WWL>Topics>>10-29 5:20pm Sports Talk: NBA Basketball Preview

10-29 5:20pm Sports Talk: NBA Basketball Preview

Oct 29, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to the Blogger in Chief of probasketballtalk.com Kurt Helin to get a preview of the NBA this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Odd sounding hit the hard word and gentlemen it is kind of the visit with -- throughout the entire season blog in chief of pro basketball -- back down. Perry Helen Jones is now Kurt. The season is in Miami seemed to be the overwhelming favorite again in the Eastern Conference looks to be. A few more in contingent in overall from top to bottom. The west always a pleasure to have you -- jump right hand if someone is to derail the heat. Who would be the most likely. Opponent to do. I actually it's still up for -- any this year gap. Ticket and eat it while the road still goes through Miami and they've won last year they won 66 games. Actually really like the pictures this year. I mean at 287 game terms matchup nightmare for them in the play on a great. -- at the end of important games but they're they're not built for the regular season and built for the playoffs and slowed down and grind it. Remember Ortiz went five. To chill -- What are still learning curve part of their careers with their -- Batter every year I think they get better -- a lot of great to their band so -- you know last year he is who benched him and they'll part. Double -- here. I'd really like I really think they're actually -- not to demand commodity but they can knock either they're into it really well constructed team that knows who. Now Kurt you know you're trying to do is predict our who'd you like the evening how far pitches this time kinda. Just look and Brooklyn nets and Houston Rockets I think Dwight Howard different environment. Houston more like you know obviously Orlando -- that served as media -- -- you got -- -- -- -- and what do you think about -- with that with the nets -- Rockets. Then that's are obviously dangerous to you know I didn't throw the -- the -- -- you know mentioned bowl -- -- -- and that. That's a team where they have all the pieces that can come together -- -- it's an older you know. With here's what our network to carry so health obviously and resting their guys in the concern. Jeremy Williams got healthy and gotta return the classic terribly one point needed -- stretch last year where you want to say about it. They need -- Utah Darrent Williams back -- I can assure you he's got to get the ball on the board all the here's what they want it. And you know what -- get the first culture to learn incur all that. -- comes together in our culture on the court quicker and Burnett that. Actually they're -- -- -- playoffs. That is a serious contender out our conference to I think that they certainly hear that the rocket. You know it's an interest and they're starting their they're actually ranger -- -- the bench it was -- today. They're gonna start Patrick -- at the point I think that there are a lot of. Experimenting going honor this year I think that they may -- Your shirt but it certainly got the talent like how you are in the chip on shoulder he's. -- Adversity last year in your pocket and injured it. Like you're back in order -- point -- anybody else knows I want out there it goes well. On him and it was too if he responds. And plays well he didn't appreciate and movement while defending used to. -- and that's it and certainly in the. -- hang time -- as well let you preview on New Orleans pelicans -- -- -- -- news Debbie Debbie and used them as 530 mall occurred Helen just a moment we'll go to first news we Sandra. Visit my current count them blog and -- for pro basketball talk dot com got his thoughts around the league now given to preview on New Orleans pelicans occur before we -- follow that everybody know what you have available a -- very informative site. Felt like it -- our era -- a bunch of -- and tonight we're going to be all over the the opening week you know well -- -- Miami Chicago I'm going to be leaving my recent couple minutes to get to a Lakers and Clippers -- via. The respect in shock and it was sort of great a couple of years ago and will be currently an pelicans are likely to -- our league in. -- and job Ryan Parent at the pelicans now looking at the Vegas totaled although underwent total. Is third down and I have some haven't picked right down the middle 41 in 41 -- we'd all season moves. -- Tyreke Evans coming in here obviously a lot of people when you look at who could be one of the most improved players in the National Basketball Association. Austin Rivers calls a lot of category for some people there in the in Jrue Holiday the additions LB Eric Gordon. All points towards signs of encouragement but you break it down force what all the pelicans may have made a realistic goal from the standpoint -- -- I'm actually picked an even higher it would take in the over in the -- and preview the 43 are certain they could probably play better the second after the year. I thought he did yesterday he talked about them taking -- you know they -- so I want precinct and really taking it seriously were reluctant to count but it's because they travel new pieces and they've -- it together. They couldn't just kind of -- wound their way around it should they actually work. And so I think to -- benefit from their early and she did great and he. -- they. -- do -- -- dramatically better than it did a year ago. Holidays there -- like Eric Gordon looked great in the you know it's appreciate and we seen him and stay healthy. -- appropriately a potential playoff and a lot and tactical that way the west is so -- -- that much six walks so it's the pelicans and the and they. The Nuggets and the and the TrailBlazer and -- -- trailblazers in the Timberwolves never talk about fighting for the last spot. But they could be -- to make a charge and an excellent or go to. I really like this team and I I I don't pretend that might. Hartley capped the thirteen I want to walk more over the course of the year and it's been an -- -- where it just. -- Now Kurt coach money list can have a headed in the right direction and and -- question is -- Do you think this novel as division is the cubs' division top to bottom and think yeah heading in the right direction in and be like fifth place in -- The problem I mean. The Spurs are can get any worse and that's a really good human aid can dunk and it continued in -- Parker and you know. He's only 31 particular skill quite -- to analyze it. That's a great market and the Rockets are better that hole position is just loaded so it's gonna be real. You're right they could equipment equipment equipment and spoke about it. Anchor -- already moving taught after this season LeBron James Dwyane Wade Carmelo Anthony. And the Lakers are gonna have a full check book available making -- Kobe -- she -- gate. On to Steve man's bag gonna what they -- to a Gasol but the Lakers will be in position -- may be two of those -- gas to go along with Kobe and -- What's the likelihood of MA retooling after this season. And retool and what they can get those guys another question I don't like LeBron don't anywhere and -- date they've won two in a row and they don't win this year. Betsy trot out quietly. That's closer at GM in the game to be able work from Garrett. To come to Miami whether -- action and Baluchistan. And it's a side living in Miami rich. -- can -- tactical play abroad. Probably stay you're gonna get -- York urban the media will more likely. I think the Lakers people will admit this is to your options your clock whether that. It's gonna take them a couple of years to finally guys that -- there. Now -- going back -- a pelicans and you look coach money Williams and his style of his brand of basketball and you look at the personnel that he now has got to say yeah I'd his background is defense first coach -- know. Kind of favor to have court our brand of basketball but. What is your take I've read whereas like all of this than he's pledged to move. The more pressure based -- assist them in a running gun ovitz and attacked. You think got a -- see it to believe Ottawa. A little bit and he's got just the personnel it got -- and run from -- true holiday can certainly run Gordon and rod. I'm a lot of dignity gave it to get up there on the court and finished where he's got to take advantage of that and more teams are. Working realizing it's gonna be -- can't get there. Especially a good one you are going to have considered going -- try to get a point for the -- and it's sad I think you're gonna see some of that. The it's it's their defense that I think really keep it to make the playoffs and not keep the defense first coach I'm a little I want them. If they can really be a good defensive team. Then the playoffs are realistic shot. -- And again let them know everything you have available -- aside. Public network. Going -- -- BA we -- we're pretty much all over in the in the bowl pro football talk you know. And and it on the other than that we all -- talent -- content this year. Hello I'm blogging NC for pro basketball talk back on -- is always a pleasure we look forward to be with -- season law. Yeah you guys -- -- out there and Edward forever for all star. Yes indeed Kurt -- say always good to have your Karen Allen. Pro basketball hall dot com just like pro football conduct on the pro basketball he's a great -- Beating him on the program -- tried to -- the MBA all star game in the -- easiest one last time it was -- about it. That was normally run out I get in the supposed and as tangible when you walk into it. -- -- downtown news. Mean -- -- me yet those who've gotten -- well that that's an all star game hours celebrities come out. You know when you look at all stars. In game in Major League Baseball the probable all know. They enjoyed participating in being seen. Is it's must see as far as he has superstar. Are you wanna be in the mix they should have been in jails -- week either case you can combat rebounding going to be -- basis sports talk Jonas and WW.