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10-03 4:35pm Kristian: Chicago Bears

Oct 3, 2013|

Bears color analyst Tom Thayer breaks down Chicago ahead of Sunday's game vs the Saints

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome and -- Tom there WPP image Chicago breaking down helping us break down. The Saints and -- from the -- perspective now on Tom of course saw -- report that I saw they -- Tillman and Brandon Marshall both did not practice today that same report the you have. Yeah they are I think that's what you're gonna see Perot probably a couple of weeks you know of other guys are two veterans that they want to make shoes but make sure hope that they're ready and ready to go week sixteen. As much as week 1234. And five in. You know. Charles Tillman and he's prone man he's ready to go every Sunday and Brandon bout marks was proved to be the same so if you get the young guys in there they get the -- I think ultimately it's probably helpful for the Bears. Do you think. Both of play on Sunday against Saints. I'd do the you know those guys are pros you give them last when they were there you know they're not really involved in much of the rotten part game planning. He get him back in there may be -- a Friday or Thursday. You know child went through the same scenario last week. Without the first spots ready to go one out in the field tests they hadn't played the whole game so he got to have faith that. Those two guys will be ready to go on game day Sunday maybe not practice Wednesday Thursday but. Game based on the LP there. -- Charles -- mean so much that bears' defense forcing turnovers he's he's I think maybe the best that much of the football out of course is a lot of local interest surrounding him having played down here -- if you just talk about what he means to that Bears secondary. He means to the whole team you know not only of secondary thing with Charles they'll make that's what's so unusual about it. That he's so good and it's crafted but he's such a professional in the locker room. In its preparation to be ready sixteen Sundays a year. The way he gets ready on game day and you know my goal on the first bout with the trainers equipment guys in Charles Tillman goes oh run that same spot every away game. And he's. In there and he's getting prepared mentally and physically that's why he's in the game so long that's why he sustained success that's why everybody. Early in his career predicted maybe he won't have that career was successful cornerback in the NFL but he proved to be the best quarterback in the history of the Chicago Bears -- Believe me it all right I've broadcast and everyone at Charlton games and I can't say enough positive things about them because. He's such a great example. You know ballplayers are human being in the NFL. -- what kind of impact has mean obviously the record at three in -- line. -- mark trust me coming to Chicago going from the defense of mindset of Lovie Smith -- more offensive mindset. A -- -- and Erik Coleman here certainly Saints fans are familiar with him. But how does that help grow -- army was -- isn't in the league for quite some time now these are you -- very well established but have you seen growth from him -- -- more trust -- Well you know something that you'd be able to see -- witnessed two -- when electoral breeze in your wish on pace that's the best coach. Quarterback combination in the NFL it doesn't look Peyton Manning to the other get a lot from their head coach but Drew Brees and Sean Payton. They they work so well together and he -- Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers in Green -- -- seen that twice a year. But for the future of the Bears for the future of Jay Cutler in the offense. Mark freshman Jay Cutler is turning into a very good tandem. It has the opportunity. To explode the quarterback's career is just like McCarthy and Sean Payton did for. You know -- and Brees and Rodgers so you are in the -- growth potential of Jay Cutler but. Now he's got a hurdle to overcome after -- allowed them. You know quality performance last week now yet to come out of the box against New Orleans. Four turnovers in a loss to Detroit last weekend of course surprising one but nonetheless the Bears and yet three and wanted. Way to Marshall who we talked about earlier Tom. Still battling a bit of a foot injury you expect him to go on Sunday but are all in all. Al -- Jeffries really started coming to his own now good compliment now to up Brandon Marshall only throw in. That cited as well and this offense got a lot more weapons around Jay Cutler. Yeah you know I think last year we are sitting here talking about the possibility of Brandon Marshall not playing we might be in a panic. I think now with mark tribesmen Jay Cutler Matt Forte. Alison yep we're Martellus Bennett even Earl Bennett and you know a couple of guys that. Waiting in the wings for their chance to get on the field. I you know that that's the thing about it is it's more of a unit to become the player on Sunday. Not just. It hopefully. As you know one game develops to the next in the next doubles solely happens that I don't we when you look at the Bears in the season I think they just got to look at it just. One game at a time trying to get their offense better. Busy with -- their WBBM. Chicago here on sports talk WW LA anathema dot com and the saint battle the Chicago Bears new kick off right here on saint radio this Sunday in. A battle of 31 team and certainly 40. You -- Saints and Tom and the Bears have had the Saints number under Sean Payton and Drew Brees of there in Soldier Field is it just that tough who plays the play. I am probably at that time they had to play him you know what one was an NFC championship game in the circumstances have never been perfect you know what. It's it's playing a good team when they're at home under difficult circumstances it's going to be tough for any ill wait quarterback. I Drew Brees was still. Probably want a it was considered one the greatness that he -- probably more development state is that now he's just that she's -- you know quarterback historic greatness and now when he comes to town. The air everybody. Has a lot more concerned about the quarterback position Drew Brees and maybe they did five years ago. Some going back then 06 championship game as a lot was made about Saints fans were treated at their Chicago did it. I think historically. The fans up there not very friendly. It's opposing teams that just with the way they operate on a lot like Philly. You know. I think it's just football fans depending upon what the game is the scenario given that the and what time the day it starts. Is it warm around here let's all the line and -- -- exactly what's. There are so many factors that come and play and I'm unfortunately that. You know ball I don't know just some play some fans just take it over the -- overboard sometimes and that's what you face every stadium go to. And finally Tom before Ron. And you got to weather guy weatherman but what are you hearing about with the field conditions could be like I know. Maybe 60% chance of rain now that was up from I think about 30% earlier in the week. You know the field conditions are going to be good because they maintain it as well as anybody can. You know for being -- mean it means a municipal field and such but. The field conditions are going to be great. I don't think the weather's going to be a factor in the outcome of the game it's going to be Drew Brees John -- mark -- color in the two defense to get mad at. It's it's whether or not be a factor in this game. To really good offensive minds Toms they are WVP in the Chicago thanks a bunch for visibility I appreciated -- -- -- WW LI NF haven't dot com.