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10-3 3:10pm Angela, animal welfare roundtable

Oct 3, 2013|

Angela talks to Animal Rescue of New Orleans CEO Charlotte Bass, SPCA Executive Director Anna Zorilla, Spaymart President Lynn Chiche and Jefferson Feed General Manager Lynn Morvant about animal adoptions

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I was animal lover long before I came to New Orleans and my mother and I would pick up strays referral I knew what the words spay and neuter message. Actually back then the words spay and -- we're probably -- like when your grandmother whispered cancer. But just is the fight against cancer has raised the dust bowl of millions of voices who want a solution. The fight for animal welfare is strong and -- Spay and neuter is the mantra to sold so many problems. -- cut over population. He cut the tragedy of abandonment and euthanasia. It may not solve the issues of animal neglect and cruelty. But to stop the -- unnecessary death is a major victory. In 2005 before Katrina I did this story for channel four about the reach and it used in Asia in the five parish area. Orleans Jefferson Saint Bernard saint Charles in saint Tammany. The shelters reported in the year 2004. Collectively. 32000. Dogs and cats had been euthanized. 32000. In one year. The reason I did that story was because the numbers were actually down. And we were looking as to why. Since Katrina the story is very different. There is still over population there is still euthanasia but much less and that is a huge victory. A victory thanks to an army of people who day in and day out fight in the trenches. Doing the dirty work and get the job done. Making the lives of animals better and our community. To talk about the innovative work being done by so many in Charlotte best CEO of animal rescue -- And as guerrilla executive director of the Louisiana SP CA. Lynch teach president of Spain march. And -- more event president of the Jefferson SP CA and founder of PetSmart. You are my heroes I always say that you are my heroes. And I do believe we are living in sort of a victorious age that we have accomplished so much since Katrina would you concur. Absolutely absolutely absolutely on top of me and I -- specific numbers aren't necessary but general numbers euthanasia. Is way down. No question that particularly I think the biggest drop has been in cats. I mean we've seen that in Nam Arnold operates out of Jefferson Parish but across parish lines but I know I have the figures from Jefferson Parish. That's since Katrina and the intake of cats is down 75%. -- that's huge it's huge you know that is literally and is. Absolutely I think it's a number of different programs and initiatives changes to ordinances where now. We can work with Cheryl -- in the community instead of having to bring women. And having to euthanize hallelujah that's huge you know those spay -- efforts. That have been consistent and our continuing growth. In addition to really innovative adoption programs and transport program has -- and talk about that because I think that is one of the most exciting things I've heard in a long time. Well I think cats I think of -- change because Spain -- is about cats and it really was born out of getting a spay and neuter program. Absolutely. You know one it's Kmart was incorporated in 1998. My partner and co-founder Pam Casey I have so many -- people come to -- Nelson. What why is it that you address just can't issue and I said well. In 1998 we actually visited. Local -- animal shelters and we said. What can we do if we incorporate that will help you the most to reduce those numbers and they said well. Being that. We -- five cats to everyone dog you need to start with the cats if you wanna have the greatest impact. And that was sweet and we started -- as they -- actually began as a -- as a parent can't. Project in fact I was looking at some notes from 1990 none. With Caroline page and we used to have our little seminars and training and yes and and now the Methodist church and oh my god yes also that's how long we've. We've been battling illness fighting the -- yes again I remember get non. And of course this is not that management that sits here today but PM KC nine. Or -- happened in the same neighborhood. Use an -- boxes some strings and sticks and I think I got these citations in one year. For abandoning cats once -- released him because it didn't exist trap neuter and release her returns. It was just once she trapped -- took them away good. You know nobody saw the value of them coming back 01 -- 211 to talk about that definitely. But first one more event when -- -- you know -- is an Angel on this earth as you all are. But -- really when the statue gets built like he sang that because he just quietly gets it done this and I think we'll go ahead Tillman -- your thoughts are generally you know -- I agree I think the availability of real low cost spay and -- is our opportunity to make it different you know looking -- parish numbers in the year 2000 nearly 24000. Animals came into the shelter. And there was a tremendous -- an -- here with in recent years surged 121000 animals coming into the shelter so there's 50% less animals coming and reduce in the intake but percussive proactive programs for hitting -- adopted for fostering. For reaching out to the community to make a difference I think I think it's really helping to reduce the number of euthanasia. Clinton. Man takes definitely affected by the space -- a program which I think Jefferson you bend. Able with extra funding through the Jefferson SBC and been able to pretty much keep us Roland. As far as trapping -- cats and stay in their current. Exactly we're lucky in Jefferson Parish our administration wanted to take a proactive approach to -- the council administration got together we have dedicated funding every year. To provide -- your computer. Right now in Jefferson Parish we have free spay and -- prefer cats -- -- own campus is a ten dollar co payment. If you have a dog it just costs fifty dollars to get him to get him fixed and that there's. Eight different veterinary clinics in the community to work with us including the Louisiana SP CS. C and the bottom line is one that cooperation. And now there's no excuse an extra ten dollars. Or fifty dollars that is so reasonable or for any more frequently angry that beautiful word we like the word free. It's not we're gonna take a very quick break we're gonna come back and I do want to talk about when I think it's so exciting about to transport programs. And then later we're gonna talk about -- into place. Quite up to this. Great great victories post-Katrina -- has come to animal welfare in our community and I'm sitting with four absolute. Phenomenal people with great leaders in the movement. To make the lives of animals. Better and the first thing is to cut to euthanasia and we sort of talked about that but I think one of the most exciting things that's happened. Is this concept of the creativity. That's gone on to find homes. For animals whether it -- Internet these flights to the northeast let's talk about that that's huge in. Is huge and it's saving lives and as we know there's wonderful animals available for adoption through out southeast Louisiana there's no shortness of animals here. But what we've learned is that there are communities up north northeast. That have done such a phenomenal job with spay neuter that their shelters don't have a lot of great animals waiting for homes and so. By partnering and with a number of different agencies. We have started moving adaptable animals from southeast Louisiana south Louisiana as BCA we've been moving animals from our facility. But also we've been moving animals from Saint Bernard animal shelter from. Saint Charles from Saint John from a number of area shelters and people don't understand that in -- -- got two -- quite a bit Maine is one of the ones Maine is one of our locations we got in New Jersey we go to Minnesota. All those north. You know and Helio we have such excess we have just an oversupply. And an -- why when and they're saying we need them. That's almost unbelievable -- I don't even sub tropic vs frozen with. -- -- do not live. Outside in Minnesota or even Wisconsin right you know during the winners so they do not have the -- probably alma street -- people can live. You know twelve months a year I mean. It's true so Mike -- animal skin and you also have the extended breeding periods so as -- was saying yes you know it's warm here. Pretty much 1011 months out of the year so -- animals are on the streets they're reproduce saying. For that entire period of times so weekend. Litters of kittens puppies get everything I have to tell you how many times over many years I would calls from people saying. Well all I can't think that there could say -- I can't do this I can -- -- listen man you know what they're 101000 animals just for that one shelter. Or 121000 for another -- Where would you have them put them right -- that we have to look at it realistically but what I'm really applauding every 14 is that imagination that's taken over. And -- -- Jermaine you've come up with great programs for elderly -- people homeless elderly cats but you you came up with something yeah and you know. I'm stay -- -- our mission has been since the very beginning to try to work with area shelters and carried to. A friend of mine so that they sibling quit saying reduce its let's eliminate and I since I'm I'm OK with eliminating euthanasia. But we've we've come up with programs we what we tried to do was target. On the though those segments of animals that are that are going to be you know earmarked for the highest euthanasia rates. And those would be kittens that are too young to survive on their own so we started can Foster program in place about 350. We also did the senior can't -- you can't just can't compete with the the younger counterparts so you know we started that program has been very successful and we're getting better at it and -- figured out ways to promote and and two on to actually access the elderly people it's made such a tremendous difference in the lives of these are my gosh. And and then we do the -- a -- prime do we do we partner with the LE SP CA we've done that three consecutive years Heather Wrigley and I. I'll have worked very closely with that program and it's. It's not it's a campaign. Like an outrage. You know -- cats they should never end up and it and it and an animal shelter in the first place. Because they have no choice but to put those cats down they're not sociable -- they're there they're just occupy space and adaptable animals could be it could be occupying so. I'll let let me play doubles African descent certainly gotten calls on this as well. Well we should should going euthanize him because they're not doing anything in there they're bothering my neighborhood or their stinking up my. Patio or whatever how do you respond to that. Well you know there's there's a lot of different ways I think one is is the education part of that you. You acted to educate these people make them understand that they are part of our society out. Any pay what is a friend of mine she lands she said I'll love the way you put it -- she said. -- -- you tell film it's not that you have the choice of of cats purchase no catching got the choice of spayed -- neutered vs un -- status there are always going to they're going to be here on if there. Un neutered and I think that's a really important point people think I'll pick up the spell cat bring it into the shelter you put it down problems solved. Well other chat to -- them that are not fixed and all the sudden you go from five cats in the neighborhood to fifty cats from her so what research has shown across the country and they've done lots of studies. Jacksonville Florida has a great program where they've studied. You know controlling colonies by spaying and neutering them that's your solution is to fix those -- put them back in the neighborhood. Within reason having a reasonable number making sure that there are people looking out for them taking care of them that's how you solve your problem not removing them and you tonight and say. I believe so strongly that those cats it can do a lot of good lesson that was and also told -- not only that we landed Katrina as the hundreds of feeders of the city. After -- where no people here and there are still animals here. In late fuel line we have people requesting -- cats because. Once the cats were wiped out non BC Blake he was the area one area that had three weeks of water so that there were no cats around and the problem in us makes content. And they -- for the rodents because the -- it's always going to be back there my knees feel mice or rats you know they are gonna come they are. The cleaners. Of the area so without those. Cats you're gonna have snakes and partially at my China walk out and see account almost sidewalk clean and that's caused -- sea snakes slithering. But. You know it in and that's the issue is that they have a job to do that also aren't insect control. -- -- the -- they take care of a lot of cockroaches. And I don't think people and grasshoppers. Large jumping bugs and things like that but. Also. Once a colony is under control. They try their best to keep out newcomers they're not looking to have their food source. Relied upon other cats so most of the time when she have a colony. And it stays intact the problem he has. But the people that don't watch their colony. For the newbies that do you sneaky and and get those babies spayed and neutered a fastball. Us and they don't upon aren't turned blend or event. Yes talk to make smoking and I agree with Charlotte you we retrieve post-Katrina and some of the neighborhoods and you know we which he stray cats but we were never see any -- rodents that are not once again I think they're an important part of our society and if we can keep them -- if we can keep him from reproducing them we can keep the situation under control. Clinton -- tennis is less likely to be a nuisance to a neighbor McKenna -- intact had their federal -- applicant for the girlfriend that lives up like that's. LA's and marking all the markings -- -- marking the animated and you know if you do have a neighbor that feeds cats and even if there they are fixed and they're coming in your yard because. Cats until like nice spot stoop. Lie around and I have a lady near Minnesota or why they come on my yard I have it's so -- so nicely and that's it exactly. You like to know precisely place. They likely manicured yards. You know. Do we have time for one of the what real quick OK can I just think that one of the things we candidate to be more successful with controlling. Our fair -- population is to look to some other areas that have had some tremendously successful programs and one is the one. That and a mentioned in Jacksonville Florida they have a program called. Ferrell freedom Angela and they've actually. Signed a contract with animal control that every fare okay at that -- -- shelter is turned over to that nonprofit organization. And they your -- on sterilized some banks -- him and put him back where they came from. -- there are no Ferrell cats euthanized in Jacksonville Florida. On that happy note we're gonna take a break we're gonna go to John Amos in the newsroom. And we appreciate. I'm listening and I want to thank my callers and we're gonna get you please hold on I just wanted to take nothing but we're talking about. Many changes the positive -- hasn't happened since Katrina and there are many. And I'm talking to people who have spent really their professional lives doing what they're doing which is let me tell you a whole lot of work. A whole lot of work and I I would like to hear from each of you how do you handle. Frankly distress. Because it is that I mean you're doing beautiful things you do have these great moments -- the animals find homes. But it's still heart -- times and how do you handle that. Lynch you know why I'm. I've just been like the people in this in this room today and and you interest knowing that there's this team and its army of people wanting to make a difference and that there's. An army of volunteers -- wanna help to make a difference I think that's what drives me every day and wakes me up and knowing that. It's not to spay and -- that we did yesterday that's important it's not the adoptions that we did yesterday. But the ones we're gonna do tomorrow the difference we can make that tomorrow discovered that drives me I think cut. The better days are ahead of -- -- sure to have them. It's my drink a lot of 11. So I think for her -- it's focusing on those victories in the success. And the small ones are not just the big numbers. You know spay -- in adoptions but. When little fluffy came men and we didn't know the little -- was gonna make it a little fluffy not only makes it think it's -- agreed home. And we get those follow up pictures that the family sends and says look at -- now look how great he's doing. Those are the moments that I hold on to win it turns really tough and -- we have this really hard days and Charlotte. What they still like to do much better. I am I'm good at I think that follow -- in -- and it's hard -- know why I am -- But now okay the issue with the with mock my goals and obviously. And I don't want it. It's a semi quick each solitary entities that because believe me if it weren't for the LE SP CA. I wouldn't have a lot of the things that we now have an -- shelter at the same time I tried to make it a handshake deal. And we try to take her Ferrell dogs that they really don't have. The resource is not money wise but time wise -- people wise to work constantly with those dogs and some take. Two months and some take two years so but I just because where Nokia know. That all of its victories -- me I just have to keep reminding myself that. We can't help every single 11. Day we will look let me say I think it's fair is. That sought in the community that as the more successful you become the more than is expected. And so -- -- collins' single why aren't you on this block picking up the -- why aren't you bet. The reality is there are always going to be limitations. Thank you never gonna have enough people -- never gonna have enough trucks in we're never going to be able to. But let's look at what is happening is what's -- phenomenal comes so far. Well it's what changed my life for Katrina mean I was involved with the LE SP CA for nine years before Katrina. But once that happened and I realized if it affected me so much to see the individual things that happened in our city -- Katrina that because of animals to animals. And for animals that I realize. My kind of all these thousands of people come to help us a better term ran into some open and because my clients weren't back. But the my whole life changed I mean it became it was all for the animals in the people that work can animals to and the people that need our help to. And we talked about programs the senior cat. We've got hospice Foster program that works great -- and how -- got to tell you what's really weird about it is. We're now at a 100%. That the people -- had these -- cases. For two and three years they're now adopting and one and a pick up all the expense -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- diabetic -- old -- -- On that happy note we're gonna take another break but stay with this as we talk to the people. Or helping summoning. Welcome back as we talk about the the wonderful world of animals. We have some wonderful callers and I appreciate you Chris holding on for so long and you have a concern -- they're. Yet not yet actually I -- it -- an idiot about the ball mark thank you hate yeah yeah well. So I -- it didn't well apparently it matter it hurt your -- I don't know how there and the destination of the association. Basically work -- and I can -- That's kind of where. The question I have is and I. I hate -- I don't know I don't wanna change sort whatsoever and number one question there's all -- wonderful lady and gentlemen because I didn't channel or not at all. If they were actually -- the part about it and that's an expert chew on and -- -- that they think he's got 2 questions I am the person that. I'm literally traps. Being ordered thirty -- over the last two years because great neighbor across street. And although it strictly from LA these BCA and they literally just comfort her backyard and talk with you know no question about it. -- -- And -- I know that there's like if I don't walk my dogs I can't have my dogs -- reached. And I know I -- you -- -- -- can't get some leases. There's two people other people can't be a bit better indoor any teacher who capped an eight and they get your medicine and -- taken to the -- and make sure that there. -- -- -- Editor that Chris real quick and only because we're running on time and I'm so appreciative that -- caller -- it can't wait too much call but none of it is really too much -- you have a concern and obviously very active and you're trying to help the situation. But -- sort of the bottom line. -- aren't they get the education must go to be older people. -- really because three people -- people. And unless you're really unless there's some kind of yeah I certainly understand unless there's a -- Bahrain or something of these people get or they have been. Well. Of course but aren't otherwise are not able to get -- anymore. And I think that's where I agree there you know doing it it was the people -- problem here. May -- it's a private conversation you know between me person who's giving him the cat food and -- -- Such as -- -- but but you know you do care Chris and that means everything and I'm sorry we can't take more. I'm -- I'm used to -- he's a little. Thank you very quickly do we fight the clock. But I want each of you to tell me a positive thing that's happening with your group let's start with -- -- you just said something exciting. I think 01 of the most important things we're doing right now is perpetuating the spay neuter program more open reduce the number of animals are coming into the shelter and just like our conversation now have an availability of low cost no cost spay neuter is gonna make a difference it's making a difference now. We wanna keep your confidence and also in the future it is going to be a new shelter in Jefferson -- exactly thanks to the Egyptian -- administration working with our council there. Plans on the table funding in place and hopefully in the very near future that and that's the West Bank because you're the only parish that has. Because of the split. 22 shelters and one is in desperate need to tell you exactly it's much older their stuff would be addressed as we speak and asbestos what date on Sunday and a member of November 3 it left in your park from 10 AM to 4 PM are going to be there and in change what's happening sign up. I think the most exciting thing now is say we're trying to expand all of our programs. And offer more services are thrift shop in fact on October the 25 will be -- in the grand opening of the expansion we doubled. Polish up and we've also -- yes and I will be -- takes. It except up more donations and volunteers we've doubled the size of the adoption center the adoption center within the thrift shop is dedicated to the senior cat program. And that that let me just say it's it's on veterans right next TJ Maxx yes everybody can identify and a so we are celebrating -- 125. Rarely is very exciting never big howling success. Fundraiser gala celebration coming up on November 2. And we have just broken ground on our new facilities so. By the end of 2014 became 2015 we should be moving to a state of the art education adoption and and veterinary center. To serve really southeast Louisiana so a lot of exciting things going on -- living the master plan that was done after Katrina and it's so exciting exciting. Missed fast. Well first solid man who called and wanted to -- to -- Jimmy if he can drop me an email and -- volunteer at Yahoo.com. And identify yourself let me see if we can't help your situation on your straight out. The issue are in Metairie. And it would be easy for us to try and help you okay so it's -- volunteer ARM a volunteer at Yahoo.com. But Arnault is try and little by little to raise money where embarking on capitol. Fund raising efforts to basically put ourselves and our -- shelters. -- on October 15 I figured nearest thing we have is that the in the quarter of Martin -- is doing a special paying for -- that will auction off -- Fans of -- and I hope well. You know. Deny and deny it he you know and that's what it takes it to him when he yeah everybody went to help gather. But I'm always glad to work with these ladies and this gentleman here and I'm Italian. Much collaboration yet another break or to take another break we're gonna come back and that's the last thing when you talk about just everybody working together.