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10-29 1:10pm Angela, royal family scandals

Oct 29, 2013|

Angela talks to Robert Rangel, author of "The Organ Grinder's Monkey" about his experience providing security for the superwealthy

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All I welcome you to another gorgeous day outside just this is the time of year again this is what makes us. Wait all year for these beautiful moments. We've got a beautiful day of shows that we're gonna start with meaning a very interesting man who has written a book. About being working insecurity. For three royal family's. -- you don't wanna hear this because it's very very interesting the life they lead and he -- Our second hour it's going to be something near and dear to my heart literally my heart. Women died of heart disease more than men that is very shocking. We're gonna talk with three women one of 23 years old already with heart disease. Then we're gonna meet Kenneth police who was our new US attorney. Man who has come home to New Orleans to lead that office but were gonna start with Robert Rangel. Left his job fighting crime in the streets of Los Angeles. To work security for three of the wealthiest families on earth. Little did they know he would find himself wrapped up in a world of backstabbing. Lies and lost. For six years he traveled the globe protecting royals including the family in Brunei. And getting an insider's view in the lives of people not bound by money or laws. The result amazing and fascinating insights. Into the world's wealthiest and most powerful people. And a book you wrote in titled the organ grinder monkey and we thank you mr. Rangel very much for join its. Oh thank you I'm I'm really looking forward to this very much I really. Well it -- I'm reading this and it's it is about sex lies greed and deception and I almost don't know where to begin so again. With first what took cue from the LAPD. Into protecting the lives of these royals. Well it did not not much of a crutch and -- -- with -- Los Angeles county share which covers that he reached over the same area against each other. I wanted to be because of its side writing course but it turned that we call hours door anymore. So -- that they're wasting that procession one as you just retire ones you. Get in trouble when it's fired or you get hurt and I -- collapsed -- by virtue times. I broke my nearest to any joint chiefs and somebody went back to work. Got shot points and went back to work dislocated elbow and back to work. Finally retire after -- my -- caught up -- Munich couldn't just just couldn't run anymore. So you said. My life will be easier by protecting his royal critical first of all tell us the families. Well first let Leo -- ultimately Malaysia. In the house. The sultans ruled it people every five years so -- -- news. Salt and you know executing so they have -- -- and I were one of assault and for a little while. Armed and his daughter and and I worked for the -- -- -- And it worked for the world and the Saudi Arabia for a lot of different. Princes and princesses there. We're talking multi multi billionaires. That's correct and and you know there's. -- only people who owe their rich you know and so well we don't know people out of money you know and now I get money is legal or. A car -- you -- You buy a Bentley were to these cash. -- Well obviously. You're fourteen year old -- Bodies -- apparently and himself -- Bentley. And has won but he made it to a four door. And they drive 11 time but -- on board -- fourteen years old. And the other or it's strip and I think that that's a little bit of a difference. I think that's a very big difference OK I want to talk about it is the life they lead to. As glamorous as I think we perceive it to be and carefree in the world takes care of. The world does take care of them can. It's. Your tree is. Again that's relatives and your flight's data. Would you rate -- -- person -- You basically say I want this so then it gets done. But once you make mistakes. What -- you say to your assistant. I want to go to your world com so we'll stay in Miami. Will the new world in Orlando. Miami's about three and half hour drive away. But -- instant and at worst. Your -- you made a mistake. We need to stay in early bill if we're going to Disney World. So. You know things like that Kimberly. -- -- because. The prince -- that we land in Miami we're going to do world. Oh really tomorrow you know for the morning award so early because we and our prize. -- you know. -- On torture free it in certain respects that he has a bunch of people running around. That. That do every. Ridiculous -- without. Making it actually easier for you and it becomes a problem. More difficult relations saying. I got a sense in reading as much as I could about the book and it is very very interesting. There it is much it is assistants who have assistants so if you're talking about a hoard of people -- -- Yes. Yes and you have to know -- who. Which is very difficult when he first competitor as you don't know. We two -- -- them some -- and she's just so lovely lovely old lady only issue much greater good he walks. And she ought to back packed curing the money. You know we're talking 5600000. Dollars in her backpack. Tension grew up she should be Cuban need to one of the princess'. And rate the princess sucked into adulthood. And what they once did and member of the Stanley. What you just knew the job and you look at that made an ego she doesn't count for anything. -- just made a really bad state. You can never look at any warning to say older work let's go to curator. I have to listen to their suggestions. You'd be in trouble real quick so many balls like it's amazing. So you had a quick learning curve on. On the people involved the pecking order -- to answer to and we have much more to talk about stay with -- were talking to. Steve -- I'm sorry Robert -- -- author of the organ grinder monkey were also gonna talk about that title stay with us I'm Angela under the have you. The name of the book is the organ grinder monkey a true account of working for the richest family on earth. The royal family of Brunei our guest today Robert Rangel who with his co -- steep -- -- wrote a book about their lives. Guarding -- security force among others. For really three royal families. And mr. Rangel again I appreciate you joining us. What struck me was what I guess -- I would think of as just. Unbelievable access. Early in your security and work with the one of the families. You're with one of the princess issue goes into historic and it's 50000 dollars worth of hearings and purses in one phils -- And then he -- I mean who knows because she never asked the price. -- you know you're an exclusive sure store and Rodeo Drive and Adam. The order of the poor lady you know that works there that these. -- cashier. Used to people come in and buying you know maybe a couple of hearings or something. You know spending 81012. 151000 dollars or or more. But -- in a note the princess which approach and she says OK I'll take it -- as well which on the whole shell. He you know it's -- bought the whole show and you -- again. -- She goes into the Chanel store and yeah purses and buys cars. You know I mean I -- not a per shopper myself. But I know that the person so that our real from -- they're very very very expensive. And we buy and -- -- of them. I don't know that estimate I don't know 50000 we try to be generous here could have been 150000. I don't know. Do you did they give them credit cards. Oh you cash that pay with cash that the older lady is carrying on her back in the back. It's about which group you're talking about. Our Quebec group I think that was so. Prince increase flights there and -- -- walked around with captions that was someone else and no money not a. What would date. Did you know what they would do with -- -- they have just giant closets did you ever see them use any of the things that -- -- It is that simple interest in. So they're -- and others. Are sure one of the princesses who had house. Well so with that filled with clothes watches irons. Money. Singaporean dollars sterling American dollars. Column. Or is feeling every single room that can crank it up with. Anything can match. In other words she had her own store. Yeah and more she sure right. But one of the apprentices was married to a guy that you said was really cheap. A -- Oh yeah that. That would Malaysia. The sultan of -- or. And he was we did mention to figure who were about ten billion dollars themselves. But here is bargaining -- arm. You know for future so Hollywood boulevard and in the -- -- extra reach for fifteen dollars every news. You bargaining with this young college student to get that discount or market pay you know it's just ridiculous. Did you ever see them as philanthropist did they give to people. Organizations. You know in not so much in that respect but what I agency which is very admirable was the women. The wives would adopt kids. And -- adopt them from different different countries and culture. And bring them of course. They -- port the mother but he did have a full time nanny or nannies that they'd. You know that were assigned each child so the child the children were we always have their own any of trying to. So big hearted and and some worry you. Able to have conversations with them I -- or were you you staying in your place. For the most part you're stating your place. I would say the most down under war. Sam who were. And so from Malaysia. And I. Think that she was because her father that's open or was so. Cheap. That she kind of felt achieved that you can get things done on her own. Make her own way in life and she adopted children and we used to have conversations in the Orange County. That she would tell our children you've got to make your own way in the world and it's important that you -- you -- -- ourselves. Interestingly. Nobody is interesting given that they were surrounded by people who waited on the hand and foot and so you can say one thing -- living another thing. -- correct. Yes. I have to ask because. -- you really. You and your partner Steve gave -- most of your life. While you were working with these people I mean you had very little life of your own your own beckon call. You know I hope you made a lot of money and I just would like to to what you made vs what you made with the LA sheriff's department. Well I I tea. I've had buried various sums of money in mutual life when I was before you on the department have my own business and when I went on the department. I took its 50% pay cut and hide money in -- and why would you do that. And then I retired might need again as the return and remote and so on but -- I want to work the world certainly not. Com. You know it's the -- is it was a first or might know 161000 dollars cash in my hand. After three or four weeks you know like how that happened yeah is -- -- you know. So you were paid in cash. I would I would paid in cash and then. You know part of the problem at -- and sykora just. I doping gambling. Sentiment that when they get in 2000 dollars to gamble. And you are not a gambler and amber and you beat -- camp put that in in your pocket that the prince who gave you that money to enjoy yourself. And you start winning. And you can't lose and -- that you -- -- -- fresh humbler and sometimes you're too real so. While. How long were you doing this work. Bowl well up until right after nine elevenths so 1996. To -- little received cheers. I was actually I was actually with the Saudi prince in Las Vegas -- 9/11 happened. And that had to have been an experience. That's a whole other story goes on that was just Kerr is. No matter how quickly can. She wore it out the problem that -- -- -- Third World respect he was one of the Brothers Tuesday to change and he was a governor so he was not considered an enemy of the state you know the United States. But you want it out and of course they're written on it -- rounded it was very touchy very touchy situation. So you were literally in a casino when you heard that the buildings were hit. Armed in the Western Conference he was 6:6 o'clock or so I was actually asleep. And I started getting calls that they normally do at all hours of the day and night those -- In terms of the group and I was getting calls and -- -- like I couldn't understand what happened and trying to follow what happened and now realize that we were in person -- waters. As a security person did you ever have to. Did anybody tried to attack them did anybody tried to kidnap them. -- -- the -- working for the borrow in pursuit of celebrity. Is that. No one knows what they hour so it's -- since its legal shopping and towards or so ago these kids and they're partners and in -- 20000 dollars. The check out person. I why how can that school are these people and you just kind of smiled well. It is your vacation wanna have a good time and you can leave it at that they don't realize that they're princes and princesses. But you would think somebody sharp. Would notice this entourage of people who keep going back to the same fancy hotel and LA or new York and then put two and two together. And evil minded people. Yes and I of course it was a possibility and you know as a at a copy your your tot go extinct that your gonna get killed in the next instant so. Well of course that carried over here we think in ambush ambush ambush ambush in silicon but. If you're vigilant and you you do your homework right if you know where you're gonna -- beforehand and you make you arrange things and -- priest didn't get people. In and out pretty quickly it's when he gets up at the last minute and that that -- -- -- total monkey wrench in there. Well I want everyone to stay with this we're gonna continue very interesting discussion about a very interesting life protecting these royals but first let's go to. Dave -- in the newsroom. We're talking with Robert Rangel -- After media career in Los Angeles sheriff's department for six years was the security person for three royal family's. Tremendous tremendous wealth. Something we can only dream about but he lived the reality of those lines and talk about sex mr. yeah I thought I thought it was interesting to me that. You're one of your partners Steve who also co write this book. Was in essence asked by one of the princes who was Mary. That he saw waitress he liked and that's an okay Steve -- connect ups and see the funny feelings that Steve had about doing that kind of thing. Yeah you know -- Can -- -- in the position that we were and you have to have had jobs where you were. In the -- in the trusted position and you know police officer detective and lead. The opposition is that you go to some background check and they're pretty straight you're not a speech in particular. And quite frankly we're not camps. But at camps but that it is you know you find yourself some time in this situation. And you wonder how does that happen I think everybody's been there how would -- compromise and really believed. To get to this point and it's a gradual. Type of thing. Com. I'd like that girl she's cute -- -- she is cute you know. It seems to come over -- little get together some key in. Well you're on policy policy. Well there's no mention sex and no mention of money. So in in the injured in the bottom black little heart you know it's there with the actual. No not okay so are you find the girl and she used to come over and print of course she doesn't believe view at first. And so you you you know condenser shortly war in the identifiers which should agree to promote -- different. -- you -- say OK she comes over she sees that they're also tell the -- renting for. Now thousands of dollars that today. And she says while I believe. And of course -- -- on you know the next stage and I can provider Beckett like getting out. A special relationship with. Oh what was she like in return I think that was part of it because then honesty goes to her and says sort of what would you like -- return and cook. She says well I don't have transportation to and from work the rest at the restaurant dining two car so they brought it upon a price for the car. Right yes correct and and so. In several things happened I think people heard that little joke every angle and -- speech next they're grown so go to -- incremental. A million dollars she's just stupid would you go to bat for a dollar should signal kind of group think -- -- And he says well we are determined that we're just talking price and -- -- -- incorporate. Strength of that -- I mean. It's like an innocent what we trust you in the waitress girl in college can be. Well that was the point I even have the passage because it it just said volumes he isn't great conflict with himself about what he's doing. But he is working for this man and the man snapped his fingers and he cell bill. And it said. And read this right here. I mean she was not a whore but she quickly turned into horse she had been a normal girl who was working and living her life but she could be bought and easily to. Not cheaply -- easily. Last but not least I realized something about me I was for sale. I compromise my principles principles for the security of the job I'm not proud of what I did but from this comes the second -- wears the title of this book. Where -- them. The organ grinder monkey coming from and it is in this area work he says I'm nothing but the monkey at the end of the string of the of the organ grinder. Right did that little a little template can stick so. And we -- Don't think that was not the majority John you'll did many many many things. -- That's correct I mean for the most part we were compromising principles of what was truly believe it was wrong. It was just case of course -- again no answer. I mean -- anybody and I'm still a question that's in the air I think that it is. The organ grinder monkeys and you have and -- understand -- and -- who were talking about -- just that just that. I just a wonderful guy I mean. Oh in the -- Not a but he had a great sense of humor. And he really like to just talk with people and -- he enjoyed. Life in and -- and what happened is. You know. And so like that they can -- that you brought her room Lou you were actually. Promoted it's you know two sentence and it. I think though that meant something yeah yeah oh I know yet to his Brothers and sisters my oldest man something so. You know you do things that they achieved and it would happen and in so that the -- book you can -- is. A church a long time ministries -- It would be the worst piece stupor to -- And I think it's the monkey the or does not. Canceling them -- outside -- In a diaper. Looking at rebut it and no choice in the state go back and changed -- and banana tree. And the next you do it again. Com and -- that or hamburgers just grinding away national spotlight that he all you're doing bringing money. That's all you're doing. And so. You know could we think it's cute I like Qatar and still enjoy it and -- triple. Well stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our discussion with Robert Rangel and his book the organ grinder monkey right after this. We're talking with Robert Rangel who's the owner of the organ grinder monkey. A book about his experiences in his -- experience as the security. 43 royal family's. It was very interesting to me the the backstabbing. That took place among the security people and the other ancillary people people the hotels senator senator. Just to try to get -- with these people. Yes that does happen and he's you know -- -- Money really brings out the best and the worst in people and I've seen firsthand. Where. People what you think he -- in reference for a long long time. Are all of a sudden he's doing things to do to try to hurt you or me you look that there or talk bad about -- and and -- just it's just a horrible that's a horrible thing you know and and that's one thing that mr. -- the united the -- -- have -- -- moments ago -- tell you. Are what are really stink but more is on -- -- at -- And so I think that's where from Japan and dirt actually does not too many of and where you teach -- course still you know close. Tell me the craziest thing you've had to do for these people who. In a lot of crazy things. Oh my goodness gracious. Yeah there were a lot of crazy things you know I think the best thing in the -- Would be when they came into the country and didn't declare the money. And the customs found three million dollars that they didn't declare. And confiscated. I think that's probably. The Topper on although there's so much arm. And sol you'd -- at the money you know or. OK let's call -- and you know they are world -- it is their money it's not stolen money it's not -- money. It's their. You know its cash they didn't there he can't get the embassy ball. Rule why not we don't want to -- to know what why not because then -- -- prince -- know that my assistant. You was incompetent. Orders them to do -- us you don't understand if he's incompetent. And I'm incompetent because our. And apply an incompetent then you're incompetent and then all of -- term competent a whole line is incompetent and we can't count that. Go get -- three million dollars and don't let anyone down you know. That can stuff. And you know your your -- -- the -- -- with the struggle government when I don't -- we were nine governments. Backed up here to help. As you did perhaps on the lesser scale but I found incredible. When they decide at the end of the spur of the moment let's go to Las Vegas on New Jersey now -- Vegas and easy booked out probably for months. All in isn't just I want the presidential suite I want to connecting suites I have to have ten extra rooms in Monterrey they need to be on the same floor. Yes correct yes yet so. We need yet you that you call and favours from some friend who works in the for a marketing at the -- -- And cheap that it's somewhere and this just a matter which -- -- -- or I don't know -- you will lose sheets threatened -- -- -- And then go to all the assistant -- up the rooms in your post and scientists jumping for joy -- mean it's unbelievable right and the next -- that happens is. That assistant go and tell your -- that hotel. Hey. We just -- rooms in that -- co host chat rooms I can get better. And of course he can't it doesn't happen skill we don't because he -- in those terms of -- He can't get the -- -- -- back at midnight go get the remote back again. And you do it a second time and of course they can't that the prince know that you've got two rooms stories that you did it and so you never get out for a at all it's just crazy it's. Great it's great did you leave. Well. That's a hole. And that the interest and because anybody can -- list prince Jeffrey whose line we. Most likely work and got in trouble for allegedly embezzling. -- Billion dollars in May be closer in nineteen nobody's Fisher. Of all through the -- of the country's money for his own personal. And his family vacation in London and buying things. Did you go to. There were war issue for him and it promised tea. And calm he was doing well in jails courts are all Brothers there's there's four Brothers they're ruled kingdom I'm -- its rules with -- You sort of Brothers so I don't know that that ever -- happen. Armed that this is still on bill this has ended there's no into the car do you. Get away with stealing that much I mean billions and billions so -- -- slip a billion out there in the world not chump change but. All of a sudden it's fourteen or nineteen billion dollars in their only now opening the books. You know it's because you're in charge your minister and so you're in charge but he of the country's money. Well that explains it you've got to. You that checkbook and there's allegations that. Com money was important also to -- from that's from prince Jeffrey and it's all -- -- can of worms and no one at certain you know yet. One well when you're enjoying your life now you're writing books. Writing books. And I've got. On -- I was in -- but -- if you wanna get a copy of this book you need to go to Amazon.com. Or Barnes & Noble dot com or actually burst dot com. Again the name of the book is very important organ grinder monkey. You are writing another book. Court. 34 homework and right now. The divorce. Divergent war. And -- the red dot com so yes. Something to look forward to this is -- -- brought a world that we can only imagine -- lines in and and it's and it really tells the daily life of these people. -- -- Personality. And again just because rich assuming you know nice and can be. We're just if you are wanna thank you again very much for -- Q and all the best. Thank you so much and we'll be right now we're going to continue our discussion activists. What an experience of I gotta say I enjoyed sort of reading about this I kept saying this is real this is real living the life of a multi multi billionaire prince royalty from wherever. It wasn't just that they can go into a storm by 20000 dollars or the toys which they did do in cash. Or by the 50000 dollars worth of Chanel bag which they did in cash. It was also that they. The clock was Ayers wasn't that say they like to exercise that could do it at midnight and expect all of their attendance to be there. It was just an interesting experience as the next hour is going to -- please join us we're talking about -- important heart disease and women. And what's killing women and if you're a man you wanna hear this to -- a mother a wife. Friend sister stay with -- we'll be right back now let's go to chain rose in the news.