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10-09 1:10pm Angela Hill, Superbowl in 2018

Oct 9, 2013|

New Orleans is one of 3 cities that could host Super Bowl in 2018. Why should the big game be in the big easy? And what else do you want to see improve by our 300th anniversary? Our guests: Ron Forman, Chairman of the Louisiana Stadium &^ Exposition

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And we welcome you back to an open mind and another second day in a row of paradise. It doesn't get prettier than this. Thank you for listening okay gang we know how beautifully we can host a super ball. Frankly the world does to we have the perfect venue a walk -- town food fit for kings. More talent to entertain guests than any place on earth. And a welcome mat woven with the love of all of us. We want the Super Bowl back in 2018 and we should have it not just for -- the reasons just stated but because it's our 300 birthday. Minneapolis and Indianapolis. -- after that but it's our birthday and it's a big one and we wanna throw the party. Having the Super Bowl back would be like a giant presence it's wrapped up in an international audience. We also know that the powers that be know we can put on the best show. No snow sleet or ice no pain in the behind transportation issues and certainly no boring food. I say what's the debate. Give us the 2018 super able. Will throw a party that the world won't forget and football fans everywhere and join us as we enter our next century. So who better to carry that message to those who are deciding where the game will be played. Then Ron Foreman chairman of the Louisiana stadium and exposition district and also president and CEO of the Audubon nature institute. And Jay Cicero president and CEO. Of the greater New Orleans sports foundation right off the bad guys do you agree with me what is the debate. -- -- Well it's it's certainly. A challenge that's for sure you know the NFL. As. Traditionally awarded new stadiums. A Super Bowl so hopefully that won't be in 2018. From Indianapolis. And Indianapolis did a nice job with it and in 2012 so. You know there's fierce competition for this always -- We're very hopeful that the tri Centennial. Pitch. With Super Bowl when -- associates in towns will be very successful. And that is a wonderful hook it it's only going to be one year government to be 300 yourself. The if they build a new stadium Minneapolis I'm sure will be lovely it'll still be that the next year. I think I think the message to the owners is right which you were saying he wants is a special city. And I remember right after the hurricane about a month after hurricane. The commissioner of NFL can -- And he spoke to vote induces people decent. You always has been good to the NFL the saints have to go to the NFL when -- couldn't -- -- city we can help you rebuild. And if you remember that we receive the underwater the whole world Soros is pretty much in this city. And the NFL leaderships -- we can rebuild with you it was a Monday Night Football but who's on Sunday Night Football. In the -- team wins Drew Brees because spokesperson firm for a city. We would Super Bowl would become America's team the they'll invest in rebuilding. 2018. Is the end of that story. We can say look what happened we -- publicity and Warner. To the biggest Urban Renewal -- in your country. Indiana that was part of it. Just a great story for those groups are adversity and they are very conscious of that of their own public relations and -- -- and they should be very proud that they were leaders and help rebuild their city. And I again with the players Drew Brees Tom Benson leadership we have the right team in place until the right message. And it's much more than just a birthday it's -- -- celebration of misleading to callers. -- the reports are city if a holder says yes. You know you just sold everybody with her on -- you always so succinctly saying it. Let's talk about who is going to be addressed who's making these decisions. As far as her with a pitch is going to be the there were on saints -- -- sports foundation and head up a bit effort of course. We're gonna have input and and participation from every group around -- for -- CDs -- SNG and manages there's dome arena and champions square. Convention center the convention and visitors bureau -- have been rolling giving -- rooms together. City New -- state Louisiana all the partners here. Locally. That participate in this massive effort. That we have to put forth and a bit. And there's several phases to these two you're an NFL Super Bowl bid. With a lot of deadlines in between now and and in mid may of 2014. But it ends with a final pitch. That is the first fifteen minutes everybody fifteen minutes it's in less they've changed the rules say it's fifteen minutes. Only two people are allowed to speak only thought people are allowed in the room and if you can imagine trying to. It's succinctly put everything that we wanna say about New Orleans and have greater distance to Super Bowl here in fifteen minutes. It's a challenge in itself so. Last and we did it without a combination of video and speaking of -- and speaking in. Stephen Perry from CVB and and progress from Entergy New York to speakers and they didn't really find out what stood out. To you in that presentation that might have. Turned the corner forest. Well there's a lot of passion. And the speaking. And I think we had the right people and we're promised in a room with us also it. You know there is there's a general sense is that we wanted this more than the other cities and it meant more to -- -- the city's. Who or who we competing again we're competing against Miami and Phoenix okay two very good hosts. Great hesitation to me what made -- stop that -- -- with. We've we only had a five minutes we have a short period the -- was lobby -- -- every chance he could. And he was like your head cheerleader he was so -- who's excited it -- it was supported radio. Personally absolutely worthless piece -- long time -- to work those owners in -- way that he put them one by one. He looked like the US senators working the only one by one lobby him because dispatched across and I think his passion in the room -- today that. -- -- Well absolutely that is the you know it's interesting you're telling me that at least two other southern states. Teams warm weather right warm weather and now we're going up against two colder weather. And I know that the Indianapolis super ball that had very mild weather which is very fortunate and unusual. I understand but. Isn't that an influence to I mean in reality another gonna have a great Super Bowl ever going to be unit in New Jersey and but. It's going to be cold it's going to be February and it's going to be called. A measure anyone's looking forward to being outside in new York at the stadium there. You know but that is not necessarily determining factor. Where Super Bowl is going to be awarded I mean we we we hoped it would be. But. United Indianapolis proved he could do it and it and it and a cold weather city however you're right they got a little lucky with the weather and it was it was warm that we can. -- -- even the Indianapolis host committee even had a team of future cold. Whether on. Theme throughout and and handed out to. Cold weather gear. To most of the visitors. So they embrace the -- whether -- knowing it was a recall and then I'd be indignant at being crow -- but by -- by happenstance so. New York. Is suspected to be. A lot worse causes an outdoor stadium so in Indianapolis and endorsed it is -- -- you look at -- windows to blue skies and beautiful new walls. You know whether surely it is a message we talk about it but probably more important issues to these new laws. If you look at stadiums across country you feel these brand -- -- be built on the outskirts of their city. And we've looked at her -- only the superdome. With the renovations superdome as many as one of the top stadiums of the country once again. It's not just statements location. Ali a look at me walking distance and all those hotel rooms -- on restaurants all places special evening activities. And having going to fusion of those. A lot of the states takes 23 hours. In traffic to get to the game to a three out you know traffic I think in the -- people the reporters -- realize. They -- is very unique dislocation. And that -- is stronger than anything else that he goes to the yacht was the -- commanders. You can walk to the stadium you could be with your friends in town. It just a different location new launches -- special because of. Talking about Super Bowl 2018. My very special guest star Ron Foreman chairman of the Louisiana stadium and exposition district. And president and CEO of the Audubon nature institute. And Jay Cicero president and CEO of the greater New Orleans sports foundation these are men on on pension we're talking about him getting mad game. For all the reasons we know because we are so successful -- doing it correctly and spectacularly not just correctly. But also because it is our 300 anniversary and it would be perfect let's talk about. Who do we half. The blue. Well we have to -- the owners the owners are the ones that vote the all all of our 32 owners are the ones that have have votes were real -- -- -- 31 votes. Because mr. Benson's already -- with test but. And speaking of mr. Benson he plays. A viral Rowland and and following up on what Ron said earlier. About not only lottery in the owners but this past two days ago Monday. He made a pitch to the NFL owners subcommittee on Super Bowl. Two. To push us forward to be invited to -- it. And and there were five other cities who were interested in bidding on 2018 you know yes Indianapolis and Minneapolis made it. But not you know he is president's. His history. His experience with this is is unmatched I believe this will be his fifth or sixth Super Bowl if as an owner of the of this team. If it's awarded two new world. And we were always going to bid for this so it wasn't like that surprise showing up. Now we relate some ground work and I think we did a very good job overall not pushing it too hard. And not but not you know being too soft too -- it. But making sure the owners knew that 2018 was a target year for us for the trusted -- in the world has to try and bring. Super Bowl back for a record eleventh time. And they spent two days trying to decide this the dead day they went into meetings -- on on Monday afternoon after the pitches from all all five cities and then. They had to go back and another session. Tuesday to decide. You know what strategy that they wanted to take him which which cities they were going to invites. So literally I nobody knew until two nobody knew until yesterday around four -- And and and we learned about it and we were waiting you know. And that little nervously. Wondering what was going on but. You know we're very happy that mr. Benson was able to influence them to invited sin and that's a key start this process. I wanna go back to what did we do right the last time. And I know you can't say exactly what your plans are and I'm sure they'll more as time goes on and you have that fifteen minute presentation. But what can we do that would just knock their socks off. Well we can do a lot of thinks. -- -- to do that. You know we're not gonna data -- into trade secrets here. But you know we really positioned ourselves last time as. Still hungry. That our desire. Woods was higher than the other cities. Our our experience. And mileage. On what the NFL isn't likes. Was higher than those cities. And that. You know the timing. Was right. And so if you remember. Ryan and -- and the governor and and the saints were all trying to work out a new. A new extended -- for the saints around that same time period as we were as regaining. And they were successful in doing that and that was another rookie. Keep play into this in into the bid -- But you know mr. Benson's. Roll with the NFL and his long. Long time standing with. The owners. Was it was a very key role in getting it for a for 2013. Ron. I could -- and beat the improvements in the superdome. Talked about a little bit earlier and -- There was discussion about building a new stadium looking at the locations outside the city between new rules about rouge. The remote locations looked -- is on the fact that. This governor negotiate with Tom Benson was able to enter into a long term contract. With the commitment to rebuilt superdome. And and that's another necessarily -- Is a small city and state was subsidizing. The sites to be here. It was tough to compete with New York in big markets. This governor -- said. With a tight budget if indeed where. Everything from education -- down I can't keep subsidizing football team and to Tom Benson and diligent dolls credit. They got together and said OK how can we invest in regions of the dome it would generate its own revenues it would eliminate that subsidy. And he had a long term contract governor committed about 400 million dollars along with governor Blanco. Committed money due to redo the superdome and today again we went five estate disputes -- downtown new laws within walking distance of these hotels. No -- and it looks great. It looks great and we pinning the top of the doing the lights around it. That the interior is just so much I've not been to the stadium in Dallas I understand it's just unbelievable. But you know something but we've got his unbelievable and it's the people limit. Screaming. And that make it. It's it's it's unique it's it's it's fiction New Orleans and we we love our history yes we -- you know. What do we do -- our grandparents and parents -- what we do with our kids -- grandkids. In all Tyson's don't we all have members in -- to tell their story about the you know building so it was really important to say that building. And now you can never brand new stadium in Dallas and many other stadiums but they wish they had the location we have to -- we have and they swung the top of the country. A -- just almost makes me -- family to think that we would have a stadium in between nuance about harsh it was discussed on my word. Whether it's the need for new state of sometimes requires a lot of land for park huge stadiums and so we try to find the location inside the cities -- to Africa. And again -- have witnessed some of these games it's really -- -- the fun of the game when you hit them. You know. On game day to drop to get through to drop to get back and knowledge that I mean I understand parking is outrageous it's it's. It's not nearly as much fun is is this week go to reporters a canal and or write to -- stadium have a blast ago apparently isn't. We're unique for it and now that stadium's going to be there and 123 years and -- to be there forever but with the improvements we -- to say from the point through the year. We know how much fun we had for Super Bowl last time we won and again in 2018. For all the reasons that we know but also because it's our 300 birthday and that should not be minimized. I'm talking to two guys who were kind of giving me confidence that we we have a real run fort. And for all the right reasons but again. Thanks to Tom Benson who has been working the room. Of his fellow owners. I want it I was thinking last night look how far we have com. From the days of a very losing team -- say those words. Two of basketball team that left in the middle of the night to what we are today as a sports town it is incredible to me. But you know it it it it's starts and ends with facilities first of violent and a city that has you know revitalized itself. If if you had told me into in the months or weeks or months after after Hurricane Katrina that the saints now would be back. But they've sold out all season tickets four for many years -- -- won a super ball. We don't -- we have been awarded a Super Bowl a men's final four women's final four and all these other events out of out of out of -- wondered if if if you're on something but it was and what an amazing amazing turn in -- event. And for the people who are new to us and are happy you're here. It was quite a time I mean it has been a an evolution a great evolution. And you know something I've said this for years I am not blowing smoke -- I've said it since I've gotten to know Ron Foreman. In my lifetime you or the visionary now from 84 world's fair on first going to save the -- it was again though it was horrible now it's prize. But you saw things -- along that river. That today. Most of the people who didn't know that ugly warehouses and scary part. Justice and of course we always have like on the river we didn't you sought to solve walled in her park he saw that aquarium. I wanna know what you're seeing now. Thank thank for that complemented obviously there's a lot of people that -- with a vision to fuel as we see that vision today in the hotels in the the entertainment is the DJ museums and zoos and the to have a great city we got your product I think the vision for the future and and and -- -- we have a great bear. -- Lander is provided great leadership and a great visions and 2018 happens to be the eighth year of his term as mayor. And I think the vision is to take all these projects. Or all -- the fear. These -- hospitals -- Bureaucracies the the VA hospital. Of these do you district canal street improvements the superdome the reader. The improvements at the airport that the mayors are done but also vision piece on about toward future with the airport. -- for -- development. The -- by awarded -- the city is on a roll. And major and the excitement with that is with the leadership from the cupboard bare. The community leadership coming together. All these projects are all being worked on one count and by circumstance. When -- again they'll will be complete by 2002. The rest of the world. Which was really negative soared to -- -- underwater with Katrina. Every house so official people on rooftops. That brand was a brand new loans on OC that died. But new brand new society told -- rebuilt. What is exciting stories 2018. And Super Bowl Libya would tell this story he -- globally helping other big sporting events. We like Thai border grow our. Yes seem to around 2018. The Jazz -- everything we do you treat the been branded and tell the rest of the country the biggest Urban Renewal ever. It is history happening new callers and we're celebrating registry. That's what Super Bowl is so important for all of us. I still think in your brain because I know that you look at the riverfront and it's it's expanding all over toward no -- the other way past the convention center. What you've seen. I think if we really want a dream and used -- -- collection is and the mayors of record that dream on the governor house of funding for the dream. Is that the real dream we're here in new -- because of this river. Yes mostly -- have a major rivers running right to part of their city. We will bring the riverfront -- the front porch for the entire city. And do that -- dream really -- -- always from the huge question canal. And literally owe it to you -- bridge. These are about 67 mile stretch a -- properly they can all be connected with -- pass walking past bicycle past. That she's developing green space and take that -- truly are for a portrait airy neighborhood and report the city. Now that's happening piece by piece if you look at Wallenberg -- talk if you look at Spanish Posner and what's being talked about as she tries to tell you talk. If you look at the the knew all his connection to further down crescent which can really happened. Pieces are happening but it -- connectors piece of the puzzle. I think -- division one day the entire city would referenced in today for great city and and the a look at what about the reporters all my life and yes so it's not land it will fly due to laughs the worldwide. It should now make its chance to bring agreed front porch humorous facility but it helps developer of Ireland and on. I think that visions of that we all -- particularly work together on and it's happening piece by piece. You know you barely think in negative thought but I have to ask but what are your concerns. I think first saw him. The only concern is is the ability to and to know visionary people. Election officials. Their passion about city. Then had the ability to -- part that we don't wanna be -- landed I was used to and I'm old enough to remember when we were big those cities yes and they were passing this up we should do what we can do about that we think it is. Where do Wallace so AB in Sun City with all the qualities for job creation for our kids can come back to work here. Good tax base that we baker city safe good education for our kids. If it's a great city so I think the more people there will be a dream to be a dream. I think the federal we aren't we fortunate we have people doing that right now and you look around our city you know press kappa student stuff with I would bill. You what he's doing we talked about Americans vision with his team. We talked to governor we talked about that was senate cherry hospital yes that there's so much going right now that's all for the victory and even new airport it's a big dream. It's been put on some of that but people who want to live here we're seeing young people migrate to laws and these are bright young kids that -- Yes put the Y generation of kids who say. -- -- great job but when people are rescinded that he'll pull out of in New Orleans can provide them where -- -- she's dynamic they can't do that. We unique. Let me tell me if you're in your car you're sitting at home year old little down today. He can't be apt to listen to Ron Foreman feeling so uplifted listening to both Ron Foreman and Jay Cicero. Talk about our potential for getting another Super Bowl but. More where we are as a community. In a very special place in time and we live long enough as Ron says to know that there were times were different. And now we are in any special practice to special moment we need to embrace and continue. I loved what you said about getting the young people the new young people and we've done some shows with them. And you talk about energy and excitement. I only say -- how to we keep them. How to we keep them to raise their families here and something that you touched on what you think is very important we don't want to be Atlanta we don't want to be Houston. Nice towns but it's not us. With the growth we have. How do we keep that uniqueness. But they haven't the first obvious step is that we have to do great education for families. Be -- succumb eventually get married have their own children. And in the past or education was very determined to living -- -- With the rebirth of our charter schools and all of these teach America. Teachers and all these young people who have come. We -- the leaders of the country's education reform can keep that going to keep educating. For all kids give Americans a chance you know her by crime -- you would solve the crime problem is give -- of education given job. So that that's probably the most important thing long term. And then I think just in -- just annoyed by itself. These young people. In other cities and look like no post colors of each -- real -- shopping strip saying you know appointments stores. You always is uniquely different -- two -- last of the European cities. We're special and we love being special. Where passion about the expression. They. Teaching kids creating jobs and -- special cities -- keep the -- here. Change your thoughts. Well I think we you know we've we've seen -- huge turn around and and just the attitude of people who -- -- and a lot of that I think. Stems from all of the the millions of people who came and volunteered their time here. Post-Katrina. It it really changed our. Our whole soul. Back into what we could potentially be. And we saw that are Super Bowl we -- recruited. -- for around 6007000. Spots over 20000. People signed up to be volunteers for super ball. It was amazing in the last two Super Bowls that we posted back in 1997 and 2002. We struggled to get to the 6000 people that we needed to it's it's a sign up. This time people were just so overjoyed and wanted to be a part of this and we found that everywhere we went to recruit that people just. Just wanted to be a part of something special happening in New Orleans not just Super Bowl but everything now so there's been a revitalization not only of our young people here. And all the young people that have moved to town but everyone who who lives here. Now has more passion than he ever had for New Orleans and more anticipation I think that's the other thing. Not the people weren't volunteering on many different levels but it's a different it's different. It is and a great sort of taking charge more of our. Of our lives in a varsity and not you know we often I think too often looked at government is leading the way I look at these people leaning away now. Absolutely I just not to diminish as we do have some strong leaders. I feel so much better today when status because it's easy as we talk about to talk about crime to talk about. The the sad bad things that are happening in reality there's an awful lot good happen. We did a show yesterday I'm still thinking about it on the surface it was about shopping. In fact -- there's going to be many more stores Costco coming in what's happening at the river walk. But it really is talking about. I think that the nation and the big companies are looking at us differently and now wanting to invest. Mr. And and and not only those companies but there's other events to see what this has happened here in New Orleans. And wanna come to New Orleans and be a part of this revitalization that's happened. And it's really inspiring so it all works hand in hand in which we knew when you would make that investment. June 2030 years ago it's paying off for us now in visionaries like Ron. And and other leaders who had who has put the hard working and and and and all the and all the lobbying and and and and and divisions to to build rebuild the riverfront and downtown and I think he's managed just amazing for a us. We do have missionaries I'm saying that Ron Foreman is the number one but it but people don't say. Really or the years of work and planning behind the scenes and all of a sudden something is there. But they don't know if it's the follow through that gets it done and I think that's where -- you've -- it. That that's a perfect example as a member in the eighties when we've lost the only gas companies to use and we were stronger wiwa and -- on appointment in the country was so you'll -- -- in a group of people got together and sort talk marchers. And our back then people that would mean no interest in town -- -- -- they go to our favorite restaurants we don't wait on line. But the plan was put together it was moral victory 25 year plan. To say okay economic development what opportunities we have been losing all the gas which we should have lost. But we've losing all the gas when it as the easy picking fruit that we can -- Truce with wind and we 125 your plan together and that's why we have superdome and arena is and -- -- that you asked about -- centers. And indeed -- museums. It was choral traditions can happen overnight project of Elantra dream.