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10-29 4:35pm Sports Talk: Pelicans' Basketball

Oct 29, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to the Voice of the New Orleans Pelicans Sean Kelly about the upcoming NBA season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- today on WWR to got for a chance to win a thousand dollars and how 1000 dollar holiday -- contest just this and we days right before the top of the outings at 8 AM. Noon 3 PM and 6 PM. For the -- worth it in -- worded WW dot com slash -- as. All click on a contest linkage WW go -- comic so easy you could in any way on to Smartphones tablets. All of -- computer are serving at home why you on the you can win anywhere. Every -- for looking there's there's nation why when a thousand dollars each. So be sure and listen and over the time -- for the top of the on the losing 8 AM noon at 3 PM and 6 PM here. On WW. The New Orleans pelicans opened up their season tomorrow night against a team that's favored in the Eastern Conference. And welcome in now the voice of the -- Shawn -- -- thank you so much for the time in basketball season is here. I throw me happy new year. Yet was somewhat. Does so what you see from -- -- pelicans team was mighty impressive record wise in the pre season. Yeah that the record is -- I think is created some buzz around town and I really love the fact that. That you'll wanted to talk basketball again and I think that's what I'm like when I go to the gas station the -- sort of -- I think that is the product of the 71 record. You know at least as well from the -- in the pre season there was a dynamic team that is healthy going in the regular season with the exception of Miller. And the team that can score the basketball from many different spot on the floor we haven't seen that awhile and I think this was not only in the -- at the end. Better able we've seen especially on the rumors all the things are positive. I think it is -- to what I'm hoping is a fast start routine that wants to be in the an excellent spring. Now struggle you compared two. Like maybe past teams in basketball fans -- witness. When you have guard Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday on on the court at the same time would you compare that kind of attack -- part of. Well I think it just from work ethic alone at least what I seen in October even excluding training camp that. This team probably works as hard as Monty Williams first and when he had that -- -- on that ballclub crust all and it was and then not trying to be ability at the same but I'm saying that the work ethic of the same. That's what I would compare them to. Most the other thing is I think this is routine that is started and more resemble. You know some of the other them more -- in the west and have your vote score from different spots like what are Golden State like Minnesota when -- -- Since colonial to some extent but you know some guy you have a team that can score. But the other side in peace and this is when you have big guards in the special political -- like politics and Gordon is now healthy. And Evans who come off the bench these are guys helped keep the ball in front of them and not old worked the page you know last year in your people that. So many times a great the that I agree I -- on the perimeter they're more than they're set to come out in the opening. Implode so I think divorce and left of that this year. That woman was that. That horse war brokers. Or some bad shots and when -- rebound as opposed to taking the ball past it you can get up and down -- where. This team but the Nittany papers. And a little strong and fast when you're down a little bit but be excited to watch. Pelicans over of this season -- on against the Indiana -- the Las Vegas odds total oval on on the -- this season is 39 and a half wins this season by the now -- Sean is this any area of concern are just getting familiar I guess what you what you teammates. When you look at drew Holler Holliday as far as you know whether it's football last fall you know when you look at -- that. -- turn over the ball as any -- concern as far as his turnovers and their pre season. I think that I got here you can use the word concern you know we saw that the pre season and we've seen that in his career -- took pictures too but. I think that that that's so what you just mentioned Bobby is important that. In the pre season it is so rare opportunity to work with the rotation that you currency in the regular season and I'm hoping when. Those guys are playing heavy minutes together that familiarity -- and and intent to ensure that -- becomes a little bit easier because you're more familiar with the guys control or with. For long stretches of time and so. Yes it is a bit of concern but -- to a incredible and true I do because of that that very thing and technical tactical you know you you can't have. Irregularity -- what you've got guys in the not a lot of injuries so the hell of a story like this can present time. You'll continue to be able to score on us a sizable negative stuff. Now -- -- if Europe delegates stand the fan base. Which added expectations. Be. You know forty -- 45 went to seven or eight seed what exactly does -- look at. -- I was reading the average age 24 point seven years. Kind of young this team party youngest in the NBA. In and trying to come together as a team so woods should expectations be. Well I think it. I don't know for the number on the total wouldn't try to do that your pass and the like I failed miserably so oval there this year. I do think -- into the big east while the is in contention proposing spot. You know come in March and early people that and that is an expectation and fans should have. As for those -- the work of schemes down the stretch. In the end making their commitments to really be behind this team so I think that should be in its early and hit it in. I think that equity has built with the standings would you. Go into the gym each night in your -- and in the building with expectation that you have. A legitimate that you are to win against anybody on any given night and I and this team has taken a step in that direction. And I think that the same can be reward that increase should be -- but what I'm ordered dollars and that's not cheap to go in. Almost nine or at least I had multiple nights. So you wanna go out there. -- -- can identify with the scores being proud -- -- -- also legitimate potential council in under the human right. Shaun -- McGregor a long time miles east new TV for the Hornets dubbed the Crescent City connection Chris Paul. And then Tyson Chandler we know Andy Davis is a part of the -- we move for the new look Crescent City connection. Who would be the one there would be more likely to beat the other side their credit sickness or could it be multiples policy in those valleys. Well I think it multiples because I think -- -- -- Such is going to be shared on the outside the war between holidays and Gordon because both guys can handle -- themselves. You know bobbled it and and -- Gregory -- that great. I bought that that was good stuff bigger than merely an immediate was unbelievable at that time that was unstoppable play. It will and I think that the one thing about Davis and Lincoln and and ability to move. I actually can actually could come back again. And it could come from many different spot in the -- you know Jim Patterson has been there's been referring to the Drew Brees Jimmy Graham can actually all the league connections wouldn't be cool guys. They have -- some -- -- electrical bolt of our ballclub. Feel Caribbean slightly turn grip reason Graham and then it was just -- holiday ended on the basketball side and we'll actually come up nicely. You going into the paint tolls and -- in her right -- on -- all the folks are you on Twitter. They can follow me at. Actually Kelly line -- CAA NG ELY. Lot of it and go out and -- you can you can try to meet for a couple years now I'm getting better I'm actually -- and. Oh look man we we under we understand we -- what you're going on Rodgers and you know now when I when I applied for our our stamps. On media credentials this past season saw in the ACC website asked for you name your affiliation in in which it would analyst. I say whoa that's why don't everybody every time a gas comes on here I'll always hours it would it would handle cause it. I mean that thing is really taken off I mean that's a lot of people go about now as you know where -- on Twitter. Oh no doubt and I noticed I like on the same side when I'm at the Brazilian friends. A lot of people following all the books on -- you guys included. Are also into the game on the radio on the television there are literally using Twitter now not only for news and information about her game updates almost like a kicker and you know -- -- collect the old. -- -- Shawn -- in him and John this Jay's a great crew. Pelicans radio a big one now -- -- tomorrow night you're looking at a team they meaning you can come out of the -- the Indiana Pacers -- in town. -- take on onto all of pelicans as they open up the 2013. Fourteen season is Sean again we're looking forward to talk to you guys and have you all season long and may tomorrow be just thought of a great season. I think I look towards bigger than it was Buren. All right tomorrow night you got a choice now I can stick ready for the lets smile show. Or 8781053. It's the pelicans and the paces he's the cage again -- badly Bellamy and it's a sports talk. You're listening to WW.