WWL>Topics>>10-29 10:35am Garland, antibiotic resistant bacteria

10-29 10:35am Garland, antibiotic resistant bacteria

Oct 29, 2013|

Garland talks to Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist Dr Sean Elliot about new seemingly invincible bacteria

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back we're thank you Nevada -- on impeachment talk Leo and I've definitely caught my attention. It's called Huntington nightmare bacteria. And then the very next night when I'm reading about some of the shows. Two. -- -- -- -- A so Colombia disease control centers out of Atlanta or major controlled some of the government. And for the country. Senior executives their senior doctors. Saying that antibiotics. They -- we should call that the host and robotics. It. Team at the -- and in our country because. And the -- getting the point where they don't work in particular. When it comes to Super Bowl and as usual. With the meet you today whether it be a bright Ted rated and ordered me to listen to -- should read it. What was go to -- experts to better understand. What we're reading seeing and hearing has in the balloon. -- to this moment doctor Sean Elliott pediatric infectious disease specialist doctor. Welcome to thank you good morning good morning and -- this exaggerated or we according to the seedy looking CDC looking at the end of the effectiveness and bought. Well sort of yes and no. Is not exaggerated that we we have a major issue there sporadic resistance. We're we're rapidly losing these. Now of course I would get that -- drama you know -- mean dramatic just because we need to get people's attention that. So far that not happen at the national level. So there is an issue we we are losing ability to treat patients -- there are some patients to leave it unable to treat using conventional means. -- the mayor -- exactly what to -- CDC when they're high ranking officials doctors. You should quote -- time the big newspapers stores covers of magazines that talked about the into an robotics question. Well now -- would say you can change the title to the end of an robotics period -- up -- and about a hero. They're patient from we have no therapy literally in the position having the patient in a bit. Who have been -- and something to five years ago even we could've created but now -- we hit. And elect of the CDC numbers and looks like we're good about two million people. In -- says every year infected with the -- antibiotic resistant bacteria. 23000. People dead from each year -- from this problem. Again not a means sound callous but those numbers don't seem very high. Is this a big big problem we're just potentially big. Well if he. Compared to two in the world numbers the numbers don't count I have managed -- that you're about what city hospital and doctors hate. It. And so I think -- a personal level it's a big thing. Is not -- BP. Can hardly Internet banking units at number that's eternity which had incredible international exposure. The numbers are public to sometimes -- Two. Would actually drug resistant infection. Our inability to work. And that he alluded to that the front lines show the problem is that that pharmaceutical companies have no financial incentive. I had to spend a billion dollars creating a new -- It took back immediately burst forth. Arrogant plus I think weakened sympathize with that in that the through their big big blockbuster. Drug from chronic disease. That we take. You know for a couple weeks reporting days and then we stop. Right and robotics and they've been good my trump. Yeah instead and inappropriately antibiotics should not be used longer -- they need to be it's not -- flocked to drop like yeah cholesterol dropped her heart drugs. So it again it it's something needs to happen of course there are tons of pot split. Somehow -- take BP profit motive out of making antibiotics and empower drug companies to go to war footing that this is a war. That we're losing. Or add them to let me go to Woodward colored because in the U earlier have a war. A lynching KB CK PC which was in the Brooklyn report that think it's one of the super bugs. Resistant to antibiotics. And I think Johnny has comment -- on they appreciate the call. Okay are you don't go right back on you. Wolf that. That's strange show was on Frontline on TV that's like four. And it's decay PC it started off wouldn't gentlemen. Who whose diligence and charity work believe and it was about the country it was it was an idea of post it in India -- -- and he would with a group of people and he was at the back -- -- so -- and he got hit by trying. And honesty. They treated him. He was still it'll he came to states went to Seattle the personal TPC. Patient in the state. Right so saw and I don't know I. This time year month that would when it bothers. But based and no other patient it'll be treated him and he could -- Saturday went back to treating -- it's. Some deadly. Bacteria. And the sense from the. On -- look entrepreneurship go boom we were running out of time and we kind of brand we went through that. How this all came about in the pursuit of our let me take a break through when we come back doctor -- let's talk about. What problems are now in what potentially we -- call for. Down does this go does this get Thabeet. Virtually everything that's resistant to antibiotics. We're coming right back -- to build bigger celebrity -- more funds through Rea. I think what we've learned so far in this or is that this headline is a little bit exaggerated but doesn't mean we're now producing a major problem. Quote from the CDC and Atlanta and the those Centers for Disease Control we've reached the end of -- -- Big player that miracle drugs in the -- millions are no match against super bugs because people have over medicated and so. And I think most -- read that we capsule and that says. We breeds the end of -- robotics and we think about all and about it. But we have the doctors Sean Elliott with a that that headline news is a little bit -- in that. This could be a potentially huge problem but it's not right now other than the super book says several. Debt Nolan not that that's correct it's really just meant to highlight the problems that that is facing are simply don't act. Now. And and voices have been saying the same things for years should not think it seems to have it as apple. So we we got to pay attention to try to do something now. Always hear people asking about. Livestock could and -- on robotics and they receive even down today and the anti bacterial soaps. What would you think about those are those minor problem. That those -- -- at least the antibiotics in animal feed there are a major issues that are the property trust in the spring and at the PP it's not like Chenault. But it. He's sort of figured that that they have to putting at a -- -- concede. Provides exposure are they grossly large. Population doubled to resistant bacteria eat eat that you're exposed to them. -- that that's the pipeline that's what enters. The problem into our society. So we've got to do their state look at how we can interact they -- to reduce resist affect your immediate entering society the first. But then they're back to -- so does that minor. Well it's my own because it doesn't do -- -- awful lot to that that the cleaning action -- so it's from the physical. -- -- -- The antibiotic or so called you know I have to bacterial resistance soaps. I don't cover most bacteria they don't have any additional benefit against something like MRSA. I'm certainly not against TPC Europe and so they keep reminding you get something which -- -- -- -- I remember reading about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football players. They've developed something called Jim -- as any infections and war. Of that publicity. And -- infections were largely restricted to hospitals is that any indication of this problem. It's very simple and I was Mexican prefer to both bad debt off the St. Louis Rams on that were written not a stability internal matter said. 10% of that squad detective squad was output MRSA infections. It was after that ball with the people that hate that this is the big issues facing not hospitalized patients that help the community people. Our sports teams. And just -- -- -- deep down the street. So that kind of issue it is certainly some will see with heat resistant gram negative circuit the intestinal bug that we're talking about on the show. For the people that are gonna have organ transplants. Chemotherapy and stem -- -- Therapy bone marrow transplant cure name I think most of the people get some -- -- doses of antibiotics because it -- their immune system right. Correct that because they cannot write off infection on the -- out there at high risk for getting notes infections. Many times they're put on antibiotics we caught -- here -- How to try to prevent bacteria from getting totaled. Because once that happens and then they're really deep trouble. All right don't don't let them try to promote -- words. Heard about read about it -- but are. Still -- truthful moments you Jack. Well as well done capital miracle had and it's called a gram negative bacteria and they have kind of hard or morale on the shell. Which protects them -- and about it. They also have the ability to pump out the antibiotic or basically true would opt in side. And we just don't have -- and -- -- export now. Can do the column that infections. That that still work against antibiotics can they do they're saying transition to become impervious to be in about. They hand and that's not part of account is that if you get to eight they have to resistant bacteria like the technical components are. I eat syndicate these seats they shared the genetic material giving -- resistance mechanism. Without their healthy normal bacteria like the ones apparent test. So that that drives one that metered -- institute of lived at camp I had acute. So so what do we do do we stop beating his much animal -- do we say to a doctor when. We're got a cold and they wanna give us and robotics no thanks I'll just grew through what can we do. Yes great question. Yes we lead I would say stop eating apple beat that but prepare properly. How to cook them that the temperature which you know the CDC says it's safe. I got a bigger impact Billy is to use antibiotics wisely. So realize -- from the patient perspectives antibiotics don't treat. The flu they don't treat viruses don't demand the -- But -- -- aside we need to be smarter about -- -- prescribe. Addicts. Don't you use that -- not indicated don't use it more powerful antibiotic that we need. All of this that this practice it is striking feature. Two -- systems to develop. You know but by the same token Greg may have gone wrong there of the doctor bills the bright thing -- I go back and sued saying you shouldn't use more powerful anabolic. And there's that it's well again it's just societal -- so it's not a single problem to to be addressed. Well spewed its into the sport nothing it's safe to say. The situation isn't quite as bad as some headlines say but it has the potential. To be that bad. And there should be a concerted effort to turn this thing brown is that correct that's absolutely correct. Doctor Sean Elliott a real pleasure to have you on the show I'm no Morgan duo Paul booked on this hopefully will -- Stoops Morgan. What about today -- thank you so much for Atlanta a year thank you.