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10-29 6:45am Tommy, truth in crime reports

Oct 29, 2013|

Tommy talks to State Senator JP Morrell about an audit that says NOPD may be under-reporting crimes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're talking about. -- -- -- Port the audit by the isle Louisiana legislative auditors that says you know PD may have substantially under reported -- serious crime that occurred in the city last year. And and a PD two is when you heard -- feel going into a -- about part one crimes. Some of the standard categories Mercury murder rape robbery aggravated assault arson theft burglary in -- that. There accused of the crime in the United States report a third of the cases that on -- looked at involve crimes that should have been reported to the FBI and among the incidents waters that were not reported the FBI case in -- a woman robbed at gunpoint and an eighteen yen. At least four assaults including one in which gun was fired the -- of various items -- person's back porch. And eleven kidnappings and included part one crimes such an insult. The kidnapping itself. Is not a part one crimes. Complicated stuff I guess statistical stuff coming stuff when it comes crime that. Senator JP morale was one of them. Legislators who called for this audit and he joins now morning senator. -- Well take the -- so raffia going -- chasing and that he thinks more appropriate at this EZR which uses a report card now rather it is. And it membership of the and he says he goes more by arrest conviction radio ratio for its Soledad what was it that needs to. Ask for this audit. What you might call -- Q what is this past spring there was portrait came out. Where. How the police she had suggested that we were the safest city in America except for murder. And that sparked a bit of controversy because when a lot -- that I was writing it that it was pretty ridiculous that. Or some recent work that's weird city where rewards murder -- -- department spiritually so. Unlike a lot of calls from people on in the city in the community center wasn't based accurately all can you actually look at this as. Community if you noticed historically our chief bases whether state or city based upon them now the but the. And and it happened in Nashville as well when he was there and I asked -- field going to answer about that he said it's a national problem because of of the way people are used in this report. Our enemy -- battle but a certain group where we think the issue that -- that. If you're gonna you -- editor Patrick as to what they're after being successful. That you at -- -- Not just the reality is not Sunnis that that the metric or how your successful. The Euphrates other things that you're seeing. -- -- -- interviewed about the city say he would not say we have a jumble of numbers are pretty much -- and every occasion. You know we're about the crap about -- -- the report itself. Really highlighted. A couple of very concern. But noted in a pickle is that none of those areas could be fixed if anything -- -- -- -- some. So methodology that you got he's in that don't really work. Welcome to looks set out to leave immediately from what. There were a couple of instances in which one the police showed up -- there. And -- when you look at that. How -- speaks directly to respond -- -- you're you're -- to get -- power quarter. In you know hang out on -- -- -- for our structural you're out there reporting -- that they don't want it -- quite intimately. If that pong game maybe are only ten of fifteen. So early I get a text -- instantly believe Raphael said it's a problem nationwide a a retired police officer was stationing code -- said no it's a it's a new loans thing that was started by Marc Morial when he hired an English chief Pennington. It's not -- Orleans parish in the nation let's compared to Jefferson Parish it. It is similar problems are completely different situation -- do you know -- -- -- -- we get some merit should be identical swirling and incorporated some population -- there -- inspire. However you ever -- for you Kamal -- what are these stats and -- the -- -- -- and convictions -- apparent massacre here for a street Portland where there. A lot to do -- they're so superior application admit -- -- New Orleans are actually have over. Almost thirty people outside to a traffic division where the city's -- you know overseen by Big Brother or -- him. Parish -- well people who helped trapping dimension because they understand that. The proper person trying to diminish -- necessarily directly is that the law which reports that an accident. There are no traffic at submerged at which point some -- allocate resources and kept the Paris question in that. It's more important for -- to catch people war. Committee robberies and -- that have got certainly cars. Sometimes in general is part with corporation trapped campers. Don't understand block traffic -- so substantial larger than our -- are the same population that's what it. Now -- -- -- that they speak simple moment sorry. They're not as bloated without the right as we. He'll tell you that there's an incident out mystery. When a call spot. There is little window response must -- met he'll tell you -- not available that are -- there. Artist bill ultimately that cap to get on that -- don't let it dry out there Eaton said. You know what else they double LP mark mark it will respond to a call. JP would eloquently you literally -- spares him constituents -- Orleans -- you hear from them. Is your perception and their perception that crime is going down into Rawlins going -- percent in the same. I think you you can't ignore the fact that crime has spiritually gotten better but I think that we are trying to help people that the city. Say. It's safe we ought to be -- ball that. But make sure -- -- correct -- -- people be able to securities especially from kidnapping and number and they thought. I'm glad yeah I'm glad we got time to talk TJ PO -- again thank you.

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