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9-23-13 5:10pm Second Guess Hour 2

Sep 23, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk about the Saints' win over the Arizona Cardinals, their upcoming matchup with the Miami Dolphins, and LSU's upcoming contest with Georgia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guys joke like that they have all indicating can embodied there were a lot of the most of the casino beats out and it got on in Mississippi. Come home by business that the -- look for the Monday night contest between the Oakland Raiders in the Denver Broncos and you could hear that game home 105 point three -- -- At 730 tonight at six there tonight. A state -- has got the Saints coaches show -- head coach Sean Payton and offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael that you can make Detroit's at 730. You go listen to the Raiders and the brothels Owens evidently -- -- are. In this in the poverty and from 7:38. O'clock before the school to show we'd be talking a lot about L issue sites southeast conference NFL the whole works. Bob the school right effective helpful I've got a lot of people -- big John admits that he picked on you know how to with Bob and Mike. London afternoon gentlemen. He sees Garnett as well yeah. While I don't go to commercial beat John. -- -- -- -- -- No matter what the topic it's things like David is always in the back of pizzas mine he's just yeah. And it and it felt like it if it it is not that the irons the crowd they each bring to my statement in knights. -- he -- about -- nightmare about last models and it. Which I which gives you know who knows a shortage of -- much you don't blatantly and that happened that each week but it you know as a member of the nation's I would expect my condolences to the family Cardinals wanted to be at Williams you know you need losses all -- -- down -- -- game this week and then. Yeah our hardest fought to keep them from Atlanta ranks in Jackson -- that's Harold that's that's really say. And then -- mom and sister and intensive care as well and it's just you just. Yeah he's beaten you yet war with these guys been dominant you know no one. Obviously -- you or call -- -- investment and that just you know I I can't even begin to imagine what he mustn't feel like they need that we believe what. -- guys my hope is that the -- and the defense Ottawa yesterday who is now beginning to find an identity sports. Blog. You know when you look at the game professional college football home from fans standpoint Williams has been that in ignorance and what it comes to this but it it seems so resemble more what to flavor of the week. They have brought into this I rely on in the them last year in San Francisco. I'll look at that. There always seems like somebody emerges as new and innovative yet and you have coordinators like -- and coaches like chuck O'Donnell took part ways to neutralize he played Little League sort of speak in the replays so -- second game yesterday afternoon. -- on -- put an absolute behind what happened on the 49ers. That was -- was eight feet. Well. Local courses on that football team when you know you might want to comment a little bit about that because the same game but that was a relaxing game yesterday and all that so we'll talk about them all the football game that was -- Relaxing. The you know the water with were 9147. It was it was though. A lot to be desired dictator we went 31 that I thought it be like 31 let me out but it hardly treats them like that you got at that -- thought he'd been the ages. You know adopted a -- it -- think Dominique -- it might actually get through talking at the brink. This is why I was confident against the Cardinals -- -- ability. Carpet bomber you know he's profitable -- -- -- -- late you have the quarterback hides when you win nobody it would -- Eagles had been. You know he got hurt their first -- even their forget against the Steelers but this Robert company are ready Ed Nixon. The last were why I was so confident. That Jimmy Graham what's gonna have a big game. Against. The Cardinals simply because what happened in their first game and he couldn't stop the Rams tied in. Now another area they couldn't stop yet -- Now the other area that I was very encouraged by I said I think what we can they get after Carlton Palmer. He's like a statue back there I mean that that they get them but I thought we were gonna -- of and if you look what we've done so far -- get after the quarterback. At Princeton also Palmer has been sacked five times. It in two games. So that did not surprise me and all that we sacked him four times so when that occurred now look you know we did the first game was very -- -- Matt Ryan a lot like Drew Brees. Wanted to lease sacked quarterback since they've been in the NFL. Policy through with -- one Matt Ryan with Mike -- sixes sevens. Not to look at Matt Ryan. He faced pressure. But he may only play this thing on 48%. Of throw. That I've ever happen even throw it down. Thirty yards fifteen we were kidnapped him and he was feeling the now when I go by and I thought this is a critical. Because you have you know these stats that are and I look at this and try to evaluate where they're coming from. And you look at pro football focus did you look Sports Illustrated -- does now. If you look at this thing now we had three sacks on the season. Now we have seven. Total sacks that we had four against Carlton Palmer. Now Mike I -- -- seen this that this is critical in either the coaches noticed. The safe in the NFL and I didn't go in the Cardinals game could be even better we get ranks second. In Sports Illustrated. Pressure rating on the topic calculate -- our reads quarterback hits. Sacked at this and also you beating you guys. And drawn holding calls it and consider the fact that we sack the quarterback of being the one in the hole you what that that's almost like a sack. Because you would have gotten after the quarterback so to say -- second. In the NFL physical technical Arnold gave will we only had three sacks -- -- all these other categories now. When you look at also individual players. Cameron Jordan Cameron article that the -- -- player. And I said this over and over eight cameras aren't you start to any NFL team he has a bad at the will be he has unbelievable. I mean it speaks for itself I look he's a global player and -- not -- start with somebody and you know give it. Now it might come on the bigger audience that knows that the Jordan. Late night in policy while fourteen years that the Vikings at that time that -- got to block it even if that meant. You know it is that would help a -- -- -- he would whip and it rip with that behind you have a yard. With a not so bad that Yates will now be on the pass rush. We look at Cameron dollar and eighteen hit. Not look at pro football focus. They looked at -- which are not all that deep at the bit in the NFL so you pick you have to put in every team. -- -- What was expected best as far as pass rushing productivity. That means that. And get after it a pulled the quarterback. They didn't know who's noble one opportunity one yet Oakland that would affect Texans and here's -- target right behind if we don't but the best that a bad. It is all know how they break it down pro football focus. And get a team hicks is number five but you look at rob -- the fifth floors get snapped an opposing quarterback that the number ten at a number five guy. All in the NFL the on the that that is like. Not albeit off homer on his favorite in the -- that's what it's almost viewed objectively look at at the whole league. And they have. They have Cameron Jordan team -- to the top of -- yet -- top five c'mon. And they keep that up nobody needs to get scoring -- it's gonna keep the -- to their team. Big John the thing about the 49ers. That I don't think anybody thought they would unravel -- that you would play well in Seattle is one thing but that he would bounce back. Well -- whole new populated Colts and that didn't happen and they got gas. Ahmad Bradshaw me he had to know how much motivation and it was when he -- that Richardson. That was the biggest surprise to me that they got -- the -- company young quarterbacks you go through that Bob's been through that every quarterback has been at that aids in their life. Now that's a football player where it's. But even anywhere other weapons on the edge and Mike -- -- is Michael Crabtree down just delegate that that's a huge loss put them. But now you start it's -- little bit of unraveling may be a young quarterback and needs somebody to tighten the belt up on him and now. You may not have all Don Smith go off. And at that it's a huge blow and that's football team. Yeah I mean all of -- -- you know his troubles all the field a couple of the allies now. -- know they count on him I mean that's the guy along with you know it just that meant. You're talking about you know wreaking Havoc in the backfield and if he's not available. The 49ers are not the 49ers and still -- right now early on -- apathy the Seahawks. On the benefit of -- especially at home and and firm not now now I tell you what you know with the rest of also. Look at a lot will open and that's the -- -- who we got a late in the Carolina and the in the NFC south. Their front seven on defense is good not -- secondary with -- -- are cool but but but that's what seven looks like they did that it giant. And when they play is the all -- -- they -- at home without the twelfth avenue in you know a tight game you got the thing it's like fans but. Include you don't match up well against you it's -- Carolina. QB because in that direction that's what did you go back you have not matched up well against him if they're right now that they. I'm watching the game and how that -- Darnell Dockett you know getting three sacks in I just look at what we got a built to run the ball in the what about the run the ball. It because you don't like Drew Brees get knocked out. The lady is gonna catch up even when all the rules take more more -- That's always seem less -- -- more you instead it on the ball 4548. Times you won 35 to thirty. That's why we got a built to run the ball we end up running in the second half. A couple of you can have in the first half. Yep port camps mind is that our -- in an event that that that another part of that and go to the got a -- and on the other part of the good and I think what's been elaborate on this. In the post game press conference. That that they kind of figured if they wanted to turn around it's who we got to get our run game going these little did get a lot of old Buddy Ryan -- defense. Like if party 65. When they were committed right getting in the box they're confident the color of the their secondary. Can hang our receivers. But not so fast. Because Drew Brees is gonna find the mismatch -- and we exploited. The Cardinals secondary you have a lot individual talent. But it could commit to stop the run they you have to pat that's one reason why they. We only had four rushing it can't because that's what the part of the Buick that's it dictated but the pass the ball more because of what the Cardinals would do it you definitely. An uncle who came up with that game plan but not this in this thing experts couple game Russian football. But they would have been the stop Drew Brees throw the football this thing -- that are yet to football of anybody. I can't just pumped -- -- game plan if you have things in life. That statement it deductible with that a few people -- supportive for the Cardinals now with a bad game plan. Well with the -- I feel right after the break you negate them. Welcome back this thinking yes you could get WWL everywhere you can listen anywhere -- -- -- WW dot dot com. Now we're all apple -- and assess who is dot com that -- dot com terrorists everywhere and anywhere the -- Vulcan sports powerhouse of the BellSouth. That W up out what to think so we talk about a lot is -- yeah well and how important it is in football and you've got something. You know well I would can you like this make the -- that needs to very optimistic now it's only three games we all know -- the dome patrol and how dominant the dome patrol when you looked a -- renegades. Whatever you wanna call on the you know rob looks like a pirate captain and when he did it out there. If you look at the faith only surrendering seven points for the Cardinals they've allowed only 38 points through the first three gave the defeat that. Now going back. The Nike 92 we -- twelve went for the adult patrol allowed 28 points in the first three games. And Dallas the only team that got off -- a better start in franchise history was that 92 team as far as. Scoring defense 2838. Any time you around -- single digits -- need to be in the team. That's unbelievable defense you look at the face of reality effort three opponents below point point. The first time the Saints defense has done so. If any effect that it gave medical back to October. 31 November 21 we did -- a 2010 but the started season. You gotta go back to the dome patrol they know what to think that done so far this year. Bottom line you know those lies when you've only given up 38 points in three games and you gave up forty in game one of the best years. You don't made a little more yeah. -- -- -- -- you give up at the three games without a lot or you on the -- if you will be job but Josh Friedman who covers the Dolphins with 7:9 AM and also world war. Point three definitely pick to Miami right up to this -- break whip. -- -- -- A back that is what you get through my field all with Bobby there -- the supposed to put casinos beside him Hancock county Mississippi one at the lower body on a programming note. On an outfield to a six there tonight -- will go to the slate radio network where I'll be the Saints coach issue with head coach Sean Payton and offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael. Nets 730 tonight Bobby there and I will rejoin second guessed. But if you wanna listen to the Monday Night Football game you could hear between Oakland Raiders in the Denver Broncos that definitely -- -- them at 105 point three FM. The -- but Josh Friedman who covers the Miami Dolphins Johnson thanks so much Bedard is secede. My quarter -- Josh and the talk is and a quiet we have no. And the Dolphins have been a pretty good football team and all the talk in the off season. But Andrew Luck. And -- to read everything wrong in any ill has done a real solid job out Miami. Handling that football team that really impressed with coach -- built. While our ability you know he's got a lot out snaps under his belt he's leading the team and some of the week -- he didn't seem to laughter I think part of the maturation process. I think part of it also to provide a better weapons Jeff Ireland it appears to have very very good job in getting my ball and -- an Egyptian. Charles clay is number -- a draft pick up Brent Grimes in the defensive you know in the secondary but they're guys that he brought him. They're really making -- different in given channel more guys to work with the -- on the last -- or driving -- -- he completed nine passes to six different guys with all the variations he's got to go to. Now Josh when you look at Mike Wallace probably obviously have that. -- first game in almost remind him right both receivers document -- horizon telling me nobody damn ball. You know it didn't matter of the coverage if they've already got them that we won that. -- deadly got Mike Wallace the ball especially I'll look at that second game in. Considering you look at the -- had the worst receiving corps and NFL last year -- is this not the case so far. Well you take the Mike Wallace that deter those commentary per game when I cover I don't that a mental training camp. Irrational yea but the guys on training camp that wasn't the guy that made those comments pitching very uncharacteristic. Course and -- who caught a lot of ball targeted fifteen times I think he caught nine balls. -- -- targeted by -- yesterday I talked to him and he never that it -- -- although I think it was after way in the team's three you know. And and so Mike Walton all the right -- you're used to be targeting was not looking like -- -- for Europe -- receiving corps was was brutal accurately. But the but the receiving corps and he hires these in the heart that. What problem between players he's in the receiving corps and three touchdowns. Right in it when he forgot to this year. Now -- Josh look at that on the defensive side of all yeah we're we're concerned. You know all the the line protected Drew Brees you wanna have that balance. -- drew was sacked four times yesterday against the Cardinals obviously a very humid the wing went 31 to seven. But I'll tell him dominant nation in and to Saints fans that. The public can get after the quarterback that's one thing that whether it be -- winning a -- gain they were always able to put pressure. It's Cameron Wake picked up where you left off last year. Considering you know fifteen sacks and yeah might be the best pass rusher that -- to actually know football and it's not necessarily a -- mean -- -- No future but terrific player and there probable player. On the Dolphins went that there at a pound -- going in the street that we missed most of the game more than Ian plays on the you mentioned -- the open we got a better chance of arming up -- formal Coca-Cola that review shall go and telling us anything about injuries he just -- He won't even acknowledge the guy has Cole okay you'll being so we don't use that. A camera -- -- we honestly have no idea if it's major but minor league play next Monday night it can be up for three weeks we trust don't know -- -- anything you want to pull carts at all so -- right now we don't know the generally injury. Josh one of the things that you I think you build teams in the offseason which you do one of the things that they did an offseason -- -- LL great. Also Phillip we will those guys have been yellow matzo ball the defense of side of the football out of tell everybody else a little -- of the elements those two linebackers have meant to this football team -- everybody kind of knows a little bit about Cameron Wake of -- done. But those two guys have shown up big early this season what. Tournament furthers the electoral -- has been Kevin Burnett. The only one -- Morse linebacker that to -- -- they've gotten their act of the ball and perhaps create more for over. And those guys -- really -- if it's an element that the ball went in happy they purposely try to factor -- position. And they've done just that those -- been a big addition on the front seven of the Dolphins went operating now the owners and you extremely being put them up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 202 yards last week in Indianapolis 377. Yards. I yesterday you two they'll win couple I tell brought the appeal while the ball that opponents to touchdowns and those things and not break off and. Yeah -- it to ourselves to bring. Just look at him now Whitney hand and then I tell you these Drew Brees numbers than. And it's things like no matter what secondary he's gonna have success now last year. The Saints had that opportunity to them to read film offense behind the Patriots now this year. To have that indicates that at last. But a lot better yesterday in the Arnold but if you look -- -- through. And what he's done eight consecutive contests it through -- tunnel with 300 yard pass second longest streak in NFL. Maybe throw to 300 yards against the Dolphins visit up with ironic. He was tied directly yet ready holds. Between 2011. Well so basically Drew Brees is the 300 yard passer. That you look as far as accuracy. He's had at least twenty passes completing. The 55 consecutive games that -- extending his all NFL record so it just goes on and on that you look at Peyton Manning. He's -- Victor what more yards seventy times in his career only Peyton has boarding that -- -- tonight against the Raiders with 74. Sort of bottom line is -- I guess try to make them one dimensional. And it B you weren't able to stop the run and you look at it a little bit and to think that -- reached the way he threw the kitchen in -- well -- mean. Drew Brees might -- -- on the ball and secondary Dmitri Patterson are starting. A cornerback was out yesterday and and then Matt Ryan just teeing off on Nolan Carroll. And Bryan they're really shut down work the ball and they -- in the region for Milan he missed -- people particularly he'll. Injury and not to -- he's a terrific quarterback both stay away from him probably but -- they'll go cardinal -- or perhaps anybody else who played that the Dolphins have a have injuries on defense at one point yesterday that without four starters and if Patterson is -- -- going to be a really if he were to. Josh thanks so much but join and us we appreciated what will be one heck of a football game one nobody keep that in mind. Under the under John Philippines leadership the Saints have been nine in due on Monday night game. So I don't what are you did as a friend I'm done and -- get a -- this late late -- when the spotlight comes on the field but. I tell the Dolphins fences to that -- at a scoreboard it when he points with it because when the Saints on the Sean Payton. When when you when -- -- opponent that when he a few points they're forty and three. Real good propaganda -- you know as so in other words obviously you've got to be dishing it out because if the defense does -- I don't like that don't attend at all. Josh thanks so much art this year -- but we dog does not we appreciated voters thinking gets you were that is -- negates. Lot of -- this -- gets no love Broadway -- you wont wanna business WWL was given we're -- tickets away every day this week. This thing as grand no -- gala concert Saturday October 5. Featuring in the -- only award winner Christian -- away. And the Louisiana you know all money orchestra I -- you win. Listen to this but Hewitt 3:40 PM when you hear Christian -- with Singh and popular from the walkway hit -- But give you an over the call beat eight call and you win from the states and I love Broadway and this Langer. Evidently we gonna go to telephone lines the old lady Diana already in -- huddle with Bob and Mike. All right what's up old lady can. Well the problem with the Saints is not the -- -- -- looked at that it offensive line. An offensive -- to. Go. Let it. -- I feel I don't know through what you wanted to do all they tell me could enlighten -- does it. At least try to figure it out himself well Annika and I just look at it can't -- matches that in ally Brian eloquent statement. Meet Fritz Darnell Dockett. I mean you've -- if you follow football you -- that mean Darnell Dockett he was dominant and I don't know I mean I think he's going to be disruptive against a lot of people's though. When you look at this matches and and you know what you can accomplish along the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or Italy have a belt but it's not all -- I'm just saying -- got into it because of it apart. -- -- -- -- -- And his ankle is very discouraging. But. I think coach -- obviously at use your imagination and his play call it genius. I get frustrating only got. Third and happy or are we inside the five yard line in. -- would Andy yelled at this Ariel comedy that we get a run over people get a first down we feel like we -- trick people this trick them. A quick trip rightly it that we have a chance I mean I write it up the way it is not what you would call and asks. Our power at the bottom line is winning but yeah it would be a lot more but at the power out of now. Only one thing that's obvious is this offseason the Saints gonna have to spend some money creates an early in the draft on offensive lineman. Why did a lot of close too much but Ryan has a restaurant the problem is it all annuities. It's not literally -- at running back but it's not the right to run and it's not there. The like I Pierre. And make money averaged 2.5. You know Sproles had three pins Fiat has seventeen yards. You know -- Sproles is gonna hit it north and south but no I don't know above the net on the Sean Payton is that. You know we have minus yards and a half my that the running the ball well -- opening up ever. You know theme that occur and and the bottom line is that we actually special seasons. And I go back to you know it's -- year. And then -- go back we won thirteen game that the greatest office we had the sixth best rushing attack both years -- a gap in the final out and then last year we were twenty -- -- I think like it is he was 21 more north. Yeah I thought I ain't gonna cut it no that that's why I'm like they get you into the playoff yet -- but you've got medical Faulk we got on the ball hats and and the one advantage we have right now. If we have that the that the swagger. So. -- that if he was gonna happen but it just seems like OK if Pierre. If you look -- that it done he averaged a 2.5. Ingram probably would average about one point two. Only did it it would have been even less -- with. Yeah I know but but it while we appreciate it would be back where -- that right and that's great thank you. It today stuff via all of this thing about this thing again if you want the -- expansive of a question my head coach on pick you can submitted on line. Do it now go one who dat nation that's right radio network dot com. This is what you question on the Saints go to show tonight. Right 0630. On -- WL -- the second -- show right after the break here on the big 87 if you frequent. You know room. --