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10-24-13 2:10pm Angela: on Mid City NOLA

Oct 24, 2013|

Angela discusses the development of Mid City New Orleans with Josef Wright, president of the Mid City Business Association, and Pauline Patterson, owner of Finn McCcol's.

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-- used to be called the back of town but today we know it is mid city the heart of the city. Bounded by Orleans avenue city park avenue the -- to train expressway in broad street. And the streets that run through it or canal street -- Davis parkway in broad. Streets that not only has come back to life after Katrina that are flourishing. Today in our from the front porch segment we're gonna talk with people who live there Joseph Wright president of the mid city business association. Hi hello poly Patterson resident and owner of Finland cools on bank street and soon to open a new art gallery at topless bar cannot wait on two lane avenue. And we'll be shortly joined by Graham Bosworth also -- city. In -- -- city I I just look at -- enormous things are happening. Physically we conceive this new incredible medical district and just a general cleanup -- I would like you to take me back to a less pleasant time. Of Katrina and how you all were affected. -- The -- my husband owns -- -- send me and bought it in 2000 today and it was damaged a lot in the storm and but whenever we bought semitism is and then. Up and common area as a probably the play despite a product and whenever it may be built after a storm that really developed a community sense steps and where opened up with. And us open and trailer around two million avenue which is going to be the gallery movie theater concept it's a different direction -- -- -- open net dot and basically community east. Both thrive there the way it did in the groups so like you all planted the seed from which other people came back and joined hand yet. But -- mid city was was devastated and was honest and hazards and we had six feet of water insider business and it feed it water Whiteside. And so was so widespread and then essentially -- city is working class people. And and -- down blue collar people trying to build it themselves like they didn't with her mind. That we -- for browns are written for. Government assistance they can't they came back and they started rebuild and themselves. And that I think about join them together a lot to I I love to hear that because I think -- at the heart of neighborhood just people. Joining hands again period. Talked to. Well. I saw a teacher not long Goss said I'm not from New Orleans but I got here's passes I could and for me -- -- is like it was just after the storm was on -- to raping Katrina. And same sort of thing I saw a number CN. A couple. Think I was 75 and got up every day and they would work for eight to ten hours on their house they just couldn't wait for to find contractors -- anything. And I think people know what they have here and cities they had to they started rebuilding and -- in these cities still. A neighborhood where you know everybody and and. And it's also got some pretty grand streets -- and it really does when I wrote that down I thought wow. I mean that that is the heart of the city yet it really is amend -- and everything that we have announced it and Carrollton. Until alien and that was the Miracle -- and we can -- honestly believe that become returned to about. I mean I'm I'm straight -- long as some tree lined and it's it's a really beautiful part time it is what are the biggest problems you face right now well there's. There's a lot of polite business blight on Tulane after it's been there for awhile but we're turning around we. We have members in the organization to have some problems with crime and so we. Partnered with project know us a nonprofit that sales. Hi -- security cameras and for half price and also they monitor the cameras and record for free. They help in OPD saw hundreds of crimes. They only released footage of the you know PT and so once we put the cameras. We had. -- some dramatic results on everybody probably read the article. In the times a few months ago about the to pre well the -- not like that anymore today the owners like gladly put up the cameras and you know most of the prostitutes and drug dealers -- gone. I wonder where they went for it and and went further -- -- lady can I get complaints about them and I mean I think a lot of on to an avenue isn't that we want to post somewhere else it's let's address the situation I complainant and accent. And we try it was located right next to the VOA which is -- rehab center mean there are facilities that town. Come to patently is to help people get off the streets because it was appointment isn't it to somebody else's neighbor -- It's just and the fact that they have the project known economist there it is it is teams and did the crime level and I don't know. Where outs that's gone out with were part of the intensity. And business district and we went to the army now and then. The police officer at that and reports to them sent crimes are dying and general. Right the mid city security district it's you know it's paid for -- 58 cents a day for homeowners and as a result of the mid city is the most heavily patrolled part of New Orleans that they use NO PD details. And property crime is down since the security district came in property crime is down 40% and violent crime is down 32%. So that that's significant it is the you in lake -- I think but the only to the panda security just right and this was voted in by -- list. And you know I'm I'm I'm just since we've done so many programs now on you know lack of police and issues that we have crime certainly. But it's almost as if and I hear the success from you as I did from lake view. But it's almost as if we have little private police forces CNN. And if you know sadly. And now my understanding is is it. -- -- When he came into office he found that he had a it was a hundred million dollars in debt hit it off in three years and the bond rating went from don't even ask me about it -- I think it's an a minus now so. -- he did what he had to do and I just finished the citizens police academy which is free and people should you know you learn a lot. And one of the things they were saying is I think to have. Three to five on classes of police officers in the real police academy next year that's -- -- and an idea a hundred new police cars they're put in cameras. Somebody gave money to put those small cameras on every police officer so yes you know now that some of the debts paid off their their -- and changes now. No they are and that we talk about that women have body cameras right tool resolved a lot of issues I think but. An -- and -- and going back to light if the -- to air at blighted areas effects. There'd be more income so therefore to be more wealth -- the neighborhoods and the G isn't neighborhoods so eventually. Everyone would be able to afford a private true. And with the intensity business as far as intensity security district. Am arm have plans to meet with brand Lagarde. With the -- with regards project Nolan and I think with the success of project -- it could spread city wide not just minutes at the -- one more time because I think people need to hear that. Project -- Or these cameras you get -- a discount right now the words. The guy who runs project -- Bryan Le Carr who started it. He owns a camera company and he pays half of the wholesale costs and the homeowner business owner pays half so it's it's 295 for an HD camera. When they -- camera when you're looking at it it looks like your watch and a Blu-ray movies so it's it's not a cheap camera you can use in court can get IDs and get tattoos from. So he he also -- India you can install it he can recommended installer but. He monitors cameras he has about 600 cameras and Orleans parish now. And so the really great thing about it is it's it's if either of a crime doesn't happen in front of your camera. Maybe it happened four blocks over and they check all the cameras in the area so has this real network effect it's very powerful. He he's done a lot of great things for the city. Well stay with us were gonna continue our talk about the heart of the city I like him mid city right after this. We're talking about mid city were calling at the heart of the city which it is and we're talking with appalling Paterson and Joseph bright. You're excited about what's happening in Europe in your. Community and it is a community. Yet I'm -- that attic and whenever we first came back after the storm and they have bizarre to be billions are Anthony police and he -- as -- and mouse. As Koreans in the sky and that we would see huge strides but if you actually drive Stein an -- city street nine we're really really attack and the -- With and there's a lot of dumpsters on the street which means prices are being content. And that has a positive effect on the fact that whenever about prices renovated an extra light goes on on not straits because. And whenever there's a lot of dark wherever there's a lot of darkness and people can do things in the shadows that's whenever you have a higher incidence of crime. So the more prizes we can get am often died addressed. And into the hands of a realtor and my sisters and an -- -- in Israel and allowed armed men. And the names -- -- Patrick she knows every stiff tests statistic from mid -- And it it's just to me isn't the growth that is -- while the -- and as a -- isn't. And Angela there so one of one of our business organization members has there's a house. Behind him. And it was it looks like he's a fall -- covered in vines and there. Are you know different homeless people in there and we think that maybe there's via drugs being sold out and he was complaining about how. -- customers had to see that so I thought about it and down the owner and I said look we'll boarded up for free. And then we talked to commander. Center -- of the New Orleans in OPD first district he said well. We'll help you will will run the folks out there and watches you know for a couple hours what you do that so. You know sometimes if you have a problem you can there's things you can do and edges you know wait for the the blight processed kind of grind on -- Do you have somebody monitoring that I mean where you have a list of blighted homes and then you're checking with the city hey guys -- You just open up a note that the mid city neighborhood organization is very involved another aspect and -- -- -- definitely referred to them. And -- also any realtor. Am would be able to you know by the -- of areas. And it's opening in -- does is on. They sort of have blocked captains for replied if somebody has a problem they they they with -- old lighthouse and say well this is what you can do about it this is how you check on the progress and we're sign this house do you. And so now. -- good news you can do something both the viewer businesspeople and yet and so business is back yet and I'm listening do you and it's expanding. It is it's expand and and I think the people conceive the potential as best. Basically two and intensity was considered up to canal streets and then since Katrina that they said okay it's canal street exit to banks straits. And I think we're nine nick in the stacked and includes from banks to alien and the conceit. Because there really does that mean most of the rest areas are fixed up it's just not strip that still needs to be cleaned up. And you can't have a multi billion dollar facility input onto an avenue and then me isn't -- -- that they're going to date to two million. Avenue web site address and some of the other -- and we have -- -- and the Thai country -- Working really really hard on their they've been doing a fantastic job. But there is a ways to go there is a wasted no I'm reminded of in my early days here airline. Haven't yet and that was rough really end up and look at it now the end all of a sudden to saint facilities there at church Jeremy. Life got there and that other life left the end so well to be very optimistic it and remember it I I really am just -- -- Yeah I mean people are gonna hear it on year's show first I'm gonna be to guide it says in ten years Tulane have it's going to be like magazine street and canal street. I mean we know we're gonna turn around yet and it's not gonna happen overnight but it. As a lot of exciting a lot of the businesses coming and a lot of changes and you know a lot of people are seeing that okay the hospitals are given us a chance to finally make a difference and so people are motivated -- this happened. Well we heard it right here and we're gonna have you back in ten years him and say you were -- -- and I let -- calendar. Let's talk about the the medical center because it really is monumental to this city. To this area not just facility at its breath taken just CN -- quickly it's -- -- And in the program and last year and we drove past it last night on the way back from the theater on -- missed like 11 o'clock at night and they were still working on that's. There -- of them in their work and -- the clock and you can see improvement every day it's really motive beaten and you know the thousands of jobs springing yen. Good paying jobs. People want to to to live where they work so hopefully they'll be in your neighborhood -- I mean it's just the whole ripple effect. I mean the -- the whole area's gonna go up and you know when Winn-Dixie opened up -- the mid city market on Carrollton have been brought 200 jobs. There's there's some other developments in large developments in the works and they're gonna bring jobs and you know -- it can't be people that live in Kenner we need people and his city too. You can go to work there and it's good it's good to -- that by going to -- DC now people are excited to work there there really isn't -- and Costco the same way. Well that was my resounding thought -- walked out was -- where they're working on just all of -- have a job they love were there were right in that that. Enthusiasts and feeds right. What line of work you went on in the insurance business okay and and you chose to come to new -- line. Well. When I moved here a used to I was working for lows in the -- -- come down and I didn't know that I'd be year more than three months but it. I was living in the near me in and I just fell in love with the place. I was cross into Elaine have a couple of weeks ago this is true and my Bluetooth fell on my pocket and a guy and a black truck stopped. In the middle of two lane put his lakers on got out and god is. Yeah handyman Bluetooth instantly ego and that only happens here -- it really does so. It and then there's -- old bill line about if you lead long healthy life in New Orleans yet no one to blame for yourself. Minnesota so many you know -- -- and so much fun to have and you know -- like -- about. Right into. I'm very local so I'm not going anywhere on the witness mama and my brother in Atlanta now when he says that week on for Thanksgiving essay about six blocks away where Walken. Isn't nine. Is great that night we're talking to mid city folk -- -- to stay with us but we're now joined by let me get this Don names in the newsroom. Today we're talking about mid city and -- Mid city is bounded by Orleans avenue city park avenue the punch train expressway and broad street. And my love of the streets that run through it canal street Jeff Davis parkway and broad. And also what -- saying is now I kind of -- -- to banks and in two million yen after the store mode basically before the storm people would have always said the cut off of. The nice area -- -- -- was canal straight men after the storm because so many people came back and wanted to help and it was the am referring to and a comment I heard today which was you can either BM completely and are empty and so a lot of people came along and helped. Basically. -- idolize from can now to banks straight and it trickled over and to a couple of blocks past spying straight on nine. That area that needs the most help and needs people to get. And participate more and that's if I -- -- is revitalization. As essentially from the in the west. And passed to an avenue. And you can see it happen and on a daily basis for so many young people have calmed this tying to help and the energy level is. At its and addictive and and and infectious yet. Pauline in and her husband and I met with on the guy who bought midtown motel. Which had been a problem a place that has some problems and he has Marvin dodged a great guy and he's he's. He's gonna turn around the area has been these renovating he's he's run in the people who were there for the wrong reasons out. And he owns another motel down the street I think this week in and he's gonna you know upgrade that -- as well. Potentially the owners of -- -- free are gonna what some hospitals are finishing gonna tear that down and put in a brand new place. They own the old La petite. Motel as well. So you know you're gonna see a lot of changes a lot of people. Wheeler and hit and then bringing of that medical center of the building of it. When patients will be coming in professors will be coming in visiting that they're gonna need those facilities right. So it's to their benefit to do to -- him and and clean up that neighborhood. But tell me about this wonderful. And trash -- other -- trash mob it was started it started by these two young man and I was just saying a minute ago that. They make me embarrassed for my youth -- I would have never been you know that civic minded. They can't be 25 and they just started putting something out on FaceBook and email saying hey -- we meet at the corner its -- so. For an hour to Sunday morning and will pick up trash. And it grew and now every weekend probably to their lament there they're picking up trash all over I mean they they go to saint Charles they -- Anyway and then even. LaToya Cantrell has contacted him saying I got people who are coming here like conventions and they wanna -- do some. Some work and great and and you know again. The government did have to get involved this is something people doing it themselves so. -- he's been a big supporter her husband you know paper bags and things like -- and water and -- -- and Polly has been out picking up trash to yet I come -- the -- used to. It -- it and because young -- and patent and their enthusiasm as well which it -- to. Citizen power yet keep saying it over and over that's what the success of the city's always going to be we have to have some government clearly yes and thank -- for good ones yet. But it's about people and their ideas and energy. Well at it again it was one of the reasons why in the -- my husband invested into an avenue. And we already -- successfully our act. I'm not just read but the customers are -- fans were factory that community spirit and every area. House epic there's intensity of the buy you beer garden accents mean all of those -- expand and writes I'd pass that are. And basically pass their children on them pretty various mind. So my husband have renovated. Quite a few properties and then grind -- neighborhood so when you -- concede that too alien was struggling. And we chose -- -- trailed its TE REO was an -- board for direction and it's a different direction from us because -- as a sports -- Aunts and moms essentially sports -- even notes outside a community center but this is going to be a nonsmoker and and art gallery its attraction -- we'd like to an avenue to go on the we. We want more people to invest and not an area in the area and especially on the street. That uses of people dependent city don't have to go up Tyner don't have to go to an -- -- waters and -- And they can have a that sort of thing that we wanna be part week. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem and we wanna be part of the solution and there may be somebody sitting at home saying you know I do have an idea and I do want -- And magazine is filled up and it's fabulous what's happening out for rent is great yet but this is this is the new frontier yen and really as a new frontier yet they can do for it we can do and ruling as a reason -- and -- castle Haley is the dilemma is now also. There is no reason why this. This streak -- returned to be in America woman. Yeah the testing is idiocy challenge don't think it all the way through its yield on and so to say well you know let's try let's try let's try and a little bit everyday and it can be done and and you don't have to wait for an people. And another thing that just a percent on the brick ones and part of them and it teams and two in avenue is the fact that there. And expand the -- top -- a -- and one in from either side. It's -- Chileans. To an avenue -- at and T too. In street Oman and -- and stick on the other. And that's actually going to and praise of people's ability to get -- into the NC BD and what was that the 2% -- brought more. Well the LaToya Cantrell had some some discretionary funds I think from Harris and she put up a bunch of project Nolan cameras and I was in a media and we relieving and this set reception has heard us talk about project Nolan she said. A live and brought more and since those cameras are people are out walking their dogs they feel safe. And you know the cameras are effective. You know people. Get together in neighborhood groups and try to do something and on the security district is very effective for us you know Jim Olson and sergeant Colombo done an amazing job of Jackie Clarkson called them you know what they've done a model. So it it's it's it's possible to do things unity at the feel helpless and at the sitter and -- man but you have to do something. Can't -- that -- -- -- a complete have to do right now is take a quick break but we'll be right back and we're gonna continue to talk about me it's. Two mid city -- -- calling new Pauline Paterson and Joseph -- enjoying this immensely. I can tell the love of your neighborhood and makes everybody feel good when -- at the end. Every neighborhood has problems and the ones -- consistently. Still too many potholes and lightning. Yen and you really touched on the if you don't have proper lighting and all kinds of problem yet and the thing is before. I'm in a note that the mayor inherited a lot of problems and the how to cut corners very cut corners but I can remember prior to the storm and again. So it's commentary and follow confirmed mosquitoes are folk and for the Caterpillar's second member of the trees constantly be in some back from the -- but and that Sony that. They've gone three and seven years post and have not -- But that they begin and to do it again night where their -- and the trees as whenever the doomed from the trees blocks of street lights. And -- the street lights and you're already have -- Am effective some of the highs is not. Am in the lead up I mean again you -- come recon combat the crying whenever we have -- -- areas. And -- and LaToya Cantrell put up or change the lights around -- the -- on to these new bright lights and that really helped. So and then Jim Olson the security district. I think they put a forty lights on Obama mentioned. But I think it's as many as forty in unison areas had some crime that's the effect. Do you have streets that are half dark I mean where the street lights are out. -- -- and again just a percent you can -- you console person and say just my streak I decide and you can. It -- and also commercial businesses and cannot create tamper writers -- Eliminated and for further along for the safety of their customers and -- and the Davis has that type of blatant. And I know that -- the open trail we've put up are probably going to be up. Bigger than the Rockefeller Christmas -- Had -- seen from out of state in Israel and I did a life and follow it. And to how long you've been here 23 trinity things directly from Ireland and and if I had read a street -- named desire and -- -- -- -- that so I came here on -- -- -- holiday that turned and -- to make an impact -- man finished my college degree. And I'm qualified as an art. Teacher and an art therapist and I came back but it did it Wednesday from room graduation I'm Wendell white passed and grown packed annual earnings. And the people here are so accommodations so friendly so generous and they actually have a very similar sense of humor -- Irish people. So -- and you know -- -- and then it created. The bar -- sports bar in Mary here. And -- -- -- my targets attacked and we've been together since they were sentencing and -- Matt and he loved to day loves end what you call -- call this means is -- communities and with alcohol. That is intended ethnically place and they they re so much money for charity. You know anytime I go in there it's crowded and rotted because they don't have like games he can't watch anywhere else like in the World Cup and things like that but. Just the way I like to tell the story is is that. Her her husband tells me that when they first got the a couple of fins. There'll customers from -- bars and say well. If there's a spot in front of the bar will stop. But if not we're not gonna park even a block away and and it's shocks me -- only been here eight years to think of bank street that way and so I know they can turn around things we can rent too late. I used America makes -- proud and am both parties in the French Quarter and I can remember the customers offends and now that's too far away and that's like nine or ten blocks. And I don't open -- another -- it's low Carlton as a upstage anything below Carlton was considered off -- So it to me isn't in this short -- is the time I. -- the heart of the Sadiq and she ends because of a heart flow of the citizens. Absolutely and and he was saying which is fabulous which again. All the charity things to do with the -- Alter the ammunition and I've known somebody who -- say it but how much did you raise funds and that can canoes. It was started by at at four of the customers and the Canadians. And I became the emcee of -- but. It's essentially there you make this is the fourth year and last year we re used to 140000. Dollars. But I think that's mostly because Thomas moved stat -- does and and and you'll see a lot of ball little added yeah and -- and yet if you see a lot of ball people come and then Saturday after some Patrick's day. It's generally the cause and we've been. The problem antigen and what where does the money though it goes today and -- and it's pediatric cancer research and it was started it's an. An artificial -- was started by I am. Group of people in New York -- Where in solidarity. With a friend of others whose daughter had cancer so she lost -- energy to came oh so they also don't -- she ever parent heads. And they -- money and then were able to put a piece of equipment and to than -- that the the child was and and it appears likely blossomed from there tonight it's a national. Holiday and isn't any specific day it's any day in the month of march because it was -- and an Irish Americans that started at. So are ours is always the Saturday after some topics and beautiful and we come back I'm going to talk about Comiskey Park and and very exciting happening -- statements. Oh forgot don't forget this get -- is coming up shortly -- announced a code word. In the 1000 dollar nationwide holiday cash contest on -- W well. We have been talking mid city for the last hour I am absolutely off uplifted by Joseph -- -- appalling Paterson. Who are really -- inviting people moved to mid city it's the yeah nice to -- but something nice is happening commits. Park -- you know we're just we're not just putting up cameras and and trying to run people out of there. You know Kaminsky Clark is say a park and to have a court in Jeff Davis and its use by. At least a hundred kids a lot of -- income. And there's volunteer coaches there. Some -- in LP you know PD officers. And they have a booster club and until recently. It's been opened for over a year. The booster club was beaten these kids every day -- their own pockets so we got -- hooked up with second harvest which is gonna start. Afterschool -- program only for the kids that are registered. And down we're helping them we're gonna help reduce the baseball field -- talking to the volleyball group to go in there and just basically squeeze in money out of everybody we can you help them -- Has parks are centers of activity and yet you -- every play that don't wanna get the trouble -- can -- -- -- -- is that. Everything is like where -- where -- that -- as a community center but that's essentially community center for adults he can't believe you can ally somebody. Beyond Mac costs right they need to be put to commence then you two are fantastic I thank you so much for being here go go go mid city.