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10-28-13 5:10pm Second Guess Hour 2

Oct 28, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take calls on the Saints' 35-17 win over the Buffalo Bills and LSU's upcoming game against Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Today's the bill Bill Moretti -- opinion polls. Based off past years of what you have seen so far this season do you pick goes to an upset Alabama next Saturday. You -- cast your vote at WWL. Dot com probably gonna goes through technical alliance got more in Portland Oregon hang it on mark. In -- huddle with Robin might. Hey -- how Loria tried mark. I got -- -- to -- -- -- badly out for more intense effort to go -- game a little bit of your whole look forward to it that's great mark. Yeah it's so here's what -- and Bobby use -- they have a lot in your so right thing you don't hear me everybody right. And Marcus Colston is telling a popped your weather at three or whatever it might be. Do you -- look good I mean -- book and just see but I can't help but look at the at the next couple -- the cops need to improve the offensive line. You -- market Cole's contract being restructured and they even Lance Moore is being restructured. Given their production. This year based upon what may or may not be happy complacent at the end you're you whatever. Right but we're not hitting our value and I hate to say that about Colston -- could they have been injured. But you know arms that we yet -- everybody. If we got a lot of money tied up -- those two players. In the Major League and you get -- to -- -- speak that we got like it if they give me. We got to get a pattern. Maybe not a -- -- left -- You know we got work to do it and you don't have a whole lot of money being thrown around salary cap next year and held the -- will be great at. You don't rearranging. Restructured Max contract right yet yet but. Well the thought that got a lot about just off the top of my hand. And now might be in how we would in I don't know humility about their contracts with to be Atlanta or. Really that good bargain with the pain not -- cute yet. About restructured Lance is Theo I think make via book. Atlanta is not overpaid -- -- -- -- -- anymore he was at one time. And -- -- colds that not that's a different animal. That I think he could come to a point. Were you once called it that help -- out like you know so that like Roman Harper like that I -- you -- -- audio yeah. But I will -- this market and -- wrote this this week in my column I think offensive line is priority number one out. But. Hardy won me. It is a -- receiver. -- football team has got to go with you. You could draft free agency radio whatever. And get them a guy that can stretch the field you might have that -- walk him but you don't know that he's coming off an injury. That you bring up a great point I do think in its not that I thought about last week you do and a column this team -- got a BA it would it gets. What I would say eight -- stretch receiver. On this football team into one to fourteen. Well at the one thing -- -- big plays. Now -- obviously board did -- as far as the actual receptions. But going to that this game against the bills and Kenny -- is outstanding. -- average 43 yards a reception a couple of -- down -- three receptions Martin 29 yards. But he was coming into the game ride it twenty yards ninety point eight and and you look at they do with. Right at twenty yards -- only three receptions sixty yards but but he had explosive plays. I don't know what what you look at though with every hit it to fit this team he was among the best. In the NFL. But eight and a half yards a reception. So would you look at those numbers and you know which -- it to get an opportunity. They have had -- to be made big -- now it's ridiculous. When you look at Jimmy Graham averaged a tight -- at sixteen yards and and the idea that he's probably apt that that yes that that's a wide receiver Easley at that bar or maybe part of -- the 49ers walk out the -- name out and it could well be. If he comes out early and I think you get great that would -- -- he's not a stats guy but I he would -- this -- -- perfectly Jarvis Landry LSU. No -- be sweet I we'd like to have another Eric -- connect and our eye popping. Yeah well. Yeah well if you use a little LSU flavored -- you know a lot of times -- fans or Saints fans vice Versa and so. But in -- well I don't have in this offense and his visit Galaxy -- route running skills. And he's got a little bit more stepped indicating -- this year that we've seen in years past I think Jarvis Landry as a late first round pick. Would be a perfect victims ethical Dale's gonna go in the top 1516 if you comes out early. But I think that Jarvis made last a little longer because he isn't what people look at that is from a speed standpoint all I know is. If ma I need to convert a third and nine I'm throwing the football -- Jarvis Landry not to keep it great -- -- -- Well I tea while the guys would this would not think about peers yeah -- You know my plan are gonna go we look for that playoff game a few years ago and I -- what I'm I want to think the golf played around a few months coming up here -- lost. But we're gonna go up there -- -- naked boy -- tell you what that's. That's going to be a pop into an -- well all of a lot plate staff and I hate you know holing pampered sisco. I would let my rookie years ago Bob Wright right -- -- fight like like when he one point Joseph Montana. He's -- -- like three touchdown -- and we lost 3435. -- like that I came out what exactly I hate the 49ers I hate them you better these -- gobble them up -- up -- well. Dogged day you think you're going to Seattle game also are yeah yeah okay it was like I'll advised you can not what you get Uga didn't Wear -- -- something black. The vote don't have anything would say to them I'm afraid those. -- -- -- -- That old ones but -- how is it if you at the F and off. -- you know I'll say not now in comparison to other places is really not they just a lot of a real mark thanks so much but it always appreciated but. We've got to go to each seats to the huddle with Bobby in my. Yeah yeah you know the thing though please. And Bobby there -- appearance today. Yes I'll make appearance on Monday night miracle lucky you know that analog episodes that I've that you like you. You're not doing you proud and appreciate -- your. -- That you did it go that day that day MIT Bob he has a real job that he got a league overly. Equipment left DiLeo a couple of now that that's that's a real job there. He's got a knife fights and I delivered out of nobody wants to give an optimal growth and they've beaten -- -- Do I'm on the lead they ultimately nobody wants to do you know yeah hello all of those does work on actually put money I know I. Yeah that's not get beaten you in the box you know the media asked him -- that money -- these marvel will have a moment of. You split it up you'd pick weapon out a bracket you say you've got no big deal all the gallop -- you get. -- read about it -- Q when softly. Hit it to what defense that was you can play that again I agree teach I haven't quite got that the coaching point right there. -- LSU has had trouble this and that and that really got to everybody it's they understand that but that's the main created. How about the spot where it will keep the game close the battle what an appellate QB get a couple breaks got the lead. I agree I'd not thought about that all week and everybody I have talked to other than you say you look absolutely crazy. I think that he has not only that I think the match up certainly. Favors a little bit Belichick defensively it because of the style what you say the other thing too is. To win this game that met Burke got past the play big matches go back to last year he -- everything. Right to win this game. Had it not been you've been the riverboat gamble and had you played conservative. You would have beaten Alabama. Well I thought he could definitely work water as of late Allen Hughes played outstanding. In one happen -- and it can -- got to play four quarters you know and and you know we know the cable of doing that. Now -- pass the blame. Better at that yeah -- McCarron and last year he yeah you play bought better today -- and I think you know spot here. I think you -- in Alabama right place right time. It needs it would not shock me one bit Belichick goes there and beat them on their own -- It ends up being a field goal game where if Alabama wins it'll be very very close. Now to what you look at this now is that the mirage are. But it shows you Alabama on you to keep you what you team peaking towards and getting better week in week -- but you -- everything in hand and that's about it. I know -- got him America's -- haven't given up six yards to the team in. You know John image it doesn't get -- everybody but you look at Alabama about the score. -- last six opponents -- -- -- 4626. And -- Already good enough to have gained only given up production yet that they crunch people. -- it's it's so that's why they a lot of -- fan is so worried because they've seen it even who's been shut out Ole miss. That it what they've done against other SEC opponents not all the charges for others to the world. I had to think to his other simple Wallace didn't play well that night. Relishes the best quarterback -- plays that men are 56 so much but probably appreciated. A lot more -- on the second gesture right at his break yet to make it seven. Welcome back to the second guess you'll Mike about a lot but the symbols of the casino -- side and Hancock county Mississippi gonna go to Connecticut and offshore Hank you know huddle with -- in my. He gave up our. We called back and tendencies he was on a corner blitz but how can he do it too personal foul -- Intense place to do the same thing it's like don't they teach you not to kill the quarterback to get on what you handed push became -- Even yeah -- penalty. Well the thing is I think it happens so fast that sometimes. You get so excited and he got a free shot at the corner Michaels who you could hit it -- where you talk about according white whatever it. And I can tell you ballot the BS call the first one. To -- now that terrible penalty that was rough -- the passive but that is last night -- post game. To me not too Smart. Because the -- definitely was roughing the passer because he launched himself. -- -- high system that was a legit Dallas the third at five UK do that. Yeah but well. It a vehicle you'd think that the quarterback you'd be equally. They can all play and it all even own -- it will be six or according to play you can hit the quarterback analyst. Actually that being in what is the emotion I mean yeah it it's a physical game and it's an emotional game so. These are that's gonna make a play so you know you get caught up in the emotion you've got to put yet. At that point but this and at this point in time I do agree with one thing you cannot. Launch itself had a lot of back like he did the second on the pros what. That was a bad call the second time you've -- on his feet and went out -- what about you that you should know best. If that happens that quick -- like you know to back to back and that's like you're not very Smart football player now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know it just go full speed at any trying to hit him in the cut what you shoulder. I mean because you can't hit -- between the -- in the shoulders. And engaged did you call that especially. If if if he's actually in the process of throwing not like. You know he throws that gave you whack them but if you there quick enough like it has got to look at that the the midsection. Backing him up in the midsection with the shoulder baseball for Oakland. Don't like I don't know they'd hit noted that the and that that because it's a lately not a roughing the penalty while. Not. Would you change maybe get on me at first. Trying grip on the pushed down because accumulate any kind of plastic on an -- -- -- -- Iran took the legitimate draws some. I mean it's like yeah. And it it's almost like you know -- that it almost like Oakmont or Arctic or -- the -- I mean basically you can't touch him and so that's what it's you want to teach it to play -- that but it's hard. It's Hart well now that aggressive -- all of us live that's all he's known how to do not to do but don't launch. It's not then that's not sport we do yourself out of. Well I think I've got a jump ball that you see in the first quarter when they call rough and against the bills -- through that was the roughness penalty somewhat of I mean if you objective and I think while we got a break but it didn't look like rough it to me. Well I think yet it was are well yeah I realized that looking for that you can go on anymore. Yeah yeah. Clean. Grab and trampled down you can and more. But I think if you play an outpatient cancer rate -- feel -- have a high percentage and everything that me. While Hank thought oh yeah did he could still be playing on the well -- got -- -- -- -- and have parties that -- not it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We had a lot Delaware a lot of and we're gonna go through rule changes and the other thing you have when -- it was played Joseph Montana Elway. There were probably two dozen top flight pass rushers in the NFL. The name. If you got a dozen. You've got land. That's the even a bigger chains where. You played against sometimes you guys -- only one team that we're picked John Patterson today if you've got one on a team you fortunate Hank thanks so much for the off. We appreciate it a lot borne -- I think -- -- right -- this news break with general rules. Lot of activists like against -- -- that the along with obviously a lot of this also you know. He -- and make not counting Mississippi real -- -- -- out -- -- and a New York. Chris will press the Chris thanks so much with -- -- at Buick we're close. Robin -- will look at this and it was interesting because we went back quite a few years because we optimistic view of the of but. Interesting Rob Ryan gone up against his brother Rex as noble one. Again through like all -- owns -- five -- spot in that category you know I can now quite a few years -- let one another but in the years they play. He has not -- Rex I think this is the year though because one distinct advantage the Saints have a quarterback with this. Yeah I'd say if they were hampered our -- break that streak I would think you might -- it we if you I would. Certainly think coming in you know agony on the road appeared that the New York area there except I -- -- then came the -- and find out there. And -- hit -- and tax cut up by Andy Dalton and yesterday it was. Pretty eye opening get has been in the league in this century when mark or that he's in a yes it was a major -- and -- secondary was -- vote on pure pure -- jumping from the donor -- on that this week when they watched film. -- a little bit all on Chris Ivory you've -- got it was a fan favorite here gotten man he gave you everything he got when he was on the field but. Seems like a nice sports score. And when he was to go up and ready to go man he really looked nice but he spent a lot of time and a garage. Because you know you can listen to -- -- foul play because he gets beat up a lot and the phils a little bit about Chris that he's had some really good games and another game well not quite as good. Yes it I think got his feet and has done similar the way to get beaten down that bit of roller coaster ride in and -- -- used them. I'm in the garage appeared I'll send. He's been nicked up he's going back to training camp had a hamstring injury couldn't really shake so. It's a lot of kind of get an apology and -- -- to -- behind the eight ball a little bit and what they're getting some playing time. But that's part numbers the last couple weeks it speaking it victories. A week ago yesterday at 34 carries though. You really -- physical up punishing style that. But you mentioned that kind of you know get them it's been nicked up at times but. I yesterday what really hit game and get up on it early at the end had to play catch up and it never ever at at any point rebel established. Any sort of running against what was up with -- on that and allowed. You know he's not really -- expletive it's. You know issues he'd change of -- game breaking cutbacks but when the Jets need somebody and the ball Q and and give them that has been. Ecstatic and really rely on the scene that morning maybe 45 -- game he's -- certainly don't have anyone on their roster quite like him so. He's a Murton a lot absolutely -- and it was a light day. But now I'm sure he'll be -- -- thought -- former team you know that the lead off the -- but it's not a game but yeah yeah right now. I believe that -- that -- you have to think he'll be line shows something I'm going to be a former team. Now are Chris Whitney what does the fan base that what is your take geno Smith and I think he has those has had a -- -- You probably have a pretty good game against the Saints is that. Kind of been the scenario so far with you know it's been like on that -- locals -- one good game bad game good game -- he kind of that -- pace. Absolutely that that is that point and pattern and so far so look there's certainly a lot of lot of things not to like about turnovers and how many of these -- -- shown what his resiliency and and I think it's maturity as a rookie and really I'm not. Not stringing those things together and letting it sorted -- noble -- well for that he had been able to bounce back. But yesterday it was. Was probably. The -- -- they -- the -- this year without question. And over the top spot and they got down early -- -- able -- run the ball at all. And that angle offensive lineman on that statement in their ears back and you'd get through have to bury it back in being at the top spot or repeat. That up but are now and that doesn't really have. A lot of -- -- make -- that -- that whether he wide receiver weathered the acting in the backfield running back there Harden situation. Only -- that four game suspension right now so. They don't really. -- a bit lately it really act of the way they wanted to view and not you know you're up by. And obviously show him back and acute expected and that is -- now between now. It'll be interesting to -- has responded well a lot they'll -- this year but yet -- -- -- response. This week is that it that they got thing and they got their bye week so they wanted to go and their bye week I note and certainly -- seeking you know to get our. And now Chris. That. From an outsider looking in at the reception is. That Rex Ryan and I'm not talking about this past -- -- with that being moved but overall. He's really I've got that defense coming to play especially that front seven. I commit we're doing a draft show Mohamed will Kristin -- temple. And it did 2011 drivers have always show the Saints get him and then cam in was all of a sudden available and I look at Jordan reckless and -- -- so well we'll just talk about what they've done their front seven with the Jets and Mohamed will -- Yet that the Jets kind of what the the strip I mean since Rex Ryan arrived it's not a bad about what their secondary was but there are rated them that are you know -- to have a couple of they played really well out here. But they law and free agency this year a lot with that. But the secondary is beat up yesterday in front seven and they read that they happened in the game he and played -- And there's so much as part of on the book and on that and declined. Yeah he's only in his third year but he really emerge here as one of the top. You know -- or had a yard to get aren't technically to reach fourteen anymore -- back Greek sport and event and one of the better ones in the game. He's played very consistently getting after the quarterback he's strong in the run game. And I think he is really -- up the -- that that front seven and got what Sheldon Richardson was a rookie game at our -- back in here has emerged as the nose tackle. Those three together that made up I didn't write the unit and not the coach stepped -- about. -- how competitive they are they're so young they don't really understand just how talented they are so they're just constantly out there -- and we are trying to push each other. He which -- to be more productive at a at a better game that the pick up yesterday obviously for the whole team but. As a very young promising unit that Jets certainly be leaning on for years. Chris the other I think big issue opening quarterback with the advantage slaves is Saints defense of line against Jets offensive line think. The Jets offensive line a lot of inconsistent moments there the one thing that jumps out at you this Saints team far different from. Made any other team I can remember other than maybe -- 2000 team when they had La'Roi Glover -- Joseph Johnson and Norman hand and Darren Howard. This team is really good along the front. Maybe not technically front four but their front line. I think people kind of across the nation are going to be surprised just how good. This -- at the Saints is not think going up against any consistent unit at the Jets that's a big advantage slight. You know -- yeah that is one guy getting sacks and all hell could it. Yeah I think look at the nation hasn't quite taken -- -- Rex Ryan certainly has the actor's brother. Architect -- and eat at a guy's eyes wide open that. Then again today that he thought that his brother and one of the better jobs properly -- and ordered so far this year so. He thought about how how that group is very multiple -- a lot of different look. I've yet to get up and the wind has had been up and down had a rough game yesterday. Other young part Longo line crying when there's only made a couple of starts he's a rookie in there -- left are playing nine between. The particular Ferguson and nick mangled -- becoming a better guy to me mangled and partner that was almost perennial pro bowlers but now. Think you're seeing it a little bit physically hurt and he doesn't quite look like is. Is normal dominant -- I'd he's seen a lot elect a clear there are there and there. I think -- alone it was a nice pick up the job he's done have more of an impact in the locker room being. Veteran presence and a leader but as he would -- the -- on the heels though. It's not exactly yeah most is in college unit that spark. And in order to get it like being being competitive in most games whatever quarterback they need to beat down they need -- was -- the rock and they haven't been able to be that. Into the amateur and their ears back and I'm happy geno and either quarterback. So I figured out east though trying to figure out what's speculation -- -- figured out in Munich in which -- -- and the line. I've been an issue time in his resulted in a lot are Albert. Chris thanks so much -- join us we appreciated thanks so much Chris. Any parent I think for -- right Chris. Looked rusty from WFC and -- -- reporter for the New York get a lot more -- -- he -- to -- -- this -- -- -- that. Welcome back in the second -- show and act up from Metairie to hang on. The so what do -- tell everybody the national holiday cash contest. We're gonna that for you real quick. Double WL 1000 dollar cash contest. Romo words is coming up and remember you've just a few times you can listen to it every day. Any -- moon three and six field right field -- now we come back. Wore out another -- words for you right. That is breaking on the eats them and in the closing moments of number -- does that and yes you remind everybody a couple words coming up soon we're gonna go to Duckett -- in oh with Bob and Mike. And it might -- -- and now. That -- -- you know you tell me what happened yet he would cornerback. Think -- -- quite yet in the 24 anyway it's in the game all the quarterback you know. He was gone but yeah. Of the quarterback in his first reaction of course is that a lot of luck Bobby and use public wanted to get it. Yeah -- can hit home and twice. -- -- -- play caller back all right on yours from me and it got married but walked right -- One game suspension. And you see it all comes -- guys. He finally which is Google but it. -- Well yeah yeah but it right a year that no matter weapons that now I mean Edith so kind of -- all kind of likes it well. I again thought is that he's going to be an aggressive player I guess I have to go out active players -- and blow a lot of great theater down yet ACL. And and I mean he's gonna be aggressive. I thought. And you called a mile with the receiver for the Bears Marshall. Rent it -- it Marshall saying about the moment we all in this together kind of good ol' boys that felt like you can't be trying to. Take nobody out you know we're all trying to make -- -- -- us on my right. Wrestling that the show must go don't don't want to but but but it'll get beat that thing that people of Florida had a relationship. You know they they know each other. And in and he basically said Maryland don't make -- out -- back guy who you'd rather. -- are an aggressive football player like me are our Arsenal won like or two you've been involved with domestic violence. The -- didn't -- -- little hard -- guys that you could call me out a call you well done thanks so much but while we appreciate it.