ball season make things happen and then this he's just he can display. So Dave that in Mississippi hey David you're on. Fans and broke. I got IRL yeah. Aren't -- -- duration. Italian long arm. Certainly remember is. And New Orleans Saints player and also social earlier. And never realize that you would Arkansas. Well -- Yeah what. Would you think their arm. Arkansas whose gonna look like this season on number had a disappointing year last year and -- and I have to -- -- a great -- -- on nine and they opened up there tomorrow. Yeah same deal would be cajun. After contreras the last few years it's curious what you think. How Arkansas going to be this year. You know I haven't really kept us with -- Arkansas. All being a lot you know I know that there are sort of been a it looks -- -- to sort of a rebuilding. Mused that the scenario and I don't know how really a good they're going to be. They haven't stopped anybody the last couple years defensively so they had that sort of to me was they're weak point thought they had some. Some good quarterback play the book to see if that you know replicates itself this year they had some great running backs it. You know -- those guys got hurt but the -- kind of get by there by the injury bug last year but I don't know how they stack up this year you know I know that did. You know you well Ellis is sort of what they've really turned it on you know and they turned that program around they seem to be electors kind of beginning to. To sort of surface you know is as a better much better compiled you know team as far as competitive wise so. I would be surprised if they went up there and just did really well against I don't know if they can beat him and I bit certainly don't know how good Arkansas is so. Yeah our our our breakdown. You know they're loaded as far as compared to what -- bar in the previous year's run you know make -- order could go on here. It would basically thinking I have now I mean Florida it's American way and little enough the last few seconds was. Well -- pot and you know what trying to return down. We'll very good spot I mean there that you get a bunch of young guys and in a program it's beginning to sort of you know climb that ladder if you will. Yeah -- you guys believe in and that kind of stuff and they they still come in and a lot of people think they're the underdogs and they can sort of play on that and we can ride that emotion for awhile it's hard to do that the NFL but -- -- -- ride that emotion and if you can can yeah. Us against the world mentality it's that's a good thing to them. It happened to -- are -- are that -- because -- You know she's not my season it's a nor oh and she's Wallace spoke victories over pretty decent teams. All I can't tell you that there's. Just no way that the football people of the coaches are letting these guys. Think that this teams can compete appear. They don't Arkansas and is good somehow going to be you know cakewalk for -- -- coming into Fayetteville mean it's a tough place to play a bit. -- a nevertheless. You know -- that teams the teams pretty loaded. Have no issues like gas as far as whether they can they can play it -- Arkansas are good they are Kansas State to next week it. You know and the big programs its depth you know. And calm and probably you wells. Front. You know eleven for 22. Are our can play with anybody but then you know worried back -- -- -- -- injury and all. Era that's if that's true -- there. Yeah it David a man thanks for -- -- are -- -- 960 on a 7866890878. Takes comes in is I love the Saints black on black Younis Steve hit the nail on the head. Know if LSU comes out tomorrow night in -- Berger has a look to the sideline before every snap I'm gonna pull all my freaking Herat. I think I -- I concur OK at that drives me crazy I mean I'm one guy's a great job or either call a play at the line and do what you gotta do. But dead lineup and then said -- and little on the sideline and look at for the lasted just ninety man I don't know that just. Played him to snap the ball play the game it just so frustrating. Tiger nation is that your biggest concern for tomorrow bay offense. For the tires seems like the same -- about the defense. In the tiger's people want the offense to be a little bit more. Prolific. And a little bit more passing is that what you're gonna say we had some folks whom -- a minute ago talking about the met burger. Do you think that. We're gonna see the LSU offense. Finally come under. I guess come alive as is what we're saying and for years it's been a running offense. Met in burger week we keep hearing about how he's. Got this great arm with only get a quarterback back in there we can throw we can do all these things and and yet we haven't seen it. Well they -- what we'd like to see it four LSU are you do you think you're gonna see it this year do you really think the offense is going to. Be productive or are you concerned someone Texans that they're more concerned about the defense -- they'll issue because they're such a young player. Well but yeah I would just because they're young. There have been -- and you know they they sort of played behind a bunch of really good players last year you know and a bunch of guys drafted so. I still think -- Dave Dave obviously -- capable physical guys who mean and I think you'll see that you know. Sometimes young guys the way it plays pretty good I mean now they've they've -- makes mistakes but they're going full speed that's okay. But you know offensively. Boy that Cam Cameron better earn his money yeah I mean he's got enough tools around you doubted that obviously can you do some some things would this mean. If they can't design you know some some stuff to go vertical down the field with a wide outs that they have that I did something wrong OK I mean. It's three yards and a cloud dusting Jamal's tries to do all -- is his great -- sometimes you just can't do you know it's nice to be able to sort of open it up but. I can tell you that. What they've got some wind out there -- can play yet so you'd certainly like to see if you can utilize those tools. Well I'm -- -- also you know. -- the running backs tight -- use tight ends a little more mean there's all kinds of things Michigan you're -- out of the flat -- that LSU do it traditionally when you think of L issues offense you're thinking of a pounding running offense. MRI and then mostly which is you've thought of the last couple years -- miles. Well I think guess what I thought -- -- since you got there you know you know and I think that's an old Michigan stuff yeah. That works to a certain extent but after awhile. You know teams figure that out and only that but they you know if you have bad matchup issue alone offered to line. And we've seen that to where they just really couldn't get it done you know in the in the in the run game and what they do continued their run. Yeah -- a drive anybody crazy if you think you won the world. Please keep our way were eventually you know -- quarter crack cornea. Well yeah sometimes athletic ability these guys is -- sort of breakthrough at this point in the other -- they will do something to break -- that would have been. David carry by the defense for a number years now he you know and so. He was certainly dealt with this offense can be a little more prolific star scored some points and then they gotta gotta come here and doing Cam Cameron you know -- Offensive coordinator extraordinary. We'll be able to do it that's the question will he be given the free rein to do it that's the question. If not pure power and always there I know who put. That's that's this year that's Larry woods argun about -- 60187866. And 890 it's -- and -- this isn't a knock on less miles and I'm not saying less miles is not a good coach and I think Dominican Tex -- image say that you. Owens boo boos -- could exhibit. No -- -- -- it has nothing to do that are talking about the style of the offense as we know. It's a running more run first offense that's what we've been will -- do you think you're gonna see some changes with Cam Cameron this year that it may not be. Run first -- so it's Mary's get the quarterback to do -- I know he's got the White House to do so. Not that they don't have the running backs to do this or mishandled seat time and he Steve Gordon -- analysis will take a break and be right back WWL.