WWL>Topics>>10-28 8:15am Tommy, harder to get pain meds?

10-28 8:15am Tommy, harder to get pain meds?

Oct 28, 2013|

Tommy talks to Douglas Hoey, the CEO of the National Community Pharmacists Association, about an FDA proposal to reclassify Vicodin

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817 Tommy Tucker talking about the FDA's plan to reclassified drugs like like it and but yet. They're -- a different painkiller that hand is the same if not more potential for abuse Centex comes in answers to many people. Depended on painkillers and muscle relaxes I deal with my campaign. You say step up law enforcement with what we can't get people who want to be policeman. Thank you for the attacks but is the problem recruiting police officers in new long ones a a reason to keep somebody from get in the pain medication that they need and you know anybody that's ever dealt with somebody's sick when it comes to pain it is an ethereal thing in nature and the only one who knows what kind of -- somebody else's feeling really. Is the person I mean you can have medical documents MRIs Saturday -- damage but in terms of how much it hurts. It's not an open sucking chest loan the it's just something that you can't see and it's the person that's Phelan at Douglas Lloyd joins us right now. Talk about this season CEO of the national community pharmacists association morning Douglas salary. I'm doing great good morning -- here I'm well Leon I. I'm confused -- this because again and I I try to go up by sued -- sad because they'll assign this issue and and I got to get a go back to drugstore every ten days. Because apparently they think animal to whites and then went well now really and when it comes at this is like OK you got a problem with a abuse. But I think that's a law and enforcement problem that's not a medical issue work somehow you yeah can't punish people. Then aren't abusing these bills that need them especially as the baby boomers age. To get through life with. With the people -- abusive because seems to me Douglas you between -- you know what a squad because. That their town you can have the pain medication but you fight your insurance companies to get a new name so what are you supposed to. Yet that -- mean. Your point about indeed it's subjective and it's not an open package that's one you know like to turn their. Exactly right and so. People happy and unfortunately. What. The FDA is proposing. Sort of -- -- the baby out with -- out you know there's definitely. Legitimate drug abuse problems in the country that are legitimate drugs are being abused however. Why don't we go after broad strokes verses going after the prosper we need these medications. And down you know legitimate pain and buckshot approach is -- we are very concerned about. And they you know another issue here is that we get a show last week that. You know they crack down on prescription pills and make them almost impossible to obtain a very expensive on a street. An economic principle kicks in nine and that price a hundred hundreds of price of one heroin drops and they got more people use and heroin -- Ever did before is they can't get the pain pills. Yet that's exactly right except we we we do how a drug -- problem in the country at a secret and not a means that. It's our our take on it. We see rescheduling -- code now. There's no evidence that that's going to solve problems we do you think the problem have to be fault we all now I know I know at some folks. Personal friends you have been affected. Why prescription drugs -- abused. But yet. There's no evidence that rescheduling our Ricardo to make it harder to yet. Is going to solve that problem we think there's a lot of unintended consequences that will come from not really negative section out. That patients in nursing homes have a much more difficult time getting pain medication. That to have pharmacy crime. Which is already on the upswing in her then a number of tragic murders in -- he's in the last few years. We are very concerned that those will treat. Agents -- well. Forced their way -- -- he's. To get these. The medication that they had -- person dealing with the problem really want to -- would cause of the problem. And in terms of the FDA as they do and as they approve a new painkiller which is. So Hydro which is an -- PO it is or not. Right right knee. He wrote the approval of the new. One of the UP medication. Believe that the seats you said that the CQ is the higher classification. On each you need to. You'd have to get a prescription for each and get it written prescription from your position for each prescription. Out at the post now -- -- code which is in what's called a -- three. A lot of work schedule. The doctors able to right or up to five no more than five retail about medication. That articulated our schedule. Want to make it more difficult for patients to -- medication. Battalion Douglas you know before we are talking about new rules I'd like to know what they are now because I don't know of a doctor that'll call in a refill for a painkiller if you don't. Go to see them and I know that a lot of physicians seeing none of people that have had knee surgery that of head. Teeth pulled out that it had other things and and the doctor refuses to write anything for their minute and they wind up to you know good -- take -- -- deal. Yet that's exactly edit the current situation you have all you have a lot of variability. He got some positions. Who are very very conservative about. Prescribing -- paying. And medications because they don't want to contribute to abuse that -- sometimes it might be overly conservative. The other. Yes maybe. Liberal I think you know there's enough room for those type -- different. The problem areas is there are a few bad -- out there there are few bad apples to well you. Right prescription. Went -- -- patient on the debate application one in the last year and they continued to write these prescription. But those that show a lot these eight these prescriptions are there are set to attract these are that were there -- And so rather than. Go after every line. We need ten point -- You know -- subscriber writing -- too many of these prescriptions. 84 non legitimate purposes but for profit. There I'm sure I know that the vast minority. Vote but there are you bad apples that we need ten point that is spokesperson going after. -- -- The entire population doesn't appreciate your time have a good day --