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10-28-13 7:05pm Bobby & Deke with Saints D-Line coach Bill Johnson

Oct 28, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Saints defensive line coach Bill Johnson about the Saints' defensive line improvement in 2013.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our it's our time of the program will welcome in a special guest assistant coach Saints defensive line coach bill Johnson's on this now coach Johnson always a pleasure to have you in. -- how did the defense of line grade out yesterday. Well. It's going to be Uga might do things -- would be homeless -- -- and back and looking proposal very physical football game. Housing -- about some things on the young players play so well especially here inside -- as the big guys inside. We're concerned going into the game of their running game in the zone read polite. And but we held -- we've still -- a lot of improvement to go with some vision goes on fundamentals but. But you know it's good to get to win and two in urgent and 45 York Russian nobody York Russian. So good about there. Now coach doesn't begin at those young guys and I'll look at and -- area. That's gonna help when you can come on in their rotation to get Brodrick Bunkley back with Jonathan Jenkins. Who's been an outstanding job and you talk about a comment on that and also about the young guys who people in Foster. -- walker or Tom Johnson all that rotation falls to put a couple of sacks walker and Johnson would have sacked and evolved -- -- as far as getting after the quarterback. Well you know start opposite inaudible the biggest. Best thing we had was strength in numbers you know being able to rotate. We -- went to a to a three week stretch here we didn't quite have -- -- people and we're getting a little healthier here. Where were word there and people coming back where we get back to that good rotation but we didn't have good rotation last night that really helped us. But you know. By talking about Bunkley and Jenkins were probably get as good -- plays with had to. The five years I've been here last night we we just went all of them true rotation with a bus series. We played pretty good -- and would not help both of those guys did a great job of well good anchor and and do a great job would get off blocks and I'm in the football so you know when you can have big people. And they can get -- auction he got a chance to two to do well in the run game -- they did last night. Now our coach Johnson we're gonna comment on these two guys that because I think it really step and one around to me keeps getting better better and that being Cameron -- To me and I'll watch a lot of football. To me. That we'll learn the most impressive sacks that I seen those 35. That sack where he he's not only tactically you humiliate the linemen -- of -- with sacked the quarterback think caused the fall within recovers it. I -- just talk about the progression of Cameron aren't where. It seems like he's staying hungry is getting better better than also a junior -- now a force that. Logan to to get gas talk about you know Cameron though we've had now for a couple of years and you know this is pleased these really done a great job and his leadership role. I think we you know when we went down he sort stepped up in the room and follow me in our room on our defense. That to try to become a leader on this football saying he's very talented young man -- -- the long week heading -- you know it is his position coach. I think we've learned to to beat him in better positions to letting -- plays -- -- last year after watching -- played him inside Solomon also. Outside ability is definitely. More productive when he's outside -- -- -- or even a nine technique. He known that means they do that's where he can rush the pass for the best and you know talk about the play last my body about that. -- -- about it did deals great -- -- good inside movies communicated with -- jobs in the cover for a moment incitement. I'll probably excuse to do -- Great year on the quarterback league you know do -- do well not get a penalty but. What I love most about it that they -- 5050 ball on the ground and there was no way he would -- -- program without having that ball. And that's just put the fight in the finished that we talk about the uploaded a great job tradition that that. But camp Camby is doing a great job force you to Greg coach and he's a good young player lots still a lot of upside. Then when you talk about junior -- ago would that were real problem for the fact that. You know Bobby -- we actually brought him in the first year from steelman and and red shirt in the -- he had a long way to go from the standpoint being a professional player work ethic. Desmond those type things but. Outdated. You know that guy has done a great job of of becoming a professional football player. And I think that people start recognize his name because he's always had some explosiveness has some ability. And he's he's grow and he's grown as a young man he's grown as a football player. He's increased his stamina to play more down and he's he's he's just to -- them to work everyday -- love to play the game glad we have. Our coach -- explain this to be Al -- coach speak we ran out of time what the -- roughing the passer. I made a I. I'll look at at it now and I know I'm not biased because I am objective they call it rough but the pass -- one time on the bills. Against drew and I said that yes there's no way that's roughing the passer but they called against the bills have been looking. Twice Corey white now the first time that that that went pilot that it looked like he was going right in the quarterback -- is it. Now the second time. He launched himself that he went high but I don't mean is that like what do you tell the players that got hit between the shoulders than the way. Well. -- -- great question. You know open as years go on you know we're all for protecting the players well like -- we have -- a little more consistency in the rule. Well you know we've we've got to do a good job. All the rules all the rules. You don't like it you know you'd you'd we were raised where that's good clean football on our hit the better you get more reduced to Vietnam like that but. But you know I think it's solid targeting Bobby and I think you have to target more below below the shoulders. Now and the problem is is some handles quarterbacks -- in when you're in a good targeting positions so. I think it's a tough rule -- to just got to work like Erica did try to you know could go to players O'Meara and you know sometimes is is going to be a tough golf I mean the larger pressure frustration and question and we have the same thing but. We've you've got to play about Rose and gotten the job coached. The Sunday coach the new year old kid so ballclub didn't do so coming off a 49 and nine loss that they have had some big wins this season including the week prior. To the New England Patriots -- a did a good job protecting their quarterback your thoughts on some challenges our defense -- line faces against the Jets offensive line. Rarely got a big big -- sublime this problem more powerful group then been quick all. You know their team that that hadn't had two consecutive losses this year than they've had a few losses but they've always come back strong performances. -- role any time we go on the road in this league. In this -- ago you know you have to be ready to play your best. There and -- you know the biggest going to work or do this we will try to improve ourselves this week concentrate all of us. So that we can go out and play the best game that we can and and and be prepared and ready to play a very good. And probably very motivated football team as we can get back to to New York. Saints defensive line coach Bill Johnson coach Johnson thank you so much for the time good -- to you and -- black and gold rest of the way. Well we appreciate it already -- All right coach thank you very much.