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10-29 9:10am Tommy, offensive Halloween outfits

Oct 29, 2013|

Tommy talks to Nghana Lewis, Associate Professor of English & African Diaspora Studies at Tulane about when, if ever, it's appropriate to dress as someone from a different race

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you Chris an interesting story that you were talking about in and that's on our website at WWL dot com about what your Halloween costume reveals. About -- and you know -- -- addresses celebrity means one thing if you are not. -- scary outfit means something else super hero political costume etc. but. AM and actresses taken some some heat for her Halloween costume that she -- over the weekend Julian hall. -- was hammered on social media after she appeared at a Friday nine Halloween party. Wearing black face and the prison jumpsuit but she was imitating. Crazy guy's a character on the Netflix series orange is the new black. She gets in my criticism from the NAACP. And actors Martha Plimpton who called. Half a moron now if you look at the picture this in little postage Jordan on our website. Undermine name. It's more of an orange phase and a black face but. You know when you when you think about that here in new -- wins every morning grow we have the Zulu parade nine and I'm usually down there covering and I Intel yet. In a lot of white people and zoos that are wearing black face so. When does it become offensive when is it not who makes the call one -- -- Donald Lewis joins us right now believe it's doctor Lewis is not. Doctrine and -- Lewis an associate professor of English and African diaspora studies that. Two -- so in her areas of research include lack literacy and cultural studies. So doctor when it comes to Halloween costumes and is it okay for one person but different raised dress up like a person. From another race and and black face put all of this in in I guess perspective force. Yes well and your question. Directly -- was pretty -- Yeah I think it depends on an intention now -- -- and our context and it. It pretty -- that are talking about. Eight cracked me and in the premarket. How will we see her. And BP Gary -- and that were made about. Julia hat in hand and he. And get leader at. Bet -- that actually performing at the epic character I would. It complicated right there -- street. I can blacks a bad I mean many of her detractors. Where are. Colleen. And T apathy and her. We've got makeup on -- actually and that they can vary. Current history. I need to -- an irony in -- popular cultural tradition. Marital act turn of the when he. Century Atlanta by the nineteenth century. Where apartment of a -- is performing in black they are eight. What is and are due to and the industry and nature industry. Prohibit me black actors and actresses. I'm from occupying a on the state as well written -- in the early in the street -- without. And the tradition that was designed it could be the mean street black and has been meaning -- -- help. I'm wind we have a liberty and our entry. How in the and they're always going to be on. Every query and see the intent behind high in the I don't -- at T. I'm -- -- and made about Julianne Hough are here. Because as you pointed out there aren't there and that her -- in or are you. And if he cannot. Prohibit it. Arms resting at that particular care is gonna and meet everyone would be prohibited for fear of being. Indicate that -- -- -- -- -- be aware of that history. Blacks need to perform and and -- fortunate that she's not all in that respect there are. You know any number of American and -- are unaware that history and it it it. It -- indicate you know. -- -- -- it educational with our net as part of what we customarily -- children. -- too. I -- occasions traditionally. Here in new loans if not really America but again Halloween adding a money grow with -- brings is to the Zulu parade. And I know from being down on on saint Charles avenue -- and begging for coconuts than a lot of people in the Zulu parade. Our white and it's it's fully acceptable to Wear black face and and even the people that are not white -- aware in black faces wells so. How does that not. Offend people because that to me the black face that they were wearing. Is pretty close to what was more an eye on a minstrel show or maybe it's not you tell me. It and it. -- tradition of the court at the duke rape Eric history. In the war. And -- -- -- and warm all the black. In interpret that to repeat and incorrigible. And that black eighteen. That it was -- I yearly membership. What it means that -- and subverting. Communicate and Powell or see that back. People who were able to hurry why aren't specifically. In -- -- in that tradition and I'm Albert. And a ball in your -- could be right. Picture and in the rate are required. Go on the floor are required. To put on by eight. And it's been OK he's an act or to Indy and meaningful dialogue about current tax. And whether. And -- -- -- context in form are active -- these. Apartment and act -- how do you bet you know with them and strategic tradition. He intention talent he's behind and see early on line we're in aren't. Or toward demeaning black. For protecting black in -- battery -- and black identity. Yeah very minute it. Impressions and -- double -- tradition that we now recognize and -- and part of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't eat proper. For a new. We -- trying to pregnant. I mean -- you can pack. It would -- factor at my -- being understanding that how history and warm today. And the stately people are evil I should be aware street all chipped an eight Indy. Performances. CNET and in and out between Canada and demeaning black people I don't bogey. You can reasonably conclude from -- out. And indeed could be it meaning black people reading what -- expect action. It really eating and eating a dialogue at the same time I'm not sorry -- -- -- eat it emerged that Howell are. It amounts to about how -- -- educate and it around these issues. I let me let me ask you one more question here because I was doing some extensive research. And by that I mean I watched King of the Hill episode. And in the episode Bobby hill wanted to dress it was on historical day or something like that at school he wanted to -- is Dr. Martin Luther King. They want to put black face on and his parents were all called. But if there is somebody that is not. Black then -- African American that -- that is of the same physical stature you know same. Basic body type is Martin Luther King the real problem is you white. With that episode always had -- -- wondering because I'm thinking well you know he's honoring somebody -- is imitation the sincerest form of flattery or if I decide. This Halloween to -- to get a suit and a small time in a white shirt and and did paint my face blackened and about attempt to portray Dr. Martin Luther King would that be offensive. So we know that. Imitate and the line between -- and ink character. And and battery and cannot and he Bullard on eight and yen its intention and that there are looking at the year accurate -- and -- -- -- An extensive research as well look. At it kept collapsing -- radio market of equal to. Any number of I have seen a -- from the very. The -- and a brilliant shelty out of propane propane accessories I'm just curious and it -- the subject -- -- argument that. -- -- That app though. Is it an ample. -- moment we're popular cultural element in particular. In the media as and Gabbert. -- and TV. Are not treated at according to people we're all being in. -- -- -- -- Right eight he had Hampton on -- yeah it's it is the -- And exclude. Me going to me it felt. That -- Mattel Nolan. Well. You'd hate -- then his polite there there are any number. That an individual honor back to Martin's Eckstein without black and get in that pat. Or. Mean and it McCain and is not acceptable it's a pertinent is not black. What I'm suggesting is that there and consider it in the context -- in the -- to doing it on any one. Watch. You know what should be weapon in their opulent home. Atacama -- but I -- and listening audience actually. A look at Spike -- and Google. Which was -- Gary. It's been a that it attempted. Coup. Eat audiences and a conversation about black and it history. And had a political problem it's not in putting a lot of black eat it and howl. Want to perform. They're the -- black. -- -- -- would be. Gary leader about the tension. And the context. And we hacked and not to beat you eat the conscience that we are wide. In there complexion. As part of a cot in a period ending -- and black people. That is not a hair and at a at a critical. And I -- let me Mac -- and it partly is that. History. It's not true history of blacks and -- Which -- they are -- your arms and. I'd let me ask you collection detects that comes in the first off my. Elected grew a lot of the pictures of the aghast because makes me feel like and actually -- into lament the very attractive professing your dollars and don't. I don't mean that we're academy net nanny sexist way and and you. Correctly. -- taken a black man play Ronald Reagan in a major movie. Dressed in white phase -- let's say the opposite and leave the movie out let's make it Halloween and a a black man once -- Ronald Reagan because he does -- -- he does a great impersonation is that. It does does it cut both ways. Well we don't have a tradition history. Like QE in the same lately history black yes in the. You're the professor. And he -- history. He's in the country it was a rhetorical question now you know I. On the intricate and as I -- an that you don't know exactly decent there count extra time. -- -- And what her old black act and act. That the time and that even -- all early part of the twentieth century where. While the middle between actuary where blacks should be afforded more opportunities to the end now. Which still required. To. All in black skirt where you -- On example of that. And get in a commentary on incredible. Act a lot of coal. At an air online and wanting. A typically account and -- -- and -- it. A group of so that industry is there. On the air it out trouble. And it is why media critics had in mind when he. -- an -- to be taken hacked. I am actually suggesting that committing -- We have to see lol our -- In critical. In our. -- and they orbit. Because they do not an Arab. Recall. You can meaning maximum limit at -- -- and the -- of between entry. Latter. -- to -- the -- reflects on -- intentions -- as individuals. To a leading into these are characters. A -- intriguing personality that they act fiscal acting on about Martin saint. And it oh wait I cheered as my district is it a few years ago dressed up like -- -- You'd be able to bat without any question mean. Whether. I mean handy. You can see why people. In Egypt -- county. But the context quite matter in the half. At and T and needing a conversation. About current. And about it and it. I appreciate your time doctor into easing is always talk to you again. --

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