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10-09 2:10pm Angela Hill, Spotlight on Lakeview

Oct 9, 2013|

From the front porch. This week we’ll spotlight Lakeview…the status of crime, blight, potholes, streetlights, street flooding, new businesses and more. Our guests: Freddy Yoder, Vice President of the Lakeview Civic Improvement Association Board and

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But we just spent an hour with Ron Foreman -- Cicero talking about trying to get the Super Bowl in 28 -- But also about what has happened in this town in the last eight years I don't know about you but I feel better. And sort of in conjunction with that we're starting a new a new feature that once a week we're gonna go to neighborhoods and talk about what's happening. Because New Orleans is a city of neighborhoods as is Jefferson Saint Bernard the North Shore. So how are they doing eight years after the storm. So every week we're gonna check in with one neighborhood with the people who live there and were calling missed from the front porch immigrant to begin with lake view. Needless to say yesterday it was a big day there with the water main -- break we're gonna talk about that but good things are happening in -- -- Which was devastated eight years ago there is a new life and new hope. And here to talk about their neighborhood is Freddie voter who was vice president of the -- piece of the association. And chair of the infrastructure committee. And LeBlanc president of the -- the civic association. And Nancy -- with the lake view business development committee of that association. Analysts looking at you all and all of this is volunteer and I say that's one of the greatest things that happened post-Katrina. Is we all understood we got to jump in and make it better so thank you and I'm sure the people of lake view thank. I gotta start though yesterday. All my gosh -- major water main break sewer problems. Yeah there was sure particularly if you Indy yes or who were aboard got right on it got it fixed and it. Kind of an ongoing thing with the deteriorating systems that we have we're happy that this Georgia mortar board is. Now gotten under way to fix. This many of the war alliances shorelines and drawing lines as they possibly can. And of course once they get the additional fees and their collective they'll have more. Revenue at their disposal in order work with that type stuff let them. We see that. This forcing -- for structurally accused concerned. We think that the mayor's doing an excellent job with the limited amount of funds that he is trying to allocate those punched a different communities. The mayor's -- all of us department that's accountable he's in polling -- is saying mark accountable. We look at -- centric grant is now liable we try to do. Along with -- -- and so they're all trying to work together trying to do what they can with what they've got but the problem is they don't have enough. They don't have enough funds. I think it Katrina has taught us anything it's taught us that the communities have to pitch in and help. They have to find ways in order to support the city with what they do. But at the same time they need to hold the city accountable to make sure that everything that can be done is being done and I like. -- like -- -- approach to that accountability with all this department -- -- you know he's. Just finished -- around with all the different communities going from. Blake feud of -- city he brings all of -- department heads with him he has an entourage of maybe fifty or sixty people. And if this question that needs to be answered he calls some input from one spot and expects and come up with a miniature like that accountability a. Accountability and communication and I think that for too long we've seen a thousand bill -- stories of people get very frustrated not being able to communicate the city hall and that drives people crazy even if you say I can't do this right now at least you're talking. And that that is meaningful. A little back before we we start this where you all living in like few before the storm we will yes all three if you were yet were all of you. Severely damaged yet. Everybody in late if you -- tournament for a -- and a half feet 7150. Homes that went underwater. And out of that 163000. Homes that are rebuilt. And been restored. So while we've come a long way and we've come along way by helping ourselves to a large degree. The problems that we have particularly with the infrastructure like to equate to the old saying about. What's the definition of insanity. Insanity in the city in New Orleans is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcome. Everybody's been complaining about the streets of the story about the water. I know I've been on a bandwagon since the early seventies on the chairs and committees with like Gibson can trying to make a difference. And we keep doing the same thing and that is complaining to the administration demanding the administration give us more for last. And I think that's important but I don't think it's Amateur Tour I don't think we'll ever get where we wanna be. By continuing to do that I think it's part of the solution but I don't think it's a big part of the solution. I think what we need to do was to -- more creative ways to do it such assets such as. Maybe a bond issue. May be. Some type of property -- may be some type of many niche -- -- being an established. The thing that people do not wanna talk about is them having to pay more taxes and haven't -- More than -- they pay right now to get what they feel they're entitled to his followers and government services are concerned. So sent separating me and to districts is -- is a form of attacks at its feet are you thinking in those terms. Well two years ago we passed we have -- and crime prevention district that most people know about we were the first of what is now 58 districts throughout. Area Louisiana. We did the same thing with the maintenance of the streets and like few week form plea to -- its own maintenance history. We were very optimistic that that was can give us a pool of about a million dollars that we could use for me it's. And of course we had eighty miles or -- certainly feel that most people don't know. And most of the bush treats need to be replaced. Not only to the trees need to be replaced -- -- -- war we're entering regional needs to be replaced. Running the numbers on that it would cost about 500 million dollars just to replace those services in -- few. Loan so you're looking at it -- in terms of we've got to help ourselves if we want to maintain this neighborhood where it isn't going to happen from a gift from City Hall. That you'll have to think creatively. To get it done. -- I love that fought power. It is frustrating however times that we don't have more money and I personally think it's because. Not enough people do pay taxes will pay too much but not enough pay in so -- -- -- Angela you couldn't be more correct. When you look at the fact that there's probably somewhere between forty and 50% of the population of the lawless it pays taxes. The balance of the people do not pay taxes when you look at the fact that we had 560000. People before the storm 200000 people short. So we're trying to take the 360000. Population that we had with just 200000 last. And then you look at the 300000. And these are all are part numbers but if you look at the 360000. And you figure that may be forty or 50% of those people actually pay. Taxes that can they go into the pocket help us provide the services. The year really behind the eight ball before you get started you're in a no win situation. And when you think back you've been you've been in the business and you've been in new -- so long long time your native of new knowledge. I was born and raised the -- and fight these panels for forty years have an argument with. Elected officials for forty years about doing more we pay our taxes. But the job still not getting done show you -- yourself what's wrong and I think it's the numbers that I just gave to you. That are the big problem analysts were ready to overcome those numbers. We can continue to appreciate it depreciation and services and appreciation in the streets and the sewer and water. We're talking neighbors were talking neighborhoods and we've got Freddie Yoder and -- and -- is like tell from lake view talking about. Really some very exciting things that are happening in like few. Freddy you've said many many things and I'm sure people in their cars and home are saying you go for a a lot of talk and LeBlanc who is the president of the civic association. And its youngest member you know. Well not in terms of aid to -- of the three sitting here I have been on the board for fewer years they've both been on the board for many years. Both of them over a decade Freddie multiple decades I started after the storm. Because like he said at the beginning of the show. I hadn't it's to volunteered to get involved he felt lack of control what can I did have some control. And that's when I got a pop so in that sense I'm one of the new work. Members Freddie had mentioned that there are. Roughly 6000 homes completed a 7100. You also were working on the -- part right we have a -- committee very aggressive flight committee and of those properties is 58 properties with houses on them and there's 12100 vacant lots. And there's 56. Sixty properties are occupied so those are either renovated are ready. Or being constructed so that -- In terms of light we have moved mountains are saying we are blight committee folks -- LeBron and -- snaps and others Marion callon. We only have been 190. Problem properties which is just phenomenal phenomenal it's wonderful we're very fortunate compared to something when -- said they moved mountains what do you mean. We had people attend the the light hearings that were conducted by the city. And in doing so they've really stayed on these properties you know they'd go in the property owner would be given additional time has -- money was delayed. Then they'd go back in our our folks would go back and sit there and say remember. They said there are gonna do this we have pictures they haven't. And and it it it went a long way to make an owners know that we're watching and more mindful of what they're doing I'm not gonna sit back. And when I tell you today talk about volunteer hours those folks have been to so many -- hearings it's amazing it's incredibly well. That is what is it in all of barking dog gets the attention apps you'd have to do it I think it's one of the still the status remnants we have in our community. Are the number -- blighted homes and it's and we you know. We're sitting on the science and just knock it down get rid of -- -- -- feel so sorry for the neighbors who went factor trying so hard. Apps and restoring anyway back to. Until some other good things that are happening well I'm I think what's so neat about -- You right now is that demographics are changing in a good way we have so many young people moving in Tilly. I tell this to other people. When I was on my block we moved in in 91. We had our first child in 93. I think we were among the youngest or the youngest Koppel on the -- Now I think where. The oldest and it's not just a function of years I mean we have. A couple across the street with four children under the age of seven to the right -- us the same in your trip in over strollers when you have a night out against crime. It's just wonderful and we have and what I think is really wonderful. As we have these young people in their twenties and early thirties wanting to be involved in -- civic association. Mean Angela I. I wasn't thinking that when I was in my twenties and thirties so we have. Very cynically minded very Smart. Enthusiastic. Young people and at the same time we have people with history. Depth perspective. They've been through the the Katrina years and -- brought to the facts like Freddie and Nancy and what they did after the storm and others just you know we could spend two shows on that. So it's just don't really vibrant time for lake view we have Harrison avenue street skate that's gonna beautify Harrison avenue. We have. Many businesses and I think Nancy's gonna talk about Nancy is just one decision that I had a very dear friend who desperately wanted to get to lake view and they would go look at homes. Before -- look at home to discuss that somebody could put have been on it right it was that quick that's how it is it now it is still that play well it wasn't for many years but I know a friend of mine. Put her house on the market about a month ago I think it's sold in two days yeah. And I just talk with. A contractor to actually was building two homes. And he's he is actually sold them before he's finished building them. So it's just a place where people wanna live yes. Well it's convenient Angela yet on topic be and vibrant and all those wonderful things. It's a walking community you know I live two blocks op Ed Harris and when I get older I may not need a car I'm just gonna walk to church I'm on a lot to the bank and now locked at tasty donuts I mean. It's our somewhere else do you have. So. Nancy let's talk about business because Harrison avenue really has taken off. It definitely yes I mean right now under construction. -- -- -- Most definitely it about a hundred businesses over Andre. Before Katrina. -- at 37. And so I worked at 375400. Businesses right now. It's a little break down 31 restaurants I mean just it's it's fabulous -- if you want -- place to go eat. That's where you -- We can't thirteen churches eight service along it's on between hair and nails. Thirteen churches. Seven financial institutes -- Schools. We have force schools. One charter and reprise it. With about five or six copy shots three gas stations and -- well rounded we -- mean if you need you probably gonna get there. I laugh because a lot of the girls that I work with. They tease me -- that if Nancy's. Legally the she's going out of town. And my point was I spent so much time in the last nine years trying to it's. Get late he backed why am I gonna go somewhere else and -- I have to. You know I'm reminded that it was. The marvelous woman who started beacon of hope. Did you -- yes and then. Then you all got one and you know now there are other. But to me that epitomize and that's what -- -- you its neighbor helping neighbor yes whether it's the fax machine or whatever. It is now you all have become activists. Right for your neighborhood right. I -- to be able to support. Three times the business issue had prior to the storm most definitely I mean Angela. -- -- His Art -- civic has been active in the neighborhood since 1924. Will be nine years old next. There is no doubt about it and then a well established. Civic association. That came back I think we met at heritage. Plaza right after -- -- yes and then on May be a week or two later we weren't saint Dominic park and lot. And we he had 5000. Residents in that parking night. Dylan at threat though it had information cards with their email address and how we can get in touch with them. I don't see that happening in -- UK have a well rounded civic association. Which means that that the neighborhood is gonna pride in the businesses are gonna -- it. That's that that's what we do and non and we're very proud of that and we do have a lot of people. Know a lot of our counseling and fortunately. You know on the it was kind of hard for some of them to me back. However we have a shepherd center now which is absolutely awesome being run by teeny tiny. And and there's a newsletter that comes out every week. Via email and you just see. It's a it's a wonderful programs I encourage our elderly to come back now I mean they they would really. Love and enjoy it there's something for everybody if we have I think probably. I think at least two and child care centers. I'm -- in asset that since falling to Utah in the street we're calling this from the front porch and really what we're talking about. Is the view from your neighborhood and we're starting every week with the new neighborhood. Starting today with lake view and we have some people on fire here. Freddie odor and aplomb Nancy's -- tell all volunteers working for the -- civic association in many capacities. And not just attending meetings it's just as they were saying thousands of hours of volunteer time but you know what it is is called investment where you live. And it can be money but he can more importantly be that energy and heart that you all are bringing to it. A Freddie -- know that your also part of the crime prevention of crime committee that your. Is -- a big issue. It's crime a big issue not anymore crime used to be a big issue ultimately if you crime prevention district which reform legislation in 1997. It goes along with four dollars to a opening comments -- that the community has to take. Hold and charge and responsible for what goes on and try to make a difference themselves it just can't depend. On government to take care where everything we couldn't depend on the police department to make our streets and to protect our families we took it upon ourselves. And we establish lake view as a sub division the -- that we would first crime prevention district in the state and there's 57 that is followed our. You know and -- -- And with that we have taken a crime from 626. Crimes in 1998. Which was first year. We went in action and this year we'll have a 174. Crimes. Which is about -- 450%. Reduction in crimes but the most important thing as. When you look at the UC are crimes that serious crimes. The crimes that threaten a person it would be -- it would be range it would be armed robberies we've reduced that number by 800%. Now when you think about that it goes along with what Nancy and -- and talking about about a safe community being able to walk in your community be and comfortable taking your family to church and go shopping and community. Nothing's gonna happen and he can describe stance that counts and we feel that we gonna compliment. To what the third district and what's -- has tried to do we help them we've worked hand in -- with them specifically now about. We have to we have six police cars that we -- we have a budget of around 650000. Dollars a year. We put hundreds and hundreds of man hours on the Sri. Every day in order to protect the people patrolled streets we around commander that oversees those officers they work in conjunction with the third district. So it's a wonderful thing but we're being threatened right now we have a threat -- that consent decree that secondary employment. Police department consent decree and they are threatening to include us. And that number and we are definitely now part of that we have a cooperative endeavor agreement with the city and new knowledge. We do not -- pay those -- options correctly they they are run through the budgets of the city new loans. Through their payroll department and we write a check to reimburse the city for the office and we're not talking details we're talking exactly very wells that we are not the details and I think people start and I understand that the City Council. Has supported us 100%. They intervene on our behalf with the with the Justice Department favorite written letter stating that that if if they try to include us with the details it's going to be a major problem is can change the whole. The whole landscaping where we go in the future that they need to look at what -- means that your figures are saying. It's worked but you don't wanna try to fix something that's not broken we have been successful at our numbers have come down every year. Where the safest place to live in the and the whole city of new Wallace why would you ever wanna change. Let me -- the other 57. That. What do you what do you call this opinion he was the first district in particular crime prevention and crime prevention district. The other ones are all in two more Ontario or New Orleans area and they pay their officers as details. Fish to a -- and cooperative endeavor agreements one of them is that city. And the other one is lake view and of course were the biggest geographic areas so it makes more much more sense for us operate that way. And we were established by the legislature so. We are subdivisions that. That is a very very interesting and so on any given day you have six cars. Which means 24 sevenths we're talking about. Extra. You still have an opening day. Exactly we still have -- -- being at the beginning there were two primary concerns from the citizen like you. One album was is the city would collect the money through the tax bill and we wouldn't get the money back. That we needed to run the district that did not happen the city the city did everything they promise to do. And -- Desmond was the chief financial officer at the time he was. The window so all that he did that and we get every penny of it back except for 1% to we agreed to pay them for the collection. So that was that was really a good thing so we were happy to see that happen. The other thing that happened was is they were very concerned that. That. We would not get our normal calls for service from the third district that once we put our own police officers on the street. We would be left to fend for ourself that did not happen as well we've monitored calls for service at the beginning. We track this calls a service to make sure we had the same number of calls for service. After the legislation was implemented as we did before. Third district did exactly what they were supposed to do and that is monitor all calls for service so the city's been up and above board and straightforward and very health. And and I applaud it but I'm also thinking it's are we now facing. In the new day everybody having their own private police force. Well I think what we're having it which what I hope forum and and a lot of people don't share much sentiment that account. I talked about it at the beginning. I don't think we can do it. By depending on the city by itself to make it happen I think if it's gonna happen it's incumbent on us to make it happen. If we haven't learned any good lesson since you train there's one lesson we can't forget. We've got to do it ourself and pull yourself up by her own bootstraps and cleanup around homes and born those 58 committees that we formed after the storm they took care of every aspect of recovery. And support -- war report by doing all the surveys and inventory and all trees. And take care of all the light pictures and monitor all those things just a lot of things we can do to take the burden off of them but if we keep depending on. The city tips for provide for us what we think we're entitled to. We will continue to be disappointed. We have to step up to the plate. Maybe we have to -- objection nobody wants to do that I got it but if you don't do that if you don't take hold of the problem yourself as a community as a neighborhood. Then you will just live with what you've got up with with this since the mid seventies however long that's been forty years and I haven't seen any improvement I've seen a lot of good people. Elected officials try to make a difference. But very few of them have been able to succeed to the level that everybody's looking for. We're talking with members of the lake -- civic association about the neighborhood post-Katrina. A tea and blown away by many many things you have said and primarily the fight that you all have that your just gonna. You wanna maintain a beautiful neighborhood and you're doing it on many levels let's talk about one of my favorite topics and that's potholes ahead. I don't -- eighty miles of road. In lake view. How many of them do you think our pothole free. It's hard to tell I mean think the whole streak to pop all right. Freddie probably knows that better than anybody. -- -- well he did know what it went to because we surveyed every pothole in lake view when time after the storm I don't know what today just know there's an extremely -- that apostles and and it's not only potholes it's a race man holes that you need to catch basins so -- -- you know I'm waiting for someone to invent. A product where we will not have -- I know were on the coffee grounds but real. It's a lot of talent -- this just to make Brazilians for some right Angela you can make excuses for anything but we live next Jordan Jefferson Parish and -- five C the problems in Jefferson Parish and we have -- Orleans parish. Do you see the potholes in the streets fallen apart Jefferson Parish. And when you ask yourself that question why are they able to get it done in Jefferson perish and we can't get it done in Orleans parish. And it really puts that you have to ask yourself some hard questions what do we have to do. In order to take care of our own problems. I mean you go over the bridge into -- town you can throw a rock from one side to the other in the streets a totally different -- I don't know about that swap. Problem and it's not convincing in there about -- apparently held. What. When you talk to the city officials but they say. I think is sincere they do in the -- with what they but the problem is forty -- problem it's been deteriorating at deteriorating and neglected in neglect. For all these years and it's suddenly reached a point right now where the worst were sure -- and Ninth Ward streets in the United States. You know we are ranked ninth were treats in the United States that's. That's a terrible was Stabile at the heritage so why are we on that list and were on that list because my whole life. You know we've been working on getting fortunately. Importantly it's about two mile stretch -- -- that runs in the heart of Wesley. 28. Years we've been working on getting west Harrison. All right we got we got on our campus is done we I have and you know what I've gone through seven council -- people. Seven in -- 28 you create has only served four years and what they only served four years because people. What targets is pretty popular out of the streets -- asking the same question if you're not gonna fix our streets and you gotta go. How many tone Freddy you hit hard times do we have to kick out of new -- and bring new ones on before we realized this could be another solution because it's not all about the politics now -- -- Credit but little action. -- of passionate you know Jack is determined she stated that -- Yes we are talking lake view and just very impressive and they casually mentioned that their property values are going out seven -- 8% every year. That by itself says volumes. What should -- of that Nancy about fun things that you long overdue. Okay well. Actually the marketplace tonight differently he grocery. It's basically like that's all. Fair and handy crafts a that's a lot of restaurants. Bring upon Avon yes that's definitely it's from 539. Parity. A lot of fun and actually be doing that went through four years now yeah it was longer and. And says that's a month leaving everyone looks forward to -- this is a great time to command and he Christmas shopping. It started early and then you have nine pound -- and we at night out against crime coming up this Tuesday. I'm -- we hit twenty parties. Scheduled -- you -- kick off party which has run the businesses. Compass bank -- -- an 840 Harrison. We have private ten restaurants that we bring in -- Democrats architect. And -- holidays and Harrison in December 15. Well you all are a ball of fire and on nothing but impress is -- -- listeners -- thank you for joining us. Our next hour you got it Jim Henderson and -- guys John does it get better the voices of the saints.