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10-09 3:10pm Angela Hill, Jim and Hokie

Oct 9, 2013|

Another open book…Angela went one-on-one with our Saints Radio Broadcast team—the “Voice of the Saints” JIM HENDERSON and Saints color analyst HOKIE GAJAN.

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Let me say the saints may have Drew Brees and Sean payment all those adorable players. But in my book the saints are also at the two stud -- sitting in the studio. The voices of those things and Jim Henderson poking guys John all my god thank you for taking us back. To some of the most incredible moments I think in the city's history the collective feeling of every one were in those words. Melissa is the only -- CU again well. So I had to be your very swift finally let me in and numerous shows OK -- I I want to tell everybody else that this is your chance to call them and talk sports and talk what every would like to talk about and other top sports but I really wanna talk about you -- Because I'm looking at both of you I'm so appreciative you would come in in the middle of today. You're an adorable couple. You are here and adorable couple and -- -- look at too is this sort of loving couple but I want to know what you all think of each other. Well in the first place he used to phrases around here that I don't ever hear all stud muffin adorable couple couldn't get that from -- -- And a little bit here and then -- all -- We've been together since 2000. And when I first got to know him as a player I appreciated him so much he was such a good guy he was so popular. He's such a good friend everybody who knows him that I had in mind him. Being my partner in the broadcast -- If anything happened with Archie and Archie stopped when Payton came out. And Stan Brock was available so Stan Brock came in and he moved into an indoor football. The solution football arena football. And so the next person I thought it was -- so he came up to a Mississippi and he and Judy and he was scouting with the saints at the time and I thought. With his background and knowing what I know him as a person he be agreed analyst and I've never change -- When it's been it's been fun if you can't work and his dad and you can't work they buy it and you know usually we are always taking jabs at one another bit. -- just so easy to work with and he gave me. The only advice I really needed that it's -- can be yourself and I'll. Because we are so close and as he said we were we used to do a lot of fishing together. You know eight. As he said even when I was a player you always feel very comfortable. Being interviewed idea because I knew you know you went and yet dead -- his -- ball you know and a because he knew where the boundaries or. -- a two week we had a -- crews want to McConnell who went on cruise that we didn't -- I don't have to hope that's true so that was the July correct that's correct -- going in the didn't tackle well. It's all this maybe -- today news story but and we were posted this is back in the days before call waiting and things like that and he never got the message that he had the crews had been canceled. It from here. Well it was I had been out to Jimmy Moran -- drown my sorrows as I do so well. I was at the Jimmy Moran's Riverside restaurant that before with my wife in this was Father's -- -- senator Collins Sunday morning. It was -- his crews and go wasn't that there were some ground strikes somewhere airlines or from I think more than anything nobody wanted to go on with this and so they couldn't sell. So at the last minute this guy said well you know it's just not gonna happen and I said well. I can't bring myself to call hole he would you call hokey police and let him know this and said be like on Wednesday we're gonna leave ethnic and and Sunday and Father's Day. So I assumed he'd gotten the message. So I'd been out it Jimmy ranch restaurant the night before my wife and higher lying in bed on Sunday morning feeling candidate this depressed and despondent that we were going the phone rings. And I pick up the -- -- Villa. And his jam. Yeah. This is -- hell's going on with -- -- in in the background here -- -- parent Tara -- I sit -- Where are you. I'm at the airport nobody knows anything out there it's all you didn't get the Massachusetts. What message so you pick it up from there so. I had taken my girls in the Baton Rouge so my prayers and watch him while we're on this cruise line and GD night yeah it back we finished back in and traveled there and Parker vehicle that long term parking got pictures up on Boston. Has gone I never there. Who Bermuda navigate that we go in and you know after about an hour and a half persona find out we're not known as truth. Go back outside the same guy in the same shuttle to sort out what happened -- while the -- Look like mighty talk about some may -- now from politely and a but she's and it's. We -- new vehicle you thank you Angela mom and -- get cute for a week how about we go to Florida. I got out of a real good response from that when the you know she was. She was pretty hard you call this man a friend. Well I -- you it actually wasn't his fault. Well I would I would hope that. But like I said that was before you know you had answering machine has did you will be like what may -- 1985. Probably about a decision in your life take a week away from the kids just nice break you know what. I really don't remember what we. I know we didn't go to Hawaii public I don't know. You know I love these two guys I I truly do is the whole community dies and we are gonna talks in sports but before we get into that. Summing -- admired about both of you is that your great husbands and your great. Fathers and grandfathers and I got to meet Hokies wife who could literally be one of your daughters and she is so young and attractive beautiful and you have the other. And -- here's one thing you may not know she's older and I borrowing. No way you're saying this on. A microphone on my -- but well. Three months. More than that oh my gosh this is scooped him. Anyway it's Shawna if it she is standing side I know she's not here namely if you listen to remind them and home life should listen to -- and -- ominous undertake that. But let me -- you one of the funniest stories I ever heard came from Jim Henderson -- Years ago when you were training camp and wonder what have you beautiful daughters was there as well it was a birthday and it was a dinner and it was in a bar and it was nice and all of a sudden someone hit on your daughter. And you didn't take kindly to that -- you need to tell this story. Alive well. I do on it it did. The -- literally. You don't honor not like me in a move. You know -- you go out -- in -- yet it's a physical all of it out. And while I was doomed defended my daughter so and then. This -- right here attacked and hit. But secret that that's the beauty of it I think up until that point all of us at channel -- thought of Jim Henderson. As you know Clark Kent you know just very we think at all and -- Taylor but -- What it was like he took the suit off and he became this man man and he was throwing punches -- at -- -- but this is what I wanna know the truth about how okay is it true. That when the police arrived he left he ran gotten his car like. Well I wouldn't say Iran. The restaurant he was pretty discreet get out of -- that. What they -- is up blaming I had I had to hang around. As my son in law it means he's got involved it is as well he's my son in -- now on the back in The Who has Jennifer's beyoncé in. You know so I had to hang around there in -- Took a pretty good Shatner in the -- -- this this was down in tip ago we won't mention where we were but anybody -- to that'll probably. Can gas and we are down there and they had some of the sensations. In this guy was totally out of line in hokey interceded do you listen gonna throw -- punch or do anything but just try to come this guy down. This guy and a few friends -- of them and one of them walked up behind hokey. And sucker punched him from behind. So I grabbed the guy who -- sucker punch rookies likely is very smaller wooden interceded. No that's not true but I got a hold of him and hit him with a couple shots to settle him down a little bit. And I pulled him backward as I did so he hit me in the and cut my -- head. So after all this is over reach up there's blood coming down on the corner in my face and -- always contended that I was hands of phone. So -- you -- -- Roberto Duran Angeles home. Well so I got out of there in the next day thinking nothing can happen in training camp that everybody doesn't know Rick this is when Jim has that was the coach. So we're in the dining hall having lunch. And and sitting next to Brian -- while some some of the people to press table and I've got a little bit of a cut above my guy and in a little bit of a black and blue spat in hassled comes over goes anything happened last night that. I should know about her it is now now now that I heard this a little problem downtown. And he looks at Brian Kelly Wallace -- for the pick with the paper the times said. Had been -- -- that the make the paper did it and burn goes I don't know denied I don't think there's anything to his well that was one of my players have -- the paper wouldn't. And we -- had to admit it would so he was very nice not to make it a big deal and now we just -- -- yet but there's a few fills -- learned. Listen man and he'll absolutely but I'm just -- you -- it was it was a new perspective on a multi dimensional man yeah I was as a. I was as shocked as anybody. -- when I turned around I mean Jim got this -- and a headlock and I mean he's wearing him out with my. -- -- -- seen -- -- -- and protect my friend. And were talking to the voices of the same token guy John engine Henderson so thrilled to have you here I could listen to your stories all day but I know people are wanting to -- -- football to. The Chicago game was magical whom unbelievable. Five and now. You know on same going to the Super Bowl but do you think that we really have an opportunity. On the comparisons to 2009 grow with every succeeding week. And I would think I think for the most part one comparison you can make is this is a better defense in many ways than and the saints had in 2009. This game in Chicago. I don't think you could perform a game plan much better than the saints did in all three phases that think they did primarily exactly what they wanted to do. Against a difficult team so bomb each week he grows more impressive -- -- And I have to agree we Jim offensively it's the same office but in 2009 and they had a better running game but. They showed signs of getting better against Chicago so. That they give you hope but a lot of people ask me the same question how they compare they compare very much but. I think. To me -- 2000 the key for the defense was Darren Sharper on -- on not only create turnovers you created those turnovers into points by himself interceptions. That he would run back for -- -- the first when he had went for 99 yards didn't suggests. In. So it was like one guy -- really just -- something in that defense now when you look across the board the same statement. -- the starting eleven is better than you starting eleven that in 2000. And so you're really like the new defensive coordinator that's been a great surprise to may have had admitted nine do all the time when people bring up Rob Ryan you know when Sean first hired him. I didn't know Rob Ryan obviously. But saw all the bombastic things he did on the sideline and I think as a new are leaning in most people dislike the cowboys in Dallas to begin with. And the fact that they're getting this guy and now the bombast and loudly how the self promotion I don't think he's been like that at all here. And I think one of the reasons and -- and we I think we lose sight of this. Sean when he hires people oftentimes hire someone. That is done well against him that he's. That's kind of opened his eyes Gregg Williams when is it with the with the Redskins I think put up a good defensive performance that that Sean. Took notice of and maybe that's why -- brought in Greg Williams. Member when Rob Ryan was the defensive coordinator the browns and came in here with a very imaginative game plan amoeba defense the amoeba defense and kind of took the saints back and that the brown scored big upset that day so I think that played into it. But I just couldn't be more impressed with him and obviously the players are as well they love playing form he's -- imagined to have guys we saw whole new scheme in many ways last week. They wanna play for him they didn't wanna play for Steve Spagnuolo for whatever reason. And you know Jim and our action the first members of the media get to interview Rob Ryan that when he came in and it was just so much going on. And it was that the of the draft this that we do every year and we were -- to have him on for like eight or nine minutes while. He was late did not think we only got him for like three or four. So which he said I mean they're perceived. Personality of this -- OK we've negate. How difficult is -- a -- here for eight or nine minutes we only get four so. Kind of started everything off on the wrong foot putt that that was the first time that he never spoke to an immediate down here. So we really didn't get a chance to use him as a punching bag you know -- get some. Some questions about what do you do with his defense and all of that and a but ever since then that means I'm with GM. Just his his animation silence and I and I think those guys really enjoy playing point because. To me the one thing that I hear every players say is. He listens does he ask knows what do you think you should be doing. Because I wanna put you in the best position that you can be and because it makes it better into a player that that means a lot doesn't always mean that rob Ryan's gonna do what they they say. But he's got an opening all. Power of listening is everything regardless of what working hearing exactly. What do you think Iowa City Achilles -- that is an area of concern. While right now I I don't think the operative line is playing very well I mean on I hate to rate those guys over the -- but. Then again. When you look at. In 2009 when you head. Jim on bush fraud when it Jonathan Goodwin -- it Carl -- she had. Jahri Evans when he was playing at the top his game you had Jon Stinchcomb who was more. Then. They just an average player at me he was a good right tackle. And I'll that was gone and push you had. The coach. That's up there in Chicago now now but tomorrow -- -- -- chrome arm drawn a blank there. And -- -- line as a unit more so than any other area of the football team that's what they had to they have to play as a unit to ask to be a lot of communication. With those guys and a lot of that comes from the coach that this is how we communicate what we're. What we're gonna do when your body on defense starts moving around so having lost that it is it's easy to see why the saints offensive line is not playing as well but it. To me that's answer your question that would be the Achilles. Tim I think I'd agree to my my partner. Has changed it to actually yeah. Richard so adorable two wonderful guys and two talented guys and people who just love listening to I know you know that people in the -- -- that's on and listening to you. What's our pleasure -- know absolutely. And it people at home have had that's on listening to you do the games. You know every time Drew Brees is -- there have to be a collective -- Of all my gosh please don't let this happen well. The good thing that would drew is he he he prairies defense is so well in the -- protections so well. The very rarely takes the big hits now he might go down. The sound like somebody's gonna rush through untouched and blow him up thank goodness that's all a tribute to drew -- -- -- his offensive line. He's getting hit more than he has been recently he's getting sacked more than he has been recently. And it's probably due to -- protect protest some. Deterioration along the offensive line. At the -- front are very wide open offense he's empty in the backfield lots of times. He's got five wide receivers so there's nobody there once they do break through the line of scrimmage to to give him any protection but. But drew is so Smart he's so good he's such a good guy. We are so lucky to have them that as long as they keep him operate I think I think sort of the saints number two in the eap power rankings this. This week. Maybe can start thinking about New York in February. And it's fun to watch because of him but. Also I mean I know the years that GM head indoor when the saints teams were not very good so it's easy for us to get. A lot more excited now because it's it's a good -- in in a lot of times of great product that's out there on the field so. I mean to me. That makes our job very easy. You know to me that turning point was -- thinks I can't look at him not think of Jim thanks. What a a dynamo. And just I think started to turn all of our minds in to thinking we could win it. And he had such a great grasp of every aspect of the organization Jim thinks it worked in broadcasting. He'd worked in print. He'd been a player that I think the Steelers cut Johnny Unitas to keep. And he had great -- and -- would agree with this he was a member of the organization but Jim thinks made everybody feel important yet you felt like he -- your job. As well as you did if not better I'd love Jim thinks there's nobody had ever been associated with -- sports. That I respect more than Jim and I can remember very early on when Jim thinks came here we had a meeting and he's the person was behind the New Orleans sports foundation. And look at what that is done yes it is recently as yesterday getting a chance to to bid on another Super Bowl and all the events they brought here. Remember him coming in he said political latitude in this place of the should be a tourist destination for in the winner for people this is no different than. And in the panhandle of Florida when it comes the latitude in many ways. They're missing out on all sorts of things here so Jim had been all over the world. He understood everything he was such a smooth operator to. I just love Jim thinks it was the ultimate competitor and you're ready turned a dollar around when he got. You know we know how a lot of businesses. Will I've. For lack of a better -- questionnaire you know where he has it's not like tea so to speak but they just asking different questions you know see how you respond. And one of the questions on that test was who's the most impressive person you've ever met on immediately. I wrote down Jim thanks. Throughout the entire saints organization everybody else wrote the same thing John and -- is a lot of them were people that did not deal would Jim thinks every day. As a scouting staff we dealt with the -- around the draft and training camp that things like that to -- plus we saw. How he was Indio -- players here negotiating contracts of one thing or another but everybody in the organization. Has said he was emotional aggressive person they have ever met. You know Weytman when -- -- the talk show on channel forty we did a whole show with him and in a commercial. He he called me over said Angela asked me. How much did I make the last -- player from -- he was so savvy and I wasn't asking the right questions you say oh thank you. So I sent mr. thinks Thompson GMAC. The last year view that he said 151000. Dollars 151000 now you contrasting with the salaries aren't very briefly your thoughts on. The the lawsuit and the the whole issue of concussions senator was -- a fair suit. -- -- I think so. You know how much the NFL didn't know that the helmets were inferior. Products -- Rio it's hard to say. I never really thought about it at that time we know it's like switching gear on you so you strap it up and now they go. But yes it's. The compensation. I won't exactly say it was fair I mean I'd like to say for whatever reason just on her dad I did not join in that his. I don't think that I have any. -- coaching from a few concussions that I had continued take somebody like Bobby news that considerably more. Then I have it's a whole different. Ball game now I'm sitting here taking a lot about about knees because I have a lot of knee injuries but I was very fortunate not to have -- -- -- -- injury so. But I don't think the issue is over we missed yet -- it does. We're lucky to have the saints missed him but we're lucky to have the voices of the saints in the town. Thank you Jim Henderson thank you -- guy John. Permanent invitation there many stories to tell lots more -- seem all that much -- Afghanistan and both of you look like a million and you are an adorable couple.