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10-28-13 5:35pm Bobby Hebert: on the Jets

Oct 28, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk with Chris Lopresti of WFAN New York about the Saints' next opponent, the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We out of line with that some WFAN in New York Chris -- press the -- thanks so much which ordinance. -- -- at Buick we're close our. Robin how will look at this and it was interesting because we went back quite a few years because we had some missing years -- It just think Rob Ryan gone up against his brother Rex. As noble one. Again through the cycle all over owns a five -- -- in that category -- -- I can now quite a few years pitted let one another but in the years they play. They had he has not beaten Rex I think this is the year though because one distinct advantage the Saints out but the quarterback with this. Yeah -- -- if they were effort our friend break that streak I would think it might be it we. I would. Certainly think coming in you know -- on the road appeared that the New York area there except I beat -- but then came the waited -- line up there. And with the -- he'd spent tax cut up by Andy Dalton and yesterday it was. Pretty eye opening get has been in this league this century when mark or that he's in -- yes it was a major -- and -- secondary was badly vote on pure pure -- Chauncey and beat Elena don't who won that this week when they watched -- Chris a little bit all on Chris Ivory he was he got it was a fan favorite here gotten man he gave you everything he got when he was on the field but. Seems like a nice sports score. And when he was to go up and ready to go man he really looked nice but he spent a lot of time in a garage. Because you know you can listen to assists foul play. If he gets beat up a lot and how the phils a little bit about Christmas he's had some really good games and another game well not quite as good. Yes it I think got his feet and has done similar to the way to get beaten down that bit of roller coaster ride in and you hit aren't used then I'm in the garage appeared I'll send. He's been nicked up he's going back to training camp had a hamstring injury could really shake so. It's a lot out against a quality start to -- behind the eight ball a little bit and what they're getting some playing time. But that's part numbers the last couple weeks it speaking -- victories. A week ago yesterday at 34 carries though he really thought that physical up. Punishing style that that you mentioned that kind of you know get them it's been nicked up the time but. I yesterday what really hit our game and get fall behind early at the end had to play catch up and they've never ever at at any point rebel established. Any sort of running against what was up with -- on that and so I'm. You know he's not really it looked -- You know should he change of pace that game breaking cutbacks but when the Japanese company and the ball Q and and give them that -- -- Ecstatic and really relying on it in the morning maybe 45 carry game he -- certainly don't have anyone on their roster quite like him so. -- either Murton a lot -- yesterday it was a light day. But now I'm sure -- tough fellow and former team you know that the league op that -- but it's not a game but yeah yeah right now. I believe that night that you you have to think he'll be line -- something I'm going to be a former team. Now are Chris -- what does the fan base that what is your take geno Smith I think it does it had a back gain. You probably have a pretty good game against the Saints is that. I've kind of been the scenario so far with you know it's been like on that roll calls to one good game bad game good game backe kind of that pace. Absolutely that that is that point and Adam and so far so look there's certainly a lot of lot of things not to like about turnovers and how many of these that he shown what his resiliency and and I think it's maturity as a rookie and really I'm not. Not stringing those that game together and letting it sorted -- noble -- the ball well for that he has been able to bounce back. But -- yesterday it was it was probably. The ugly bought it at the -- this year without question. And it was a tough spot and they got down early they -- able to run ball at all. And that angle and the -- on that just sit in their ears back you'd get -- -- the -- it -- in game. At the top spot or repeat a tough spot or not but that doesn't really have. A lot of -- -- make -- that -- position whether it be wide receiver weathered the acting in the backfield running back there -- situation. Only those serving a four game suspension right now so. You know really. -- it lately it really act of the way they wanted to view and not you know that up by. And I obviously struggled in back and acute expected and then -- it again became so. It'll be interesting to -- he has responded well a lot of parties here. Yet he needed figures on. This week is that it that they got thing and they got their bye week no one Helio and thereby we I -- and certainly need it became you know to get our. And now Chris. That. From an outsider looking in at the reception is that Rex Ryan and I'm not talking about this past begin with that being moved but overall. He's really I've got that defense coming to play especially that front seven. My -- was doing a draft show Mohamed will -- out temple. And it did 2011 drivers have always show the Saints get him and then him it was all of a sudden availability -- -- aren't reckless and it's so well just talk about what they've done their front seven with the Jets and Mohamed will listen. Yet that the Jets kind of slipped to. The -- I mean since wrecked trying to ride it looked to Ben about what their secondary was but there are rated them that are you know Marty to have a couple of safety -- played really well out here. But they -- Free agency this year a lot with that. Stop the secondary is beat up yesterday in front seven and they read that they -- and the game defense played allow. And there's no question -- -- on -- -- and on -- and -- You know he's only in his third year he's really -- here as one of the top. You know three or had a yard to get aren't technically the -- team anymore -- that record and then in one of the better ones in the game. He's played very consistently getting after the quarterback is strong in the run game. And I think he's really fact that the found that that front seven and got what Sheldon Richardson was a rookie game at our news and he's back in here has emerged as the nose tackle. Are those three together have made up I didn't write the unit and not the coach stepped -- about. Just how competitive they are they're so young they don't really understand just how talented they are so. They're just constantly out there week in and week out trying to push each other. He which want to be more productive and had a better game that the pick up yesterday obviously the whole team but. As a very young promising unit that -- certainly be leaning on for years. Chris the other I think big issue opening quarterback with the advantage slaves is saints' defense of line against Jets offensive line think. The Jets offensive line a lot of inconsistent moments there the one thing that jumps out at you this Saints team far different from. Made any other team I can remember other than maybe that 2000 team when they had La'Roi Glover and Joseph Johnson and Norman hand and Darren Howard. This team is really good along the front. Maybe not technically front four but their front line. I think people kind of across the nation -- gonna be surprised just how good. This -- at the Saints is -- think going up against any consistent unit at the Jets that's a big advantage site. You know Chris yeah that is one guy getting sacks and all hell could it. Yeah I think look at the nation hasn't quite taken notice at Rex Ryan certainly has the actor's brother. Architect he and -- at a guy's eyes wide open that. And then again today that he thought that his brother some of the better jobs properly learn our coordinators so far this year style. He thought about how how that group is very multiple big -- -- of it -- I've yet to get up and the line has has been up and down had a rough game yesterday. Other young park along that line crying when there's only made a couple of starts he's a rookie in their left are playing nine between. The particular Ferguson and nick mangled -- becoming -- better -- -- -- mangled and partner that was almost perennial pro bowlers but now. Think they're gaining a little bit physically hurt and he doesn't quite look like is. Is normal dominant -- side in his game a lot the last couple years but there are concerned there. I think will be alone it was a -- pick up -- he's done have more of an impact in the locker room being. Veteran presence and a leader -- as he would -- the Foreman on the heels though. It's not exactly yeah most consistent solid unit that -- And in order to get it like being being competitive in most games whatever quarterback they need to beat down we need -- Iran and they haven't been able to be that. Into the family and their ears back and I'm happy geno and either quarterback. -- figured out east though trying to figure out what situations getting protections figured out and communicating with -- -- the line. I've been an issue -- in his resulted in a lot turnover. Chris thanks so much put joined us we appreciated thanks so much Chris. Any parent I think for -- right.