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WWL>Topics>>10-28-13 Garland & Dr. Rajesh Narayan-Bitcoins

10-28-13 Garland & Dr. Rajesh Narayan-Bitcoins

Oct 28, 2013|

Bitcoins and internet virtual currency could it replace traditional money and will Government tax it.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Did you -- Hewitt does this take -- little bit of hurtful image -- -- and I'm sure you'll still have questions you can do. 260187. Told brilliant country. 86 dictated villains heroes at seven we're thinking about big courts it's. All -- and virtual currency. That operates. By person to person exchange nobody -- central monetary. Authority. And it's owned by the user. It started back in 2000. And initially. What -- have billion dollars with the cords on the market I think that's almost tripled. At one point bit Cohen's. Costs about 142 dollars apiece and that's more than doubled at this point. Advantages and Clinton global exchange rates new variants in value by country. And accounts that cannot be frozen. So on and on the on the outside cute if it looks very -- pursuing. We knew we did show on this a little over a year ago we're back Purdue at least three -- -- Had experts from from all over the world and they've been the dipper and ideas about how it worked or would work. But they all agreed that it was apparent passing fantasy and no worried that it would get legs. Or recently. News in my the reading to -- stumble on it on a regular basis you know the beds are concerned. That a legitimate users may be trying to launder money in -- accordance. I'm reading about. Deluge did -- -- operators. Putting a portion of their pot in big corn. The caller just that on I can remember the name again. But if you remember the FaceBook stories Zuckerberg. When he was in college. At a U. For turn it the two twins. Two tours. That were twins -- of and in today claimed that they came up with a page book idea before it's a bird. Took him court one sizable amount of money and -- one of the world's biggest investors that in that court so. It seems like if it was something of the players and the -- And dying. And came about in 2000. And in doing better. Or better now in 2013. And was 2000. Seemed like it's worth investigating. And again go to -- experts we have doctor refuge abroad and Cameron propels your opponents -- -- international banking experts spectrum in banking and finance from market doctor good Doctor Who didn't. I. What are -- -- could this is this by hello is this something that that could do. Be around for a ever. Well on the you know recent history and that is definitely part of. Now the question. Whether owned the state for ever. It depends on how would -- Truby. Regulatory -- how the law. Developed to accommodate this yeah well money. That we have. And it's sort of very similar to the crying. He should he have -- the creation of the -- there in 1913. When banks were usually. Notes. So he created the federal bank. Now we just have be centralized. Note if you -- considered a call. It points. You know the technical term but we signed by the US treasuries in. Convertibles were shall currency. And anatomy and function it's no different from top. Money. So. I think it is definitely a viable concept of a question how to deal with this being financial innovations. And what its ramifications are terms moderate policy. And general trade in. Well what are my question is who have reduced Sandra and over expert on the percent power that said. A number of countries very aware of this and that given their tacit blessing to a thus far. And and or encouraging it with the thought that if it grows -- -- regulated taxes it's over. And what I look at groups like anonymous when I look at groups like pirate. Pirates bay. Both the organization's. One. Its annual information. Pirates Billy. Steals for all intense and purposes entertainment. But it was started by a anonymous people who put food on open sourcing on the Internet. And just hope people do with the what you will so there's no office no headquarters no CEO no. You know people in black -- crouch over the computer. A lot of people sitting at home all of the world doing this. Could do it -- become that in their four become. On regular lead aborted that toward. I think -- of all. Normandy. Because the only currencies created you. And there are open source smiling. And so. And that at that point foundations put acting on the problem on their own back and from work the tune of about one billion big point Barbara. You know -- -- -- Cohen who is putting their control alone so well and take quick break -- right. Just -- it was worth thinking about something called. That court it's all well and virtual currency. A lot of experts to report yours goes that was scored in -- it was a -- and better today than it was when it was. And born in 2000 and others apparently introducing the subject about something that may be one that you're used to buy goods. Governor bill bigger celebrity 153. Yeah. Within about something called good score runs it's been all along virtual currency worldwide and operates by person person exchanged. The bag of Central Florida community. No one regulated. Strictly owned by the people that use it does this have found very interest into what you yet did -- and is your become what they call them minor and that -- what you do you get on Google and Google big points -- four. Since it's awkward to put -- in your computer. And it dusts off where not you couldn't solves a very very complicated math problem. According to or Alaska is so complicated and heats up your computer. And takes a long time but when you get through and you know you'll have access to that court today in the bitcoin exchanges. And it operates. But the mobile computer program they read something called personal wall. Reach user and the -- that allows users send and receive bid cordons. And good -- Jews cryptography your code to control its creation. And news and all transactions were logged in to a shared public ledger. Called the block change. To talk is about if we called our favorite specialists and banking pretty neutral market talk to Russian national Ryan. Cameron propose your opponents -- issue international banking expert. Doctor is is is this city is this something that can be hacked and stole. Why -- standing I don't think that has been the issue is. Bitcoin and actually -- where people come out. You know with older action is that they're gone through what he has they call it in their. -- I think it is -- area. Say. Would. System confirmed that the creation of the -- I don't think that we're -- there are or the best of mine now it's our computer scientists. I don't think that we're. And made -- rom com. Hacking into -- create money. Two year among economists are in the larger issues arise where create credit instruments awful but it. -- just like leave now -- credit instruments based on our currency. And I'll pay you thirty days later he US dollars. What happens when we get to a situation where we say -- thirty days later it. And back swing. You have. A situation where you would probably the how old -- of last resort if there's anything that you've learned in central -- more -- leapt to a fifty odd years. It is it would be important world. Somebody to step in and -- lender of last resort. What credit can be converted very quickly in the money that we saw that -- recently our financial -- He envisioned that kind where -- -- becomes. Convenient currency probably not. Far off -- and our credit instruments. Being nominated in -- -- -- Already of futures market. It's called IC. PI TE dot com so is this kind of moving in that direction let's -- -- has break come right back worth thinking about something called. Big -- all and currency that over the years experts have said not a chance it's -- pads gonna die. Or right now is worth far more than it was in the beginning in 2000 and inform more people using it. What you think governor bill -- age seventy -- 53 year after. It's -- I've interviewed a year ago won -- -- bowers said there are a number of countries that are. You know Gibbons approval so Ford to bits and little modern wing in the role watching it and it's been virtually all countries. But I was -- this sort of media placement on the opening in the war one of the experts. Put its regulations. Regulate or other other countries. May calibrate the creation of new currency you've won like big corn -- doesn't require central bank and authority. But no government. Is going to allow missing out on the collection of taxes. Is that something that will constrain this sort -- Two we did well because. What exactly. How. Currency is ultimately means hanging out sold the essence of the taxation without a car. The commerce. You know that but -- after the currency exchange. And the question. Which way he won back -- To beat me -- and it's important possible that the commerce transaction. Tax. Internet com for instance. Be straddled it in US dollars. In the -- currency. Till they figure out liberate. It went currency even accept -- he should bitcoin currency that if -- didn't have tightened he. I think the issue -- at that issue I think that our country. A -- here. Doctor always a pleasure to have you on the show pictures so much and we'll talk about this again and I'm sure it's still rural. Always are good actor.

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