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Oct 8, 2013|

Deke and Bobby go around the league with experts to talk NFL Football.

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Pool but he won't look -- is going deep and it is good. And it. And good evening and welcome to around the league as -- focus in on a National Football League we start golf in the NFC east with Kevin Newman covered the Eagles and the division full. CBS sports back I'm Kevin thank you so much the Eagles over the Giants 3062 when he won at Philadelphia -- needing a victory they got on -- still well within reach in this struggling division right now and the Giants fall to oh in five Caron. Tell us about the Eagles and ways division is usually are you surprised as most on the east. Well I -- if you look at it you know I certainly would Washington and you were sure what was gonna happen. With ballots with their quarterback situation you didn't know what happened. With the Eagles -- Coach Drew Brees you know the -- it would likely. Came in thinking it was a very up in the year unsettled division. I don't think it didn't quite expect it to go away has been. And here the Eagles struggle like crazy -- subways and yet they're in first place from divisions so it's one of those years you just you know you happens every once in awhile it. You know the refugees who have for many years was the best division football and now that people to the bottom. Yet Kevin looking at the Giants boy you look back in history. Against when it rains it -- their worst starts and the 1987. Strike season went would use the NFL use replacement players the three games and you look at that or five start the work that a -- strike years since 1979. When Ray Perkins. Took over his pull your all black -- that what you they might not strike rate -- in 1970 -- that's like Giants fans and it's a lot of when he mean Borman Daniel looked. Know with surprising. The start also comes just two years after the Giants won his. Global we've all put it with with the Giants also it's money and but they're -- and they have had times in the pits were. They would -- any real competitive in terms of skill and ability. But there -- always a couple horrid news team between -- ride the -- A team that played great great defense a team that didn't make mistakes. And I think that's what's most distressing for these guys -- -- to see where this team is that as far apart as really basic components of what bowl. That -- the Giants were necessarily great team they were always had that development -- that -- tournament and obviously you don't see that now. And guard Kevin looking at the cowboys'. Boy it would seem like. Would Tony Romo was he he might be the only quarterback that could have an outstanding game -- you know five or two yards and still lose. I mean at the look at that shoot out type game men. I do you think is gonna affect Dallas you'd think they gonna put this behind them because that that I had to be a heartbreaker. When in that have a shoot -- game. And obviously play a great team I think like Denver and -- given away at the end. You know what I think. The Cowboys is -- with special with Tony Romo is you know. You can have a heart breaking loss but this has happened with this -- right time and run it again. Where he's played so well and that it PA and he does something like this and so that has to be in the back and Bobby you know who's been in which you've been in the huddles you you know that this has to -- in the back to Panama that. No matter what he does when he gets down to it can these guys that confidence to him and it's it's it's just happened in this one game. You could truck at all but as we know with with this -- did this -- time and time again to our -- see how can not affect the minds about what -- just knowing that. Been there leader just have to do these things. Cover in the AFC east in the Eagles -- CBS sports what this week Dallas and -- -- -- the Giants -- at Chicago Thursday night -- Phillies and Tampa debate Kevin Newman and Kevin thank you so much of the time we appreciate. My project and they -- On second down snap to Rodgers appears to have good protection throughout the upset. Weird game. And a bag -- get a big victory twenty to 90 by Detroit this week and not Chicago that. -- -- the Giants Green Bay visits Baltimore Carolinas and Minnesota and Detroit goes to clean you know -- talk about the -- And the -- division host on Sports Radio 1250 in Milwaukee's Mike wicket in my go to the Packers that we've come to know. Dominating the Detroit Lions but at a cost -- losing mr. Matthews for a little bit. Yeah oh bittersweet but it made me think about and he's saying goes the -- we get to know I like to play right there. I want to play but he can look at the whole game and -- twenty to -- it -- to -- our time there -- a lot of people questioning. You know that is the reality of this packers' offense and -- -- the second -- and they they shut down a lot of the question marks but as you mentioned in a trend may go to into an eagle three at one over these next four weeks or expect to be without Clay Matthews Ritalin a lot is they go to Baltimore and about on the. Ball -- in and out looking at the line obviously. -- it has to be in their head what the winning streak now Wisconsin -- over the lines the Packers to 23. And it just shows you to me is special mentally how valuable a Calvin Johnson is that a team. But not only Calvin Johnson -- me think about. You know added to the news coming out from the Atlanta Falcons today I was in Julio Jones and critical erotic light and the Leo Jones right at -- like they. -- Italy Calvin Johnson and and they are looked at one and their number two. I'm still a lot of the FBR -- and to volleyed relied on our Reggie Bush should shoot a decent game in a great game dropped two big screen passes because -- a big gainers in and change of keeping connecting but. You showed you how mediocre that out and speak columns we take away that one and to receive revealed that receiver in the and a Allen and and -- -- number two in -- My before -- get to the Bears what is your take looking at the Vikings. When you bring in Josh Freeman is just like against approach competition should bring out the Benson and every one -- But what would refute -- upon their. What will will what do you think it evening well they're bringing in Josh Freeman at to be that -- RO what did you take. Well I think if you look at it the Vikings and their quarterback situation in the Bears quarterback situation and that even -- Lions quarterback situation. It was gone and we're going to be pretty happy with that to quarterback in 21 years they've had all eighteen bucks an expert Rick Ankiel as. I think what this season is over. You know do an -- assuming that there. Already who you know make an open competition next year nobody expects a lot like right now I think it becomes an open competition and and he got. Cassel proving that to be much outside that the new England's system. They might have given up on ponder obviously I don't Leslie Frazier saying all the right things but. Josh Freeman look think and guided to -- can get a lot and often and whatever happened between you -- -- -- in Tampa Bay. Hopefully he and and Leslie Frazier don't have the same thing like they're having bury their quarterback. I just didn't have -- -- -- playing -- -- fresh start but I think that it could get three way competition is you know this season goes on for the likes. At bought my guy out like the saints' chances a lot always Peter Coleman is -- game that they were going to be plus one. Considering you know going to that game against the Bears Saints Bears the Bears were reports in three fumbles the game. And and all of a sudden you come out a plus one able hopeless five going into the game so that was a winning formula considering. That when the Saints have played at the Bears in the past. You know you go Baghdad -- -- -- had nine turnovers but that was not the case and use that to the Bears feast on -- -- Yeah they they really do and and I got by actually pick it seems to go to Chicago would win that game and you know want to be at the Bears went to Detroit lost to the line and a couple of weeks ago we thought I had to come back down to earth. They have a very very tough schedule and -- -- and finding out what it's like to lose in the National Football League as opposed all the incredible success he had right out of the gauge. Are appearing in Milwaukee -- -- -- -- term Cutler -- -- and -- turnovers pouting lips and general disarray in the locker room and it's about to run rampant. If they get a couple more losses down there in Chicago. Mike wicket cub as the in antsy you know the league host on Sports Radio 1250. In Milwaukee caught a packer country Mike thank you so much for the time we appreciate. All right thank you very much on -- Kasey -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia it's around the National Football League covering the NFL here on WW. Brady McNabb takes the snap retreats -- -- just a classic near quarter -- -- and the -- -- Pacman -- He deflected the ball didn't come. He did. Plus Jim Jones apparently haven't looked the football -- -- game -- -- a sense. And the Patriots suffered their first loss of the season a thirteen to six setback at. So today this past Sunday in the AFC east is we -- to New York Jets. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers Miami had a week off so that they have Buffalo -- -- had the Saints at the Patriots 325. Sunday to help us talk about the AFC east and the New England Patriots. From the bed when I'm not WE EEI dot com Chris price target now Chris we've -- for so many weeks out Tom Brady and able to mold these young receivers. Like a bad weather day and a very good -- defense what happened Sunday. Well I think -- -- there are guys that you're you're talking about a situation or -- -- really -- better you know Utah took part in the league combined and affect the outcome. You know. Receiver -- going typical conditions rainy day with a net today it was that kind of a little call away in BP Q did you think -- just -- needed and you thought that final score that one of the worst offensive -- the top Briere and -- -- -- -- being -- got to go back to the drawing -- a little bit -- what -- what does. Chris what and it this thing is come and it down now. Be a -- -- -- in how the weather is going to be it was going to be a beautiful fall football days considering. College walls of the Saints are path in the -- ball but when I delicate. The Saints traveled to new England and -- when they went to Chicago of the crop was not into the game at this thing jumped on him quick. But good before the game be able -- plus five and a turnover ratio. The Bears were average in force in three fumbles a game and now the Saints had zero turnover at the Saints are at plus six the Patriots at plus four. That I think truly a look at all the injuries that I think whoever is plus one. And it turnover ratio of wins this game if you look at both scoring defense is the state to give up fourteen now point to game the Patriots fourteen so I think truly. Who could protect the football maybe force journal was comes -- the winner. I agree here and I think it's interesting that going into this matchup you know traditionally you'll basically your -- we would talk about it probably Drew -- matchup that we talk about two offenses but. I think awaited New Orleans and playing defense that we don't by the fact we're the secret to playing -- to be talked about them which -- -- -- -- -- Offensively but defensively they've been our local and of course the tribe game. Really caring that the Cardinals -- years in the that the team that we internal about electric and -- that keen that'd be able to force more turnovers. You're gonna about how would you rate of work out is it going to be. A relatively mild kind of a lot of beautiful doing what all afternoon but it could be interest in idiot the game goes on. Your point -- -- Paterno about where we're all or report that portrait over where or more mistakes. Orton and Brees or -- more mistake I think technically. What -- You know what they even though you know they're big around with the Patriots and the Jets and some -- -- Chris and you think about what New England has lost in the course and what they've been through. The Jets losing all over the best defensive back in the league at Tampa. A quarterback a rookie quarterback and and now there ought to be a big start winning last night getting 23 and two. So it looks like a division that was said to be a runaway. For the Patriots now maybe some decent competition with the Jets and Miami. Yeah it looked David Burnett yet but they're from the very proud of I think if they get -- it we thought that they're bigoted -- that we've got to get cut. I think -- certainly made strides in the right direction. He would immediately it will help security bill that -- -- -- the book that all the Olympic I think the Patriots did all of their back pocket that kind of metro card is the fact that they don't have chamber or that their game up an option. It to a proper count -- -- -- Cuba they'd he'd expect LP. It -- go to weeks so it's going to be true that you have those two guys you come back. How the Petrie thought pitching that both drew got verbally -- Louis that a little bit of jokes start up and the way I think that's gonna -- that has the potential that too critical but separation between them in the near the. And look at overall at the ANC. -- looks like Denver is the class right now but man the Colts are pretty solid ballclub from events on would you sacred. He really I really thought that. Old wood out of the year of regression we don't agree. How that been hectic first year after rebuilding and kind of -- back of the pack a little bit in that third Fortier. -- the developed an article that the people call that don't know for our pitcher. Very impressive about it in -- quarter hurt from it is not a Andrew you know again that that -- -- to the ball the opposite the position players are picking it up. To really cool looking I don't know how you are going to be it would go in the post doctoral that would but they'll. But I think that the group look into in coaching -- their future. Covering the AFC east and the New England Patriots for the big one WEEI. Dot com news Chris price Chris I know we talking later in the week thank you so much. Third group Puerto. -- On third down. What do you think is wide open at the 45 yeah that's kind of the thirty guys but that's what they didn't. Have time but still don't know. Byrd and Davis. A Sunday night beat down it was at the San Francisco Ford announced had little trouble with the Houston Texans 343 out by debate. This week in the west Tennessee visits Seattle Arizona is it Sam would sisco divisional matchup and Saint Louis goes to those Houston Texans here to help us talk about the west. And the 49ers covering the division and San Francisco a cagey old TV is Mike you know Mike. San Francisco bought they really dominate Houston and that game. Well I figure they'll surprise of you involved that there's really been struggling. By the 49ers that ultimately have a lot of question mark their passing game has yet disappear the last couple games. Believe people are joking that theory is keeping that -- critics fans and go in the game so. They're gonna have that they went back to what they like to do power run game like defense but they've got the final play maker wide receiver. And -- Mike if you look at it you know obviously. That they. Power football that's how they crushed the Rams and -- what is your -- -- I think college governing has not progress I mean. Because Heatley look sometimes to me he looks like confident out there as far as that we you know -- -- -- -- -- truly poised quarterback -- the best that have been as. Now they'll be got big -- to Tom Brady's drew breezes. Aaron Rodgers of the world Peyton Manning. That is say by -- always know what the hell they doing away at times college cavern -- Yeah he's deadly. Just like Wang and -- Ramirez young quarterback you know sometimes I'd have a rhyme or reason I was Dillon. Colleges trying to succeed that's what it's things like I cavern eggs that right now. Well I think what happened Bobby Indian it is -- -- -- the -- caught up where you know the pits all that you last year he snuck up on everybody. Now. You know they've got to figure out a way for him to be more drop back quarterback. He's really great athlete playing quarterback -- -- -- that you -- -- quarterback like the guys you just mentioned and and that got a couple of them in the you know it's sort of all -- back -- because he's not sure like he talked about. -- -- is the sail on me a lot Terrelle Pryor across the bag with the Raiders keep progressing. Colin Japanese date to be regrets thinks -- we can't quite put a finger on it I think yeah. -- try to get to chew them earlier in the series and now it's gone back to what he -- works -- -- but he's not sure what now to do with talent. Now Mike -- surprised though because I did not know the Seahawks that they were on the road but. I thought -- -- gonna beat the Colts but volume of the body impressive wins so far this season the Colts to go to San Francisco. And -- and and dominate in the trenches and it Dan did the same thing basically I mean I don't know -- dominant as the 49ers game but just a coma and went with the Seahawks. But at the -- impressive on the Colts because Odyssey that -- Well you know all this talk about RG three talent -- critic -- so well and it's Seattle. I still think Andrew Luck is the -- sure quarterback. Of all of those flyer and I love the lady and Gillette all of them get the attention. -- up and that small market in Indianapolis. And all need to is going game out you talk about that the other quarterback that guy's going to be. You know and that's Stanford here before his career so he is very pure and have a quarterback. Don't get rattled and -- and again against the Seahawks so. You know again it was kind of -- that to me because it was in Indianapolis and that. And the itself play that was the -- game and like it's that he's going to be the future of the league in terms of marquee quarterbacks so. I watched him at Stanford and I'd never surprised with Beckett so I you. Yeah quarterback IQ like nobody that's ever probably pathetic. And like I speak -- about how quarterback's progress and and it's names like guy he's taken a step back is Cam Newton. If you look Arizona. The Cardinals what they got -- sacked him seven times. Await the one time -- saved the intercepted three of his passes. And canyons another one that all weight the league at an NFL the league feel like is caught up. They Hammett and wanting you could say. Is that the Cardinals team has not seen him against this that this Saints that they. Win ended trenches but I'm still I don't know by Carson Palmer he also even though they want to when it dude is six. He had three picks and game. Yeah guys here just throw the ball club but I mean as a receiver mile you're covered. Just throw it out and you do that may and that's to go and you regularly. Enough but I think it would talk about all these athletic quarterback we're coming out. And you know -- -- state in the pocket these guys you know when they have the ability line. I think it takes away from their development. Because you know that -- take off and after they check their first read that day their progression. I think it's gonna take you get longer to develop to have more options out -- and guys. I can't look -- stay in the pocket and learn and it's. Go to extra pressure they get to the third fourth receiver so. I think that's what we're -- with these guys yet either way very athletic but they're not -- quarterbacks are more athletes. Playing the quarterback position. Covering the NFC west and the San Francisco forty announced that KG old television in San Fran might she might. Thank you so much we appreciate Utah. I will be down Maryland about a lot markers six weeks yeah might show up and down. I yellow buckets of need not tell you what the say the Saints team is on a roll right now we innocent as he was gonna happen. Well I I guess their coach back -- and all the better players and defense that the team you don't replace right now so. Greg Gagne got post season. Thank you Mike it's around the league on WW. Was content about the 26 -- dropped. Andrew Luck names that I want to. It's always good. And -- cold with a big victory over Seattle improved a full round on on -- loan. In the lead in the eighth. AFC -- now welcome in now pounding to go with the south and the Colts for the -- -- Tribune. Star. Tom thank you so much and now are you surprised the cold to all today's hot start. That would eliminate big you know there -- 115 last year. Then they have a lot of guys back in and in terms of you know keep players say about it and keep players through free agency in the offseason and which we thought it might be pretty good. How quickly it can together. The seemed to do pretty well and in training can happen. And -- of Malia and play pretty well. Now Tomlin -- the AFC south right now obviously yeah the Texans and their very disappointed almost kind of like. You know the Falcons -- you say hey look it we made the playoffs about him we maybe Rivers and it's the in this suitable. Oval what is what is your take evening shop as about the help that team bounce back are they gonna go in the tank because that was kind of like. I don't know how take it for granted that you know Texas to win AFC south and and you have the Colts right behind him or even vice Versa both being twelve teams that. Do you think detect the turnaround. Aren't you have a chance to -- a lot of -- -- -- -- is having some problems right now but and you got you know. Got -- GGY why not on defense and all the other guys that they've gotten and it got to. Andre Johnson and and Foster on offense I mean they've got some ability if if if shop calms down. Chris -- to pick sixes and and I think -- well he's pretty good quarterback. When he's gone. You know them. They'll give the Colts everything they want but I think that the culture. Our our younger and really Hungary they they wanna prove people wrong. The Colts a little bit of a chip on the shoulder right now today. You know people thought the last year resistant a surprise that a nice story it's -- little story. But they didn't think that the -- can keep it up for a second straight year and the culture of the program on. -- -- Tom looking at how it is goes to show you that every year truly is a new year new season. If you look at that -- showdown between the Chiefs in the Titans. You know surprising teams obviously about bouncing back from losing seasons and the Tynes came back they had a chance and but the Giants to me. They gonna be a team that even having a game or did they could have said you. Again I mean it's not having Jake Locker. For a lot of them have you know. I think that. -- -- -- It's Patrick I think he he he's pretty good and he's not he's not Jake Locker. If I -- you'll -- quarterback but he's he's -- -- that you know he can be Egypt letting you know sit back there and and throw the football so. Yeah that they accountability in the world to mean -- Kristiansen those guys. -- that they can urgent. It's going to be a great race fan I think the Colts and in Houston Tennessee it -- be a battle them on the line. Now you know Tom look at it Andrew Luck your worries that you look at all these young quarterbacks. He's the one you got to say as steady as can be considering. You know once against teams get film on you in you know what you do in the fourth quarter to close out -- it. And I'm is -- -- can use them you can cabernet even Russell Wilson. To me right now is that evening clothes that that Andrew logged you have to put him. At the top of the class and and the question I have -- -- look how well. I mean unbelievable level Peyton Manning's playing. Mean I know Andrew Luck obviously you want a team quarterback than a decade or you know a dozen years plus. But odd that they still look at maybe -- had Peyton that Andrew Luck is good or great. But Payton would even be even better are the best -- don't have that talk anymore. You have the diehards at that -- and point to what Peyton is doing in Denver but but this team with the team out there. The they -- that it got old I mean the -- team with what that would -- -- Dallas Clark and all those guys in. And and they they knew that I was gonna conduct. There's going to be a drop off and they were gonna have issues and that they were gonna rebuild name on the start that rebuilding process certainly yeah Payton could come back. But they told him you know straight out in Portland to do we're gonna rebuild the team. And you know -- probably you know would have to get some people and some of the guys you count on on -- be around. And so you wanna go through that building process. Party wanna go to someplace where you have a chance to play and compete for Super Bowl. And they came to meeting of the minds and has been decided to do. They really being mad him decide what you want to go and it's worked out for -- and it worked for the cultivate basically you know within a year that one down here. And right back to where they were -- are heading back to the where they were. Under Payton is the younger team with different players and great draft last year mean Q -- And -- cleaner and Dwayne Allen. Andrew Luck and mean although guys are our plan and -- been a major contributors so just a different team. And that's what they they wanted to change policy was set up and entered. Coloring the Colts and AFC south and it's their heart Tribune star Tom James Tom thank you so much for the time we appreciate. It. -- It's. There. And their Chiefs of have a no with a big victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in Kansas City is -- would them of the first place. And that AFC west both teams are perfect on the season and expertise they entertain Oakland Raiders -- -- but talk about the west. And they're in high tees Randy Kobe chief beat writer for the Kansas City Star Randy last season Kansas City won two games you're on the 17 that's not. So far combined they've won total mode and they did last year. And -- -- right now both teams have turned things the right. Neat thing when we're there for the first pretty neat thing -- -- very. Preview of the Super Bowl. Well I doubt Randy you know -- if you look at you know -- coaching makes a difference and I think -- of players to buy into that the coach -- scheme. Obviously you know Andy readers on -- who's gonna win you know coach of the year it continues. The way things are going. But then you look at what Rob Ryan has done to the Saints defense that you look also would need to Ellis. About Bob Sutton and Woody's a meant because they've had Pro Bowl players on that the units of side bit ago -- what impact has he had on the -- it. Right in the eye towards on the parents are too important change so how does it. Where the problems or on the team last year and Bob I got about linebacker combination would Tom Utley and Justin and used to on the outside and under Johnson inside. Problem. And on that anchored the other quarter -- integrate quarters the plate coverage. And Bob Sutton brought in an aggressive. I mean to me indeed parents where they're coming from everywhere and and that's -- different summer that's why the defense has been so much better. -- -- -- -- with first round pick last year. Were born in the something between them as. For the capitals of the world. Any one or barbecues and lost some weight in -- -- oh is it that nose tackle in the league at this point. I'll bet on its Maria those linebackers even more so than other defense that nasty right now. And end. He's not used to go to your. Now -- yeah Randy when you look at how well they played defensively. But if you were gonna be objective and out of the -- have we gonna see it -- in the cars habit. -- the Chiefs slowed on the Broncos in. They might be if you slow them down you keep -- among the thirty points. Because right now the Broncos. It is like a video game offensively -- what they're doing our arena football. That's the problem you have to play well on defense. And give up when he -- the 35 points which could be playing OK in Denver. But now it's up against. Incapable of keeping. Iguchi speaker capable but I think with Denver but he often does -- right now admitted that the -- on top and in the end. They're the only 11 and two touchdowns game opposite of what they've been when you saw that he's been there and that. And they they've already got three special in touchdown this year to recovered punts and an pick. I'm Torre and the 92. -- punt return for a touchdown or two in big differences and things have gotten some good directors all of on defense. We got them. The opening up and is it that they can't probably do that they've got a three quarters that kind of spotter. Blowing a quarter when they've got to. Protect the point leader -- three point lead. It's the opposite 81015. Play itself in a way it's funny how they can't do it first happened they can do the fourth quarter. And now red -- what is your take on. Now I thought maybe the charges that turned a corner. And then all of a sudden you see that Raiders game as a global what happened here you know -- to read out and watch it but. I mean you look. All of us and Matt Flynn getting released you know we know him from LSU and but what did you take right now where the Raiders are going into charges. I've really been seeing the Raiders. They're hard to get the Raiders would have been here one and Warren. You know you win against Jacksonville in. And I did not stay up late either do what they can but. LaMont told -- dropped flyers really come along and and that's kind of quarterback that didn't fit. So. I don't know what McFadden situation is -- but right now but. Not -- right there. For a little more interest in the that we thought and also. I won the last six games that are -- you imagine that the last sixteen so they've beaten some. He gained but they beat the pretty good -- stating 2000 and the change of ten and six. So. But that's when the -- explains so so so I think the Raiders. Or. Are going to be tougher than than maybe people kind. Randy coach covering the Kansas City Chiefs and the AFC west for the Kansas city's already. Thank you so much so I don't agree here rival come back and ramped up its around the league on WWR. Right. He is the -- to -- and -- -- ban and Deke Bellavia now coming up on tomorrow's program. We'll begin to look more at the New England Patriots coming off their first loss of the season with Tom Brady had his touchdown streak snapped. So that was going to be a big storyline this week's game against it on and one -- thing had to worry about the big story and I'm now from the Patriots standpoint. How they'll bounce back the Saints would obviously like to go to the bye week with a big win and we'll Rob Gronkowski played about the all indication is this was a time table all right all they want him to come out in the second week October. Yeah I'll be made for TV. As of late and probably gonna go down NFL history of gronkowski can stay healthy two of the greatest idea. Yeah the big guys to living is gonna go back to like I mentioned this earlier. In this segment in England around the league that if you look at the turnover margin. The thing -- plus five the Bears applause five. We're now plus six the Patriots applause for that I being whose. Opportunistic Woody protecting the football taken away. And we get doubled the Patriots early and and and in the -- probably gain power and getting as the Bears. Like our chances a lot. You look that now one -- scoring defense is and the Patriots -- it is being kind of caring Tom Brady in an all those young weapons he has you know the deal a lot of injuries the only given up fourteen points a game. And we're given up fourteen halves and probably interest in the seekers we were still atop the scoring offense that -- nine -- that right and at 27 point. The Patriots a very un Patriots like this since 2006 has been to saint -- -- Packers. They are ranked sixteen only scored nineteen points a game so I think we get all that 1 am I'm positive a positive. I'm optimistic of the -- can achieve it coming on next. It is due tomorrow we'll continue looking at the saint to have a pride to triple Kristian -- you'll get more in depth look at the Florida Gators. As they come at topless courtesy. As they take on east -- line scoot is our next thanks so much to say arrows on the news Christian sixty regular. And -- buys and the lovely -- and ransom producing master control and giving your phone calls up on the issue. I'm Deke Bellavia as always -- by the cajun cannon Bobby a bet on the elation on goodnight people.