WWL>Topics>>10-28-13 4:10pm Second Guess Hour 1

10-28-13 4:10pm Second Guess Hour 1

Oct 28, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take calls on the Saints' 35-17 win over the Buffalo Bills and LSU's upcoming game against Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another pitcher the second guess you'll get the -- that they -- I'll about half full today it's almost nobody in. Get off work at this time out here we had the second -- show. At this so -- -- casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi's appear in the area dropped ball -- and -- -- We talk and all eaten about the six and one New Orleans nights. And talking about that till 630 in the night in a special addition we're gonna shooting through the definitely helped. Saints radio network an exclusive Saints coaches show -- head coach Sean Payton. And Bobby is a -- football -- defensive line coach Bill Johnson does a great job this year development camp Jordan Hakeem -- John Jenkins so -- Johnson's get the job done it and so that'll be a special addition of the Saints coaches show tonight would pick coach Sean Payton and defensive line coach bill Johnson and and at 730 Monday Night Football. With between the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams on every W out AM and afternoon dot com so. You listen to the game tonight on 87 and also on the FM station. What do relevant bodies certainly -- felt condolences out to the pits and famine mr. Tom Benson and in the passing of his brother Larry -- I was involved in in the sports franchise business. With Palmer and automobile business in and out the business ventures notebook of mr. Benson so wanna send out condolences out Tillman used a big. Football -- but even -- I think maybe a little bit bigger basketball man they'll forget what it was that nickel state training. -- -- he he and I we got a chance to talk to him a number of that he would talk about so much of what the San Antonio Spurs basketball. The immense though it -- just think his is interest in basketball. And then you know Tom Kline the the -- now pelicans a few years later. Well this is my connection it went back to 1985. And in the early August to win now behind this team. I got on this that it's jet and and they flew over the San Antonio to negotiate. That's when you know governor that was -- ironically governor and with his -- as a reality TV's are now with the -- like but. You know got my agent got myself together -- would not immediate -- -- San Antonio we and it cart deal with that one with a -- his car dealerships though. I'm at the whole family. -- -- -- -- -- -- Larry Vincent and you know negotiate that contract to come to the thing though yeah I can I can remember Larry. You know in -- heat to meet the all the different with the Tom looked different at the wrong look different. And Larry you know when you look at him. And in -- if Julia bell Brothers it -- but Larry and I going way back it. You know kept -- one another what we do and in what you're involved in. And that -- my recollection of dealing with Larry. That they were part of that team a witness -- it -- it just bought the team. You'd think aren't going to Jacksonville they're staying in the all of them. How time flies that was. In the -- yet their product that's what 25 years ago and. And it's cold morning -- almost thirty well almost thirty years old but certainly you want about our condolences -- -- -- you know the passing. -- since the days that have mailed. Ready jaguar opinion -- Based off past few years and which it seems so for the season. They LSU and upset Alabama next Saturday. Cast your vote at WWL dot com listen I'm gonna make my official pick next week well on -- telling you now. I think if anybody's gonna beat Alabama in the regular season it's knowledge that the only thing that can do it. And what's not met burger he's playing that is best. I yeah I think they can play Alabama all of the FB and don't you surprised this game come down to a few gold. That situation I just think that you match up pretty well what gets a -- yesterday 3517. Saints' victory over the Buffalo Bills. As oppressive in the fact they were able to stop a very good rushing. Football team in the Buffalo Bills. And what they've looked at Louis and he got the off speed pitches on just the rules make it all the rules that come out of that fast I just went out and I like how with -- And the tonight -- put some pressure on him slowing down the running game and again it goes back to holding it -- That'd been one of the two teams in the NFL but it's gore won it or points all season long held to seventeen. And optional pays 4383. When he holds opponents. To what he points all of -- in a football game excellent football was but at the bits and again Drew Brees who would those best. What he's six completions. In different receivers. Well now the bills could no longer -- That their undefeated in the superdome you know it was three you know the bills have never lost in the superdome out there at three in one. The only other team that's undefeated in the superdome they haven't been around that long as the Baltimore Ravens. It only play one time to -- one -- -- Phillies eventually you know that's critical about the -- thought that the first visit by the bills. To the superdome. -- -- -- did fifteen years so that the think you know one night game and he did looked like he would be right around the spread. You know you look -- 1112 and a half points and obviously the -- in the carbon that. And then if we continue to do this I would tell you and I know quote me to emphasize in this. And so is Rob Ryan when the Saints have forced. Three turnovers. Then matter how many times to give away at the defense it forced three turnovers on the Sean Payton. The team is now twenty and three. Now they don't a high risk high reward at the things don't turn it over. And they get that both they had three PO -- throwing -- to overreach and not turn over the think they're now 22 and one. So that we could do that I can tell you right now I don't care if the Cowboys 49ers Seahawks. We have that -- outing and if they take that I think even against the Jets. You know to go to New York they're like a wounded animal they got embarrassed. They gonna wanna bounced back their front seven defensively they can get it done. And you look up I think Sean Payton. You know in the coach's faith. Robert. Over he's hopeful five against Rex. He directed the coordinator and head coach Dunn though he's on the betting and I think I believe this time around with the Saints vs you know -- coach in the jet. But but a great opportunity. But the thing to go 71. And if they keep B plus one just beyond that plus side now they're plus seven for the season. The on the plus side. It that they could beat whoever we play. One thing is you got Drew Brees he got geno Smith I think that's the gaps that. And now we talked about in the pregame they got bad Lewis. You got Drew Brees you put out a quarterback that can play that's the public area code now when -- the -- -- copilot and got Tony Romo. And that he is not as tired as proper nick and Seattle have Russell Wilson. They in that range we're out there are right now you can't which Eagles bit and I guess that most of the -- that bounced around this league for different teams and you can see why I. It's a good backup quarterback in this league he can play as a back. Well if you don't though they hurt the commentary. I think that's on the New York media you know we gonna see the the good you know the back -- if you look at it. He's due to have a good game next week in this thing because he's been like a normal locals that -- the -- we -- good week of bad week good week -- week obviously. You know they really don't -- and then that he might bounce back in the thing that I think rob run half of that for him in. But the bottom line is though the Jets to help like you know -- and -- could be facing Chris Ivory ivory and our rotation that they gonna try to run the ball in the bills. Especially their first half that that was impressive. What Rob Ryan adjustment that they were able to run the ball in the first half they had sixteen. Carries the 75 yards four point seven yard average. Not -- have CJ Spiller wasn't available they had Brett Jackson when you look at it that you know the college just that you may just like Fred Jackson. He was that he had nine carries forty yard. Four point four we ended up fifty carries with 45 yards -- only -- only had five the second half I thought that was. Really impressed that we held them on on their hundred yards and 3.5 yards a carry now I thought we have been able to run the ball a little better. Against the bills considering not that defense. Vietnam that's birdies out but no -- not like the bills 28 against the run it would give up -- 124 yards a game and we only got 77. Three point eight I thought we built to do we did against the Patriots but we had a 121 yards. Rough -- at 31 half yards an average of five yards a carry. So I think that's probably the point I think what made that we should have been able to run the ball better not yet the it. -- averaged four point six Vicario Robinson. You look more like Mark Ingram. Yet seven at this for nine yards one point three average to develop as a point but one thing. The bills can rush the passer and we see Mario Williams and other -- colleagues that. And that and so that they can get after the quarterback but the bottom line. Is this it would make up miracles well we have forty points instead of 35 is if I believe him. Say well we missed a few go -- so yeah basically you come up you LL I thought that one particular appeal on that I would -- a surprise that. You didn't have more not more Russian just because. With -- Williams with Marcel Darius -- equal lots of those guys they still with their whole season and it was 28 against the run out but I pick a little bit -- that is gone -- for early in the season played particularly in the gap no. Nobody gone up against that. Second -- guy but against the bills. With Collie -- that this thing can't -- YLYL given up you're 28 rushing attack he given a 124 yards you know what he said. That that looks back because of running water like that as through all of a sudden you get like a running quarterback maybe they get to 34 yard gain. And it looks back politically overall -- that would happen with the steals with that you don't think that I think that's Q just that he had a real cry I'll probably that run -- that 94 earned runs well. More with the second guess -- TN -- programming note that. Monday Night Football Seattle Seahawks St. Louis Rams and beyond that deputy LA MNF now I think it not count won't be on the dot now. But it will appeal inevitably EL AL and -- him up more here on the -- guests feel right up -- -- breaking out of the gates. -- go back to -- second -- your -- can deal with Bobby bell lab at the stumbles -- with -- seem to be decided Hancock county Mississippi. We won't put somebody -- your pockets just in time for the holidays. We lose on evidently no we are fortunate to put -- thousand dollars every weekday in our 1000 dollar holiday cash not test. Listen to them every now we -- right important top our immune to it idiom doom 3 PM it six meal. But no word. Did it to the code word that evidently out dot com slash Nash or click on the hand on this -- at the WL dot com is just it's easy. To -- on your Smartphone or tablet point office computer or separate at home you can win anywhere. Every week they were lucky -- nationwide win at thousand dollars each good luck and remember the times to listen right before pop -- fumes. At 8 AM noon three and six on evidently out. While one of things to laws in this football game Saints the between became the -- big people wanted it to damage or not thought he was still a dominant player rope right. Great way to -- knew that Paul won't I think you have set the pace early on this football game. The most under appreciated may -- guys on this -- it's -- squad Curtis Lofton and David -- -- Yeah and now I don't know we've built what does come back and be ready to play what is the I don't know where you gonna stick him in that I don't that you think -- -- The rotation. Necessarily in the middle look Ramon Humber and the job he's done so law yet this is -- never have thought David off our best game. In his state uniform led the team in tackles -- -- -- the sack and a forced fumble. And oh will we come back at -- -- time if you look at the top teams. And I've said this and appreciate the most players both sacks and interceptions. The same students so we can and we cal. You know the thing to a -- one. Spreading the wealth around so to speak with the defense very opportunistic about. Different players getting interceptions if the players getting sacks. You see it all the time Keenan Lewis now leading the team. We threes with three interceptions showing you -- his ball skills but if you look at a player with sacks. And our our interception eighteen different players on the saint -- had contributed in that area and that just shows you. That Rob Ryan is getting ever want to play. And you look at you know before company gained seventy point two points a game with that's who we allow. Seventeen point two we keep doing that our offense that network that does say it will continue. To win or if you don't win. Ominously came on the offense than Dolphins got off to a slow start. That you could state Drew Brees had an unbelievable game. But it could be critical and red zone efficiency. Inspected the defense get to turn over and you got that great new position. You have to get pointed out only point with touchdowns. And that's kind of puzzling this year 2001 area last year the Patriots. And the thing April wanted to. That's for a touchdown percentage we're now we're at the bottom of the league or the Patriots all the injuries they're dealing with. But we have not been efficient in the red -- as a team as though we were only three of five. -- that you wanna be. Around 8485%. Arrest on efficiency that you be. Knocked it theater amongst the best in the NFL. And and then all of a sudden you know they beat Uga does have an off game. And Finley but not break it -- given up a field most out of a touchdown and you get textiles. Dallas and you control of the temple and it is -- too far ahead in the fourth quarter. Any team to come back on. Not born here on the second guess you're right at this news break with Shane rooms. Lot of activist in special like it to be about me about -- this -- -- the casino beach side and it got on a missed of people go to big John in that -- Bobby talked about Keenan Lewis you know in four years with the Steelers beat him Lewis had at one pass interception. This year. We ain't the midway point yet he's got three any leading to Kenya -- that goes to show -- a little bit heavy when you don't have one pass to deception in four years. Your reputation issue more robotic god and not the past now and make the pick this year he's actually finishing the deal. Yes if I can recall. -- either one or two I think he's one and passes defended. I think he's been in the lead double one out all the quarterbacks but now -- amongst the leaders of the things I know coming. It that he gained a car all of Malcolm Jenkins and -- -- at three past the pin that was out of the tops on the team. That was one thing youthful dynamic coverage to bat balls down now that is a list -- got those long long to get knocked the ball now what I wanna see him do and had to earn his keep -- he's earned his keep it means to really -- money. Is that we've played a Cowboys and you put them on an island and covered Dez Bryant I don't think you can't. I'm not just going by what happened with Audrey Johnson not though with pre season but he was wanna wanna get -- Johnson the Texans. When he had a 150 yards in the first. Receivers I've that you might have to have some help. I -- last year the Cowboys gotten it back in the game Gaza and at -- that you Robert Gordon Pat Robertson. With or at least I'll put Jabari grip to -- to little. He too small to guard Dez Bryant those to be up to Keenan Lewis now be a big challenge and I'm sure rob Ryan's gonna challenge him. They have I thought it back by the -- which you can that you get that Dez Bryant. Big John big dog in the huddle with Bob and Mike. Well forcing them to reduce inside it as -- and -- you -- Are you good luck with that good luck with that. Because you know that you know this is pretty this was again another receiver -- that's just clown around on the sideline making it all you know. Look at our receivers are that there isn't a nice guy on on a receiver corps that. Yes pretty questions of you -- getting back to what I wanna talk about not one. International press is now beginning to talk about the Saints as the best team in the NFC and build. Parcells was fond of saying you are what you replica. Number two. How -- it and I ask this question yesterday my hours at that. You see apparently you throw a flag on a penalty and and you pick up the flag and say I didn't really see what I just saw. And my third questions and that's the trade deadline is tomorrow. And Minnesota and Adrian Peterson was sitting out there how realistic would it be for the Saints may be reached out to Peterson. And bring him into the fold because he has an -- -- now starting to get into the second half of his career and he's looking for rank. MM RI just pianist and -- that a realistic. Idea to bring him in and maybe work a deal I would and so. You'd just be enough man beat on I'll be honest with you mean Vikings on minute you'll meet him he does and at this point -- things don't have enough -- -- to make that type -- The but the problem doing isn't gonna block well Nicky give -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I think you got to go to -- But I don't like it right and I got up close I had no right. Our best in the NFC and I think Bob and I we've talked about this if that's why you like that I that you played in Seattle I think Seattle's a better team that you Wallace. If you play San Francisco played there. That just goes the better team you play those teams in the bowl. This ninth win I think that's why it's continuously. You -- continue to win football games to get those games. In this -- but don't come playoff on. It's apparent at big John they have now a loss under Sean Payton in a -- playoff game. And up -- award. Other wait -- playoff game he did win the Super Bowl. In Miami but now I want to play our food -- I don't know -- direction. Right it basically and well. There basically wasn't I think that's what's so important you know. I wanna go to Pacific northwest I'll go back the debate has not notably the eleventh green was a better team that deal -- the probable cause you don't ninth. You Blake whose playoff games in a ball. But that's no way the Giants would have beaten the Saints. If they'd played the NFC championship game in the Norman that's what would've happened had you beat San. Francisco and he we match so well against the Patriots an active in that -- repeat that right now. But I can't tell -- that you're on the. Flag of me that that's a situation where somebody throw something needs thought somebody else he -- and also they pick it up. Is that discussion part of it on this -- which is saying where we don't know is. Because you don't get that inflammation is why didn't drop but in the first blades and then why did it get picked up you find out a little bit later in the week. Want to get through -- back -- not a coaching part of it but I agree with you what you drop that you know somebody else these -- that and that's what it looked like. To try to change his mind. You know that that's all out of the technical part of refereeing today. If you look at -- best and and it's the I think this year a lot of seasons. That you should go to take care you've been -- settlement though winking that if you are gonna be amongst the best. And that there's no reason think the fans may do that needs to be extremely disappointed. If we remove the Cowboys at home are lose. The 49ers now we go into Seattle that that line yup that that that can come out that tiebreaker whether they got to come here and there but. But I think on the back in I kind of thought we'd be. Forward to you know points -- a bye week we've been up 51 we could have been undefeated. But you look we we we will make in this way back in this time circle we get -- can't win excellent beat come back that's a great season with this record but did this get everything you can't fault you know and expectations. That it did that if you got that the ten wins like we heading in the wrong direction as far as momentum on the back in if he's not you look where we're at. That that that we got the four report 501. I said there's it to me -- we heading in the right direction we should get at least eleven wins become only go 55. That's 500 and you could be a well you know we won boarded that we wanna. Holed into what the road. Go to New York to go with you -- and I think at least. On the back in if I don't love it when it's won't do -- if you look at it that out next game we got to go at least six to three. We got to get at least to twelve wins yet like I did well -- I think we still have a chance. I agree you gotta get to at least well yes yeah that happened -- might -- -- and might even be thirteen to win you know Seattle played well -- in the second guess you're right up to this break you of the gates. Back at the simple slip won't second guess you'll Mike evolve we're gonna go right back and multiple lines we put out is -- in the huddle with Bob and Mike. Yet thank you Mike in we listen on the -- for read. When Drew Brees got in to calls. Saying that he moved to Spain and you know what my neighbors and Rusch are gone yeah. Even even need it now is dead dad on action and never been Kolb because all of quarterbacks who had become in the -- it like gospel a -- order for the kind of snapped the ball. That was terrible call right there. Yeah -- that they -- down and out and have backs coach Payton and then and also drew and do you -- QB about what exactly. Because you know what did Doug Barone in the bills' organization what did they tell the. Don't forget that at the -- the ball and appeals court anymore rolled it particularly its also the tipping off the ref -- that extended a hand to him to pull back. So probably yeah some clarification on that because they -- -- horrible coach Payton and also. Reacted when you look at that that occur. I mean it's almost like Andy particularly true in in knowing what you did lead -- the lead you've got to be -- -- we -- they go because you look at that scenario might. When it occurred. That they're here to here we are you know at the games -- aware of seven year old. And then now which is forced three and out where -- at -- or down. Now I talked about that played an option pitch to Pierre that was definitely a game plan it would -- the bills. He pitches doing and and his coach made all the talk about certain plays it like these short yardage in and that was one that no guarantee of getting. You know two yards to convert on that for now the that we get. Which it was unbelievable calls and that sequence. It was holding on Gallup went into the we got first at 18 in the call rough in the past and drew and now like out of the BS call dating -- animals are only. In an -- like we were that that is cynical that against the bills but. It's done live how they protected the quarterback -- anyway. So with the 31. Sleeping a game that we and great scenario we get that goal to drive me to be out fourteen year old. Or at least ten to funeral to got third one we think you know twenty yard line going in. False start -- group back to back on truth and I eagle from. Third and 13 of six that Al third and eleven. So you going the wrong direction and he threw it completed Utley with the cools them down the middle and Hartley missed the 38 yard field goal so you don't get anything. As to how in the world you know and at that. -- -- if you do those kind of things that you don't take advantage -- the 49ers does all of looms as even the -- and that I can be that different. You know not have been the more -- pitch in the -- film. Could you gotta come away with points but we can acts. -- -- know what exactly the officials told them what they called I don't drew. A -- and I also think it's is that chance for all drop outs on his brother rent. Well yeah you know luckily we got the big advantage -- quarterback and I think that. That's where the money is bigger than other games he didn't have that quite distinct advantage. I think this week -- mean it's clear cut. That that rob got the big advantage that the quarterback position so that's why maybe even on the road it's good -- the Saints all I mean that bat almost like 63 posts that. Under Sean Payton on the road I think they make this like -- -- best road teams the last four years that a Patriots at the Saints yeah. And they give the Patriots like almost seven puts them -- sank to -- almost 63%. Against this football team if you don't make mistakes you're gonna put up but not because and the quarterback. -- is may Q when you look at geno Smith. A rookie quarterback you -- -- gotten. Reminded you look at it I said it's only Rex. Has gotten a better problem is that he's five and oh since 2006 but look. Wrecks when not important as the head coach Q did you visit corny at the Ravens and -- -- give it to court I mean of the Ravens and and Robert B it's going at the Raiders. So the Raiders obviously not one on the Ravens level. It -- you look at it and they knew the party with the Browns and that's in the -- to a rabbit and an AFC you know making it to the championship game so. Now I think if you look at it. I think. Rob got that that the better. That the players back in him they let Rex -- right now with the Jets. -- that probably -- he was that you wing yeah years ago and now would have been a totally different story do you think so much for the call you back with more second guessed right up this break in the season. Welcome back window closing moments though our number one of the second guess you'll and in some quick calculation doing while we don't break. That fact that Bobby gave you that Robinson never -- -- has never relaxes correctly -- know the Patriots didn't play ball more. In the regular season that time and neither. That they play would he was at -- Would -- Israel started 2006. And and Rex is five and also but I think alike -- chances this time around yeah. I do believe bit again. I go right back to the quarterback issue because I think that's gonna be used in this game you run it by two Eagles did not think you -- to look at the rule of course yeah which you normally see. With a young quarterback in the NFL we saw people with cam don't need you one cannot think Cam Newton right now he's the second best young quarterback in this league behind. Andrew Luck. We have a lot more here on the second guess show what no breaks -- -- -- still -- all would be right back with you I think this new quick which it rolls. Most second guess you're right there on the big 87.