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10-28-13 6:30pm Bobby & Deke with Sean Payton

Oct 28, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia talk with Saints coach Sean Payton about the team's 35-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills and their upcoming trip to face the New York Jets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the Saints will go on the road and we welcome in Saints coach Sean Payton coach -- thank you so much congratulations on the victory. Coach I know we talk on the -- sometimes I'll meet in some about the week prior and you. You don't really like that talk about anything pro argue move forward it in with its sick coach what you told your team which he told the media yesterday about playing a clean the ball game. What it is -- or how do you deal with. Reminding them about what was done but not looking back and moving forward. I mean -- the Saints. Beat we try to do and if we talk about it and meeting today different senses. Are really. Clean up and been put to arrest the game we just play Hewitt generally about. After the game which point four hours where we're making corrections. Your -- referencing. The depositors and corrections from a being. But before your your. Literally turn the page if you will to. In this case Jets film and then kind of correct in pointing. So players Monday. Typically on the day after they they're commended -- and -- -- listed in chance for them there. Really work on take care about it treatments that they need to get to an incredible. Watching game tape I'm gonna go through. You know all the all the stages of the game then and that's what. Most of today's spent going to and when they leave and a lot of them don't want to stay around we didn't watch -- on the next opponent and coaches ought to begin that process is well. Looking at New York. Yeah and I'm moving to the next. The next move on the next opponent. Now a coach -- that way to -- started I mean. That's probably how it via a great dream if you went to bed Saturday night. Considering how that the kids get get snapped at that Lewiston. And me god David Hawthorne causing a fumble. Recovered by Judy -- led. And then all of that you got great field position the question I have. Let's that you vetted charges that would Drew -- to help you all been outstanding in the red zone for a third down percentage. Look at even last year Patriots were one yellow right behind him at number two the Patriots feeling when it -- But what -- do you think the thing like we've struggled. It in the reds' all well thank you likely to -- over the age of three and out and actually I get mileage -- I think the one where you just sit on and we've got to. Really pay close attention to the minors place you know first round. Were ruled football for pretty good game another five or six yards. -- block -- well in the second place. No we've we have trouble protection on a fairly quick drop and and drew and a fitness sacked so well my displayed in the record in. Can nurture it in there and tribute from one touchdown it to its an area that. We kind of spent a lot of time on and continue to -- two point of emphasis for us. And I think there were nipple thing yesterday. That. We talked about after the game and maybe didn't elaborate on that you know we got real take advantage of that field position and it's -- or not get that touchdown. From a -- -- -- -- -- field goal from. They're great start you know that the UW first play like you -- in first -- is that via. Real good player but -- -- -- but once it was over fumble where we recovered. That immediately possession and I thought the the turnover yesterday. Were able to. NAFTA will some of the mistakes that that we -- as a team you know we ended up. Getting -- takeaways. In two fumbles one interception balls I don't know what time. And then we protected the football offensively. And that was one of the things that. That we've been doing very well that's gonna help you win games. Despite some other areas so we've we've just got to continue to work on the red zone you mention it is there's one area and they're trying to be more consistent and -- my response. It -- out -- about. You know through immediately ship having Lance Moore back that trust factor. All of a sudden now I'll look what -- this moment and Allen the tight window. The fifty yard touchdown -- owners whose best pass that I've ever seen them you know considering not but it was great coverage. And then also the text on the 42 yards that's filled and he has an outstanding -- three catches 129 yards a couple of touchdowns. But it things like you know that quarterback receiver relationship that we all knew that had their prospective alliance. But if it like he's building that now we can he still. Well with regard so Lance I think your your -- on the -- note this is yours agencies and you know. Plants as a teammate and one of the great strengths Lance says this. -- feel great feel for running routes vs man or zone and I think. Just as good a field. Is he for the coverages and word via -- Bruton and anticipated. And trust exactly where. Where he's going to be repeatedly in and know that that's something that. Between two very gifted players that post super Smart players. Becomes very effective and very tough to defend and and I grew Uga -- from our. You know if you look at where our bench -- And watching that third down play. Caught it's hard to see because the ball really caught up sort of mentioned in the corner political player -- are playing. Underneath it trying to get a lot stand on it there was really receive the wind all pathetic. In a dimension can still young players can be an -- multi year in the June. Really benefited from the amount pre season snaps they had not only just in games but -- and snaps they withdrew their quarterback with the first offense. And a lot of times a young player. Is it afforded those. Snaps because they're coming in May be in the second quarter that might get a few. But because. We just injuries or wanting to rest some of a veteran players both those two young guys got. I don't war. With the first offense withdrew in. And that that really helps about it too. They played one off a scramble withdrew -- outstanding trillion on Rondell was right there it's not very easy to do and -- -- -- make -- play. In the end zone in second place which kept that we're able to play action. You know through -- -- in the pocket protection. -- table really. -- what looks like. Corner route and then you kind of pumped on him that he hadn't been more of -- run after the catch touchdown but both will affect the play's been involved. -- -- Poison which Kennedy is Gilbert Koppel with. Where to be Smart and he can line up very quickly and understand the adjustments it's better to be better receivers aren't that helped in learning curve for rookie. Now -- -- this a couple of questions on the same drive the fourth and two situation that you are up seven is year old. You going to Florida important important to and is the way to play like college develop the option picked apparent that that definitely was on the he's seen on film. What the bills do that a short yardage situation though was that a game plan type play and then also. On that same drive up fans accidents that -- -- -- coach Peyton. And with the false start back through you know back to back to go from 31. The 36 now third and eleven and you write down eleven yard line -- in the -- -- a field goal with you know you don't get any point. But what is that on the coach -- Rome that he's Warren an officials aren't they look through doing this and you have to call that oh what was that all about. Well let's start first with the fourth downplay it was a short yardage call for arts. That offensively. We run more time here in the last few years. Oftentimes we want. You know outside on a more cracks he more or an outside -- play one of the challenges whose blocking inside linebacker. In. You know that they're an outstanding -- an outstanding rookie outside linebackers. In that we saw on film work it was going to be doubtful for. Nor one that really up to that level the blocks on the outs we felt we get. So but Portman Darren Sproles and short motion and kind of -- if you will the speed ghosts you know almost. -- -- -- -- You -- double what it would freeze inside linebackers are now in here. There's an art shop with the timing we were able to because of that that -- -- able to. Our our. Bankrupt group get to the second level we blocked it well on the perimeter the timing was good then in the action with a player like -- Sproles. You know draws attention so often times you might use him to be court it was a play when we do and so it's kind of a design -- the inside players. -- beards with the receivers. Marcus knows and the bird are doing and Robert. Kendrick appear got first downforce. With regards to short yardage into -- and one of the things that. Terms -- -- burger double -- year happen in Chicago. It actually happened in New England it and they called a penalty on -- which which wasn't the right call. Whether it's for their third down. Person's situation we -- on what we quickly go on experiment we might use art -- we might use a double count. And oftentimes they're challenging to the defense because. We will -- place. Popular up the clock there was less than -- 818 seconds slept in order so. We were just in line with a couple W cadences. Take the quarter and then go the other field. With the opportunity maybe you don't jump off sides. I think it really gets to prove. And the referees and our league in the officials in -- -- do a great job. I think it becomes -- interpretation. Up till now. Your demeanor hadn't changed under center with this -- And I think one group looks at a where maybe eaters but some slight movement with his -- to straighten. And it's they feel that way they can they can call. On the offense which this -- didn't make all the twice so. You'll look at all talk and make sure we communicate to the officials nature. We're trying to get they would what is it specifically that don't want to quarterback to do. We had a long conversation last. Week or two weeks ago at the Patriot you know you were call it was a fourth down. Right at the end of the second quarter. And we -- a great job of a drawn to retreat Patriots into the neutral zone and we can react and we he had corporate look. Unfortunately the one judge it all the wrong on options and it was a mistake but there have been. But that being said it's just matter really don't -- recruit a look at it. -- drawing it and pull off sides within the framework of rules or. -- first time that's happened. Consecutive consecutively. And and so will look at but -- should -- a little unusual in and -- on for us. All right we'll come back Vicki -- and recycling questions for the Saints coach Sean Payton and will point towards Sunday's afternoon matinee at the black and go hit the road to take on. The New York Jets this -- the coaches showed all of 35 Buffalo seventeen. You're listening to the New Orleans Saints radio network. Greens in trouble rolling to his right -- -- -- -- Let's say it's good nannies you know it's neat nick now rubbing and both -- and and brand and had two touchdown receptions. This team. And welcome back it's time now view Ian Moss and recycling coaches questions ER Moss southerners like and they create resource -- Coach this comes from June in man video she says coach I noticed that done that Vilma said during the bye week. If he could start back practicing with his status and housing. He's going well he's. Really good week behind him now -- you're back on the practice field and no parking no. For him just get back out in being able Duke football activities instead of just rehab runners in Lewiston. But he moved to -- last week. Will continue to. Billy sees progress we've got. The so every little smoother with the the rules we've gotten till Monday. After the cowboy game to to make a decision. With Tim and it begins earlier. If we feel like. He's comfortable and in. -- ago in regards to his football skills -- takes a little but I'm -- to go back from being just not only in shape to be in football shape. But Monday after that Dallas game would be the deadline first to make a move within. Will continue to look at each practice see how -- moving in and -- it's important. Hopefully sooner than later we can incorporated into our defense or game points. Remember if you have a question the Saints coach Sean Payton even though Europe Ian Moss and recycling -- questions to us it -- nation it Saints radio network dot com. EM all southerners cycling to create resource spot. Now our courts -- note fans affects me this and that that's the law Max coached me and if you look at the returning game. The punt returner kick returner we on the high explosive there's Sproles could be. To open the second happy kind of set the tone had 32 yard. Returned that's one area. Looking at that we have struggled all averaged nineteen point two that's like thirtieth in the league. And they and they say well we don't go with Sproles -- the other option so well. I know Pierre has done kick off with how we utilize -- -- offense. Lance -- trust -- feeling month. But I would talk a little bit about it maybe that could potentially be an option our development down the road. Chris Williams -- a wide receiver kick return he's on the practice squad. And now looking at his numbers Woody did and is the AFL on 78 returned. Had over 1100. Yards averaged fourteen and a half yards per return. That that's nothing that that. Darren Sproles is the option -- should say who was the first back over the kick returner or punt returner Darren Sproles couldn't do it. Well on game day we've got a handful of players right now number one compliment and and are comfortable with wood there and steal both respond kick returner we've been a lot more judicious. Which regards to take -- balls the end zone there's been great news judgment. You know when you're one of the things. Although the actual -- numbers don't -- -- our average drive start this year. In the top five compared to the bottom five years ago so we -- look at the tape in the offseason there were times we were kicking balls out where the rules are now. We will Wilbert comfortable we take -- -- back and bring it to the point about the return and second perhaps it was a big play for us they're. Very very confident and just as we are with repeated steals. So on the current active roster being date in punt return guys like Lance Moore. Can can jump out in force cadet when he's active he's been up and down. Throughout the course this season have been weeks where he's been out. These thirty year to do that and anytime no different than. They're Thomas. We've we've used it before for probably the kick returner. Not as a punt returner so each week who kind of know the the two deep. Yesterday was more challenging with punt return just because -- time. The -- got. Do pretty good job of keeping their -- here in the lounge is owners as cover units get down there -- the decisions that are made on punt return yesterday was more appropriate so. The one area we really improved on that. Overall in the kicking game it's been four weeks shall we haven't had a penalty in that the the cops singled to overcome his -- punt returner kick return to the flag on the field and -- start on the 38 years. 32 and all of a sudden you're backed up on fifteen you're backed up on eighteen yard line those -- Those are tough. Those really changed field position but I think overall the units and our kicking game will improve. Greg McMahon experience all of that have been a great job this year working together and really helping -- win a lot of games. Of course come -- more -- -- got a game ball from yesterday. We knew that Williams Mckelvin would be dangerous returner and so not only. Did -- get the distance and hang time but the location towards the sideline put some real good returners. You know going back to Chicago and since Patrick Peterson before that Kelvin. Pitching but each team we played this season is that someone who can change gain. You know for your -- in. Yeah fortunately we've been viewed with their coverage units but. Now in regard to Chris he's on the practice squad we signed him and she felt. He's someone we're really pleased. A bright future he's young he's talented he could play receiver -- ghost. During the course practice. But. You go out skins on the wall in the field fell in. The other a lot of things maybe that don't transitions same -- from that league dollars but generally a good returner was -- well. Probably duper tremendously because -- in the same traffic. Only add another player here and you know we eat when you watch -- highlight tape in his career returns in that league both as upon kick -- returner pretty amazing so. We're fortunate that have been so we can work with and -- and and so what he can look at -- all the veterans has been exceptional in that role. Coach -- now the New York Jets -- coaches is that take this anymore difficult you face an opponent when their common awful performance in which. They didn't play well and and face it -- -- New Yorkers come off a big victory over new England and then they go get beat forty man and is it is it more difficult because you know looks like if you gonna give a good shot from the Jets it would be this week. Well you know a team like and they're well coached by Rex Ryan in there and they've got. Really some momentum this year you know what when -- -- was treated now for four. Many people didn't have them when you have many games early in the season that they've gotten. Rubio play from the defense. Young quarterbacks going out and make plays in between games no it -- but on the road. I think for us it is its own challenge going on the road wins and regardless of your playing it really doesn't matter we -- order to get their best effort. We tried to his best we can't focus on what we can control. It and that's our performance she'll handle and crowd noise channel in the travel. It and then go on you know all the way over. To New York can in. They'll play and play and our best football game the last time you're at the stadium I wasn't there it was a year ago to get -- we didn't play near well enough to win in. Lost. -- to the Giants but. -- We're able good week of practice -- that you guys back that are nicked up in and we put together. Good but good game callers. The Saints coach Sean ankle sprain thank you so much good luck to you the team this week at New York. -- --