WWL>Topics>>10-28-13 12:10pm Garland: on Obamacare

10-28-13 12:10pm Garland: on Obamacare

Oct 28, 2013|

Garland talks with Sally Pipes, president/CEO of Pacific Research Institute, about problems arising from the Affordable Care Act.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back row and forget about it again. On the here affordable health -- Would. Be. And we're. Looking at don't think Sunday at the hustle like site. Collapse again and -- dot gov site. And that can be -- headlines today. Saying that the sudden collapse again I could be wrong it was fortunes grew from one that. But bottom line this would try to better understand what's going on are not going on. Where it's solid punch with the Susie presidency Euro Pacific research institute contributing writer. Of Forbes dot com -- welcomed the show again good talking to you. What are going. Cockpit. What what's the latest I've seen bits and pieces and on television's morning did the cycle again. It did yesterday it did and they say that it's it's op. Today and there are a lot of -- and it's very. But he's so I don't think all the problems that culprit collapsed yesterday our fault but it did it -- political gain yesterday. About this. And report to a news conference it's it's a company called Q as Cecil. It's gonna lead of these efforts through its web site and -- overseeing the entire operation. But -- some of the concerns that doubts organization -- think owned by insurance company. Yes on -- it UnitedHealth. And they're they're targeted date up -- there were -- big. Groups that looked three actually with the implementation of being the -- October 1 and smooth opening of the exchange at one being. TGI federal Canadian firm which could be fired accidentally by the editor at government for not get a good job on on -- -- that they were doing there. And then the US -- by the -- and people and then Verizon which I guess there was some problem gets it you know related to -- And and -- -- but -- that the president said in -- Rose Garden speech as you've probably heard that what he can't get on the Internet. To do that we should phone. Make good ball club everybody its own and it included they'd been told to you know two week over twenty minutes -- things aren't working well that was not a good. I'm not a good so. Helping dark. Now they're saying that the site will be up and back and really working by December 1. I'm I am very very doubtful that thought that I'd be -- -- I thought they -- I thought it was November the promising you would be it's that. -- but it -- -- -- -- well without. I've heard the album on Friday and had to be weakened thing. And then of course as you know -- have delayed the individual mandate penalty coming in until. From February 15 to march 31 but I think we're seeing a lot of implosion going on right now I just don't really know how that would -- Going to turn out but I think where. -- in person buried. Tricky times with with this with healthcare dot -- and other sites -- You have been there. But the administration for its 700000. People have applied to the various state and then their health care about that. But that doesn't mean but the numbers were actually involved has been very low and other people who have handled if you look at Washington's state. 87%. Of the people in Washington State who handled but 35087%. Of them were on Medicaid Kentucky 82% -- You know that a lot people are not being able to cannot figure out how to sign up for -- the private exchanges. -- -- they sign up if they're wrong medicate. Well again. Bacon they can find not to prove what their commitment and their boot to medicate absolutely right now. Let that most would say it's that'd be accepted. The Medicaid expansion to. Yep -- yet and that 24 state. Except that the Medicaid expansion. About a 21 apartment not accept so the. For the audience exploiting the December 13 January dates. -- first. The January 1 it's -- day. That originally the employer mandate was to kick in but it you know they delayed that for one year because they were too many things. Where. And fault that January 1 interrogated if you do well in exchange between October 1. And march 31 January 1 brigade that your your insurance plan would kick in and so on. But I -- and then you have now until. March 31. In order to actually be on to two. Two to work wanted to get coverage but after that. After march 31. There's no more open enrollment period for the with a lot of discussion about the issue of guaranteed issue. Would people be able to sign up and exchange at any time -- now the open enrollment period now and march 31. But what that is open enrollment ending if people can't. Can't figure out how to get coverage on the boat people who did not employer based coverage Talladega ethnic group. I'm a guest today a US data they can equitable sank 47%. Don't know way to get healthcare information so we we have. It's really a dog's breakfast right now. And -- December the fifteenth is the day you have to. Purchase a plan and then. It is and we're Angry -- which supposedly start. January court and it was part. Oh god -- who would do some of potential as one. Last time you can purchase plan that -- store. -- -- -- -- -- but if you did park at the plant say today. You bet it does start paying court even -- your insurance would not kicking and until January 1. All right looks like -- particular board come right -- -- thinking about -- portable health care act and also known as obamacare. What do you think comments questions through 60 point 87 he told pre anywhere in the country -- six that it'd dungy and -- -- this is. Welcome back below where they get about a obamacare or portable -- -- which over time news. And with the -- only -- his presidency you'll Pacific search institute and contributing writer sports column. It's only. -- we were talking before the break. About the states that have accepted the Medicaid expansion that number of their people trying to get on the -- -- -- -- exchange. And couldn't even get into the program. But I'm also written that states that refuse to expand Medicaid didn't like here in Louisiana. We're gonna leave millions uninsured news is that correct. Well you know I you know if you. If you are not argue -- your income makes -- eligible for Medicaid in your state. You you will probably you know still be eligible 44 Medicaid I don't know exactly about the state of Louisiana but I don't -- California. You know we have a lot of overruns and fraud in our Medicaid system and so. You know the thing would be if they could get these systems cleaned up and those people who are truly eligible for Medicaid could band. You know and roll and roll and it because that's a program -- funded. You know partly by the feds can work to third and and 13. By the state but for those states that -- in the Medicaid funding. They're paying a 100% for three years and after that typically 90%. But as the attorney general in Texas said well what do the dead run out of money even though they accepted their. And they'll have all these people on Medicaid and it won't be the funding that's going to be even worse situation. I thought it was a bit Italy's -- Louisiana we've we've always reported that the this would pay 90%. Up until eight or nine years and then then we have -- -- -- or a 100%. Then waited -- being 10% or some other their about and that's why we've we've passed up. Expanding Medicaid. Well it is maybe in in in -- state I know that and number of 82 with I mean you have Republican governor and Bobby Jindal. -- -- a number of states is that we're not gonna do it because we're orange who works with the stated the finances of the federal government whether they actually would be able to meet. The obligations that they said they you know well -- -- that that would be a catastrophe get the funding if -- because. Most states -- in California Illinois New York are on their own precarious financial. Situation. I've had a good number of people in viewed in this over the yours obviously. And numbers it is. For -- loans that they can get coverage a big turn the community clinics and public hospitals of -- -- and church. But the helped law cuts funding for public hospital. Because -- consumed so many people would have insurance. If this thing doesn't work but what what happened there. Well it's going to be a huge problem because holiday community hospital -- and after so many of them party and other hospitals to the Cleveland clinic. They'd be cutting staff in order to deal. Because that of obamacare so. And more and more people would stand on -- return but the emergency room because even if you aren't illegal. In this country believe that you can't have applied for our coverage under the exchange. You can't unskilled and open an emergency room and get coverage there will be more pressure on both hospitals. To cover people. In the emergency room and that's what we call uncompensated care and that's gonna make it even even more more costly for both hospitals that are that are you know that have -- -- -- Of Kathleen subdued used the belief in charge but. This. Praised the performance. Yesterday you need a whole -- which connects to -- so security administration. And I -- a barrel by applicants and then at the end income. You see that working -- -- abuse and invited try to get on it and the data hold works. Well now that's one of the areas where there's a tremendous amount of trouble and on the severely as secretary of health and human services you know that right all along that they be. The health care about that the federal exchange which it's covering a 36 states. It it was going to be open on October 1 everything was running so of course. Would be running according to the late senator of course that is proved completely wrong and as Robert Gibbs. Who was a former Press Secretary to secretary to. President Obama said you know heads should roll over over over this -- -- they -- also in front of the delays he delayed the employer mandate. Other delays on capping out of pocket expenses under obamacare while the the other -- if that was the whole issue of income verification and so. Senator as they get better. I'm from your state hasn't -- that -- the bill. That would mean that you know in order to get a subsidy to purchase insurance in the exchange you would have to be able to prove. Your income because there's no income interpretation I think -- -- -- -- the big opening for people who work. You know intelligent and engaged in fraud and so his his bill is very very important. At this opponent and every Republican congressman. That on the show. A -- okay I'm convinced obamacare is ahead. -- -- doctor prisons that. Have sent to me it's going to be disaster and -- One of our talk to host I'm sure appear that the report doctors and they Yeltsin. -- applied that was disaster waiting to happen but -- -- -- of Republicans okay you know it's bad if you know it's gonna collapse. What do we got. And and they don't plan to blow. You know we've we've in a couple of committees we propose that had known as Romo Romo and company one has Peru port. Aborted a copy on my this from me to rebuild and where can -- and that. And they stood. GOP dot go out. And I looked at it in his five sentences. So what happens it Bisping collapsed people. Organ turned to the conservatives and say okay it didn't reporter we do now. Right you -- any plans. Well yet detectable by my book that came out this summer term and encounters that brought -- the character obamacare. It's at the very short Tampa with a replacement agenda because I know. Politicians often don't like to read large columns. Just about a month ago. Republican Study Committee -- represented Steve Scully and representative Joseph Pitt came out. With the replacement plan which is very similar to mine a couple of differences one. They want that medical malpractice reform to began at the federal level they want to get people income tax reductions rather than. Tax credit. But it but it is that that plan I mean right now of course were sort of wondering what's gonna happen -- -- The budget -- deficit and the continuing resolution in debt talks and all of that but that is that is a good plan and a number of members of congress that signed on representative Tom price as a medical doctors from. Atlanta -- He has a plan. Senator Coburn and senator -- they have upon their number plants the problem is I don't know why the Republicans can't get togethers -- Okay this will be our plant went obamacare imposed because that ultimately will and rather than allowing. This country can move to a single Payer Medicare for all system like this in Canada. If that are planned but that's what we appointed to greet the American people to bring about affordable except. I don't injure or declare injured today -- student Colin says that -- the one that I had only here. And usable Garland sure we have planned. So to have one and a committee and so it sort of what these were piecemeal. Ideas. But are you tell -- essentially says they have. -- -- yet the Republican Study Committee came out. About three weeks ago with their plan called the affordable health care reform act and and you could look at it aren't on their site. And or get them on talk about it was on -- that. And privacy for applicants. We've we've done so many shoes here. About how little privacy there is were being watched were being surveyed were being tapped you name -- Is there are some sort of assurances that all of the information you have to give in this very complicated to to -- and the privacy is -- Well I think that that was one of the big the big issues that people are very very nervous about it I think privacy. It is is is the big issue and I think there's going to be -- when you provide all the information. I'm on on your. On health -- that govern -- state exchanged for example California covered California. I think they're going to be I mean I can find it amazing how many people can hack into into my email or try to tap into my bank account. I mean it is difficult to be a gold mine of information for people who are in the business that's. -- -- So I think I think it's not secure and I think that people are you know are finding this out as they try to. You know get on on the site trying to. And get an application and then trying to and -- I I know the government to hundred no legal requirement to to launch their website on October the first one other going to. November 2 together -- quote addicts. But if there's no legal -- Portman as to wind again. Why the march 31 deadline can they do is keep pushing them back control everything is -- Well I mean I think this is probably and I just cannot see Garland how this. Giant that it's going to be fixed. By December 1 by January 1 by February 1 so. I think you know the government -- you know the administration and the president they keep making these. Executive decisions about delaying new apartment and -- went back congress and asking him for approval they're just making executive decisions the problem will be. You know open enrollment. On and on March 31 it is not running -- a gonna move that two I you know I just I don't know but I mean I think I think I think it's it's a huge problem and I think. On the that the starting of the implosion of the patient protection and affordable care it's not protecting patients. And it's not making health care affordable because if you look at the prices and you read in the media where people are you know trying to get. You know to get a cost of what their insurance will be if they lost their employer. -- they had individual -- one on the exchange I mean except -- very few cases the cost of the insurance is way up the coverage. Is not going to be the same as they had before. And of course the real issue will be. Will the young invincible sign -- to purchase insurance and exchanged. So that there will be a pool of funds to support those people who are older thicker than abusing the system and if they do not. Sign up and we think some of the movies start saying the couple. Anchor -- with. The exchanges. Of their backing away from promoting. Obamacare so if that's the case. We've got to be another reason why the exchange in my mind are going to going to fail. So bugs are always larger have you and we sure appreciate it's tons of great day thank you can sell abroad presidency you'll Pacific research institute contributing writer to reports -- choose obviously the conservative. Conservative side to a vote Obama gear of portable care act. Covered up next.