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10-1 11:35am Garland, Government shutdown

Oct 1, 2013|

This hour Garland talks about the U.S. government has shut down 16 times since the 70’s with no long lasting repercussions. Do you fear a government shutdown…will it personally impact you or your family? Or, do you think it’ll be of minor importan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When you look at the list of -- Social Security Medicare Medicaid there's still open. That exceed federal court there is still open immigration services that are still open. VA disability programs. Still open. -- -- still -- and food stamp program. Shall open lot of people were military they're getting today and a lot of people talk about the parts from in close we'll yelled as soon the entire western section open. As being picked up being open because the state that. Taleo and resides there in the news is paying the -- or that in -- the one that -- so -- that that might happen depending on how long's it last. Something called wick program which provides food and point nine million low income women and children will be out of money. Spent the last -- talking to wearing. Liberal organization. About the partial shutdown -- doctor. And the new year and debuts once again told you -- senior scholar at McCabe senator George Washington University. And doctor think -- organization could be called conservative as a group. Probably bring a better now and conduct libertarian midway. Sure look at. What what what are your thoughts those four is this really a government shutdown. Or is this something that affects. 800000. Furloughed government workers and I think a million. So called east central workers that have to go to work. Yeah -- it's less of a shutdown that is that it is political feeder. You know you could tell that because the big things that get that means or that the closing of the -- of the national zoo for example. That there's tremendous. They're -- gains here. By shutting down things that are hard -- working local art art art party are a publicity low cost things you know things are noticeable to the public. But the basic functions that got referred to continue running just as -- always have been you know. Perhaps the people were workable in this all the government employees. Were expecting a picture you were sent home in old you know. -- you get a paycheck when the at Wembley sir -- yet. You know we've reduced air India and liberal representative. Talking to some about this issue. And this being very -- state this being in the group -- and that Texas got injured just durable the angry you know calling earnings. And so forth an excellent. -- and a look at the national polls and of course we conclude -- an additional port that thing to think. Did the media really reported as it is what the poll. -- in such a way where it got a predetermined. -- cope with that said. The latest polls. -- can Poland and hit him in the corner pactel. Americans overwhelmingly. Oppose shutting down government to stop obamacare. According to a new poll would Republicans in congress getting their lowest approval marks today. Do you agree with that do you think this is on the shoulders of the Republicans more than the Democrats in the so what would that mean do you think -- calls have been. Yeah I I don't know it's more social and so all of one verses the other you know the one side will say well for example. Republicans refuse to negotiate on the other side the Republicans are saying well we offer to negotiate with the city they're not of the problems of the table. So I'm sure there's enough looking eagle on both sides. The fact of the matter is what we are talking about importantly talk about which is what the future of Obama here this is the direction. The country really wants to move that many of the polls commercial now that the majority of Americans. Art -- interstate moving forward obamacare are realizing. What economists had been telling them for years which is that they're going to be there's going to be less access to health care -- the -- has -- be more expensive. Under obamacare that it was prior. Let's go back and talk exactly about. I've seen assembled. And and I would suggest that there -- too raw that the majority of the American people are not forum -- accurate important. We're coming right back governor -- brigade seventy -- five threes and welcome -- worth thinking about what is really partial. Show the government brokered. Global 1 this morning we have doctor and Indian debuts -- this -- you're teaching scholar. Center at George Washington University. Doctor drug use human to -- before we let that a lot of this. Was initiated. By -- student lady or tries something and to kill obamacare. And I have to to agree -- I. Well ultimately -- Doug grow this point there's a satirical news service. But I had an article today about a Democrat. That news three pursuit -- Obama cares. Drug said the report. Concerning Republican that new 4% in the -- will surely like most people would never read the bill never looked at the bill but. Conservative liberals take their side. But I have heard and no doctor for them and I've virtually every wanna talk to. Silly that they don't like it Napier is and they think it's going to be -- 01 ahead of the conservative members abroad congressional delegation on. And I say okay. I'm convinced by my doctors were -- should go away reportedly got. And instantly -- did GOP dot go out and out foreign spies and sentences. About what they might think about doing. It for -- if we did away with -- and some former -- Where's the plan because I think Hubert -- we have now is not sustainable. Right I agree part of the problem is we we looked like you say politicians. Looked at the state of health care insurance and sit there are problems here what can government do to fix it. In that would -- Wrong direction to many of the problems that existed were due to read to appear in the first place. The first question issue that is what we stopped doing that caught in this problem a couple of examples stick out. What is -- -- make it typical we're insurance companies to challenge health insurance across state lines the -- come. Insurance companies and so law for these laws because it stifles competition. And the problem use is indeed it policies that is. You've got all -- In the polls he must cover all of being in new product specialist medical specialist lobbying the government -- which are special these listed on here so. So -- insurance must cover -- stop. Well here in the bike just bare bones so church -- there's no product for you because you all right is this this Cadillac version. So the best -- could do to step back and start messing with insurance market and seeing what happened. In what you would see is significantly lower clock pictured technically more people being sure that we can ask the question all right what now we do -- if any. And then tell me super brawl but I think I've read several talent. The congressional budget at all pollute the budget office which is supposedly non Portland. Looked at everything your judgment to and including. Malpractice. The year it's -- malpractice being removed or reduced. And they said there were all ideas that would work but it would create eight for section of the reduction in health care cost. And what I ask people to thank you and I've talked about it before. -- country with -- a health system that worked. Everybody ports of branches number one. Let some mode that would thirteen billion dollars in debt and cutting back and services same thing with the England simply with candidates -- -- Singapore. And humble and don't we need politicians to tell us that everybody's not gonna get the same care would just get reported too many old people. Well I mean it it what it. Help ensure the health care is getting more expensive and more confusing the cost of health care. The price of health care in what I mean by that is. Right some help here -- actually declining here's an example. Think that the worst American today can walk into port -- and -- something across however it will it will cure or prevent tuberculosis. Carney the richest in the planet when he was alive -- didn't happen money to prevent his -- from -- from tuberculosis. What happened is our technology increase such a work of fiction and healthcare now or acceptable to everybody. Now that's not a decline in the price of health care. What's happening is what you would expect what -- I'd be subject or we buy mortgage and so -- -- -- Health care cost is going but it's going up because I felt there were receiving is so much. Are superior to what we got a generation or two or three generations ago that we. Spend our time and money on. But isn't isn't that my point that. Bureau I used to be a janitor. I got very you'll. Blew up to Mayo Clinic. One of the best in the world. And got saved because like it poured the transport can report -- who'd tell a good report that treatment. Where as a janitor would have been able to get in in the at the point. There were using so much of an end we seem to be the only -- that builds a lot of search and development of their four. We support the cost of research and development. I think you're probably right but the bachelor real -- is. Well we what we what we got. Come to grips with is that fact that we say we want the price of health care that we had back in 1950. That's not really what we need. We want the prices Nike to east by 2013. Quality and so you're yet -- your. Expletive. A and that's what's happening and -- and you know they've they've got the best of the past but aging populations. Get sicker and even more health care and approach cheaper Rory it's easier to get the get Mora but that's not sustainable -- It's not sustainable in you know the fact is if you look at the latest government figures which came out just yesterday in the people -- work. It's the first step in the now what the what the health insurance at a cost of obamacare. In the figures on the state by state basis or on -- twice as high -- what they were prior obamacare so so we didn't permit it. Obamacare insurance who's been caught after American likes what it caught part Obama here -- this is a government that. Ari let me just from -- -- question I think you by government figures right we got -- national data Bach quarter bit over sixteen trillion. October 17. Treasury Department running short on cash to pay the nation's bills. Do you think the negotiations. To reopen government. Will be merged into the debt limit talks. I don't think so and the reason I don't think so is because the it talks are only critical one correction which -- that would there there's there's nothing to negotiate here only political pot for the -- Argued that -- that we don't -- -- debt the debt -- the government going to shut out. Now some people's it will probably good thing. Could the but the fact of the matter is that people don't think but things -- -- -- it's not sure that can happen debt limit the lot. Doctor Davies is always a pleasure to have you on the should appreciate it I'm very. You talk and doctor and the media and babies. Affiliates senior scholar -- -- -- George watching universe to the Korean organizations who we've got the conservatives are out of wood got the liberal -- them -- come and --