WWL>Topics>>10-29 11:35am Garland, new jail too pricey?

10-29 11:35am Garland, new jail too pricey?

Oct 29, 2013|

Garland talks to Greg Rusovich from the Business Council about Sheriff Gusman's request for $36 million for new jail

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to one of are continuing showed we do one. The financial situation here in New Orleans we've done many many years shows we're young on to Purdue orders coming in business reputation as a expanding -- a positive way at warp speed. A lot of improvements but we we keep seeing the knicks. We gotta do and it's gonna cost and how we get the money. Arab world worth thinking about primarily in this morning is that you and your -- According to the -- 36 point two million dollars by 2014. Then you get into the the guts of the thing to find out the mayor. As awkward this year porting million dollars less. Then -- who took the merits told the share of he could have four point two million dollars -- of unclaimed in the city budget. And then UC all of this leaves. The council. Five million dollars that they get upon by November 20 fours so. Well my questions which one is that 36 point two is that fourteen. The four point 2005. -- computers with the numbers as always a good business people. And -- roots of the foreigners -- much slower than all the people on the business council shall always kept and Greg welcome to show. Thanks so -- thought. It. -- explain this to me this year earth says. I gonna have 36 more to do is that. What he's requesting. -- -- lower and. Well let. Get right to financing interest the moment but all that we could just have to sort of outline this whole situation on the trail right now. First off. I think that dog you have to recognize that public safety obviously is a critical -- we have it and you know protect the citizens. And we also tapped that in for birdie a -- main jail when it first class scale of one that's well. And we also have to treat the mentally help you know we have the the mentally on that those who need mental health treatment in the -- which means it formally. Pop so you'd need to take all of this is sort of into account the big picture which the administration is very -- -- -- and there are looking at every possible option and we're confident that they'll come up with the right the solution and the right number beds in the -- saw them. Ultimately the right -- now remember Paula much of this is the you know the the consent decree which is putting in much of the cost which is required to have. -- sampled were people that don't give you an idea what that consumed previews. Well the consent decree is the DOJ -- and they came back -- -- they came and so on the go on the -- land you know the federal government and said the jail was not. Being properly -- it was not you know that was in humane to inhumane conditions and it would rather it be substantial improvement in the jail and they stepped in and intervened appropriately so they put him now certain requirements that have to take place in the -- of the board and off to the point for centrally a condition. And I think part of that will be in the Dujail 14138. Ads that are being built. All that's been approved I think that will forget that as a facility. It will be the lead saw it you know what the DOJ has as well there. But there -- national requirements of the DOJ has put and call -- such as. Salaries you know for additional epic -- that the -- is inadequate staffing and inadequately paid what we know they talk. -- in the jail. So up and particularly treat mental health patient should be higher levels in the jailed and -- of that -- so they put in some significant cost is well that the city has to pay for. So you've got to. Balances -- very difficult balancing act Egypt public safety being balanced with the boot the cost in the expansion to the taxpayers -- that's what I'll think that -- the struggling with the cartilage. All right let me take covers -- years -- couple more minutes from we're talking with Greg -- -- remember business council. They're worth thinking about the the new GO could be 36 point two million dollars may -- But the major question remains. How to would pay for it and and some other ancillary questions are creeping up and all of which we will ask about come and you have questions or comments it was call 260187. Of the we're thinking about the bring in -- in you prison being built here annually and for little over 36 million dollars. Will lose you go over who brief -- and how much and it. Even more so -- the council is basing your area. Budget that they've got to get done by November 20% so for. Announcing indication of exactly -- pay for -- -- usual -- group business community. Better understand that we have Greg Bruce good words as member of the business council. Greg you mentioned the year initial figure for the new prism 14130. And the council. I think agreed to that ordinance and then read landslide. Let them there and there sure Europe. Have done that in the elders saying well he shouldn't be any higher than 2500. Now. Looking at the 2500. Figure. -- -- the average daily inmate population has dropped from 7000. To 2500. Then a reduced it is expert tests -- and for the council. So that you've got through Leo will be focusing on reducing -- prison population. Gunboats and pretrial service program. -- please make you -- streamlined in the court system. In that seems like one of our police department are -- -- merit the -- shouldn't like that what they're doing. And what happens if we have a huge holes but who to put it. 00 OK. It's. OK let's go through this going -- burst on Monday it would look at at the numbers are a few different things you brought up there which are crucial. On Monday of this week -- backed -- and on commission and by the way -- -- on that -- MCC and don't make incredibly. Good more confidence as they always active. On Monday there were 4291. Point what's -- point 300 inmates in the you know PP. Over the last year they've been -- from 41 point 600 somewhere and that amount. They've meant to fourteen delegates quite clear if you look at the number probably 90%. Of that. Point 300. -- -- So it's not you know these these were felons that it'll go on through the pre twelve service program that we're here. Who -- you know was able to advise the judges in terms of whether they should go though PP. Judges either accepted -- -- except that applies but it'll go on from that -- crawl service. But 90% of the point frequently -- balance in there on on you know all in October. So you -- After the bank will help 1438 doesn't really get -- there and eat them have to. To figure -- got in that'll help that well -- got to separate the process of getting got a separate -- help them and then armory in the mental health stepped failed unit. And -- you'd have to segregate that population. So you've got that the deal -- And -- then you have to figure that keep this in mind. The innate capacity unique 10% more as the in the eight capacity. So however many more caught up with you'd need 10% you know 10% more than you have -- So we're talking about numbers mandate to 2300. Which -- purported awkward but we're not -- point off on the -- -- the -- inquiry commission -- the expense of due -- called war when he 200 bats about point 21 -- which is about 2000 inmates. Now keep in mind we were 7000. Right now we're at 434400. Feet in the NCC's number goes up 20%. So there. I mean I think that's pretty good work if we can get the the population developed we'd like to give them a lot more. And the business council and seek treatment topic for a commission and the the -- -- that community. We -- the first ones to support. Usually solvents and in -- wrapped up on offenses. All we want misdemeanor offenders and their petty offenders so we think it's very objectionable with very much reporting sentencing reform the state level world. We're right on quality program. We also have to -- public safety but the balance that in this sort of it's in the administration's dealing with this is more if they can itself it's so locked away in one of a point of during the won't -- going. Is it with the they pitched the work we accepted. You know they accepted by -- Fifty to 55%. Of the only case is. They are now accepting about 85%. Of felony cases so you have the war acceptance of cases. You have more all pork -- being effectively well rested. Effectively prosecuted in the someplace attic with the. If it did give the court the question I can understand that thing's been true exploded and cooked up on moves over there numbers confusing. Of how how would pay for this or we're gonna bonded out -- accident. Those mayor Landrieu of 36 million his wallet just couldn't take it away from. No he doesn't and this is what's really the agonized. Part right now and we just got the business council along with the form fighting civic leadership. Have a team that's really pour into the budget to try to help against whatever positive input we tend to the administration into the City Council. And where in the middle that diligence now but you know that this is really -- -- and you can hit but -- -- -- -- -- you know we're -- we're looking at a 150 more police officers -- -- fantastic that the mayor has put forward. All which we need word of you know police -- its lowest 36 years. And we've got you know the DA budget looks like it's going to be approved which it sure he's got -- also great diversionary program about the way the -- really supportive while he's got 800 people that program. Like deporting him -- imprisoned. And. Greg and unfortunately running out of time OPEC of which I had for two hours -- their fifth you always a lot and come on the show thanks -- -- for the no problem going back.