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10-28-13 6:10pm Second Guess Hour 3

Oct 28, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier talk about the Saints' 35-17 win over the Bills, Tulane's win over Tulsa, and LSU's upcoming game against Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the second guess Joseph Mike McNeill all football -- now. At the Falcons have a casino slot and Hank got pounded. -- the third period got through that mentioned out overnight. I delegate Ellis showed up that they didn't think he had the 6 o'clock easily out. The pick up for the Monday night contest between the Seattle Seahawks in the Slaton -- to you can hear it on WW LAM and kept them. What -- -- body on a programming note at 630 tonight it definitely helped. Saints radio exclusive the Saints -- -- with head coach Sean Payton and you bits of line coach. Knew that Johnson what a great job with the young -- defense -- line he should average 6 o'clock job which on about missed the game put them. This opens up there. -- then it's look good to be back after missing last week then you. Everybody -- what would happen that was so. Not a rule was -- around the way Hewitt it's gonna happen. Last month they go about my -- start that Phillip and you look back in the groove -- everybody was. On on are up to the public is up which would look good for a joke but anyway that's great stuff going on the got a really good bandits come -- we -- we got that Brian Austin. These -- brought up here. In the field well yeah I feel down about Brett Favre yeah it was Clint black's lead guitar player now if we could partly for -- here he played this weekend a Friday Saturday. And next weekend the eighth and 9 November. But back from the -- you Patrick for a tradition will be -- here. And on that Saturday night gonna push forward back you'll have to -- if you Alabama game at -- -- afterward elevate the. I feel like I -- I'll not take out I think Ellis who's been upset Alabama. Big you rub on that but I really think they got a legitimate shot here. To be that high in their own backyard that Ned Burke plays big -- just delegate. Well the only other setup is that tiger is not that is that is the -- -- drawn. Well I think. I put it this way I'll take the points but I've managed to make the putts that didn't -- on that spot. They tell everybody that bit about what goes on he'll also Halloween and well and I. Had to get the Halloween night this coming October 31 is our last viking classic or night as we have all the bike class -- that apartment going to be great beautiful evening. Plus given the way that big dollar big bear chopper that went on to -- -- Beautiful orange chopper was goals on its a must -- -- given that away at 9 PM we're gonna happen. It's by David has stayed at his bike he goes goodbye that fail and whether -- is big enough to hold the ball -- that. That Mike has figured out the -- don't give it up they'll -- there you go to give -- -- that shopper 9 PM and that we have a great local band I just on stage from seven to eleven. And we often have but girls out here will be great night to know better places now we -- -- -- through the you know of course. We have you watch the NFL game on to slot machine we have who -- -- and it went flop -- -- watch game. And the best move they. Right hill on the misses -- -- opponents right where -- -- the so helpless look -- Not yet -- look at -- they've got. This is aware of -- -- -- -- haven't had this when then let's everybody wants to hear the purpose that they Bobby give it to those brother about I didn't know what kind of brought to the NFL era but it will what is the year but -- camp radiates an NFL -- -- get 29. 99 to dedicate -- officially licensed that the fish realizes product lot NFL. So for artificially delighted NFL. Air but well only ten dollars or your team's spirit. With NFL official team here but from here but I hit. Not I hop but I hit all thirty UT locals available it fits all Smartphone. I -- I fault I pads in MP3 players. Great sound comparable compact. The perfect gift for your sports -- it's all sports fans here. I'd say I'd suggest a great -- here only ten dollars don't get used them the Saints NFL. Here but NFL air Brett Brooklyn fail go to my yard experts dot com get your NFL Europe. Basically a thirty dollar certificate. Volley ten dollars so. But youth sports fan this is -- must have. To keep up with your beloved -- thing. People don't view it you know -- this guy with that judgment yet and like everybody else. You know I think most of the people here -- LSU fans who dat nation. The man we gotta give some -- while the Tulane football with Curtis is Jonathan has done. Probable wide receiver quote what this night to turn that. Program around so quickly yep and and that's where we talk about Rob Ryan and what he's done with this night the Mets. How about lot of Washington and what he's done it to -- With that secondary and that he -- Man Curtis Johnson you talk about the global program was down -- down -- and -- turn that thing around. And you've got a couple of inappropriately as -- boss Marion Monroe. In that secondary and what putts I -- -- you'll love saint Thomas More high school out Lafayette. Eight. Team and a half tackles this week against also over the also need to just seven points as a remarkable. Turnaround. -- -- hell all the hullabaloo man that's a hell of all the -- in what good is Johnson has done now but in this and kudos throughout the line. I don't want you to the game what is the island when I think Mickey you know what I thought of within yeah legal action there's nobody else this -- -- a lot of that nobody broke two ladies that. It helped me with that GA stance or you know I think it is. You know blue collecting -- -- going everywhere they will -- yet you likely LSU again we think about that night hullabaloo. Hard out of here and things of that and I tell him. Think you'll love this because. That day. Oakland Raiders the -- of coordinated Jason Tarver. And he's the one who gave yesterday the officials. The middle bingo -- out of the birdie issued over politics saying that he went overboard but given and not seeing just you. Because of all black that was the -- Mike Jenkins he Saddam apologized to my accident outside line. It was the heat of moment I regret drawn attention away from the Raiders players know what happened that is the best sport he was right. About the lord of the middle finger because the refereeing picked up the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you catalytic at I don't have a camera -- -- the camera camera because they in you know. You gotta protective she'll and now and I heard that this is a lot of character -- guy he's like get double major I think he's. Micro biologist insomnia. -- he's like a Rhodes scholar basically you know you even his fellow coaches that -- you coach or you should be finding the cure the stuff that he is that gifted. But you know -- backed you know. You know shot it it taught that to figure out there and Chuck Cecil. He was the original one Allen knocked in poplar and forty started finding new. When he became a coach you know well when he hit the stop himself from look at all the official. What he -- his biggest together. You can coach it had its -- result like this so you would do like this and so. Goes Scotty Cameron didn't matter if the -- get things together you'll get troubled stuck with a beautiful. It was a long time blip but also consistent with the Titans in the -- president is very -- what do you look consequently nobody -- they would think the biggest and just let it then. And so the referee would look at -- we would like you know on the -- all of that -- you show me that hand. But the -- that was tape. Not a got away with annual. -- it's like you get so excited like god. You know they feel like a lot of Latin based on Italian if you you talk with you handedly like -- -- ailing man that's like on the idea Gallagher had a -- all they got it down yet you know. They think so much but I don't know all of them now that a slip both. Especially Halloween night at some great stuff they've never -- the things that looked like so but we're gonna go to my -- mentally. Mike Modano was bothered -- You know at its longest today. I think out of the got a kick out to the -- All the way back to back -- go to. I had my -- look all round and now. We're gonna go to Nazi that the they'll probably bothered by. I'm calling me and I just wanted to try to tell you about the horrible they got to thank you down. He ain't -- really I really don't mean because the -- it was written in the nineteen. Let somebody got a helmet. Hullabaloo blood that's out there pictures I've heard. We can only baseball he was on -- -- old yet. Did Allen is gone it's gone out to every goal. That was behind by the green back there for two -- Can it's kind of like -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah well out there and I don't think it on anybody on the third that kind of via explain that you did she was written in the morning there. But I'm -- people now about politics. I actually that the game relatives that -- -- out of it if you're playing man this is not even a football man. Because of so medically has now that the -- -- -- yet you've got to really be proud of what's happened that I years at lane with Curtis Johnson -- Lotta Waltz well -- lot of Washington almost got -- of the from -- to. I don't run up the road where we look bad so and they got some players on the team -- -- -- little -- that we really thought that if Tulane would win it would be more on the offensive side. And yet they went on the bats well I had the perfect timing you know right. You know getting people excited that you stadium in in bringing football back to Tulane campus. Yeah -- media have a lot of fans that going to be on that bandwagon. Because you just got to recruit good it's gonna be affordable I mean you don't -- is a lot of times. I mean when you put up what you kind of ignited yet you got family go to between LSU and and and the things they can't afford it -- this is something you know they can afford AAA baseball they probably can afford you know Tulane football because they want. The fans -- in this season and to have the sororities fraternities all involve letting it be a great think that to me Zach. It's Hillsborough let's not you know how to with Bob and Mike -- does that go ahead okay our commitment if I don't think LA he's going to be Alabama be here okay. Not a give a reason line. Know the way their defense is but the way today or whenever how they get down everybody and that they might -- far. Get a check out Texas Stadium it didn't shut down a NL with like -- didn't knock it on demand now that it's -- one mile mile and -- -- team. Were there any player in -- but they wall. I everywhere yeah that that they won't leave them. And I think it's going to be a fairly high scoring game between LSU and Alabama are really no but I think LSU this is their shot. This is really their shot that no it does that make that America plays great I got a shot yeah I really do I mean you kind of going to be another B Oregon game wise yes I think it'll be more points all laughs I think it'll come down. -- final moments of that game -- LSU with a shot to win now again. I'll say it would not shock me to -- Ellis you go there would be no I think you know you have very very close football game between LSU and Alabama. But I think if give it to blow while Alabama -- not LSU is not going to be any other way around it yet. And I am not they get and I'll come -- -- Burke and have a great game. Is that you could see -- lightly used on Baton Rouge last year. I mean now you got a much better all -- Beckham and Jarvis Landry out on the field and they have done I think an elegy Claude that they haven't played four quarters in a while they can indeed that -- is -- -- They gonna have to play four quarters of great football. And I'm not say they gonna stop Alabama but it could be thirty on the thirty some night game. -- about 31 when he seventh -- -- -- -- and I'm telling you both teams are gonna give up points because with the if they can't I think it's gonna be a lot of back game and Webb got the hot hand had been shot in last year. Know some crazy stuff go on but that met -- played well enough in that game -- Ellis you can win. And that thing is fifth that a and M. Embarrassing moment the coach -- and and his defense and -- Alabama I mean if you look at it. They'd crush people. That they've outscored their last six opponents the said that earlier 246. To 26. There and our last six games they've only allowed 26 point oh. That that that would be a greater college but I think as I meant -- analogy with the weapons they have at running back at receiver that that that that they can put up. You know high point just to learn that thirty again. Yeah in the ring with the area at the end. You have a look at how we Alabama and down at the national championship. One and one and not -- -- look like that the players totally different team and play us at this point in time it's a different look at look at it like one. Avenue two years ago and look at it to date look at it last year yeah I'm not in a big Alabama -- dogma we came back and -- Avant is not listed at it and it out figured out that blog I would would -- Is it that Alex lost all -- -- the players. Alabama when I'm totally yeah. I mean I don't know if I think coach Saban coached well you know and that's -- -- and I don't know if Belichick NFL players offensively. It accidentally -- receivers. Jeremy dale that running backs. And -- -- played like you know one draft pick which he has at times. I can and it felt like Larry and it -- -- -- and now I think -- -- but I don't know enough you know plate that you might get blown out but that. Ask one question equally great quake and eight don't even matter a gimmick parent or that may have been murdered. Right now -- put -- all pro prospect I would go with that I would go with an admirable way. Or -- several bad arm bad Armon not. I think -- up more upside to his game. Zach thanks so much what it all. When it never will body that continuously. Because on this night radio network it's an exclusive the Saints coaches show would head coach Sean Payton. And be offensive line coach Bill Johnson up next right here on this -- radio network.