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9-2 3:10pm Spud, Alfred Richard

Sep 2, 2013|

Spud talks to WWL-TV Movie Critic Alfred Richard about summer blockbusters that busted

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Do you hope it's -- return your call. Bobby -- were here just awhile ago and don't which is supposed to be on the beach in Hancock animus that -- But he is he's on his way to be veneman Mike the GA come unprofor clock with the second -- Second guess show. Told them we talk about I -- recovered and prep infer the big game coming up. On Sunday and you heard all six minutes of some patients press conference we carried it here. He caring you know when they say he keeps things close the vessel gone by itself among the must be some NFL contract were actually asked to speak to the press. But you don't say anything he never knows just just bring me another trophy brought -- -- sent some roasted falcon would be good roasted falcon yet you seem like -- but always out -- -- among women joining us in the studio hello from uptown and a north shorn from Canada cam -- so again everyone hello hello. So yeah the dirty I'll have below the -- -- and the roasted falcon and his wife and it was my arm of the feathers in the bottle and is -- and it's a little eyes when he peaks over. I like is like his little happy eyes you know and so -- everybody pay NFL's final -- -- Brad -- -- Time back. Anyway I'm human I've been doing very well I've been doing very well of course. Are getting -- the school year off working with Orleans parish gains we're out there are doing a news program for them called old PSB bulletin. And of course and reviewing movies going to Los Angeles and new York and other places to see these films and finally from. I chances. See your film the Butler. Recently which are known my wife's in the bottom are like -- your wife ansari and two guys are meant to -- -- are you so you into guns. And of course. And dancing around with my Brothers this extends stoppers and just a couple of nobody asked me wanting go three audition. I was wondering why we didn't see here that he got the needs. Could not do its job due to not on the plumbing job marched in the van and high school and got carried a true book in Mardi Gras parades I mean. In my youth but up. Monies are just not up to the -- among well mark I mean considering our guys in the range of our age is of such. And considering we just had to try -- we just had to try out with a 120. Unmanned. Even some guys stink coming as early as 5:45. In the morning hanging for tryouts has started at 11 AM. Waiting at the -- song and I believe -- Naira I think everyone who's been called back has been called back and I think. We're gonna have increasing number of young men to join how many different stumping troops are there well of course there's our group the -- the -- 610 stoppers I don't know. I mean it's. Just like groups within groups -- described as a net well I mean when they put the car lot and not everybody goes to everything not everybody goes everything because that's his we have -- about 989398. Members. So if everybody showed up for everything sometime it all depends because of work these situations some people can't make -- different events and such. A case in point when the saints had wind stoppers perform spectacularly. In the soup in the playoff -- on the playoff in the pre season game a few weeks ago. I couldn't make the practices because I was getting ready to go to Los Angeles for a movie so I wound up. But the other -- -- that there -- -- carried just slack while no no no is that they are are they do a great job on just one member of it on the chocolate I'm I've lost that I thought there were there like you know groups within the ground. I'm not a stop or where what we do it I'm always -- -- when we parade half of the great if we say for example eighty guys short for parade will have forty. In group one and forty group two will start off with that first forty dancing the other forty just you wait for you have found ways he's spelling you know. And then at a certain time when music changes we run up and you wouldn't and the next group comes up and show our extraordinary moves me and what you get that extraordinary. -- early Penn US took on your shirt how well a good friend of mine who makes these pins who may do for my for friends such easily Benson and others who are going to their breast cancer fight. Conditions are created by the same people -- of these pins you can find them and other places I can't get the advertising per say. But are you might get a penalize -- well you have to go on magazine street you know go to some place like a fund rock in place that you may be able find the pin like this. What's a man out it's. It's actually a -- last -- is very well known and it's -- cola campaign is very cool black and gold and of course getting ready I'm so ready for the season. -- Usually I'd buy Coke zero Coke zero comes in -- blackened red I've searched high and low and found caffeine free. Coke zero so you got your black and gold Coke cola Coca-Cola for you give an episode so it's they've they've actually got a marketing point out there that there slide -- on the NFL's most well I'm sure the NFL doesn't know the idea of hey -- got a hundred they -- like bill well bill via Adobe patenting I don't either black and gold Cheerios in the morning getting ready your -- Johnny one note out. And you wanna know how all that box Benson and for our example right now what we're gonna talk about today since -- movie man I hope yes I think there have this has been an unusual summer. Because there have been blockbusters that Boston and a lot of -- like early -- enemy was and I spoke McFarland Will Smith this big thing now he asked her too much on his son asked. They're earth was probably one of the big bombs of this summer season and there was a lot of talk about this film. It is the idea that it was -- it was going to be will Smith's film but it really wasn't his cadence miss film and -- is about as big as a thinker and in my hand and army Obama's -- picture of them watch him Miley Cyrus. You don't know that we'll do a grind house. Yeah that the that a -- what we're there. But I mean commodity dad got run just like a horse we're gonna ask that I'm fifteen and I don't wanna see this error only Iran but at. But that film I let estimated fair question okay and OAS step wave that's we're gonna talk about on the block buses have busted you saw but yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Jane has -- should carry him around his back. Because that's what Wilson has been doing Karyn have sons -- -- -- -- -- are so we have what we had a lot of bills that I mean we went and saw. A world wars the guy's daughter is my oldest wants to see it every chance -- we gonna go see another I wanted to see Elvis -- sewer awards the I thought it was good but the big. The the big scene in in Jerusalem BS okay that was cool it was exciting it was there was anxiety in there. Bill when an anxiety the end of the movie -- was -- no there was anxiety on the flight I mean the -- on the fun at the very end at the very -- found out how to fix that many say Iran and sneaking in and out I mean they they need to have -- -- Mission Impossible music assault the set the tone. The -- around there wait for the including did take effect and in walks by and although now the little guy they got to it to come open -- prone. I think that Dallas Coleman though. -- if quit after awhile it became a little bit more than your standards on B movie but other than that I'm white or -- he but I didn't think it was again. The huge blockbuster there was one big summer blockbusters this season. And strangely enough it was a guy wearing blue tights and he wasn't a starter. Well we'll talk about that only get back that's so leave that night about but to Dolly -- blue -- on -- an -- to -- right now Alfred original movie fans Minnesota you know we're wondering why the blockbuster is busted this whole summer. What was your biggest summer disappointment what movie did you just couldn't wait for and then when you went to see it you were saddened by the experience 260178668890. -- seven and 87870. Is the tax. Operation my guess and studio get a cup of coffee we got a -- Don't forget. We'll be doing affecting your show. He's gonna do it. Little libelous or Muslims cursing going to be John Hancock analysts -- a brand and entitlements things -- Coetzer upcoming match against damn dirty birds damn. And so ask were you most optimistic about what concerns you the most from the black and gold and the falcons and also talk about your take on our -- first game. Of the season against TCU that's coming up a form. And meantime the world famous suffer Richard is in the house to tell us about blockbusters. That Boston yes. Know a lot of them nor want the blockbusters that busted this summer -- it's hard to believe that Iron Man three was cool but it would mean they were reaching. It was they caught it but they reach. It would it just didn't have the same type of excitement as Iron Man even Iron Man two and the avengers my mind and I'm the big science fiction fantasy. Guy or some would say -- but the point is are you -- about every I -- -- we -- and I mean to their red beans and -- you're geek yeah I know I know deep Star Wars Star Trek stamping whatever the case may be jar shaped cookies at all and all the same -- all goes down the same way. There are a couple of surprises though will talk about a what was that one US economy are right before break. The we're talking about the and this is the end. No no no before the break we're saying the first the film that's probably the biggest one of those of the films. And there were expectations or put this one met the expectations. Man of steel. Which I didn't think and you did not now -- -- it's astounding how many big movies I did not see. This summer because I am I'm in my kids love most army asks. All us love the drew Disney cartoon movie of the Pixar movies yes monsters university to assault that that I saw. -- despicable means an amicable men enjoy the hell out of both thumb you know had a great time I've enjoyed planes even though that was in the Pixar film it was a good. It was a good you know attempt by this I mean I have my list now things and I'm gonna rent you know and around listens to come out exactly -- men in the steel Henry can deal. Are who played Superman played the man of -- or juror no there. Our cal L in this case there's so my geeky side again. I'd like to performance there and it brought a lot of big bucks to the box off easy. And it is spun off the sequel. Which has now spun off the big controversy about -- vowed to that man out -- man considering learned this. Christian Bale was offered sixty million dollars upwards of sixty million dollars to put on the black paper in count one more time even though he did a fantastic job in. Batman begins when Dark Knight and Dark Knight rises he said. That's it and the Christopher Nolan the director of those three said he's not doing anymore. So they offered him lots of money and he said no. So they offered it to -- AFLAC and now and Gonzales Contra I mean petitions to the White House -- would acquire us on this and gone. -- Let's -- they wanna get into your political leanings the White House no matter who's in there ain't got not to do what number I think they've got a little bit more on tape and having to that look here's the thing. If you don't remember the -- doomed to repeat it. Let's go back to the way back machine mr. Peabody. 198889. Everybody a lot of people were up in arms not on the Internet but they were up in arms because. Hit Michael Keaton not clown mr. mall -- was going to be picked as Batman and standing exits and it was Joker rated. It worked in that film. And it worked for those two films now. The Batman franchise -- and the other guy because Joel Schumacher decided he wanted nipple -- -- suits and other things like that. Baton and you know I mean on those -- missed a free -- and then us now with -- look good for a bit but there ressam was just brought everybody to -- at bat mobile -- rights and flames everywhere not unlike what we saw on Batman begins now -- -- -- personal but now I'm also hearing -- Justin Timberlake wants to play the -- Just want to be is legally Perella giggling front portion amicus Jim -- played him in the bed and Batman movie now. But it's like you know frank portion with the subtle joke would the big question mark frank -- -- -- -- -- -- Events -- -- Maybe Houston where -- so -- like this I don't know just. -- -- -- Like Justin Timberlake and I think he's funny. I mean asylum in Osaka for most things he does -- an analog which are hilarious but I can't say when they are on TV right right and no one anti among the box and I don't know mother love and almost. I mean -- I. I think he's a talented dude he's. He skinny he jumps around. I'm thinking because you did a great job in the social network yes I think and he does have acting chops in this I think he could do it is just the idea. What do you want. Again. For those folks let's just give this film's -- the out Batman Superman film won't be shown until probably 2015. Anyway. So those people were petitioning now they have met -- to have Ben Affleck taken away it's well I. I'll tell you. Daredevil that he did are OK the movie itself was bad I thought. Boy I mean if other cast him out he did his stunts I mean. Any preformed. This the physical superhero -- I just think the store the script was bad the story that have been better off just filming one of the comic books I think -- president -- -- better just heard the camera on a comic book and just turned yeah it was -- and I don't know what that he. He filled out cast down he filled out. Indeed and I agree with you I think -- I think Justin Timberlake would be a very good idea for -- are another film that was a nice tools surprised -- a funny surprised. This is the end. And that was a film starring all the main stars of we've seen films such is named James Franco Seth -- Michael's scene down. I've characters that we see even Emma Watson played against type in this film. Very raunchy very. Extremely funny there's scenes I can't even talked about on there we talked about that one now my -- off the air. But again. Danny McBride extremely funny in this film to be seen eastbound and down you know what type of character he plays. It's basically a variation that they even make inside jokes about well we won't make your highness to. That's and for good reason -- boy that was bad. But it was funny but it was very funny and successful it was a surprise it was very successful this year and the heat. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. That was a very good no buddy comedy -- buddy cop comedy you usually does well in this case you have New Orleans sweetheart in Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy for Mike and Molly she did the great job there it went like dead heat which for. Williamson now hope this -- no -- -- -- not quite adamant Yemen bossi hurting for money or RI TV or. Yeah well actually my son saw that he liked it. -- but he's fourteen he's fourteen night I thought it ripped off so -- I PD it -- Off a lot from men and blacks know much I think that Tommy Lee Jones was wonder why am I not in this movie half and I. I when we get back we'll pick it up right there or take your calls and comments but there's so many things here that -- and so we saw the world than the other day legislation and that was some kind of find things. Is in the newsroom to bring us up to date on all kinds other cool stuff them back and more now for Richard in his reviews. -- -- -- -- Don't thank you so much say -- I don't really do like Katy Perry got no I don't know I am not I've aren't you Eric and they're guys over its downpour there's not going to be a case since conference has not could be a case where I'm -- do this and had an eight part in my life and where sued them for to have to have the same type C -- that Katie Couric had. On but I am not going to have a televised it's not gonna be a special event on channel four. Thank goodness for that -- ressam was any. -- -- why some really me who know just do yourself a favor and quit eating now. But don't always just don't eat just drinks drinks priced between now and November oh but that's that's a lovely thought -- and I don't know I let's get back to some of these harm is okay yeah the world's -- now we did to go see that he gets. Those guys okay. I saw Shaun of the dead and I didn't see hot flaws. But -- world's end. I'm I'm hard pressed to think of which one is funny you're Shaun of the dead -- worlds and but -- the stories that they come up with. It's the stories themselves are or are twisted and old and then all the stuff that they constantly throw let you all these little asides you know. I mean all the things you see. I have something intelligent and that you don't have sex domain and -- always tell you they tell -- right now. Enemy the whole movie is -- 99999 and does not -- -- -- and I don't know about -- justice announces the world's end is a story about the. Young man named king his these buoyed by Simon -- Who is the big thing in I guess who say oh level high school being -- in England. You back in the eighties where old ninety's at the eighties ladies are -- nine down well he has never done anything else was like that was a high point. Of his life all of his friends as they do in the golden mile witches there's what 1210 hubs twelve clubs. In Myanmar I want you to get out there you have switch all the way around in this little town that they lived -- And they you've never completed the golden mile and so they decide it's. Nearly forty years later hey let's try the golden mile and all -- his friends are now serious man with families and responsibilities. -- for some reason they all gathered together because -- says let's get together go back to the old town. And just when you start. I was gonna be -- these films that deals with. Unrequited. Issues from high school and college -- suddenly aliens come -- Yes aliens not aliens robots. That are controlled by a controlled by aliens and aliens have nothing in their heads. Don't waste your money going hello Al haven't seen the movie yet. I'm not giving away anything else folks I never give away all the little things that you ought to find out when you're only going to see the world then it is rated. So -- it is not for the kids but in the. Old very funny well I mean. I took my team -- well your good days and Shaun of the dead what does. 170 talk -- wander away in my case rodeo. Then they saw all of that this and so therefore -- -- here is 1 Pacific rim was also nonstop backs in the entire movie sought in the IMAX and it was amazing. If I've seen that movie because I did see we knew we went silent. Because my son and I've been waiting for we need mindless blood and death. That's what we gotta have you know the monsters were cool robust we're cooler Idris Elba is somebody who worked with in the -- yet so it's nice to see him I mean and I'm glad for him I'm glad he's having a big career he's doing really well and -- that's oral. Who has this warped mind but eight he brought the idea of a giant monsters and rock them sock them robots. A fighting each other and the monsters come when the earth cracks open and they come out of some man -- my whole. That's what you think yeah and actually they are coming in from somewhere else by the courts again it's. That side of mindless summer. Entertainment not everything is going to be it grand entertainment their grand learning today is -- tell mock -- not To Kill a Mockingbird. But in this case Pacific rim was allowed the fun and that was a surprise it was kind of like. It was -- alike. -- what was that blow them. Hugh Jackman boxing Romo and yes there was real steel wheels -- it was rickets real -- unlike steroids that the NFL wish they could take it is real it was like McGwire steroids if I don't -- -- -- good news Sammy Sosa suddenly -- -- -- Sammy -- steroids. Robots which takes to it takes to moon. To make the thing work you know and it's how come home and and the courts this year this was a year that we had not one but two. True attacks on the White House in films of course we had and then this has fallen RNC now that -- his Gerard butler's take on -- and then we had Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in White House down. Just a few short weeks after that -- the course and it's not like is that like independent today -- I'll tell you the truth are guest I don't know. Maybe you maybe it was a political thing. Who won the bay rays shut down and destroy the White House in Independence Day people cheered and go at you all sad and sand. -- since they had to think that well in this morning rounds and come in White House down this time they decided we're gonna go after congress make everything -- FO alas I don't think so I Wear my noise maker in my city cheered -- -- more or more overboard but yet. What was there. I I wasn't all that green about either wanted to our life and Independence Day. Where the president wants is fame who played them I'm hopeful Bill -- yes he's good are considered the or where where you get Bill Pullman who goes back into good a jets. A fight because that's what they've had a party was a fighter pilot he only looks like he was a fighter -- in a fifteen years earlier. He gets into -- he gets back in that I can buy a whole lot better than Jamie Foxx. Who is running around and shoot mean you know RPG's where you don't look like somebody who never done now and -- was I know we was channeling in this case but it just didn't quite work in the course. From this it's another blockbuster and then -- wage gap is another one that didn't quite work this year -- There are again all how can we forget this one. -- -- with a cloud of -- at the -- behind hole oh number oh my own ho hum silver. The Lone Ranger. We'll go and will be back and talk about that -- -- a minute -- -- so people don't stop giving stuff away the Lone Rangers -- so can't hear you gripe about that. Hello we all haven't seen the movie yet. Which one -- yet really which one we haven't seen his -- alert guess what we're talking about block with this summer so far. The summer or where. I mean which we're talking about stuff that opens yesterday we're talking about things that went back to may June July and now August. And folks along these films have come and going. I didn't take a lot plague tennis films that I haven't seen yet that I intend to that I mean I I maybe it's different because I'm in the business and I can enjoy it. One way or tell the world -- know the ending or not but. I understand maybe would storm up with the -- films that have come and gone they're gone -- and I hate it isn't mentioned they said do you had to. The Lone Ranger will talk more about that we got to step away were you do Lorenzo and we get back so I'm giving away stuff from the Lone Ranger. So get ready for a Bagram -- -- this okay you know she's powerful. How -- resolutions. I'd like to Dallas. Like the little red -- -- examples from like weak position and hold some of their vehicle almost what's your favorite apple -- even. Tonight at Dallas and other vote for Dallas. Cameo. And that was. -- check Japanese one -- to Fuji apple. Asked what conflict and you just can't -- in the office -- seat you sit there eat the Fuji apple. But he would sprinkle a little song products don't. I swear to god which is wild look like this -- but I mean he's the name of Fuji apples sprinkle insult on us on now I'll do that -- watermelon. If it's not -- not sweet enough that I wanted to solve that I never seen people sprinkle salt on lap I had never seen that I remember justly you know hang outside -- office course you know a lot of people do that and then. They look really weird went into -- room. Anyway all right let's get back to the movies yeah and I guess it. Okay what actually lived up to expectations besides the one we already mentioned and what are we expecting to see. Between now and the end of the year I of course there was of course this applicable me yeah it was good I -- them monsters university to was really good I enjoy that. The way way back. Which was a surprise when those -- summer movie season but it was a surprisingly good summer movie and had Toni Collette and Steve Corel. In it and -- -- well -- our our. -- shamrock shamrock well Sam with the teeth yes -- and green mile got very good in that went to that was a nice little surprise fruits rail station. I think that when you have but that got -- I just -- -- as president black and white a white Vietnam and Octavia Spencer's fantastic in -- -- station I really like that film. That was. And of course as I mentioned before we talked about the heat the big box office work things like the heat and despicable me men of steel. And. What are all these huge failures. Gonna do to the summer blockbuster. Event I mean you've got people on their like Will Smith Romania as he does he need to come back and quick. And around and come back or he doesn't or he's gonna lose his slot is the guy who opens the summer blockbuster and he just might I mean look at what we've also had the last few weeks we had kickass too. Which didn't kick anything in the box -- -- and guest Jim Carrey did decry the amount of violence in the film but that doesn't help when when your main stars as you know what don't go see this movie. That's like when Bill Cosby once said don't go see Leonard part six and people and and may yet people's lives if it didn't work like you did with. Would George Jim go -- go -- just. They'll only be six more performances please miss them you know Leonard part six the that's that's man wow you have to have those -- and going -- that that one and of course police see him. And that one not thought that was going to be a cool and I thought it was an even bigger than it was but again. It it kicked it it also the events and -- are some of them basically summer like a leaves -- wasn't as big because. I mean look. You have some names. In Pacific rim yes but you do have names in the army -- have Jason Bourne no -- Jason -- of the future is what everybody was excellent did not have Jodie Foster in Pacific rim again you have rock them sock them robots and monsters. In a -- him yes you have a great director of the man who gave us district nine and the work there and it's a good film it's just. Again it's all a matter of timing case one more found out the mortal instruments -- you bones. I had the opportunity -- to Los Angeles and see and talk to the people made the film. And the film. Is attempting to be a move everything it has Wear wolves it has vampires it has. Monday means the world -- -- Costello almost. You just wonder how much the retro attitude has elements from Star Trek Star Wars. Mayor Harry Potter you know when I think the problem is all of them. They need to go back and watch Hitchcock's films I got to step away here yet but they need to watch Hitchcock's film because there are. Pacific rim was exactly what it was and it was -- it didn't try to be any thing but a lot of formal stuff. All these people like Ali museum and all these other films that they need to back off. And paint a picture of that lets you paint an even more vivid picture in your mind I was aiming to become less. Less. Reliant on the CG. And more reliant on their tail on their abilities to tell tale and let you envision it as it was never VCU like in your own as it was then Star Trek six just because we can do with things doesn't mean we should do their thing and we're gonna do this thing we're gonna step away right there mr. -- back from -- All right well we're out of time but got about a minute or so about two minutes left. -- what's coming up for the rest of the year that you think is going to. Up a big blockbuster battle redeem the sake summer and a little movie that we should all be looking I don't know if there's going to be a really big one has been it -- the summer. Are there is a film of course the family that's Robert De Niro. And that when they're dealing I'm Michelle -- -- -- -- witness protection. Again the Butler is doing incredible business and -- that read some about that that boy band -- London is like -- of Charleston guest is the film I am I don't want says a concert film and a boy -- would you know bunch from a given direction this is -- forcing euros -- tattoos and -- here one direction this is us and of course a big film that was -- down here is well. That is twelve years is way down that one could be very very I got a good scene in that room and I have a feeling now Oscar's going to be very kind to Hollywood south again -- be that considering that even in that film. Revenge that they Wallace and wait and -- Henry are in that they had to force them on the set because they were playing. This should announce that the and don't go away when -- cameras roll and they delivered they are very good there are very professional. All right -- it's always a pleasure thanks a bunch thank you so much that we -- everyone happy happy rest of the Labor Day everyone OK Don James is gonna bring us up today with a news mark Menard Danny and Holcomb been running things and had to make sure we're -- and static. Sports talk is coming up next here Bobby indeed according to the paper those usually marked the -- On the beach in Hancock can't Mississippi the civil slip casino and running aboard for them is a world famous. Shelden Williams who is wearing -- shalom --